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Netherlands: An Interesting Take on Muslim Migration to the West

Hat tip Ongehoord Nederland. Translation by Fousesquawk.

I am cross-posting an article from the conservative Dutch news outlet, Ongehoord Nederland. The writer, David Pinto, has an interesting take on why Europe is suffering so much culture clash with Mulsim immigrants and asylum-seekers. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Discussions on religion are distracting

David Pinto

31 March 2021

In my previous two (articles), I wrote over the usefulness and necessity for a new political system and outlined a number of suggestions to accomplish that.

This article and the next will be about migration. First here on the immense difference between the earlier, old migration of Huguenots and Jews from East Europe and modern migration. In the next article, translation into policy.

It is beyond dispute. Many of the societal tensions have to do with migration, citizenship, and diversity in relation to modern migration streams. How is that?

European societies, unlike before, are confronted with such sharp cultural differences that people wonder: Can we continue to live together?  Sexual crimes in Germany, Norway, and Sweden make the problem with non-Western fellow humans manifest. The Netherlands is also struggling with this. Jews, women, and gays are victims of the multi-cultural society. There are surely natives who misbehave against these people, but in the majority are the pre-modern foreigners who are intolerant against them. Jews cannot go out on the street with a  kippah. Gays can no longer hold hands. And women can no longer go walking in certain neighborhoods. According to results from the Amsterdam Regional Police   Commission, foreigners make up 75% of rapists and 69 % of the assailants. The Netherlands has sunk deep.

To completely shut the border is not the solution. That is not realistic. But it is also not realistic to act as if there is no problem. Islam is a problem, but that doesn't explain all wrongs. There is more at play. This is a new political voice!

Religion approach

Many ascribe these (and other misbehaviors) to Islam, the religion of the perpetrators.  There is much to indicate that this is, indeed, true.

-Texts in the holy writings (Koran, Hadith, Sharia) such as: Kill the unbelievers (Koran 9:5); Kill everyone who insults Islam or Mohammed (Koran 33:57-61), Kill the apostates (Koran 4:89); the duty to wage war on unbelievers (jihad), "even if reluctantly" (Koran 2:216), Jews and Christians cannot be friends of Muslims (Koran 5:51), Muslims must terrorize others (Koran 8:12). 

The long list of Islamic terror groups responsible for a series of attacks around the entire world, Islamic Jihad, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko Haram, Al-Nusra, Abu Sayyaf, Al-Badr, Muslim Brotherhood, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Ansaru, Jemaah Islamiyah, Abdullah Azzam Brigades and many more.  And they all rely upon the holy texts of Islam. Islamic terror is, therefore, not limited to "confused crazy people" or an extreme group.

 Only Muslims have problems everywhere with their neighboring peoples, whoever they are: Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Baha'is, Shintos, and even themselves (Muslims with other Muslims). While any other combination of the above-named groups live together without problems. In "Clash of Civilizations" Samuel Huntington lists 130 armed conflicts around the entire world. 95% of them are between Muslims and neighboring lands.

Nowhere are Muslims happy. Not in Gaza, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, Kenya, or Sudan. Where are they happy? In Australia, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the US, Canada, Norway, and India. They are happy in almost every country that isn't Islamic.

Many testimonies, and warnings through the centuries about Islam from renowned scholars, teachers, experts, scientists, and philosophers. Icons who all are wholeheartedly negative about Islam. Here are just a couple of illustrations.

Martin Luther: "Islam brings chaos to the three areas of life: Religion, politics, and that of marriage and family."

Ernst Renan, great French intellectual: "A disaster, a bridge of hate and fanaticism."

Baruch Spinoza: "I can't believe there is a church more suited to deceiving people and controlling peoples' spirits than the Mohammedan church, which far exceeds this."

Alexis de Tocqueville, author of "Democracy in America", writes in a letter to his friend, Gobimeau: "I have studied the Koran well. I ended that study with the conviction that there are few religions in the world as deadly as that of Mohammad."

So much aversion does not apply to the (small) part of the religious rules, such as prayer and fasting. The problem is (the much larger part) of Islam, namely the ideology. There is talk, also among Muslims, of "political Islam". There is no "political Hinduism, Judaism or Christianity".

All reason, therefore, to point to Islam as the cause for terror, atrocity, misbehavior, backwardness, and the enormous gap between Muslims and Europe. But that is not the whole story.

Religions are usually made up of religious rules and regulations, not the daily behavior and intercourse between individuals. This last one is, after genes, primarily determined by the environment in which people grow up. My behavior was primarily determined by the fact that I was born and raised in a rural Berber town in Morocco (Midelt) and not through my Jewish being. The same is true for Job Cohen, Ed van Thijn, and Jacques Wallage. They are also Jews but behave as Dutch, and not as "Jews". 

Culture Approach

In science, the influence of the "environment" in which a person grows up upon the behavior of people is investigated, That is how I came to the development of the "structure theory". In it, I describe a continuum from an extremely fine-meshed structure of behavioral rules and codes (the F-structure) to an extremely course-meshed structure (the G Structure). The F structure is characterized by great tightness with little room for nuances. In all behaviors. While the G-structure is characterized by a loose, flexible approach with room for nuances and putting (things) into perspective. This classification of F and G has application for societies, groups, and individuals.

On this scale (from F and G), Europeans and other Westerners (The West) score high on the G structure, and Arabs and other non-Western societies (The Rest) score high on the F structure. The cultures on the F structure, for example, are characterized by a strict hierarchy, non-nuanced (black/white) thinking, such as in the difference between good and bad, friend and enemy, in and out group (own group vs the others), man/woman, boy/girl, chaste or whore. While with the G-structure, almost everything is fluid, there is a lot of room for nuances and perspective, but also for the individual fulfilling and interpretation of rules and codes. 

