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Tearing of Koran in the Hague (Cont)


 Earlier we posted a translation a Dutch newspaper article on the tearing of a Koran in the Hague by the leader of the Dutch Pegida, Edwin Wagensveld. The article we translated contained a video of the event which we have now translated into English subtitles. (Hat tip RAIR Foundation USA, Gates of Vienna, and Vlad Tepes.)

Ron DeSantis and the Question of Mexico

This article first appeared in New English Review.


Ron DeSantis

I won't bother trying to give my non-expert opinion on who did well or badly in last night's Republican debate in Milwaukee.  I do want to comment, however, on a statement made by Ron DeSantis (my favored candidate) in answer to a specific question about Mexico and fentanyl. DeSantis stated that he would unilaterally send American forces/police into Mexico to root out the labs and traffickers.

I am as concerned about the fentanyl crisis as anyone, having been a DEA agent and once in Pittsburgh being involved in a major fentanyl operation that had claimed the lives of about 15 drug addicts who thought they were injecting China White heroin.

As was mentioned in the debate, China is complicit in the fentanyl traffic, sending precursors to Mexico where they are used to produce fentanyl which is, in turn, smuggled into the US. Is Mexico doing enough to stop the traffic? No. Mexico has never done enough to stop the traffic. The current president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador, has shown himself to be no friend of the US. 

Mexico's problems with smuggling and corruption are well known. DEA, which has offices in Mexico, knows full well the problem in this regard. The 1985 kidnapping, torture, and murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena, a horrific episode that involved official Mexican corruption, is still a thorn in the side of Mexican-American police relations. In short, Mexico has not been a good neighbor to the US for several decades now when it comes to the issues of drug and human smuggling. Stronger measures on our part are clearly necessary. 

But sending military forces and additional police personnel into Mexico absent permission and cooperation with that country is not the answer. True, Mexico cannot and will not do it on its own, but a 100% effort with American help, intelligence, and technological assistance could produce better results. But how to gain that 100% cooperation from Mexico? That is the question that has haunted our relations for several decades.

The carrot is not sufficient. We have pumped billions of dollars into Mexico to help them combat the drug traffic. It has not stopped the corruption. We need to use the stick. What I mean by that is to use the threat of a border shutdown, travel advisory to Americans stating that the country is unsafe for travel, and cessation of foreign aid. In other words, eradicate the drug trafficking problem, particularly fentanyl or else.

But an invasion would only produce a catastrophic result. No American would be safe in Mexico, and the Mexican military would only resist. The US has invaded Mexico before, remember? We never did find Pancho Villa, and if you think Afghanistan was a fool's errand, wait until we invade Mexico.

Of course, all of this discussion is hot air as long as Biden is president. He won't even secure our border with Mexico. As for DeSantis, I wish he would think this out better. If elected, he will surely finish building the wall, and he will get the Border Patrol back to stopping illegal crossings. I support that. In addition to that, he needs to tell Mexico in no uncertain terms that he will cut off aid and put a serious dent in Mexico's tourist industry with a travel advisory for the entire country. We can't stop Americans from going to Mexico, but we can sure educate them as to why they should choose a different beach in a different country. We could also create obstacles to Mexicans living here sending cash transfers back to their families in Mexico. Any country has the right to set limits and restrictions on the export of its own currency.

The main thing, however, is the border, and that includes our ports of entry if necessary. In short, I favor a drastic change in policy toward Mexico. We cannot continue to allow fentanyl to come across our open border and kill thousands upon thousands of our people. In addition to China and Mexico, our current lax border policies are also part of the problem. Self-criticism is also in order.

But to literally invade Mexico is not the answer.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Biden in Maui: A Total Disgrace

 I have been watching videos of President Biden's arrival in Maui and his remarks. I am completely dumbfounded at what I have watched and heard. Flanked by Hawaiian officials, he starts by making inane remarks designed to produce chuckles but totally out of place with the event. Then he later compares a minor house fire he had several years ago that was caused by lightning to what has happened in Maui. A simple kitchen fire that was extinguished in 20 minutes. When talking about the Lahaina fire, the destruction, the dead, and the missing, he had to read from a sheet of paper.

And it appears he's already gone. According to Sean Hannity on his Fox News show tonight, Biden has flown back to Lake Tahoe to resume his vacation. Of course, he just finished his vacation in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. 

It just staggers the imagination.

This man, whose corruption in the Ukrainian Burisma scandal has just worsened today with the disclosure of State Department documents that strongly indicate that his demand to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Burisma and his son, Hunter, was not based on US policy, but his own personal interest. The documents revealed by investigative reporter John Solomon on Hannity's show tonight indicate that State and other agencies had urged the administration to go ahead with the billion-dollar aid package to Ukraine because it was their opinion that the government was making progress on corruption. This story will surely be expanded in the coming days. 

Joe Biden has neither the cognitive ability nor the integrity to serve as president. Everybody knows it whether they will admit it or not. And to make matters worse, his resignation (or impeachment) would only make Kamala Harris our president, another scary thought.

God help this country in such a troubled time.

Netherlands: Turkey Protests Tearing up of Koran in the Hague

Edwin Wagensveld of Pegida

On Friday, the anti-Islam movement, Pegida, held a protest in front of the Turkish embassy in the Hague. Their Dutch leader, Edwin Wagensveld, tore up a Koran. Also present were several Muslim counter-demonstrators who yelled, threw rocks, and had to be driven back by police.

The top Dutch diplomat in Ankara has been summoned to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as his Danish counterpart (due to Koran burnings in that country). The government of Pakistan has also officially condemned the incident. 

The below article from today's Algemeen Dagblad, which also has a video of the incident, is translated from Dutch by Fousesquawk. We are working to try and get some local video translated as well.

Caption: Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld, with a counter-demonstration by Muslims in the background during a protest by the anti-Islam movement, Pegida, in front of the Turkish embassy.

Turkey calls the Netherlands on the carpet after tearing up of Koran

The Dutch deputy ambassador in the Turkish capital of Ankara has been called on the carpet by Turkey. That is confirmed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Turkey summoned the diplomat after Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld had torn up a Koran near the Turkish embassy in the Hague.

The deputy ambassador was told that Turkey is "troubled" by the continuing violations of the Koran and "strongly condemns" such actions, CNN Turk earlier reported. The top Danish diplomat also had to show up after incidents with the Koran in Danmark, according to Turkish media.

According to (the Ministry) of Foreign Affairs, the deputy ambassador explained that the Netherlands considers the tearing up of the Koran a "completely tasteless and deliberately provocative act".  But the diplomat also stresses that freedom of expression is an important fundamental right in the Netherlands. "Ultimately, in the Netherlands, it is up to the courts to determine if the law has been violated, and not up to the government."

