Saturday, August 31, 2013

Egypt: Another Christian Church Sacked

Hat tip Mid East Christian News

Mid East Christian news has published this video taken August 14 in the Egyptian town of Sohag. It shows a mob attacking a Christian church and toppling a cross.

The silence from the UN, the EU, and our administration is stifling. Obama prattles on about Syria and says nothing about this as he continues to lobby for the release and reinstatement of the Muslim Brotherhood back into the Egyptian government.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Did We Know Hasan Was Talking Terror With Awlaki?

Hat tip Mother Jones

In the wake of the trial of Nidal Hasan, new reports have surfaced regarding the contact via e-mail between Hasan and Anwar Awlaki in Yemen. The below article is from the liberal blog, Mother Jones.

We already knew that Hasan was known within military circles for his outspoken defense of radical Islamists and jihad, which he freely shared with his military colleagues even in public presentations. If it is true that the FBI had intercepted communications between Hasan and Awlaki in which attacks against Americans was discussed, it further begs the question of why no action was taken. If true, we have another similar case to the FBI investigation of Saudi students taking flying lessons in the US, which turned out to be the 9-11 hijackers. If true, we have another instance of the Tsarnaev brothers, who were the subject of a Russian tip to the US. If true, we have another Benghazi type case, where the State Department refused requests to beef up security in that terrorist-infested part of Libya.

It appears that the Ft Hood massacre occurred because political correctness and ineptitude prevailed. What was resulted was an act of mass terror against our troops at Ft Hood.

Or was it "workplace violence"?

Meeting at UC Irvine in Efforts to Get a Bust of Raoul Wallenberg Placed on Campus.

For over a year now, I have been trying to assist in efforts to have a bust of Raoul Wallenberg placed at UC Irvine on behalf of Peter Lancz, son of  Paul Lancz, a world-famous sculptor, who was one of thousands of Jews saved by Wallenberg in the closing days of World War II in Hungary. The proposed bust would come from a mold from the original bust created by the elder Lancz after the war. As matters stand, after much back and forth, UCI has agreed to accept the bust as a gift provided all costs of placement and maintenance are covered by outside donations. UCI has further stated that no donations may be solicited (by Lancz) from normal UCI donors.

On July 15, Mr. Lancz and I met with Associate Chancellor Ramona Agrela and Richard Demerkjian of the Environmental Planning and Sustainability Department at UC Irvine. The primary purpose of this meeting was obtain a letter of endorsement from the university that Mr Lancz could use in his efforts to obtain funding for the project.

Ms Agrela advised us that the university would not provide such a letter.

Secondly, Ms Agrela advised that they had determined that the cost of installation and maintenance would be $50,000. The molding for the bust is located at a foundry in Montreal.)

When the subject of placement of the bust came up, Ms Agrela stated that they had decided that it would be placed inside a building as opposed to outside. She said that only figures associated with the university itself had structures outside, those not on that level were placed inside. This did not agree with Mr Lancz, and at this point, I asked to comment.

My statement to her was that I had been teaching part time at UCI since 1998 and that in my mind the purpose for this project was in response to anti-Semitism, which I (as a non-Jew) considered to be a resurgent problem world-wide and in the US. I said that it was the universities which were the focal point of this resurgence and that the UC system had an especially large problem. I added that rightfully or wrongfully, UCI had acquired a reputation nationally as the worst in the country in this respect. I added that 99% of our students had nothing to do with this, but that 99% of our students probably had never heard of Wallenberg, had no idea of what he did, or what he stood for. It was for that reason that it was important for such a structure to be outside where all our students could see it and learn more about Wallenberg. I also said that UCI could do a lot to counter its negative image by erecting this statue. Agrela thanked me for sharing that.

Shortly thereafter, the meeting ended. Later, (that day and the following) armed with my secret Red Rider cell phone camera, I took a walk around the campus and photographed what sculptures I could find to see which ones were outside and which were inside.

Above is the only one I have located so far that is inside a building. It is a bust of UCI's first chancellor, Daniel  Aldrich,  located in Aldrich Hall, the administrative building.  The rest so far, as you can see, are outside. This is supposedly reserved for those esteemed figures associated with the university. The first three are of UCI's mascot, the famed anteater.