Said characteristic of the F-structure is found in Islam. No wonder; religion is like a river; it takes on the color of the ground over which it flows. Two examples to illustrate:

Islam divides the world in two parts: dar al Islam (house of Islam) and dar al harb (house of fighting/war, a term used to indicate the West). Dar al Islam must kill dar al harb (the West). (Koran 9:5)

  1. Islamic morality recognizes the unique concept of "taqquiya", hiding the true goal, lying about the true purpose when the intention is strengthening Islam. Hadith: Bukhari (84:64-65), Ali affirms that lying is permissible in order to mislead the enemy.
It is clear that the F structure contains a system of pre-modern values that are incompatible with the modernity of the West. This gap is the most important cause of the misery with the present migrants and asylum-seekers. Yet, when the carriers of premodern values are Muslims, then you have an extremely poisonous cocktail. Consequently, the Structure theory thus, also explains the intolerance, the hardheadedness, and the cruelty of Islam toward (other religious followers) and the unbelievers in the Scriptures.


Discussions over religion are distracting. A shadowy and silly debate then follows over interpretation of texts from books that you cannot or don't want to accommodate in place of behavior of individuals or groups. The cultural approach offers, however, perspective, also for those with pre-modern values. This is a major difference with the religious approach. In the next article, migration policy, which is connected to this.

Professor David Pinto is professor-director of the Intercultural Institute (ICI)  and publicist. He is a permanent article writer for Ongehoord Nederland. (ON)

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Mozambique: Is US Aid Coming?

The Portuguese-language Mozambican news outlet, Folha de Maputo, is reporting that the US Defense Department is "determined" to support Mozambique in its fight against ISIS-affiliated terrorists in the northern part of the country. This comes in the wake of horrific massacres and beheadings of civilians in the Province of Cabo Delgado.

The below article is translated by Fousesquawk.

Pentagon "determined" to support Mozambique in the fight against ISIS

March 30, 2021

The United States is "determined" to support the Mozambican government in combating the insurgents in Cabo Delgado (Province), which are considered connected to the Islamic State/ISIS, the spokesman for the Pentagon, John Kirby,  affirmed yesterday. 

Maputo- The official of the Department of Defence in Washington reacted to the attack by the insurgents, who the US designates as ISIS-Mozambique (Also known as Ansar al-Sunna) on the town of Palma, which has caused dozens of deaths.

"We continue (to be) determined to cooperate with the government of Mozambique in counter-terrorism and in the fight (against) violent extremism and to defeat ISIS," affirmed Kirby in a statement condemning the attack. 

The attacks "demonstrate a total lack of respect for the well-being and security of the local population, who are suffering terribly from the brutal and indiscriminate tactics," he said.

The Islamic State has already claimed responsibility for the attack and control of the town, near the Afungi Peninsula, the epicenter of the Mozambican natural gas works.

Kirby did not explain in what form the Defense Department will be able to help in the specific case of Palma.

In mid-March, the North American Command for Africa (Africom) announced the start of a program of training of special Mozambican troops

A few days previous, the North American Department of State designated ISIS-Mozambique and its leader, Abu Yasir Hassan, as terrorists.

"Since October 2017, ISIS-Mozambique, led by Abu Yasir Hassan, has killed about 1,200 civilians," said the statement of the State Department sent to Lusa (Portuguese news agency).

"It is estimated that more than 2,300 civilians, members of the security forces, and suspected ISIS  Mozambique militants, have been killed since the terrorist group began their violent extremist insurgency," it said

ISIS-Mozambique, known locally as al-Shabaab, allegedly swore allegiance to ISIS as early as April 2018 and was recognized by the organization as an affiliate in August 2019.

"The group was responsible for orchestrating a series of sophisticated attacks on a grand scale that resulted in the capture of the strategic port of Mocimboa da Praia, Cabo Delgado Province. The attacks by ISIS-Mozambique also contributed to the displacement of more than 670,000 people in the north of Mozambique," said the State Department.

On Wednesday, Palma,  the seat of the district with 42,000 residents, which houses the large gas projects in the north of Mozambique, was attacked by jihadist insurgent groups, who for three and a half years have terrorized the region. The attack was claimed this afternoon by the terrorist group, Islamic State.

Dozens of civilians, including seven persons who tried to flee from the main hotel in Palma, in the north of Mozambique were killed by armed groups who attacked the town. The violence caused more than 2,000 deaths and almost 700,000 dislocated people.

Various countries have offered military support in the terrain of Maputo to combat these insurgents, whose actions have already been claimed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State, but up to this time, there has been no opening for this although there are reports and testimony that point to the existence of security companies and mercenaries in the zone.

Sweden: Rapists of 2 Teenage Boys Sentenced

Hat tip Fria Tider. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Heigh ho, heigh ho

It's off to jail we go

Last summer, two Swedish teenage boys were kidnapped, raped, and robbed in a cemetery in the Stockholm district of Solna. Two men, aged 21 from Iran and an 18-year-old Arab, were arrested. They have been convicted and sentenced to 9 years and 5 years respectively. The names of the defendants have not been released, but their photos are above.

The below article by Fria Tider is translated by Fousesquawk.

Solna torturers' sentence  upheld

Posted 30 March 2021 12:40

Domestic- The Middle Eastern pair humiliated, robbed and raped two boys in a cemetery in Solna. Now their -by Swedish standards- long sentences are confirmed by the appeals court.

The men are sentenced for among other things, kidnapping, aggravated abuse, aggravated rape, and robbery of two teenagers in the Norra cemetery in Solna last summer.

The appeal court affirmed the district court's sentence of 9 years in prison for the 21-year-old, who comes from Iran 

The 18-year-old Arab was sentenced by the district court, and now by the appeals court also for another robbery. As to this robbery, however, the appeals court found that the sentencing guideline was somewhat lower than that decided by the district court. The appeals court, therefore, lowered the sentence for the 18-year-old from five and a half years to five years in prison. to 

Otherwise, the appeals court has mainly upheld the district court's judgment.

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Mozambique (Cont)

Hat tip The Religion of Peace

Here are two updates on the horrific situation in Mozambique, where Islamic jihadists allied to ISIS have attacked towns and villages in the northeastern portion of the country. Many victims have been beheaded, including children.

The first is a report from the BBC, cross-posted from The Religion of Peace.

The second is from the Portuguese news outlet, Publico. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Flight from Palma carries hundreds to the border with Tanzania

More than 2,000 people have already died and almost a million displaced as a result of the crisis

29 March 2021

Caption below photo: The situation in Mozambique continues to worsen

Lusa: Ricardo Franco

Hundreds of people who fled from Palma, Northern Mozambique during the armed attack on Wednesday are arriving at the border with Tanzania, in Namoto, next to the Rovuma River, one of the members of the group asking for aid told Lusa (news agency) on Monday.