Turkey has repeatedly expressed its disapproval of public violations of the Koran in Western lands. At the end of July, Ankara expressed its anger over a Koran burning in Sweden. That country wants to join NATO and therefore needs the approval of Turkey.

 Counter-demonstrators also came to Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld's event on Friday. They shouted, among other things, "Shame on you" and there were rocks thrown. Wagensveld, in turn, said in the direction of the Turkish embassy, "You don't belong here".

Caption beneath photo: Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld tears up a Koran during a protest by the anti-Islam movement Pegida in front of the Turkish embassy.

Pakistan also has condemned the incident as "very offensive". The Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls the deliberate damage to the Holy Book as hurtful for all Muslims in the world. Pakistan is asking the Netherlands to ensure that such "hateful and Islamophobic acts" can not take place. The Pakistani ministry says that nations are obliged under international law to prevent"incitement to hate".  The deliberate damage to a Koran, according to (Pakistan) does not fall under freedom of expression.

Great outrage

Similar incidents in other European countries have caused great outrage in Muslim countries. Sweden saw the recent need to raise the terror threat level after Koran burnings. Justice Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz said last week he would take into account that the denigrating or burning of a Koran, also in the Netherlands, can lead to a heightened terror threat.

Wagensveld has previously torn up a Koran, which led to protests. The Koran is the holy book for Muslims. The leader of the anti-Islam movement, Pegida, has to appear in court for insulting  (an ethnic) group because, during the tearing of (the Koran), he said, among other things, that the Koran "is a fascist book".

See the images of the Pegida action taken Friday below. 

Belgium: August in Flanders

-React Nieuws

The Flemish (Dutch)-speaking part of Belgium, Flanders, is suffering a wave of violence perpetrated by young immigrant/migrant gangs and individuals against the local population. The Belgian (Dutch language) site, React News is reporting on a series of attacks that have occurred in Flanders just in August-perpetrated by young foreigners against Flemish people. The stories and the images are shocking. In one incident, a young boy was surrounded by a group of foreign youths and forced to kiss their feet in addition to being beaten.

The below article from React Nieuws (News) is translated from Dutch by Fousesquawk. Note that it is unclear whether there are two articles or only one. That is why I have inserted a broken line between the two.

Wave of foreigner attacks on Flemish citizens

17 August 2023

Flanders finds itself under a wave of brutal foreigner attacks against Flemish people. Almost every day there are new testimonies from Flemish people who have been attacked, humiliated, beaten, and even murdered by foreigners. A small overview, just from the month of  August.

Jawbone shattered in Denderleeuw

Attention was first drawn by the attack on David (47) in Denderleeuw. After an argument with a foreign bicyclist who was riding on the sidewalk, he was later cowardly attacked and excessively beaten: His jawbone was broken, nose broken, and teeth smashed. 

Murder in Ninove

Immediately afterward, a Flemish citizen was murdered in Ninove. After an argument at the exit of the Carrefour (supermarket) on August 4, a foreigner, Nico de Groot (46), attacked with merciless violence. The Flemish citizen unexpectedly received an enormous blow on the throat, fell back, and was left in a coma. He later died from his wounds.

Murder attempt of Flemish woman in Ninove

On 7 August an 89-year-old Flemish woman was brutally attacked by an 18-year-old Moroccan on the Armand de Riemaeckerstraat (street) in the center of Ninove. The elderly Flemish lady was mercilessly thrown to the ground and received life-threatening injuries.

Afghan stabs 15-year-old in Blankenberge

On 8 August, a 27-year-old Afghan attacked a 15-year-old boy. He stabbed him several times in the back. After the aggressive criminal also attacked the police, he was shot but only slightly wounded.

Protest actions: Flemish lives also matter-#VLTO

After these attacks by foreigners against Flemish people, there was a protest for the first time under the slogan: Flemish lives also matter". On the initiative of Project Thule and United 93, 150 angry Flemish people gathered on 15 August in Denderleeuw and demanded that anti-Flemish violence come to an end. "This is not senseless violence: There is a clear pattern of targeted violence by foreigners against Flemish people. The driving force is anti-white racism, encouraged by the press and by a lax government.

*Banner in photo: "Our people are not cattle to be slaughtered by the mulit-culties. Flemish lives also matter".

It was announced that there will be more protests on the street in the event of more attacks upon Flemish people, and it looks like the wave will continue.

13-year-old Flemish child humiliated and beaten in Sint-Truiden

Around August 9, images were disseminated on the Internet of a 13-year-old Flemish child in Sint-Truiden who was forced to kneel with his pants down to his ankles and was beaten by foreigners. The acts occurred in February but were possibly disseminated by the family out of desperation because the police and court refused to deal with the perpetrators, and now the brother of the boy has been threatened.

Immediately after the images were disseminated, there was a success. The local mayor forcefully said, " We cannot continue to tolerate this!" Why she has tolerated this all this time we can only guess......"


Caption beneath photo: Mayor Ingrid Kempaneers: She wants to get rid of loiters in the street and near the (train) station.

Sint-Truiden tackles the nuisance around the train station: We cannot continue to tolerate this"

Zelzate: Flemish girls suffers hard fist blow in her head from black

Then over to August 17 in Zelzate, run by the communists of the PVDA, who stand for open borders and a lax security policy.  A young Flemish girl has to kneel before a group of foreigners, accused of having said, "nigger" (which she denies), then beaten: first by a young foreign woman, then from behind by a hard fist blow from a black. 

Zelzate: Flemish boy has top kiss feet of foreigners

And the hunt for Flemish people in communist, pro-Islamist PVDA-run  Zelzate has really opened up because at about the same time, other shocking images show up: A young Flemish boy is surrounded by a group of foreigners, who, as a form of humiliation, force him to kiss their feet and then is slugged by each of them.

Will this list be continued in August? It is feared that it will not stop on its own.

The lying press tries to hide these acts as much as possible in order not to have to name the elephant in the room: There is a massive, racist wave of violence by foreigners against Flemish people. Help spread the truth by spreading this article, sharing it, placing it on Facebook, and retweeting it! Because only by speaking and knowing the truth can the problem be tackled and solved. Our Flemish fellow citizens, elders, and children deserve safety.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Italy: Migrant Assaults Christian Church in Turin

- Cultura Identita (Italy)

The latest attack against a Christian church has occurred in Turin, Italy, where a migrant believed to be from North Africa or Sub Saharan Africa assaulted a major church in central Turin, heaving a large stone repeatedly against the church door and screaming as bystanders stood and watched. According to the below article in the Italian website, Cultura Identita, the man was screaming, "Christian thieves" etc.