Below are sculptures of ancient Chinese figures. Their names are listed on the plaque below. They were donated to the school by the Jao family in 2005.

(I guess Raoul Wallenberg is just not on that level.)

So it appears that all efforts to have the bust of Wallenberg placed at UCI have come to naught.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Wrigley Field Jumbotron

There it is, Folks. That's what will be adorning the Friendly Confines next season atop the left field bleachers. An electronic jumbotron that will feature all kinds of advertising. That's the secret, you see. All that advertising will result in lots more money for the Ricketts family, which presumably, they will invest in players to bring the Cubbies a world series championship.

Here's my question: For all these decades, the Cubs have been playing in a high market area, with a WGN TV contract that goes back to before I even became a Cubs fan (1963), a ball park that has become an icon, and for awhile being owned by the Chicago Tribune.

It hasn't been for lack of money.

The St Louis Cardinals don't play in a high market area. Their success over the years has been because they have maintained a solid baseball organization, something the Cubs have not done going back to the days of the Wrigley family. (Remember the revolving coaches college or whatever they called it?) Like the Cardinals, the successful  Dodger teams were due to a great organization that translated down to the management, coaches, scouting and minor league level.

What remains to be seen here is whether the Ricketts family is going in the right direction with Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer by rebuilding the minor leagues and stocking them with good prospects.  I am buying into the idea even though at my age (68), I am wondering if I will ever see my dream come true after all the losing and heartbreaking near-misses. It's not like a 20-year plan will work for me, you know.

Still, I hate to see the old charm of Wrigley Field diluted with modern gadgets and this monster jumbotron that will be advertising who knows what and playing quizzes between innings. (Guess the attendance etc.) I certainly don't need to see Starlin Castro's smiling face in left field as he strikes out.

If the future success of the Cubs on the field depends on this jumbotron, then something is wrong with the organization.

George Galloway Under Investigation in UK

What else is new?

Could this be George's future?

It seems British comedian George Galloway is under investigation by the British Charity Commission for his handling of the Viva Palestina funds. It also seems, according to the article, that Viva Palestina has gone belly up.

Rest assured, I will make it a point to send them all the details on George's May 2009 appearance at UC Irvine, where the hat was passed for that venture that donated to Hamas in Gaza. Who knows? Maybe I'll even get a free trip to London out of it.

On second thought.....