It is estimated there are between 200-500 people already in the riverside village having (traveled) about 50 kilometers from Palma, Denis Iloko told Lusa by telephone call to Pemba without being able to give the number of dislocated because " it continues to increase". 

The groups include many children and all have been walking in the bush after leaving everything behind when armed groups entered the village.

"We have many children here. Many children are dying in the bush. A woman gave birth here and was (evacuated to) Tanzania," he stated.

The group fled in the direction of the north on the day of the attack, having reached Namoto after three days of walking, without food and without water, facing the terror.

Since Wednesday, "There have been people captured and others died. Those who were lucky, managed to walk throughout the night to now make the crossing."

"We are afraid. We are asking for help for the government to coordinate forms of transport with Tanzania," he said, alluding to the "large barge" that usually makes the connection between the banks.

Alefo, another man who fled from Palma and was there, said that a boat already carried the first group of dislocated who wanted to reach Mueda, seat of the Mozambican district, but farther into the interior of Cabo Delgado.

"A boat took one group, but it has not yet returned. The number of people is increasing. I think that there are 500 people here and more are arriving," he said.

The town of Palma, seat of the district that houses gas works in the northern part of Mozambique, was attacked on Wednesday by insurgent groups that have been terrorizing the region for three years.

Dozens of civilians, including 7 persons who tried to flee from the main hotel in Palma, in the north of Mozambique, were killed by an armed group that attacked the town on Wednesday, the Mozambican Ministry of Defense said today.

In the rescue operation of expatriates from a hotel in Palma, on Friday, a Portuguese citizen was gravely injured and was transferred to Johannesburg in neighboring South Africa, a government source told Lusa on Sunday.

The violence is provoking a humanitarian crisis with almost 700,000 dislocated and more than 2,000 dead.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Mozambique: The Horror Continues

-Folha de Maputo

On March 16, we reported on the Islamic terror attacks in northeastern Mozambique by forces allied with ISIS. There has also been an attack on-going in the town of Palma in the same region with tremendous loss of life.

Getting up-to-date news from Mozambican news sources online is difficult. Here is a more recent update (March 28) in English. The below report is from the Portuguese-language news site Folha de Maputo in Mozambique and is dated March 27. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Human Rights Watch says Al-Shabab targeted civilians in their homes in Palma

March 27, 2021 06:36A 

Human Rights Watch (HRW) appealed yesterday to the Mozambican government to take "urgent measures" to protect the population of Palma, targeted in their homes and on the streets by terrorists from Al-Shabab, who caused an indeterminate number of deaths.

Maputo: With an unknown number of people in flight since Wednesday from the town of Palma, northern Mozambique, where this Friday, clashes have occurred for the third day, HRW confirms in a statement that "the Mozambican authorities must act rapidly to protect the civilians and hold those accountable for the abuses."

"Al-Shabab fired on civilians in their homes and on the streets of Palma when they tried to flee to save their lives," said Dewa Mavhinga, director of HRW for Southern  Africa. 

The attack is the most serious against the gas projects after three and a half years of the armed insurgence, from which the seat of the district had until now been spared.

According to two sources who accompanied the operations, the shots fired in the town and its surroundings between the Mozambican forces and rebel groups continued until the end of yesterday afternoon.

Bodies of murdered adults and children are visible on the streets of Palma, said a resident of Lusa today who, together with others, fled to Quitunda, 4 kilometers southeast of the town, next to the gas works.

.In the statement released Friday, HRW claims have contacted 7 witnesses to the attacks, who also reported that cadavers of the victims of the attacks are visible on the streets. 

The NGO stressed that international human rights and humanitarian law applicable in Mozambique prohibit summary, extra-judicial, or arbitrary executions, torture, or other maltreatment of persons in custody.

"The Mozambican authorities must guarantee that the security forces detached to Palma respect the human rights and humanitarian law in treating everyone in their custody with humanity," the communique states.

According to Mavhinga, "the horrible abuses of the armed groups represent a threat to all civilians in the region," he said.

"The Mozambican authorities must make the restoration of security a maximum priority in the province of Cabo Delgado," said the HRW official.

At Lusa, residents in flight said they had seen abandoned bodies of murdered adults and children, two bank agencies destroyed, among other buildings, infrastructure, and vehicles. 

Five heavy trucks used for transport from a rock quarry were also destroyed and the drivers dead. The violence is about to provoke a humanitarian crisis with almost 700,000 dislocated and 2,000 dead.

Some of the incursions were claimed by the "jihadist" group, Islamic State, between June 2019 and November 2020, but the origin of the attacks remains in dispute.

*Update: Courtesy of Vlad Tepes, here is a video of Mr Mavhinga speaking to a reporter.

Terror Attack on Church in Indonesia


-Kompas TV

Today a Christian church in Indonesia was attacked by two suicide bombers as Christians were celebrating Palm Sunday. Approximately 20 people have been injured and the two bombers, one of whom was reportedly a woman, were blown to pieces. They arrived at the church on a motorbike, were refused entry by security, and at that point, detonated the bomb.

The below article is from Indian Express. I found it on the 4th page of my Google search. After muddling through CNN, BBC, Reuters, NPR, etc., it was the first one I found that gave specifics as to who might be behind the attack. 

Here is more on They report that Indonesian police now believe that Jamaah Ansharut Daulah, an extremist group inspired by ISIS, is behind the attack.

This video shows the moment of explosion (Viewer warning).

Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim country. I have a good friend, a German, who is retired in Indonesia and is married to an Indonesian Christian. He says Christians are protected by Indonesia and that he has felt safe.  Of course, the country suffered the infamous Bali attack in 2002, so they are hardly immune from extremism.

France: Uproar Over Mosque in Strasbourg

Photo: AFP

With the French government struggling to find a way to fight radical Islam within its borders, there is now a new controversy in Strasbourg. A mega-mosque is under construction and the city, controlled by the Greens, has decided to contribute 2.5 million euros toward its construction. That has upset the minister of interior, among others, who point to the connections between the builders of the mosque and the forces of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Now the city government is filing a defamation lawsuit. 