The below article is translated by Fousesquawk.

Assault on church in San Carlo Square: Dangerous act

By Guido Igliori- 18 August 2023

Attacks against Christian symbols continue around the world. Now (in our country). He threw rocks against the door of the San Carlo Borromeo Church, one of the most important religious buildings in Turin, in San Carlo Square, muttering phrases against Christians, like "Christian thieves". The video of a  man was shared yesterday by several (cell phone) users and went viral. In a square filled with tourists who witnessed the scene when the guy in question began to throw various objects, fruit, and rocks, against the door of the church, then escalated the act by throwing a huge stone in (an act of) blind violence as if he wanted to destroy the entire building. 

Do we want to recall the shocking cases over the course of last year such as the pack assault by non-EU citizens against some young Italian girls at Lake Garda? And what is to say about that other North African pack and the sexual violence perpetrated in Milan on New Year's Eve 2022 against some Italian girls of the same age? And the dozens of women harassed over the course of a few hours in Cologne on New Year's Eve 2016? The list is long and traverses the years and the countries, but the result always seems only this: The words, "welcome" and "integration" are not always in the same sentence. The second and third-generation immigrants need to understand (someone needs to teach them) that here there are other habits, other customs, and that a judicial system is in force which is not Sharia. 

Bernard Lewis, British historian and Orientalist, among the greatest experts on Islam on the world level, years ago, asked himself these questions: What is at the root of Islamic terrorist aggression against the West? Where and when did the violent opposition between Muslim fundamentalism and industrialized society form? Questions summarized in essays like, "The Crisis of Islam", "The Roots of Hate toward the West and the Origins of Muslim Anger", and "1500 Years of Confrontation between Islam and the West", just to cite a few.

Meanwhile, as if there should be a need, we are recording yet another assault on Christian symbols here in our country, of which we will speak in Loano on Thursday, 24 August on the stage at Italia Square on the concluding evening of the 9th Festival of Citta Identitaire. Accompanied by Mediterranean and Arabic melodies from Dounia (* Moroccan-American singer), we await you for the debate moderated by Edoardo Sylos Labini, on the encounter-confrontation between West and East (right at Loano, the city of Admiral Doria, who led the fleets in the famous Battle of Lepanto) with speakers of excellence: the Egyptian writer and journalist, converted to Christianity, Magdi Cristiano Allam,.courageous intellectual, who for years, has lived under guard for having criticized Islamic fundamentalism, and the Bishop of Ventimiglia-San Remo, Monsignor Antonio Suetta, who has often made freedom of thought his battle.  


Thursday, August 17, 2023

Sweden Deals With the Islamic Terror Threat

Both Sweden and Denmark are under heightened threat alerts from Islamic terrorists over the  Koran-burning issue. Sweden, in particular, is trying to figure out what to do. They have been trying feverishly to placate Turkey in order to gain NATO membership, and because of the Koran burnings and other desecrations, the threat of terror attacks in those two countries is real.

In the below article from Det Fria Sverige, Dan Eriksson addresses the situation in Sweden and places the blame right where it belongs-on Swedish politicians who have allowed hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the country. Eriksson correctly points out that the threat of a terror attack is not coming from Hindus, Catholics, or any other group besides Muslims. It's the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about.

Eriksson is spot on. It's not just Sweden, but the political leadership of virtually every other Western European country, in addition to Canada and the US under Biden. This is criminal negligence that borders on treason. Every day in Europe, innocent people are being robbed, raped, or murdered by people who should have never been allowed in the country in the first place. And the wave is not stopping. We have translated several articles from Swedish showing how the Muslim Brotherhood has become entrenched in Sweden, as well as virtually every other Western European country. 

Now Britain has issued a travel advisory for Sweden to its citizens. My prediction is that a deadly Islamic terrorist attack in Sweden will, indeed, occur. I pray I am wrong.

Eriksson's article is translated from Swedish by Fousesquawk.

The increased Muslim terror threat is the politicians' fault

Written by Dan Eriksson, August 14, 2023. The chairman has the floor.

The security situation in Sweden is worse than it has been in a long time, and the Muslim terror threat hangs over Sweden. This is a direct result of the politicians' betrayal, says Det Fria Sverige's chairman, Dan Eriksson.

Great Britain has changed its travel advisory to Sweden in the past days. It writes that tourists should, among others, "observe a high degree of vigilance in public areas", and warns that "an attack can be indiscriminate and happen in places often visited by tourists." At the same time, Foreign Minister  Gunnar Strömmer confirms that we find ourselves in a "more serious security situation than 6 months ago."

Everywhere people are talking about "the risk for an act of terror", but why doesn't anyone say it clearly? It is not Hindus, Catholics, or Pastafaris whom we are worried about carrying out an act of terror on Swedish soil. It is Muslims. And that is a direct result of the fact that for almost 50 years, Sweden's politicians have left our borders wide open and encouraged and financed Islam's establishment in our land.

A direct result of policies pursued

 The Muslim terror threat against Sweden would have been minimized or even nonexistent if we had not allowed this foreign religion to gain a foothold in our country. If we had only learned from other countries where Islam was allowed to establish itself, we would have understood that the consequences will always be conflict, terror, and death. Many of us warned, but politicians had decided. Sweden would no longer be Swedish! Most Swedes were never informed about the monumental changes politicians were pushing through in our country, and the media completely concealed the problem.

But it isn't enough that politicians allow Islam to establish itself in our country; they have also shown submission in recent years. Instead of standing straight for Swedish freedom of speech and basic Western values, they have vacillated and searched for ways to adapt our country even more to Islam. That type of weakness is like inviting even more threats, extortion, and acts of terror. Sweden's politicians have proven that you can be intimidated into obedience.

Where such neglect leads to in the long term is taken up in a pedagogical manner by Det Fria Sverige's board member, Magnus Söderman in the latest episode of the At the Fireside podcast.

Now that we see an increased Muslim threat against Sweden, we must, thus, be clear that this is a direct result of treacherous politicians. Red, green, or blue is (irrelevant)- they have all together pushed our country to the abyss and actively worked so that we Swedes would become a minority in our own land.

What is our responsibility?

Politicians must be held responsible, but at the same time, we free Swedes-we who realize what is happening and where it goes- cannot forget our own responsibility to ensure a Swedish future. It is up to us to organize ourselves and create an alternative social structure that can stand against Muslim expansion and politicians' madness.