OC Register Report on DOE-OCR Finding

U.S. dismisses UC Irvine anti-Semitic claims

The allegations of a hostile atmosphere for Jewish students at UC Irvine span more than a decade.
IRVINE – Federal officials have dismissed claims that UC Irvine and two other University of California campuses allowed anti-Semitic atmospheres to flourish, deeming the situations described to be a “robust and discordant” part of college life.
The New York-based Zionist Organization of America alleged in civil-rights complaints filed in 2004 and 2008 that Jewish students at UC Irvine had been subjected to “pervasive hostility and intimidation on campus” for at least a decade, mostly by pro-Palestinian students and their supporters.
Article Tab: UC Irvine students Ryan Davis, right, and Russell Curry address supporters during a 2010 demonstration in support of the Irvine 11. Federal officials have dismissed claims that UC Irvine and two other University of California schools allowed an anti-Semitic atmosphere to flourish on their campuses.
UC Irvine students Ryan Davis, right, and Russell Curry address supporters during a 2010 demonstration in support of the "Irvine 11." Federal officials have dismissed claims that UC Irvine and two other University of California schools allowed an anti-Semitic atmosphere to flourish on their campuses.
Similar complaints were subsequently filed by Jewish activists on behalf of students at UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley.
The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights told the colleges in letters last week that the complaints were not “sufficiently serious” to establish an anti-Semitic environment.
“Conduct must be sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive as to limit or deny the student's ability to participate in or benefit from an educational program,” Zachary Pelchat of the Office of Civil Rights said in an Aug. 19 letter to UC Irvine.
Susan Tuchman, director of the Zionist Organization's Center for Law and Justice, expressed disappointment at the decision and said her group was considering its options.
“The way in which the situation is portrayed in the letters does not reflect the seriousness of the problems that those students endured for years,” Tuchman said.
The next step would be filing a federal lawsuit, according to the U.S. Department of Education.
In its complaint, the Zionist Organization documented instances of Jewish students called “slut” and “animal” during heated exchanges at pro-Palestinian campus events, of a camera “repeatedly pushed” in the face of a Jewish student journalist as she attempted to document a Palestinian event, and of a Jewish student who transferred to a new dorm after receiving “unwelcoming looks” from Muslim students.
At least 20 Jewish students at UC Irvine provided testimony to federal officials, Tuchman said. No students were named in the complaints.
Federal officials dismissed the Zionist Organization's original 2004 complaint in 2007, but the group appealed the decision twice. The second and final appeal was tossed out Aug. 21, two days after the group's 2008 complaint was dismissed.
“UC Irvine's Jewish student community is vibrant, growing, and actively engaged in a wide variety of activities on our diverse campus,” UC Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake said in a statement Wednesday. “We are pleased that these allegations have been dismissed and believe very strongly in our carefully and actively nurtured culture of inclusion.”
Berkeley attorney Liz Jackson, who helped represent pro-Palestinian students targeted in the complaint, called the decision a victory for the free exchange of ideas at colleges.
“There are a few students who will articulate concerns, but the vast majority of Zionist and Jewish students are not concerned about this anti-Semitic climate,” Jackson said. “It was manufactured to silence debate.”
Daniel Harris, executive director of the Irvine-based Hillel Foundation of Orange County, said UC Irvine and other O.C. colleges remain “good places” for Jewish students to go to school.
“Although we still have our challenges, these findings reinforce the impact that Hillel programs have on creating a positive climate for Jewish students on campus,” Harris said.
UC Irvine discord came to a dramatic head in 2010, when 11 Muslim students were arrested after they disrupted a speech at UC Irvine by the Israeli ambassador to the United States. Charges were dismissed against one student; the other 10 were found guilty by a Santa Ana jury and given community service.
The case sparked dueling campus demonstrations and also led to a months-long university suspension of UC Irvine's Muslim Student Union.
Late last year, pro-Palestinian student activists pushed UC Irvine's student government to approve a nonbinding resolution urging the university to financially divest from companies that profit from Israel's claim to Palestinian-occupied land. Although the resolution was passed, campus officials said they would continue to invest in the companies.
UC Irvine senior Erum Siddiqui, a political science and sociology major, said students are not as divided as it might seem.
“It's not like there's any hostility between students on campus,” said Siddiqui, 21, vice president of the UCI Muslim Student Union. “We talk and debate; we're passionate on issues like the occupation of Palestine.”
Still, she added, there was still room at UC Irvine to improve relations and understanding between the two parties.
“There's always more work to be done,” she said.
Contact the writer: 714-796-7802 or


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What'cha Gonna Do Now, Obama?

The below news report from Fox News pretty much sums up what a ridiculous situation President Obama has put himself in over Syria.

This is the same Barack Obama who, as a US Senator, proclaimed that the president -or any president- would have to get permission from Congress for any military action that was not in defense of the US.

And didn't loudmouth Joe Biden loudly tell Chris Matthews that he would lead the charge to impeach George W Bush if he launched military action against Iran?

We are now on the side of Al Qaeda in Syria.

What in the world are our leaders thinking?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

University of California Whitewash

Over the years, I have often reported on the on-going investigations by the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights as to complaints of anti-Semitism on the University of California campuses. Principal among these was the complaint lodged against UC Irvine in 2007. It may be summed up by stating that the source of the complaints are incidents and speech that have arisen during the periodic anti-Israel events staged by the various chapters of the Muslim Student association and the Students for Justice in Palestine.

Now to the relief of the various campus administrations and Palestinian activists, the DOE has concluded that the complaints are baseless-or to be more exact- are covered under First Amendment protections. Previous findings held that complaints were not filed in a timely manner, or that Jews were not protected as a religion under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, or that there was no finding of discrimination as to nationality-specifically, no Israelis had been victimized. And on it went.,0,6127004.story

Up until a few years ago, when Ken Marcus was the head of OCR, there was hope that the complaints would bear fruit. Alas, Marcus has long since been replaced by people with a different mindset, so this finding is hardly surprising.