The below article from Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

Strasbourg mosque: EELV is lodging a complaint of defamation against Darmanin and Schiappa

A standoff pits ministers and the Green mayor of Strasbourg after the vote Monday by the municipal council on the "principle of a subsidy" of 2.5 million euros destined to the construction site of the Eyyub Sultan Mosque.
By Le Figaro with Agence France Presse
Posted yestreday at 16:30, ipdated 18:38

Caption below photo: The Grand Mosque of Strasbourg under construction

Europe Ecology Greens announced Saturday its intention to bring a complaint for defamation against ministers Marlene Schiappa and Gerald Darmanin, who are opposed to the Green (party) mayor of Strasbourg as to a possible subsidy for the construction of a mosque.

"In accord with the executive bureau and Jeanne Barseghian, mayor of Strasbourg, EELV will lodge a complaint for defamation against Marlene Schiappa and Gerald Darmanin," declared Julieb Bayou, national secretary of EELV, in a statement to the federal council, of which Agence France Presse has obtained a copy. "We have taken the decision yesterday (Friday) evening and the complaint will be lodged in the course of next week," stated the head of the Greens.

"Gerald Darmanin, the 'minister of school lunches' has accused the majority EELV, led by Jeanne Barseghian, of financing foreign interference on French soil.  Its delegated minister, for his part, stated that EELV made a pact with 'radical Islam'. The issue: The adoption Monday of a subsidy for the construction of a mosque,"  declared the national secretary.

For Jean Bayou, "We have a government and its minister of Interior and Religions who lie. "He never alerted the mayor of the danger that the association carrying out the project represents. For us, it is clear: If this association is dangerous, let him close it. That the ministers use and abuse the means of public power to smear their political adversaries for purely electoral reasons and/or to create a diversion and try to divert attention from their failures and their shortcomings, we cannot accept that," noted Julien Bayou. "That the ministers, rather than do their duties, prefer to play 'community manager' or 
gun-holder for Macron is unacceptable!" he added.

A stand-off pits Gerald Darmanin and the  Green mayor of Strasbourg, after the vote Monday by the municipal council on "the principle of a subsidy" of 2.5 million euros for the construction of the Eyyub Sultan Mosque, being carried out by a Turkish association, the Islamic Confederation, Milli 
Görüs (CIMG). "We feel that this collective (the Town Hall of Strasbourg) should not have financed a foreign interference on our soil," the minister of Interior said Wednesday.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Spain: VOX Leader Calls out Government, King of Morocco

 Hat tip  RAIR Foundation, Vlad Tepes, and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Javier Ortega-Smith, the secretary-general of the conservative VOX party of Spain, visited a migrant reception center this week in Tenerife. Among other things, he sharply criticized the government of Morocco and its king, Mohamed VI, of allowing their citizens to risk their lives trying to cross over to Europe while the king enjoys his yachts and a newly-purchased mansion in Paris.

Friday, March 26, 2021

UK: Teacher Suspended and in Hiding After Showing Mohammad Cartoons in Class

 Hat tip Vlad Tepes

I am cross-posting an article from Vlad Tepes blog on an on-going controversy in the UK. On March 22, a teacher reportedly showed caricatures of the Islamic Prophet Mohammad to his class at Batley Grammar School in Yorkshire. Members of the local Mulsim community have descended upon the school in protest. The school has apologized and suspended the teacher. Protesters are not satisfied and want the teacher fired and criminally prosecuted. The below link from Vlad Tepes shows videos of the protests and the back and forth between protesters and police in front of the school. The teacher is currently in hiding for obvious reasons.

Boulder Police-DA Press Conference

The Boulder  Police Department and the Boulder DA have just concluded a press conference on this week's deadly shooting in Boulder. It may be viewed at the below link from the Facebook page of the Denver Post.

The only comment I want to make here is that it is important that the FBI is involved in this investigation and is digging into the shooter's motive.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Austria: It's (Persian) New Years in Vienna!

Hat tip Unzensuriert. Translation by Fousesquawk.

"Happy New Year!"

A lot of Wieners (inhabitants of Vienna) didn't know it, but this weekend was New Year's Eve. For the Iranian residents, that is. So hundreds of Iranians and other revelers flocked to the inner part of Vienna, right in front of the famed St Stephen's Cathedral where they lit a bonfire, sang, and danced for hours while everybody else was supposed to stay indoors due to the Covid crisis. In the end, things got heated, and some local gays were insulted and roughed up.  No big deal, according to Vienna's Finest.

The below article from the conservative Austrian site, Unzensuriert, is translated by Fousesquawk.

* Note: The reference to Nehammer is Karl Nehammer, Austria's much-maligned interior minister.

Insanity is becoming normal. Migrants celebrated with a campfire in the middle of Stephansplatz (Square), directly in front of the Cathedral, and danced for hours without Nehammer's "Corona hunters" intervening.

"Persian New Year": Migrants light bonfire undisturbed in the middle of Stephansplatz.

On Sunday, hundreds of migrants celebrated the Persian spring festival on the Stephansplatz of Vienna. At the end of the event, there were transgressions.

Immigrants provoke with a celebration in front of the St Stephans Cathedral

In the night from 20-21 March, for more than 3,000 years in several Oriental lands, the day and night Equinox "Nouruz" marking the beginning of spring has been celebrated. In Austria, up to now, there has been no public Persian New Year's celebration. That changed, however, last Sunday. The migrants are becoming more and more self-confident and drove from the urban districts into the center of the city, so that the rest of the local population could participate in their activities.

Police do not intervene in spite of Corona violations and campfire

On the same evening, numerous videos were spread on different social media platforms, in which loud shouts, music, and scenes of violence could be viewed. The migrants dance(d) closely embracing and often without masks and lit a fire in the middle of Stephansplatz. The police at no time intervened. Where were the strict distance-monitors and mask enforcers, where there were thousands of reports for exactly the same offense?

Omnipresent (was) the flag with the emblem of the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and a portrait of its founder, Abdullah Öczalan, sentenced to life in prison. Once more, Vienna is a venue for foreign differences. 

Turks against Kurds:  Celebration escalates into fighting

No wonder, after a while, passersby, presumably of Turkish origin, began to disturb the reported "demonstration". According to witnesses, homophobic statements were made, as the "tweet" of an activist who (was present) shows below. The Revolution eats its own children. 