Nobody has said it is a simple task, but we in Det Fria Sverige have overcome many obstacles along the way, where we find ourselves here today. Obstacles that others say would be impossible, but where we put our heads down and work hard to succeed in our goal.

Now the work continues at a more intensive pace to create areas, networks, and possibilities for the coming generations of Swedes to be able to live in a safe, Swedish society.

Make your contribution, support Det Fria Sverige financially, and/or get engaged as a member of the association.


Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Trump 4

Last night, a Fulton County (Atlanta)  grand jury indicted former President Trump based on the state of Georgia's RICO statute for allegedly illegally trying to change the results of the Georgia presidential election in 2020. In all, the grand jury indicted 19 people including at least three of Trump's legal advisors, people who had publicly claimed that Trump rightfully won the election (Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Sidney Powell). Also charged was Trump's former chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

There is a lot for me to get my arms around. Much of the alleged conspiracy revolves around Trump's famous phone conversation with Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state (a Republican) in which he (Trump) referred to finding 11,780 votes. There are many ways to interpret that sentence. One could infer that Trump was telling the official to manufacture the votes, a la finding them in the trunk of a car, for example. Or, he could have merely been insisting that there were more votes to be counted, which he felt would go his way. But as I read the transcript, I come away with the impression that Trump is stressing his conviction that there were many thousands of fraudulently cast ballots for Biden, far in excess of 11,700.  Here is a transcript of the roughly one-hour conversation between Trump, several of his lawyers/advisors, and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. This copy was obtained by CNN. And here is the part where Trump most explicitly refers to finding the 11,780 votes.

"And you are going to find that they are — which is totally illegal, it is more illegal for you than it is for them because, you know what they did and you’re not reporting it. That’s a criminal, that’s a criminal offense. And you can’t let that happen. That’s a big risk to you and to Ryan, your lawyer. And that’s a big risk. But they are shredding ballots, in my opinion, based on what I’ve heard. And they are removing machinery and they’re moving it as fast as they can, both of which are criminal finds. And you can’t let it happen and you are letting it happen. You know, I mean, I’m notifying you that you’re letting it happen. So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state."

The context in which Trump made the above statement and others is important. His defense will be that he was trying to get Raffensperger to root out fraudulent ballots-which would, indeed, change the result of the election in Trump's opinion. That theme runs throughout the conversation. In addition, we all know that Trump speaks recklessly, but even though Raffensperger was a Republican, to my knowledge, he was not someone whom Trump would ask to manufacture false votes for him. The call was recorded and several people were participating, including a Raffensperger assistant. Would Trump really be so reckless if he wanted to resort to chicanery? The DA in Fulton County, Fani T. Willis, alleges that Trump et al knew that the claims of fraud in the election were false. Whether Trump's claims were true or not, how does she plan to prove that?

In addition, Willis, is being roundly criticized for the manner in which she piled on these charges. We will have to await the evidence to see whether people like Giuliani, Powell, and Eastman overstepped their legal boundaries in advising Trump. The question of whether attorney-client privilege is being stomped upon is sure to arise. In her press conference last night, in which Willis took a few questions from reporters, she indicated that she would like to try all of the defendants together and do it within 6 months. That has raised the eyebrows of many legal commentators.

Even more interesting, during the day and prior to the grand jury even voting, the Fulton County Clerk posted a copy of the indictment, which reportedly is identical to that finally released late last night. The clerk's office has stated merely after taking it down that the document was "fictitious". When asked about this, Willis declined to answer stating that she was unfamiliar with how the clerk's office works (I am paraphrasing). Given the fact that this document was posted on the clerk's official website and was posted prior to the grand jury vote, someone needs to get to the bottom of this. It stinks, and unless there is an innocent explanation, it can only add to the perception of millions of people that Trump is being railroaded by a corrupt and weaponized judicial system.

A final note: Changing channels, while Fox News was discussing many of the irregularities, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was interviewing a plainly gleeful Hillary Clinton, who was lecturing us on openness and honesty. This from the woman whose very presidential campaign in 2016 initiated what evolved into the infamous Steele Dossier, the centerpiece of the FBI's equally infamous "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation designed by top officials of that agency to derail the Trump candidacy with a false story of collusion with Russians to interfere in our election. How ironic.

Pakistan: American Wife Murdered: Husband Caught Digging her Grave in Cemetery at Night

-Tribune (Pakistan)

It's your typical love story. A Pakistani man, identified as Kazim Kamal Khan, who was married to an American woman and was deported from the US after 9-11, lures her to Lahore, Pakistan by telling her he was extremely ill. She flies to Pakistan only to be murdered by her hubby. Early in the morning, the husband is discovered digging her grave in a local cemetery. According to various news reports, the man allegedly tortured the woman before killing her.

Below are two English-language links, one from South Africa, and the second from Pakistan. This story is also being reported by Belgian media. I am not sure if the American media has locked onto this story. I guess they are too busy reporting on Trump.

Italy: Machete Attack on Train

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and The European Conservative

-Today (Italy)

In July, a group of four migrant youths, at least one armed with a machete, terrorized passengers on a train between Milan and Lecco. One young passenger was robbed and suffered injuries to his face. Two of the attackers, both from the Central African Republic, were arrested when the train was halted. The other two were subsequently arrested in other locations in Italy. The case is just now being reported in the Italian press this past week. In the photo above, one of the attackers is trying to pry open the door to a bathroom where one of the passengers has taken refuge. The below article also has video (no sound) from a security camera on the train showing parts of the attack.

The below article from Today (Italy) is translated by Fousesquawk.

Brutal aggression/Lecco

Robbery with machete blows on train: Gang in handcuffs

The violence captured on security cameras on the regional train connecting Lecco and Milan: A group of foreign youths is arrested after having attacked and robbed a minor.

Caption: The attack with a  machete on the Milan-Lecco train.

Two foreigners, ages 22 and 25, were arrested by Lecco police accused of robbery, aggravated injury, and illegal possession of weapons, after having attacked a man on board a train, striking him with a machete. The alarm was sounded when a boy on board the regional train Lecco-Milan, called the operations room of the Lecco police headquarters, reporting the presence of a foreign man who was threatening passengers brandishing a large machete-type knife.

Robbery with machete blows on train 

Agents of the Rail Police, having arrived at the train station of Olgiate Molgora, where, in the meantime, the train was halted, ascertained, also with the help of the Carabinieri of Merate and Brivio, that two non-EU citizens had just robbed a minor, causing injuries to the face using a large knife. The proceeds of the robbery, a cell phone and bag, found on the two foreigners, were returned to the victim, treated at the scene by health workers. 