"However, UC Santa Cruz Chancellor George Blumenthal, in a statement, said: “This campus values the free and open expression of ideas, and we diligently safeguard our students' civil rights. We are, therefore, pleased that these allegations have been thoroughly investigated and dismissed.”

"UC Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake said in a statement that “UC Irvine’s Jewish student community is vibrant, growing, and actively engaged in a wide variety of activities on our diverse campus. We are pleased that these allegations have been dismissed and believe very strongly in our carefully and actively nurtured culture of inclusion.”

I find the above comments highly offensive. Here is why:

"You can take the Jew out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the Jew."
-Washington DC-based Mohammed al Asi at UC Irvine in 2001

"You Jews, you'all the new Nazis!"
-Amir Abdel Malik Ali
At UC Irvine 2010

"Rupert Murdoch-straight up Zionist Jew!"
-Amir Abdel Malik Ali
at UC Irvine 2006

This picture appeared on the MSU Apartheid Wall in 2008. I witnessed it and photographed it myself.

All of the above occurred during the Muslim Student Union Union-sponsored week of events at UC Irvine in May of the above years. There are many more which have been documented on this site.

Of course, it is not surprising that the LA Times would give the last word to the crowing of two pro-Palestinian supporters.

"Rebecca Pierce, a recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz and member of the Committee for Justice in Palestine, said in a statement that she and others felt “vindicated that the DOE has rejected this attack on our freedom of expression, and we will continue to advocate in accordance with our values regarding human rights and social justice.”
But activists involved in pro-Palestinian causes on campus also questioned why the probes took so long, with the one at Irvine started in April 2008, the Santa Cruz one in March 2011 and Berkeley, September 2012. Berkeley-based attorney Liz Jackson, who works with the Center for Constitutional Rights, said the delays have created a chilling effect, making some students afraid to participate in political actions. She said she deplored any anti-Semitic remarks made on campuses but that it is wrong to depict UC as having an anti-Jewish climate."
I wouldn't really call this a disappointment because our side gave up the ghost a few years ago that these complaints were ever going to amount to anything given the current climate. The out-going UC president, Mark Yudof, himself Jewish, never supported the idea that anti-Semitism was a problem on his campuses and showed a cavalier disinterest in the problem passing it off as free speech. His successor, the politically-correct Janet Napolitano will be no improvement. In a nutshell, the administration of the University of California and the various chancellors have been intimidated and cowed into submission by the various MSA chapters. Nobody wants to appear to be Islamophobic. As for anti-Semitism, nobody cares.

Stoning in Canada?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Sheikh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak

"It's surprising this whole thing is happening right here...."

Those are the words of a TV news anchor in Ontario, Canada after listening to the words of one of Canada's leading Islamic figures describing the benefits of stoning. The below link from the Toronto Sun shows a clip of a speech given by imam Sheikh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak.

"It purifies the soul"

Keep in mind this isn't some Islamic equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church. This guy is president of the Islamic Forum of Canada and vice-president of the Islamic Council of Imams of Canada.

Hasan Gets Death

Anyone up for a tailgate party in Kansas in a few years?

Nidal Hasan has been sentenced to death.

Syria: Meet Our Allies

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs and Sharia Unveiled (and Squid)

Viewer warning: graphic video.

This video is being cross-posted from Atlas Shrugs (via Sharia Unveiled). It shows an execution of two children by rebel FSA fighters because they were accused of supporting the Assad government.

These are the same people that we are now supporting and on whose behalf we will send our military into action. As Sean Hannity said today on his radio show, we are about to become the air force for Al Qaeda.

How long do you think it will take before these monsters turned their guns on American soldiers?

Ohio State University MSA President Detained in Egypt

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

- Creeping Sharia
l-r Mohamed Soltan, Yusuf al Qaradawi, Salah Soltan

The son of a Muslim Brotherhood figure and former president of the Ohio State University Muslim Student Association has reportedly been detained in Egypt.

Cross-Dressing in Egypt

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

  Masters of the world                                                                                                            

Daniel Greenfield in Frontpage Magazine has a thrilling account of how the Egyptians caught a Muslim Brotherhood leader trying to flee the country. Seems Imam Safwat Hegazi was captured while wearing a burka. Here are the exciting details.