Rise up 4 Rojava Wien tweet: 

"Toward the end of the Newroz celebration, there were attacks against LGBTQ comrades. They were carrying a rainbow flag and were, thus,  (subjected to) homophobic insults and were physically attacked.

We stand against heterosexist attacks and express our solidarity to those affected.


The Nehammer police, however, were satisfied with how the evening went.

Police statement-

"The demonstration was basically peaceful. At the end of the gathering, there was just a short disruption. This. however, could be quickly pacified without further incidents by the intervention of (police). After the end of the demonstration, a man attacked a police officer in the course of his duties and was provisionally arrested on suspicion of attempted resisting (police)." 

276 Left-wing Academics Sign Letter to France

"Hey! Can we sign too?"

If you want an education into the tired old language of the left, look no further than this letter signed by 276 leftist academics (only 276?) addressed to nobody in particular, to express their Solidarity with all their leftist De-Colonial colleagues in France. At issue is a recent statement by the French minister of higher education, Frederique Vidal, in which she used the dreaded term, "Islamo-gauchism" (Islamo-leftism as having a "gangrene effect" on the country, which is a true statement given the horrible state of affairs in that nation.  

You can read the ridiculous language in the letter which is posted by one of the signatories, none other than University of Michigan comedian Juan Cole in his blog, Informed Comment.

"Elements of the White Left, including feminists without an anticolonial, anti-Islamophobia or antiracism analysis, have also been complicit in rendering colonial and racial oppression invisible, and providing ideological rationalizations for State racisms. This, too, speaks to the incoherence of the term, “Islamo-leftism.”

I don't claim to be familiar with all these characters, but the names Angela Davis, Joel Beinen, Hatem Bazian, Rabab Abdulhadi, Robin DG Kelley, David Palumbo-Liu, Hamid Dabashi, Roger Waters, Jasbir Puar, John Esposito, and of course, Juan Cole are no strangers to this site.

But really. Only 276 signatures out of the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, billions of left-wing professors crammed into our universities-with the notable exception of guitar plucker Roger Waters?

I also note with interest the language incorporated into the letter in defense of women and "queers". Are they not aware that they are defending what is the biggest threat worldwide to the safety and rights of women and "queers"?No, of course, they cannot see the obvious contradiction.

But all humor aside, just pay attention to the language of these characters, some of which are anti-Semites, and it stands out that they are leftist ideologues. They don't even realize that France is under a left-wing government under the mismanagement of Emmanuel Macron, trying to figure out what to do about the wave of migration, crime, terrorism, and anti-Semitism unleashed by their insane immigration policies.
Islamo-gauchism? I'd say that pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Spain: Treasurer of Islamic Commission Ordered Held in Custody

                                                                                          Abu Bakr Mosque, Madrid

Yesterday, we reported on the arrest of Mohamad Ayman Adlbi, the president of the General Islamic Commission, the leading Muslim organization in Spain, on suspicion of financing terrorism. Today, the Spanish news outlet, El Independiente, reports that the presiding judge has ordered the treasurer of the organization to remain in custody. Additional details are revealed as to the activities of the defendants. The treasurer has not been named in the article. The defendants are charged with diverting charitable funds, intended for orphans in Syria, to Al Qaeda. The below article is translated by Fousesquawk.

(Provisional) custody for the treasurer of the General Islamic Commission of Spain for financing of terrorism


-March 25, 2021

The judge of the National Court, Joaquin Gasea, has ordered provisional (custody)  for the treasurer of the General Islamic Commission for allegedly belonging to a terrorist organization and financing terrorism (by) diverting humanitarian aid destined to orphaned children in Syria.

This was decided Thursday by the magistrate after taking a statement (from him) in the framework of the operation by the National Police in which he was detained with two other persons who remain in (provisional) freedom, among whom is Mohamad Ayman Adlbi, president of the Islamic Commission of Spain, judicial sources informed Thursday.

In the judgment of the judge, there are indications that the treasurer of the Commission could be collaborating with an NGO that is reportedly facilitating economic aid to jihadist factions affiliated with or have served the interests of Al Qaeda.

According to the National Police, the operation has so far resulted in two arrests in Madrid and another in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for alleged participation in a crime of terrorist financing using as cover the collection of donations of humanitarian aid for Syrian orphaned children.

The arrestees are accused of making use of the resources of a cultural association, collecting solidarity donations, and directing a portion to areas occupied by Al Qaeda militias with the aim of supporting its fighters.

A portion of the collection was destined to support the expenses of a school center for orphaned children located in a conflict zone.

They allegedly channeled quantities of money from Spain, given in good faith among sympathizers of an Islamic cultural center, to an NGO active in a conflict zone in Syria.

A portion of the collection was destined to support the expenses of a school center for orphaned children located in a conflict zone, and whose activities centered on the training of future jihadists.

The education given centered on the most radical teaching of Sharia and training of the children in armed combat, motivating them to continue the terrorist activity of their fathers killed in combat.

This investigation stems from other proceedings opened in the Central Court of Instruction, number 6 of the National Court in 2019.

The inquiries point to the alleged participation of a group of persons (who) coordinated several years to organize and transfer money from Spain to jihadist factions affiliated with or who served the interests of Al Qaeda.

For this work of collection, a fraudulent (entity) was created in order to obtain sums of money from dozens of people residing in different parts of Spain, the majority of whom did not know with clarity who the final beneficiaries were of the money they contributed in this charity campaign organized by those investigated.

From the investigation, it is shown that the treasurer of the Commission and the other two arrestees used their position of influence in the management of the Islamic Center Abu Bakr Mosque, located on Anastasio Herrero Street in Madrid.

The treasurer allegedly utilized resources of various Muslim religious associations interconnected with each other and located in that Islamic center to collect donations under the appearance of humanitarian aid to orphans.

Money that was later sent in an opaque form from an NGO called Al Bashear Humanitarian Organization to Al Basdyer Insdani Yardim Dernegine, according to what the investigations show.

Those investigated allegedly put into place a system of collecting money at the national level.

Since the start of the Syrian conflict, those investigated had allegedly put into place a system of collection of money at the national level that used as a cover humanitarian aid to the orphans of Syria, all this through the previously mentioned NGO, connected to the jihadist terrorist organization, Yeish al Islam, which came to operate as a branch of Al Qaeda in Syria.