 The weapon used to carry out the crime, on the other hand, was recovered hidden between two seats inside the train. The policemen, therefore, placed the two Central Africans under arrest, who were also charged with interrupting public service given that the train resumed its regular route with a 180-minute delay from its normal timetable. Both youths, turned over to the competent judicial authority, were lodged at the detention facility at Lecco.

Four persons arrested

After further investigation, it was ascertained that the band of robbers was composed of a total of four individuals. The third subject, also a foreign youth, and initially reported to be on the loose, was later placed under arrest on July 25, in the area of Riccione, by personnel of the Railway Police subsection of Lecco and the PG Squad of the Railway Police in Lombardy. The last member of the group, who managed to disappear on the night of the incident, was identified by agents of the Railway Police of Lecco subsection, who, during the day of last August 3, in concert with the prosecutor's office in charge of the proceeding, arrested him as a person seriously suspected of a crime, (which was) then validated by the judge of instruction, who also issued an order of preventative custody in jail.

Subsequent investigation by the Lecco Carabinieri also determined the precise responsibility of one of the two Central Africans arrested in the act, who after a dispute for trivial reasons, on the evening of July 6 in Diaz Square in Lecco, struck another youth on the head with a large knife, causing a wound that was treated at the city hospital.


Fousesquawk comment: The good news is that four dangerous criminals have been taken off the streets. The bad news is that their "replacements" keep arriving by the hundreds every day. Thus, these attacks keep occurring. Just days ago, a Nigerian migrant in the northern Italian town of Rovereto beat an elderly woman to death on the street in the middle of the day before he could be subdued by police. 

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was elected primarily to put an end to this mass illegal migration into Italy. Thus far, she has failed.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Spain: Three Imams Expelled in 2022-30 Banned from Prison Ministry

The below article from today's Spanish daily, El Independiente, reports that last year, Spain deported three radical imams and banned some 30 others from providing religious ministry in Spanish jails due to their record of preaching an extremist version of Islam. The article, which also reports on the issue of Spanish residents/citizens stranded in Syria after joining the war there on the side of organizations like the Islamic State and the Al Nusra Front, is translated by Fousesquawk.

Three imams expelled from Spain and almost 30 banned from jails in past year

El Independiente

August 13, 2023 Jihadist terrorism

Caption: Agents of the Civil Guard during detention of a man for connection to jihadism. (EFE)

Spanish authorities expelled three imams from Spain who were considered a danger to national security in 2022, a year that also saw some 30 bans of Islamist preachers who wanted to perform religious assistance in jails due to their radical profile.

This is reported in the "Report of Terrorism in Spain 2022", published in the July edition of the Notebooks of the Memorial Center of Victims of Terrorism, the institution directed by Florencio Dominguez and whose head of Research and Documentation is Gaizka Fernandez Soldevilla.

According to the report, consulted by Europa Press (Spanish news agency), in 2022, "officials of penitentiaries banned the entry into jails of almost 30 imams to perform religious assistance who had previously been identified as extremists by security services." 

Using figures from the beginning of 2023, there are 173 prisoners included in the control groups of radical Islam: 80 included in the file FIES-A- counting both pre-trial and sentenced; 39 in FIES-B for common crimes but later involved in radical activities; and another 54 inmates in FIES-C, for leading incidents derived from a radical interpretation of the Islamic religion or for early signs of radicalization. 

Spread of Salafism

The report of the Memorial Center of Victims of Terrorism points out that Spain, like other European nations, resorts to the deportation of religious leaders who preach extremist interpretations of Islam, a task that extends to the prison environment, a habitual focal point of radicalization.

The first of the expelled imams was from the mosque in the town of Talayuela in Caceres, Yahya Benouda, 51. Investigated since 2006, he was reported by the General Commissariat of Police Investigation as the "maximum exponent" in the spread of Salafism in the Muslim community in the region of this municipality of some 7,000 inhabitants, according to the report ratified by the National Court.

In the report prefaced by Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska, it is emphasized that the security services of Spain affirm that the expelled preacher had an "affinity" with the radical Moroccan movement, "Justice and Charity", as well as with the Muslim Brotherhood.

"He exhorts men in the homes to enforce that women do not leave the home alone, dress in Islamic garb, with face or hair covering, including little girls, and that they do not work outside of the home," notes the file on Benouda.

This preacher spread a "rigorous and radical interpretation of Islam that is not conducive to the integration into Western society and favors segregation of and discrimination against women," given that he "advocates the application of sharia above the Spanish legal system."

Islamic leaders in Catalunya

Among the media cases, the Memorial Center further cites that of Mohamed Said Badaoui and Amarouch Azbi, extremist Islamist leaders from Reus (Tarragona) and Vilanova i la Geltru (Barcelona), expelled from Spain with the approval of the courts. The decision was met with protest by ERC (Republican Left of Catalunya), CUP (Popular Union Candidacy-far left political party), Junts y Unidas Podemos- En Comu Podem (political coalition), who complained that they were victims of "political repression by way of the Alien Law."

The report mentions that Catalunya continues to be the autonomous community in which most jihadist arrests take place, " which reveals that it is the territory where there is the most important focus of radicalization." 

In its review, which includes expulsions in other European countries, the Memorial Center recalls the conviction last year of a Koranic professor in Valencia who had worked as an imam in a mosque spreading messages of hate against Jews, Shi'ites, Christians, and the LGBTQ collective.

Sahel, jihadist propaganda, and returnees

The Memorial Center for Victims of Terrorism notes as a "novelty" that the Canary Islands appear among jihadist propaganda circulating the past year on channels related to terrorist groups of the Islamic State (DAESH) and al Qaeda, adding to the usual references to Al Andalus and the "occupied cities" of Ceuta and Melilla, or allusions to police agencies like the Civil Guard and the Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalunyan police). 

It specifically cited that in March, the map of the archipelago was broadcast on a channel accompanied by a text in which it alluded to these "tourist islands," and added: "We are fighting in the Sahel, and our eyes are fixed on the islands of Al Andalus and its land."

Minister Grande-Marlaska, in the preface of the report, notes the Sahel as "the major focus of terrorism and threat to Spain." "The investigative services, intelligence analysts, and specialists in the fight against terrorism in our country are fully oriented to the security of this region of the Sahel," he points out after again stressing that the threat has been atomized by lone actors who can act on the propaganda spread on the web.

The returnees are another element of analysis; according to what is compiled by the Intelligence Center Against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO), which counts 263 persons displaced to zones of conflict up to last year.