Be sure and watch the video clips of this guy speaking. There are English sub-titles.

Janet Napolitano Bids Farewell to DHS-Makes Plea For Illegals

Hat tip Breitbart and John Speedie for audio

                                                 Janet Napoilitano-2010 Fousesquawk Jerk of the Year

"And you can roll your eyes, Fousesquawk"

Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano left DHS this week as she ran it, by sticking up for illegal aliens and repeating her classic whopper that the border is now more secure than ever.

Amazing how the one issue she cared more about was passing the Dream Act, as if that would make this country more secure. Too bad she didn't care more about getting to the bottom of the Fast and Furious scandal, a DOJ operation that resulted in the deaths of two of her own agents. She bristled when I pointed that out to her at her 2012 appearance at UCLA.

So now she brings her considerable "talents" to the University of California. One can only wonder what she will do for an encore since she has already told the UC regents that she will be committed to all UC students-both "documented and undocumented".

"Documented and undocumented".

The Weener Want Ads

Hat tip Daily Caller (and the Daily Weener)

If there are any UC Santa Cruz Community Studies or History of Consciousness grads in New York looking for part-time work, here's your big chance. Anthony Weiner's campaign is looking for volunteers to show up and cheer at this campaign appearances. Fifteen bucks an hour.

-Daily Caller

"That ain't hay!"

You know, the more I think about it, he may just pull it out.

Strike that.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Syria: Here We Go Again

The Syria news is all over the map. The US administration has concluded that the Syrian government was the culprit in the gas attack that killed over 300 people. OK. I agree. One report says the US will attack Thursday. (What would Eisenhower say?) The UN wants us-US- to do the dirty work. According to the below article, we won't attack the WMD sites, nor will we send send troops in. We are going to lob missiles in for a few hours.

Here's my question:

Why us?

Why does it always have to be us?

"Because, Fousesquawk, the US has the strongest military."

I say, "So what?"

If the Arab League has concluded that someone needs to stop the Assad government, why don't they do it-you know like they all invaded Israel in 1948 and tried to do again in 1967?

Not that I don't feel for the innocent civilians who are being killed by their own government. I felt for them when they were being bombed or mown down in the streets just for protesting. I feel for the three truck drivers who were executed recently (by rebels) just because they were Alawites instead of Sunnis.

But does that mean that we have to involve our military every time some hell hole of a nation goes on a murderous rampage against its own citizens or falls into civil war? We don't even know which group we are supporting against Assad. The bad guys are on both sides. A German news report I posted here not long ago says that those refugee camps are loaded with bad actors. Thousands are soon coming to a street near you.

Remember Bosnia and Kosovo? What thanks did we get out of that? None. Remember Libya? We got a lot of thanks out of that. Meanwhile, the French, who led that effort, never saw their embassies attacked or their diplomats slaughtered. Look at what our caring about Egypt has gotten us. Both sides hate us.

And what do you think the world's reaction will be when one of missiles takes out a bunch of civilians-women and children?

I'm sorry, but the Middle East is a hell hole, and I don't want to sacrifice one American soldier to save the Syrians from themselves. Not that I am blind to the threat, but to me, we need our eye on the ball, and the ball is Iran. The showdown is coming whether we like it or not. Of course, if we go into Syria, the showdown could very well be excellerated since Iran is Syria's ally and reportedly has troops fighting on the government side now.

We have spent enough blood and treasure for the Arab world. Our focus should be on defending Israel and stopping the Iranian threat as we develop our own sources of energy and isolate the Islamist movement to its own little corner of the world.

John Kerry made a very eloquent speech yesterday outlining the moral outrage of the Syrian government. He didn't flat out accuse the Syrian government of culpability, but strongly implied it. He said that the UN inspection team would not determine who carried out the attack only whether chemical weapons were used. At the same time, I watched a German news report on Tageschau in which the UN inspectors told reporters that they had no mandate to determine who was responsible. Today, our administration says it was Assad's forces.  So now what? Kerry's speech, eloquent as it was, had no solutions or hint of what we were going to do. He wisely, of course, did not take questions. Why should he? He would have had no answers to the obvious questions.