Participating in the operation were provincial investigation brigades from Madrid, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Zaragoza, and Ceuta-at the national level- and the police agency Europol at the international level. 

During the operation, which took place last Tuesday, four entries/searches were carried out in which numerous documentation, money, effects and technical (devices) were seized which are being analyzed by the investigators. 

The judge has ordered secrecy of the proceedings, and the investigation remains open, so new proceedings are not ruled out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Spain: Top Muslim Leader Arrested in Connection With Terror Financing Plot

 Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk

                                                                                          Mohamad Ayman Adlbi

Spanish police have arrested the president of the Islamic Commission of Spain, Mohamad Ayman Adlbi, a physician originally from Syria. Adlbi is suspected of being connected to a jihadist terror financing plot. The Islamic Commission of Spain is considered as the major Islamic organization in the country and collaborates directly with the national government.

After being questioned at police hqs, Adlbi was placed on provisional release.

The below news report from Euro News is translated by Fousesquawk. In the video, Adlbi (on the left) is being interviewed. What you hear is the narration of the reporter talking over the interview.

How Quickly Will the Boulder Attack Disappear From the News?


The dust is not yet settled on yesterday's terrorist attack in Boulder, but it seems the news media and the Biden administration have settled on the narrative. For them, this is a gun control issue and a mental health issue, and that's that. There is ample information out there that indicates an Islamist motive behind the attack, but we don't hear about it from the mainstream media. Right now I would say that the go-to sources for information related to that angle are Jihad Watch and Understanding the Threat. Disturbing, Islamic-related information was discovered on the shooter's Facebook page before it was shut down. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa's name reportedly came to the attention of the FBI in association with another person of interest who was on the FBI radar. (That was reported by the NY Times.) It is also reported that President Biden was briefed on the shooter's reported ISIS sympathies.

Does mental illness play a role in this incident? Possibly, but that excuse had been used repeatedly by media and authorities in Europe. Charles Manson had a mental issue. We could go on and on. It is true that we have a mental illness crisis in our country. As for the gun control issue, there are valid arguments as to why a guy like this-with a violent history, albeit in high school- could be able to purchase an assault weapon.

It should be reiterated that not all of the above reports may turn out to be factual. But it certainly appears that our media wants to bury any Islamic terror motivation on the part of the shooter. No decent person wants to incite retaliation against innocent Muslims, but if this was an Islamic terror attack-lone wolf or otherwise- the public needs to know the risks out there. Is it going to up to the blogosphere to uncover the truth?

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Has the Jihad Come to Boulder?

 This morning, we woke up to the news that yesterday's shooter in Boulder, Colorado, who took 10 lives including that of a Boulder police officer, is a 21-year-old Muslim. His name is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a resident of Colorado. He reportedly came to the US with his parents from Syria when he was three years old.

At this point, the authorities and the media are saying nothing about his motive. That is the responsible thing to do pending interrogation and additional evidence. There are initial reports coming in from alternative sources that point to jihad as the motive. I'm not sure they have been confirmed, however. Be that as it may, I will bet the farm that it was jihad-related.

But how timely this occurs just after Alejandro Mayorkas,  the new head of DHS, announced that domestic extremism (no doubt the white, pro-Trump, Proud Boys, QAnon type) was our biggest threat. I personally feel it is a growing problem, but when it comes to terrorism, it is this threat-the jihadist threat - that results in major loss of life. 

In the meantime, if anyone is offering a reward for information as to motive, call me.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Niger: Another Massacre by Islamic Killers

Hat tip Translation by Fousesquawk.

*Updated 3-22-21. According to, the death toll now stands at 137.

Last week, we reported on a massacre of innocent civilians by a group belonging to the Islamic State of Grand Sahara in the African nation Niger. Today, there is a new massacre to report. The below report, translated by Fousesquawk, is from the French-language Niger news outlet,

Massacre in Tillia: At least 80 civilians killed  according to a provisional toll

Published 22 March 2021

The toll of the massacre reported yesterday (Sunday) in the villages of Intazayene and Bakorat, in the department of Tillia, continues to grow. According to local sources, more than 80 civilians were executed in cold blood by armed individuals during a  deadly raid they carried out in this zone of the region north of Tahoua, located not far from the border with Mali. Investigators continue to search for other victims beneath the rubble of tents and charred homes.

The toll remains provisional awaiting the official statement from the government, but according to local officials, less than 24 hours after the tragedy, at least 80 bodies have already been found, among which, are women and children. Some of the bodies were found beneath the rubble of tents housing women and children, which were set on fire by the attackers.

The attackers are believed to have come on motorcycles and fired blindly at everything that moved in the villages of Intazayene and Bakorat as well as the wells of Wirstane and encampments at Akifakif. According to the same sources, the villages and encampments that were targeted mostly housed Touareg people.

Hundreds of (animals) were also carried off by the attackers, who were reportedly, according to local sources, local members of the terror group Islamic State of the Grand Sahara (EIGS), who are very active in this zone situated not far from the border with Mali.

Black sequence

This latest massacre of civilians comes after that perpetrated just a week ago near Banbangou, also near the border with Mali, when approximately 60 civilians were executed in cold blood by unidentified, armed individuals. A few weeks ago, about 100 civilians were executed under almost the same conditions, also in the area of the three borders where the attackers targeted military camps in the recent past.

"In these painful moments for our country, after the cowardly and barbaric attack carried out in Tillia, I send my most sincere condolences to the families of the victims and wish a speedy recovery to the injured," the outgoing president, Issoufou Mahamadou, (stated), who assured that, "everything will be done that these crimes don't go unpunished". A government statement is expected in the evening to announce new security measures as the country prepares for the inauguration of the new president of the Republic, on April 2, 2021 after a rather tense electoral cycle that lasted longer than 3 months and resulted the first democratic change in the history of Niger.

A.Y. Barma (

Atlanta and Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

This article first appeared in New English Review. 

-New English Review

Last week's horrific shooting spree in Atlanta that targeted three massage parlors and killed 8 people, has put the topic of anti-Asian bias under the spotlight. In the past year, anti-Asian hate crimes have spiked, and much of it is believed to have resulted from the Covid pandemic, which originated in China. The bias crime narrative continues to surround the Atlanta shootings even though the suspect has reportedly told police he was acting out of anger over his addiction to sex. 