There is evidence of the death of 102 combatants (almost 39)% and the return of 63. In 2022, in fact, for the third consecutive year, an arrest was made for this reason, that of a Moroccan citizen arrested in Mataro (Barcelona), who returned from Syria after joining the Al Nusra Front.

The Memorial Center points out that CITCO does not rule out that there are deaths not registered since there is no official evidence and stresses that 64% of these foreign terrorist combatants (CTE) or "foreign terrorist fighters"(FTF) were of Moroccan nationality, and 15% had Spanish nationality.

Of the combatants, 31 are women who left Spain at some point for Syria, "normally accompanied by their partners"-the report recalls the repatriation this year of Yolanda Martinez and Luna Fernandez, together with 13 minors, from Syrian Kurdistan,. Of this number, 15 were still in Syrian territory last year, stressing that for the police services, they represent a "potential threat that cannot be ignored".

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Italy: Culture Clash Breaks out on Italian Beach

Bagno Marino Laterna, Trieste

In the Italian city of Trieste, in northeast Italy, a ruckus broke out among Italian sunbathers and Muslims when a group of Muslim women decided to go into the water fully clothed. A true clash of cultures.

The below article by today's Il Giornale is translated by Fousesquawk.

"You don't go in the water dressed": And a quarrel breaks out on the beach.

13 August 2023- 22:19

"It's about cleanliness," complains one of the bathers. We are appealing to the "constitutional right to bathe as one pleases," someone replies.

By Federico Garau

Once again, the issue of how Muslim women dress on the beach is the center of attention. After what occurred at Montfalcone, last July,  arguments continue about the proposal of the (mayor), Anna Maria Cisint, to prohibit access to the sea at the Maria Julia beach to anyone fully dressed. Now comes the most recent case in Trieste, which has unleashed fierce polemics among the bathers who were present.

What happened

The incident occurred this morning, Sunday, August 13, at the Lanterna beach of Trieste, the celebrated Pedoncin, known for the fact that it is the only (place) in Europe since 1903, in which a wall divides men from women with children.  

At a certain point, a small group of Muslim women decide to go into the waters in front of the Lido. Respecting the dictates of their religion, the women, in fact, are completely dressed when they approach the edge and are about to enter the water. A scene that causes the protest of other bathers present: "Here you don't go in the water dressed," shout more than one person. The Muslims stop because of the complaints, and on the beach, someone tries to take their side.

"Now the mayor is changing the country". How the left defends the Muslims who go in the water dressed

The bathers opposed to their entry into the water dressed are still adamant and explain the reasons for their protest. "The problem is not that they come into the water with their clothes on, but the fact that they go all around in those clothes and walk around the city, it's not hygienic," says one of those present who describes herself, simply as " a clean person."

The conflict between the parties is inevitable, and the argument ignites quickly, so much so that in order to avoid the worst, the location's security is forced to intervene. On the one side, there is talk of the obvious problem of hygiene and cleanliness, on the other, the Muslims and their supporters appeal to the "constitutional right to go in the water as they want," pointing out that there exists, "freedom of religion".

So the Muslims are asking the proprietors for guidance, trying to obtain information on the existence or otherwise in the Lido regulation of a specific rule that prohibits entering the water fully dressed. Opinions are once again divided given that, other than the separate entrance for men and women, there is no passage referring to cases of "women who want to go into the water fully dressed".

This is not an absolute novelty for the Pedoncin: A few years ago, some bathers complained about the use of burkini by some Muslim women, and the idea of prohibiting their entry to the beach on the part of the then vice mayor Roberti raised a real fuss.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Netherlands: Are New Threats Against Geert Wilders Being Taken Seriously?

For two decades, Dutch politician Geert Wilders has had to live under tight security due to his criticism of Islamic immigration into the country. The threats continue, and it appears that recently, he has received 66 new threats. The below article in the conservative Dutch outlet, Dagelijkse Standaard, sharply criticizes the Public Prosecutor's Office for its apparent unwillingness to follow up on the most recent threats. The article is translated by Fousesquawk.

 Public Prosecution leaves Geert Wilders in the cold: 66 death threats are just shoved aside

August 11, 2023 at 17:00

Is the Public Prosecutors Office still credible? In a shocking revelation, the Public Prosecutor's Office has simply decided to do nothing with the 66 death threats directed at Geert Wilders. Yes, you read it right. Sixty-six death threats. To be clear, we are not dealing here with a random citizen, but with a prominent member of Parliament. It is simply scandalous how easily the Public Prosecutor ignores this case.

Posting from @Het_OM: They do NOTHING about the 66 death threats and warnings of attacks against me from abroad because (chance of) a successful prosecution is limited, and "they want to use the scarce investigative capacity for other threat cases". Nice job that OM.

-Geert Wilders, August 11, 2023

Wilders, obviously furious, gave his unvarnished opinion on "X": "Posting from the Public Prosecutor: They do nothing with the 66 death threats and warnings of attacks against me from abroad." As the reason, they prefer to use the 'scarce investigative capacity' for something else. Well, who had thought that the security of a member of Parliament wouldn't be high on their list of priorities?"  

Now the question arises: Would the Public Prosecutor have handled it like this had the death threats been directed against, say, Sigrid Kaag or Jesse Klaver? The answer is easy to guess. Then the media would have been on it for weeks and left no stone unturned to track down and prosecute the perpetrators. But it seems that there is a different standard for Wilders in the eyes of our "impartial" judiciary.

This is not just a blunder by the Public Prosecutor, it is an outright mockery of our judicial system. If Wilders can't feel safe, who can? The Public Prosecutor has clearly shown that it is partisan, and makes its choices on the basis of political preferences. That cannot be allowed in a constitutional state like ours!

It seems like the Public Prosecutor has a blind spot for the well-being of right-wing conservative politicians. And if that is the case, what does that say about the rest of their work? Trust in our justice institutions is undermined by such actions. 

The Dutch people deserve better than this. Wilders deserves better than this. It is high time that the Public Prosecutor gets its affairs in order and do its work without political bias. But let's be honest: Do you really expect that will happen under the present establishment? We didn't think so. It is clearly time for change.


Fousesquawk comment: Given the country's history with political assassinations in recent years (Theo van Gogh, Pim Fortuyn, and Peter R. de Vries), one would expect the government to take the Wilders threats very seriously. The criminal (Moroccan Mafia) and Islamic terrorist threats in the Netherlands are very real.

Black on Asian Violence= White Racism?

Hat tip Campus Reform 

Campus Reform has an article running on a Colorado University (Boulder) professor of ethnic studies and critical race studies named Jennifer Ho, who writes that prejudice against Asian people (and Asian- Americans) is mainly fueled by "white supremacy". The Campus Reform article is here, and Ho's written article in The Conversation can be found here (as well as in the Campus Reform article by Ophelie Jacobson).