Rightfully or wrongfully, President Obama is following in the footsteps of George W Bush in Iraq. As in Iraq, we will wind up "owning it" rebuilding it, having to keep troops there fighting insurgents, trying to establish democracy,  and trying to make Syria into the next Switzerland. In that respect, we have failed in Iraq and failed in Afghanistan. What makes us gullible Westerners think we can succeed in Syria?

Until the eventual confrontation comes with Iran, I am joining the peaceniks when it comes to Syria.


Where is Rafael Caro Quintero?

Rafael Caro Quintero, the vicious Mexican drug boss who was behind the abduction, torture and murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena and his Mexican associate in 1985, has now disappeared after his sudden release from prison based upon a questionable court decision.

Mexico is now faced with the task of tracking down Caro Quintero should they be able to challenge this decision by a Mexican court. That is no easy task based on their experiences with other drug lords.

Make no mistake; this whole case is a blot on Mexico. Mexican police who were supposed to be Camarena's colleagues were involved in his murder and their hands were also dirty in allowing Caro Quintero to board a plane to Costa Rica in spite of the pleas of DEA agents who were present at the airport. Nothing less should be expected of Mexico than to successfully appeal this decision and return Caro Quintero to prison-or capture him and send him the the US.

Jihadists Out to Kill 6 Danes

Hat tip Jihad i Malmö and Gates of Vienna

The below post from the Swedish blog, Jihad i Malmö reports that a terrorist leader named Abu Khattab (apparently in Afghanistan or Pakistan) has identified six Danish men for assassination as "enemies of Islam". They include publisher Lars Hedegaard, cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, and the former Muslim Brotherhood leader in Denmark, Ahmed Akkari, who had organized protests over the Danish Mohammad cartoons a few years back but has recently repented. The post is in Swedish, but includes a video in Arabic with English sub-titles as Khattab announces the fatwa or whatever it is for the six Danes for the crime of being enemies of Islam. Hopefully, if the NSA is monitoring my blog, they can identify the background where the video was taken for future drone attack.

Gates of Vienna has a report on Akkari and the threats in English. It features a video of Akkari speaking on his change of thought and his views on Islamism. It is in Danish with English sub-titles. The event was a few days ago in Copenhagen at the Free Speech Institute.

Isn't it interesting to see these terrorists with their weapons and their words threatening death and to ask oneself why are they doing this? Is it because of a land dispute, politics, freedom? No, it is over religion that they are running around with their weapons and killing while threatening death to innocent civilians in Europe.

Over religion.

What is the Proper Sentence for Nidal Hasan?

We will shortly know what the military jury decides should be the fate for Nidal Hasan, death or life imprisonment. Surprisingly, many are guessing that the jury will decide that life imprisonment with no possibility of parole is a harsher sentence than the death that Hasan apparently craves. After all, in his paralyzed condition, life in a cell trapped in a wheelchair and having to wear diapers for another 40 or so years is nothing to look forward to. Hasan thinks that with a death sentence, he will achieve martyrdom and go to Paradise, where he will be entertained by 72 virgins.

There are 13 jurors. If only one of them decides that Hasan would suffer more with a life sentence, that's what it will be. It must be unanimous for death.

Personally, I support the death penalty for premeditated murder and if this case doesn't merit the death penalty, few do. There is no worry that just maybe an innocent man has been convicted. He proudly admits it and was captured in the act anyway.

Were I to believe that Hasan's vision of martyrdom and paradise was true, I would say give him life imprisonment and let him rot to death in ignominy. However, I don't believe that for one moment. On the other hand, we have seen too many cases where life imprisonment turns into eventual freedom. In the case of the Blind Sheikh, we had been worrying about Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi pressuring President Obama to release this evil man who is sentenced to life in a US prison for plotting terror acts against us. (Fortunately, that worry has been removed courtesy of the Egyptian military.) Who is to say that some future president may find it expedient to placate some Middle East dictator-or hostage-taking terrorists- and turn Hasan loose?

In addition, even with a death sentence, appeals will take several years. Since it is only military and federal courts involved here, the process probably won't take as long as state-originated appeals do. Timothy McVeigh may be a closer template. Hasan will still have to spend some years sitting in his wheelchair and soiling his diaper before justice is administered.