Whatever the true motive, the topic of anti-Asian bigotry is of concern to me because of my life-long connections to Asian-Americans and Asian people in general. I grew up in West Los Angeles, and we had a large number of Asian-American kids in our schools, principally Japanese-American. This was back in the 1960s, with World War II only 20 years removed, and, yet, the Japanese-American kids were very popular in school. The term, "Buddha head", was used affectionately and used by the Japanese-American kids as well. As a young man, I frequented a Japanese-American church in Culver City, and later, spent three years in Thailand with DEA. I speak Thai and am very much attached to the Thai culture.

In the years I was teaching English as a second language at the University of California at Irvine, many of our students were from Asia, and the campus population as a whole was and still is largely Asian-American. I know I have written many negative articles about anti-Semitic expression at UCI, overwhelmingly as a result of the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian movement, but the Asian-American student population at UCI has had nothing to do with that.

One thing I did notice along with the growing anti-Semitism and anti-whiteness feeling on campus was a certain degree of resentment that so many students, particularly in California universities, were Asian-American. That has resulted in many schools trying to find ways to reduce the Asian-American percentage in favor of more students from underrepresented minorities. That troubles me because I am a firm believer in meritocracy, and I also believe that the Asian-American kids tend to do so well scholastically largely due to the importance Asians have historically put on education, as well as parental involvement in their children's schooling.

I run the risk here of drifting into the "model minority" narrative, and I know that this designation troubles many Asian-Americans because it is a stereotype, albeit a positive one, and because it pits them against other minorities. In addition, there are cultural disparities among Asians of Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese etc. descent, which are not immediately apparent to those unfamiliar with Asia.

But the reality here is that anti-Asian feeling is on the rise, probably for a variety of reasons, none of which are valid. It should also be pointed out (though many will not) that while the Atlanta attacker is white, the perpetrators of anti-Asian crimes cut across ethnic lines. We must counter this trend with the same determination as we counter other types of bias. It should not matter who the victims are or who the perpetrators are. It is all wrong, particularly when human lives are taken.

Hopefully, in the coming days, we will get a clearer picture of the motives of the Atlanta killer. If he acted out of bias, we need to know that, if, for nothing else, Asians know of the risks out there. If it was all about sex addiction, it adds to the growing concern we have over a mental health crisis that plagues our society. If, by chance, it was related to the Covid virus, we can be angry at China the country, and the Chinese government without blaming it on Chinese or Asian people. Those who attack Asians do so because they don't know them. Take the time to get to know them, and that bias will disappear. In the meantime, may God protect them from harm.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Cornel West-Pamphleteer, Activist, and Not Much Else

                                                                     Cornel West (left) showing his "wisdom" against Leo Terrell

Several months ago, I happened to catch Cornel West's act on Fox News where he got into an angry shouting match with Los Angeles civil rights attorney Leo Terrell. I mean it was ugly (but entertaining). Terrell, who knows how to shout with the best of them, has recently seen the light and transitioned into something of a conservative. He tore West apart with pointed daggers while West was barely comprehensible in his rage.

I also recall the time UC Irvine invited West to speak in 2011. I was teaching part-time there at the time but didn't attend. I was not interested in hearing West's garbage, and to tell the truth, I may not have even been aware of it until it had passed. I read about it in the campus newspaper, New University, and what stood out to me in the article was how much the school administrators, who invited this boob, and the New University gushed over him.

"West captivated the crowd all night with his wisdom."

You get the picture.

Well, now the learned professor is embroiled in another controversy. He is attacking Harvard because they don't feel that he is worthy of tenure. His publishing history, upon close inspection, doesn't measure up. Much of his work is in the form of pamphlets, as Harvard has pointed out. Yet, West blames his lack of tenure on-you guessed it- Israel and Zionists. Hugh Fitzgerald, writing in Jihad Watch, points out the fallacies of West's arguments.

In the interest of full disclosure, though I taught English as a second language part-time at UC Irvine Extension from 1998-2016, I possess only a humble master's degree (which I got at age 48). My publications consist of three historical books and a handful of articles. However, I have never had any pretensions of having tenure or even a full-time university teaching job for that matter. Teaching ESL was my post-retirement job and was always part-time. I never even needed or wanted a full-time position.

So you wise guys can save your cards and letters.

More important to point out, however, is that for West to blame his lack of tenure on Israel and Zionists doesn't hold water because, in fact, our universities are overflowing with tenured professors who are just as vehemently anti-Israel as West. They come a dime-a-dozen in academia, and West is just another loudmouth.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Sweden: Muhammed as a Christian Prophet?

Hat tip Fria Tider. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The conservative Swedish news outlet, Fria Tider, has an article quoting a Swedish theologian to the effect that Christians may also consider the Prophet Muhammad as a Christian prophet.

Swedish Church leader: Christians can have Mohammad as prophet

Posted 20 March 2021 13:16

Caption below photo:  Jakob Wirén is a theologian in the Swedish Church and is on the archbishop's staff.

DIVERSITY. Can Islam's foremost prophet, Muhammad, also be a prophet for Christians? Yes, believes  Jakob Wirén, who is one of the Swedish Church's foremost theologians.

That is in a newly-published book entitled, "To make a place for the other?", in which Wirén devotes a chapter to Muhammad and the role he can have for Christian people. Wirén is a theologian and is on the archbishop's staff in the Swedish Church.

Wirén claims that Christians may well also consider Mohammad as a prophet for Christians, if not only because he was a "defender of monotheism."

"As for the concept of prophet, it is quite open. There are prophets and prophesies even after Jesus' resurrection, not the least of which in the New Testament," he tells the Christian newspaper, Dagen.

Wirén believes that Christians can think of Muhammad as a Christian prophet out of "respect" for Muslims. In a follow-up debate article, he regrets that so many Christians reject Mohammad and that, "the public conversation on Islam is often poisoned by extremism and hate." 

However, claiming that Muhammad can be considered as a Christian prophet meets with (opposition), among others, Dagen's lead writer, Frederik Wenell.  "The idea that Muhammad can also be a prophet in Christian tradition goes both against Christian and against Muslim tradition," he writes among other things.