With all due respect to Ho, who is of Asian background herself, I respectfully disagree with her thesis. Though I myself am not of Asian background, I have spent most of my life in close association with Asians and Asian-Americans as well as having lived in Asia for three years (Thailand). Nobody can accuse me of being anti-Asian; quite the opposite.

It is indisputable that in historical terms, racism against Asians in America is a fact. From the Chinese Exclusion Act to the relocation of Japanese and Japanese-Americans from the West Coast during World War 2, there has been much racism directed against Asians, and it has historically been primarily by whites, who were at one time in America in a position of true supremacy. I need not add the history of discrimination against African-Americans in this country. Yet, I still would argue that America today is no longer a racist country, and the notion of white supremacy has all but been eradicated in recent decades. The fact that you can dig up an occasional KKK or neo-Nazi type out from under a rock does not change that fact. For example, the KKK, once powerful in some parts of the country, has no influence today.

Where I differ with Ho more specifically is that, in my view, while some white prejudice does exist and was to a certain extent manifested during the Covid-China debate, whites are not the primary perpetrators of attacks on Asians today. Ho concedes that many of the attacks have been committed by black people. Yet, in true academic form, no matter who commits the act, it is white racism that must be blamed, according to Professor Ho. 

But what do you expect from a university professor of ethnic and critical race studies? To blame any attack carried out against Asians on white racism no matter who the perp is can only be described as academic nuttery.

At no time do I suggest that blacks are anti-Asian as a rule. They are not. However, it is pretty clear that strains of anti-Asian feelings do exist within the black community, and for Ho to try and whitewash this does no favor to that community. It is the same as anti-Semitism; we must all acknowledge and fight hate within all our communities or ethnic groups.

In a broader sense, if all this hate crime legislation is going to have any credibility, it must be applied evenly to all, no matter who the offender is and no matter who the victim is. There is a great tendency today not to point the finger of blame unless the perpetrator is white. Anything other than the pure unvarnished truth is a disservice to all of society. At one time or another, we have all been guilty. Who has been completely innocent of bias?

Friday, August 11, 2023

Merrick Garland's Naming of David Weiss as Special Counsel: Very Fishy

This article first appeared in New English Review. 

"OK, David, you can be the special counsel. That ought to keep the little bastards happy for a couple of years."

Attorney General Merrick Garland is looking like a complete incompetent after today's announcement that he is appointing David Weiss as special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation. This following a federal judge's rejection of a sweetheart deal that would have let Hunter basically plead to spitting on the sidewalk, a deal engineered by Weiss and his office in Delaware (where he is the US Attorney). So how does this mess go from the US Justice Department settling the case with such a minor plea to the appointment of a special counsel? And why the already-compromised David Weiss, of all people?

It could be argued that it is Weiss who is already familiar with the case, but given the history of this affair, I would argue that it screams out for a fresh face-one who is impartial and not compromised.

And let's be clear: This is not just an investigation into the shady dealings of Hunter Biden and the millions of dollars he has failed to report to the IRS-with good reason it turns out. This case involves foreign actors from countries and governments that are not friendly to the US. It is about influence peddling that involves his father, the current president of the United States, Joe Biden. Garland should publicly acknowledge that the president is also under investigation.

Every day, new revelations come out thanks not to the Justice Department, except for the IRS whistleblowers, who are under Treasury, but thanks to the House leadership of Jim Jordan (R-OH) and James Comer (R-KY). Much thanks also have to go to investigative journalist John Solomon (Just the It is an embarrassment to the Justice Department that so much information regarding the Biden family has to be uncovered by outside sources.

Everything that Joe Biden has said regarding his lack of knowledge or involvement in his son's business dealings has turned out to be false. New details are coming out regarding the shameful actions of then-VP Biden to force the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor (Viktor Shokin) investigating Burisma. And it was no coincidence that Hunter was on the board of directors. In addition, after much wrangling, the House committee investigating the Bidens finally obtained an FBI report wherein a longtime, reliable informant spoke of attending a meeting in Kiev with the CEO of Burisma, who reportedly told him/her that he had paid Hunter $5 million and $5 million to Joe Biden to get that prosecutor fired. According to the unnamed source, the CEO claimed to have taped telephone conversations and text messages between him and both Bidens. These claims need to be corroborated, of course, but the money trails of Hunter's deals are being revealed. They show tens of millions of dollars paid to Hunter Biden-for what? For access to Joe. In addition, we now have the sworn testimony of Devon Archer (Hunter's business partner, also on Burisma's board of directors) that he was present on numerous occasions when Hunter put his father on speaker phone to various overseas business partners. This also should be corroborated, but keep in mind, it wasn't necessary for Joe himself to discuss the details of Hunter's deals. All he had to do was be present, say hello, so that Hunter could show that his father was there and had his back, and meanwhile, Joe could theoretically maintain plausible deniability. 

"It's just golf."

Contrary to Joe's many denials, facts are coming out almost daily detailing how he attended dinners with Hunter's foreign business partners, spoke on the phone with them- followed by 6 or 7-figure money transfers to Hunter. Many of these facts have come to light in the days following the plea deal fiasco in Delaware. Just a couple of days ago, Solomon told Fox's Sean Hannity on the radio that new information was expected to be revealed in the coming week that would show that the elder Biden, in fact, took actions to change government policy in a manner contrary to the advice given by his own governmental advisors. Of course, we must wait and evaluate what comes out in the coming days.

So have the scales fallen from Merrick Garland's eyes? I am speculating, of course, but does the statement by Solomon have anything to do with today's announcement? Have the embarrassment of the failed plea deal and the most recent revelations forced him to appoint a special counsel, something that should have been done a long time ago? And why David Weiss, of all people?

My own suspicion is that Garland and the DOJ are stalling for time. They can now, in theory, go back and start the whole thing from scratch. And you know how long that will take. It will easily stretch out until after the 2024 election. They can continue to respond to questions by stating that the whole matter is under investigation, so they cannot comment. Meanwhile, Garland's other special counsel, Jack Smith, is pushing to put Donald Trump on trial prior to the election, while his counterparts in Manhattan and Fulton County, Georgia proceed merrily along with their Trump cases.