Assuming most of his victims and their survivors want to to see the death penalty applied here, I think that is the fitting punishment. He has gotten his trial and the world has seen that we have a justice system that works better than any other-imperfect as it is.  Hasan will eventually learn that his soul is not going where he thinks it is.

The Godmother (Part 6)

The Errant Congressman

The shuttle flight from New York arrived at the gate at Washington's Reagan Airport. A tall man walked off into the arrival lounge and was greeted by a visibly nervous man in his 30s.

"We're glad you're here, Tom."

"The Godmother put me on a flight as soon as she got the word," answered the tall man. "Where are we going?"

"Straight to the Capitol," answered the shorter, nervous man.

Twenty minutes later, the two men arrived in a staff car and parked behind the Capitol in the official lot.

"Where to now?" asked the tall man.

""We're going to the gym, " said the shorter man as they walked up the steps of the Capitol building.

As the two men approached the Capitol gym, they saw that it was a mob scene with reporters and cameras everywhere. People were trying to get into the gym, but were being kept at bay by two security guards.

"It's OK, boys. He's with me," said the shorter man as they both walked into the gym.

The gym was almost deserted, except for one slender, middle-aged man sitting on a massage table wrapped in a  bath towel.

The man was clearly distraught. Behind him on another massage table lay.......

an I-phone.

"I thought I might be of some assistance, Congressman," said the tall man.

"Tom! Thank God you're here," said the Congressman leaping off the table and rushing to the tall man. "I knew the Godmother wouldn't forget me."

"I got here as soon as I could," replied Tom.

The congressman turned and walked back to the table where the I-phone was lying.

"I don't know how this happened, Tom. We've done it many times. I sent these pictures to my friend-a person who I trust. I just don't know how I could have clicked the wrong button. I mean, I would never..."

Tom picked up the I-phone and looked at the screen.

Then he looked at the e-mail addresses.

"From: Weener"

"To:  The world"

"What am I gonna do, Tom?"

Tom sat down next to the congressman, who appeared to be on the edge of a breakdown.

"OK. Here's the plan. First thing you're gonna do is go out there and resign."

"But I can't do that, Tom."

"Hear me out. Right now you're a liability to us and the Godmother. You gotta go back to New York and lay low for awhile. Go into some rehab joint for a couple of weeks so you can come out and announce that it's all behind you, see? Then next year you run for mayor of New York. You always wanted that, didn't ya?"

"Well, yeah, but Bloomberg's the mayor of New York."

"He ain't gonna be mayor forever."

"He ain't?"

"No. Next year, we'll be ready to stick you in there."

"But what about this?" asked the congressman pointing to the I-phone and the door where dozens of reporters were gathered outside.

 Tom smiled. "Take my word for it. The people will forget after awhile. By next year, you'll announce your candidacy, and you'll instantly be the front-runner."

"I will?"

"Yeah, but you can't let this happen again, cuz if it does, you'll drop to fourth place in the polls."

"I won't Tom, I promise. I knew the Godemother would understand, what with all her own marital problems."

Suddenly, the smile disappeared from Tom's face. His look grew cold and menacing.

"You don't talk about that stuff, see? The Godmother don't appreciate no comparisons with her situation."

"Sorry, Tom."

Tom continued outlining his plan.

"So in 2014, you're gonna be mayor of New York. In 2016, the Godmother becomes president. That means secretary of state."

The congressman's eyes widened. "Secretary of state! For me?"

"No, dummy. For Huma. We got it all figured out. She's an important part of our outreach to the Middle East. They'll all love us once Huma's secretary of state. Besides, think of all the trips you can make with her to all those important and exotic world capitals; Paris, London, Beijing, Cairo, Riyadh, Ramallah..."

The congressman thought for a moment.

"Well, maybe Paris would be nice."

"That's the ticket," said Tom getting up. "Now put some clothes on and let's get outta here. We'll take the back door to avoid those reporters. I think I even saw Breitbart out there. Tomorrow, you issue a statement resigning your office and we get you back to the Big Apple. Howz that sound?"

"OK, Tom. Thanks a whole lot. I knew I could count on the Godmother."

To be continued......(maybe)