Fousesqauwk comment: All I can say is, "God save us from our religious leaders". This is a classic example of how Christian denominations are surrendering to Islam out of abject fear. 

It is true that Muslims consider Jesus as an earlier prophet and that Jesus is a figure of respect for Muslims-as is Moses. But that doesn't mean that Islam respects the followers of Jesus or Moses. Note that I am referring to Islamic teaching here-not necessarily all Muslims.

It should also be pointed out that Jesus and Mohammad were two completely different personages in terms of their words, their messages, and their deeds. I will leave it at that.

The efforts of certain theologians-including Pope Francis I- to incur favor with the Islamic world by being dhimmis will not be reciprocated in any large measure, no matter how hard they may try.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Miami Hate

 Hat tip Memri

MEMRI-TV has posted this clip of a sermon by Fadi Yousef Kablawi, a Jordanian imam, that is filled with hate towards Christians and Jews. What is even more troubling is that this sermon is not taking place in a mosque in Jordan or Iraq or Saudi Arabia, but in Miami, Florida, the North Miami Islamic Center to be exact. It apparently occurred on March 12, 2021 The clip is 2:48 long and can be viewed at the link below.

There are two obvious questions here: First, why is this man in this country, and second, can he play basketball?

Italy: Illegal Mosques Still Operating in Milan

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

"It is absolutely prohibited to pray on the sidewalk in front of the mosque"
-Il Giornale

We have posted several translations in the past couple of years about illegal (unlicensed)  mosques operating in Italy especially in Milan.

This week, Il Giornale is running a story about one such mosque in Milan that has been operating in spite of several complaints from local residents. The below article from Il Giornale is translated by Fousesquawk. We are in the process of translating a video.

*Update: Here is the subtitled video. I am guessing that this video was recorded in December due to the reference to Christmas. The speaker is Stefano Pavese of the Lega (League) Party.

Is this not a red zone...? It is crowded at the illegal mosque

Milan is in the red zone, but in the extreme west periphery, Muslims flock to the mosque. The anger of the Lega (League)

-Francesca Galici, Friday, March 19, 2021, 16:43

Milan, All of Lombardy is again in the red zone beginning Monday, 15 March with the consequences that derive (from this).

It is prohibited to leave home if not for a valid, justified reason, which could be (for) health. The schools are closed, as well as restaurants, bars, and many commercial enterprises. The ban on assemblies is the same for the past year in all of Italy, particularly in red zones. The experts now say that even one meter of distance is not enough to reduce the risk of contagion due to variants, and therefore, it is necessary to at least double the social distance. If, for the most part, the majority respect these directions, there are those who seem to live above the rules, as pointed out by Silvia Sardone, Euro Parliamentarian and Lega (League Party) municipal advisor, and Stefano Pavesi, League advisor of Municipality 8. 

The two League advocates denounced what is happening in via (Street) Sabatino Lopez, on the extreme northwest periphery of Milan, between Bovisasca and Quarto Oggiaro. "Maybe something has escaped us, but via Lopez is precisely around the illegal mosque inside a former bakery; is it not a red zone like the rest of the city? Judging by the gatherings of Muslims on the sidewalks, it seems not," noted the two League members.

With the images from the outside of the building, the words of the League advocates take on more weight. "It is absurd and inconceivable that the municipality doesn't enforce the laws, in this case, the regional (law) on religious locations, especially in a pandemic situation that we are going through," explains Silvia Sardone, who then wonders: "Why are the Muslims free to gather together blatantly violating the anti-Covid regulations while citizens and merchants have to remain home or keep their own locations closed with the evident social and economic damages?"

In the Milan community, the question is long-standing, especially that which concerns illegal mosques. It is impossible to censor them all, especially when the police intervene to close one, another quickly opens. But Silvia Sardone isn't giving up and continues to make decisive and timely inquiries to Mayor Beppe Sala: "This mosque is illegal and (should be) closed. Mayor Sala, make yourself heard, send the local police to make an inspection, and then proceed accordingly. To begin with, it would be enough to intervene on Friday, the day of prayer, to punish all those who don't respect the rules, beginning with social distance."

Stefano Pavesi is strongly committed to combating whatever violation but, "the municipality of Milano and Municipality 8 led by the Pd (Partito Democratico) are sound asleep". Numerous reports have already been sent in on the situation on via Lopez, "but in return, we have received total silence, sign of an evident lack of political will to resolve the problems raised". The outermost peripheries of Milan are always alone, almost forgotten by the central administration. Stefano Pavese, however, has promised his community the maximum commitment for a resolution: "We will go forward to maintain high attention, at the side of citizens exasperated by this situation. Enough with "two weights and two measures" (different rules for different people). The people of Milan cannot always be penalized in respect to the (non-EU) foreigners."


As mentioned this is not the first such complaint about this particular illegal mosque. The below article from Milano Post back in December 2020 is also translated by Fousesquawk.


Milan: The illegal mosque of Quarto Oggiaro needs to be closed

-7 December 2020

"The municipality of Milan should close the illegal mosque set up inside the former bakery on via Lopez, in the quarter of Quarto Oggiare, on the northern periphery of the city. That is the request from Silvia Sardone, Euro-Parliamentarian and municipal advisor to the (Lega) League,  who yesterday, carried out an inspection to "verify the situation" of a structure that in her judgment, "is creating a lot of problems in the quarter without any respect for the regional law which sets the boundaries for all religious locations".  On via Lopez, explains the Caroroccio advocate, "I found dozens of Muslims entering the mosque and after having left their shoes on the public sidewalk; even the signs shown on the outside of the structure expressly mention a mosque. This gives the impression that the Muslim community feels a sense of impunity: They know very well they are violating the laws even going along without fear of being evicted. Why doesn't the Municipality of Milan send the local police to verify the actual intended use of the locations? Why does the left pretend nothing is happening?" Hers is above all a call to the municipal administration. "On several occasions, would-be terrorists have been discovered who frequented the Milan mosques. In these places, nobody knows what is said or what happens. The people of Milan have a right to their own security, not for Sala to pamper the Muslim community that illegally uses space in our city." Therefore, concludes Sardone, Mayor Sala, "put ideology aside and think about enforcing the laws".