Of course, we must wait and see if our system of justice is really equal to all or a two-tiered system. It is hard for me to say this being retired from the Justice Department (DEA) and proudly so at the time. But I am not proud of what I see going on right now. Time and time again since the 2016 election campaign, I have seen this DOJ and its FBI abusing their power in favor of one political candidate and against another. Those actions in themselves have merited special counsels.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Political Assassination in Ecuador

Fernando Villavicencio
-La Hora

Ecuador is in shock after yesterday's assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio. It's still a fast-moving story, but 6 suspects have been arrested, and one was shot to death in an exchange of gunfire with police.

The Ecuadorian daily, La Hora, has an article on the tragic event with photos. In addition, there is a video of the assassination itself on Twitter (Noel Reports). It shows Villavicencio being escorted into his car by bodyguards and as he is seated in the back, the video goes haywire because that's when the shooting starts. There is actually nothing graphic captured on the video,

The below article from today's La Hora (Ecuador) is translated by Fousesquawk. The references to Unidad Flagrancia (Flagrancia Unit) refer to a specially-created judicial center established by the government in its fight against crime. At this time it is suspected that some drug cartel was behind the killing.

One of the suspects in the assassination of Fernando Villavicencio arrived at Flagrancia in the arms of uniformed (officers)

August 10, 2023

Caption: Video clip of the moment of entry of the suspect at Flagrancia.

This newspaper (gained) access to the video of the entry of one of the suspects in the political crime. Today a judicial hearing is scheduled for the 6 arrested for the assassination.

In a video in which this newspaper (gained) access, one of the suspects in the assassination of Fernando Villavicencio, entering the Flagrancia unit, located on Patria Avenue.

This happens minutes after the attack suffered by the noted journalist and politician at Anderson School in the north of the capital.

The detained man arrives in the arms of two officers, one in police uniform, and the other in military uniform. He is laid in a row. He is still moving.

The prosecutor's office reported yesterday that the suspect was wounded in an exchange of gunfire with the candidate's personal security personnel. "He was arrested and transported badly wounded to the unit at Flagrancia in Quito", that office reported in an (online) message.

In the video, the military officer sees the suspect, who was leaning against a column of the building, on foot with his hands on his waist. Then there is a photo where  a policeman gives him CPR. However, as is already known, the attacker dies.

Caption: Moment when the suspect receives CPR from a police officer.

Judicial personnel have been working on the case since 4 am today to carry out the judicial hearing in person for the 6 detained persons from the raids (carried out) in two parts of Quito. This newspaper has learned that they are already in possession of the medical reports of Fernando Villavicencio for this procedure (DLH).

*Update: The Ecuadorian newspaper, El Universo, is reporting that according to police, all 6 suspects are Colombians.

*Update: The Colombian newspaper, El Espectador, confirms that the above suspects are all Colombians and most have police records in Colombia. They are identified by name here.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

US Loses to Sweden in Women's World Cup (Soccer)

 I hardly follow the sport of soccer at all, let alone, women's soccer, but I have to make a short reference to the elimination of the US women's soccer team by Sweden on Sunday.

As one who considers himself a patriotic American, I confess that I am pleased.

In my mind, this group of young ladies-with a handful of exceptions- has done nothing to merit the support of the American public. For several years now, we have put up with Megan Rapinoe's refusal to stand for our National Anthem before matches, coupled with her condemnation of her own country even before international forums. Then I saw a video clip of their recent match where most of the players stood around looking uninterested as the Anthem was played. A couple of the ladies placed their hands over their hearts, and a couple appeared to be singing, but for the most part, they appeared bored and uninterested.

So I say to myself, "why should I support this team?" If that is the attitude that the majority of this team appears to have about their own country, the country they are representing on the world stage, I have no interest in supporting them. So I am happy they lost. 

Now I can go back to ignoring the whole event.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Sweden: Eritrean Festival Results in Riot

-Dagens Nyheter

 Järvafältet is an open field area located next to various no-go zones in the Stockholm area. Today, an Eritrean festival at the location degenerated into a riot as visitors to the festival engaged in fights with critics of the Eritrean regime. The festival has been accused of actively supporting the dictatorial regime in Eritrea. Hundreds were arrested and several people were injured, including police.

The below article from Aftonbladet is translated by Fousesquawk.

Festival and gathering derailed-rocks thrown at police

By Linnea Nordström, Andreas Bardell, Annica Ögren, Emil Forsberg, Nelly Kronstrand

Updated at 19:07, Posted at 13:56

Chaos broke out at a festival in  Järvafältet in Stockholm.

A large number of people fought with rocks and sticks.

Hundreds arrested. At least 55 persons are injured, three of whom are police.

Smoke from fires lies over Järvafältet like a fog.

Tents have been turned over and torn to shreds as garbage is thrown about.

"I don't believe I am in Sweden. I am ashamed. It is unbelievable what is happening here," says a witness to Aftonbladet who is trying to clean up after the chaos.

The Eritrean festival area turned into a battleground when visitors fought with demonstrators who had organized a public gathering in a nearby parking lot.

Rocks were also thrown at police in connection with the violence.

According to the permit, which Aftonbladet has seen, an estimated 400 people took part in the festival.

Several were masked with mouth coverings and armed with wooden sticks.

Police called in massive reinforcements and formed a chain to separate demonstrators from festival visitors.

Several seriously injured

Around 4 pm, police had managed to take control of the situation. Demonstrators were gathered together in clusters around Järvafältet and were taken away in buses.

According to police, hundreds of people were detained. 52 people were also injured, of whom, 7 were being treated in a hospital. Four have suffered serious injuries.

"Three police officers have also been injured. I have no information as to the injuries," says Daniel Wikdahl, police press spokesperson.

Thursday evening, police reported that it is still noisy in the nearby area of Hallonbergen.

"There are fights and disturbances in the area that we suspect have connections to what happened in 


The regional special health care management section (RSSL) has gone into staff mode due to the violent protests.

"This is a complicated and intensive effort. There are many people moving around the location, and the total damage is as yet unclear," says  Patrik Söderberg, head doctor, in a press release.

Criticized for several years

The Eritrean festival has been organized in Järvalfältet since the 1990s but has attracted criticism in recent years that it supposedly supports the regime in Eritrea with money and propaganda.

Similar violence has broken out when festivals are organized in Germany and Norway.

Eritrea has developed into one of the world's strictest dictatorships after liberation from Ethiopia in 1993, and in recent years, the split between those faithful to the regime and critics has become clearer.

Justice Minister Gunnar  Strömmer (M) is condemning the tumult that broke out at  Järvafältet.

"It is unreasonable that Sweden  is drawn into other countries' domestic conflicts in this way," he writes in a comment to Aftonbladet and continues:

"Whether one flees violence to Sweden or happens to be here on a visit, you should not engage in violence here. Police resources are needed for other things than keeping different groups from each other."