Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meanwhile...About That Terrorist Trial.....

"Mein Fuehrer. I think we should hold the trials in Scheissdorf, but we should wait until after the next election."

Remember that guy Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the big terrorist trial that was going to be held in New York, and then wasn't and then....?


Well, our illustrious attorney general and his band of incompetent assistants (aided by the boys and girls in the White House) still can't decide when and where to try the case.

So now, according to this latest report, we won't know anything until after the November elections because you know those elections are....

Hey! I got one for the DOJ suggestion box. Military tribunal at Guantanamo. Start tomorrow. If you need to do research, check out the case of the German saboteurs who landed in the US in World War II. This whole thing can be over in 30 days.


Piece of cake.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interviewed by Avi Lewis

The below tape goes back to 2007, but bears viewing at any time. Ayaan Hirsi Ali (one of my heroes) was interviewed in Toronto by left-wing Canadian broadcaster Avi Lewis, who, as you can tell from viewing this clip, has a very low opinion of America. In this interview on Lewis' show, "On the Map"", watch as he tries to nail Ali who, in her quiet, gracious way, disarms him intellectually.

Has this guy Lewis ever been in the United States?

You should also note that Ali is able to match wits with her opponents in English, which is not her native language. This guy Lewis, however, strikes me as not having wits. Lewis is married to left-wing feminist author Naomi Klein, who, for some strange reason, is hailed by the American and Canadian left. This past May, UC Santa Barbara Professor William Robinson (another far-left guy) spoke at UC-Irvine (I was present) and kept referencing Naomi Klein as a source for several of his statements. Strikes me as kinda weird that someone would quote Naomi Klein in speaking about world events.

"....and that's according to Naomi Klein."

Well, anyway, as far as Lewis is concerned, that's what happens when you try to argue with someone who is speaking from her own life experiences. Lewis should have known better.


Have You Ever Heard of Sderot?

This is not Gaza; this is Sderot, Israel

(Hat tip to Monkey in the Middle)

I have a question for all you North American and European know-nothings who have jumped on the pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel bandwagon over the issue of Gaza. In January 2009, thousands of you took to the streets and university campuses to shout your outrage toward Israel over its incursion into Gaza. You were shocked over the civilian deaths that resulted, not bothering to learn that Hamas was literally using its civilians as human shields as they set up their defenses in schools, apartment buildings, hospitals and mosques, deliberately trying to maximize their own civilian casualties so they could show the accommodating Western press what the Israeli Defense Forces "had done". Here is my question: Have you ever heard of Sderot?

(Sderot Media Center)

Here is a link to my colleague Findalis at Monkey in the Middle for the complete article:

You see, Sderot, which is located in Southern Israel close to the border with Gaza, is the reason Israel went into Gaza a year and a half ago. They got tired of the Palestinians under Hamas launching rockets into the schoolyards of Sderot. This past week, more Kassam missiles have been launched into Sderot and Ashkelon. In response, Israel has launched air attacks on Gaza killing a top Hamas military leader (read terrorist). That's what Israel does; they target their strikes in an effort to kill known terrorist leaders and avoid civilian casualties.

Of course, none of this matters to the far-left crazies who thrive on US and Canadian university campuses. They are eager to join any cause that ultimately lets them piss not only on Israel but America as well. The Israel/Palestinian issue is tailor made for them. Ditto for hundreds of over-educated university professors who egg them on in the classroom by condemning everything about Israel. The University of California system (in which I work)is overflowing with them-much like a stopped- up toilet, if you know what I mean.

During that Israel-Gaza conflict, our old friend the radical Oakland imam Amir Abdel Malik Ali came to speak at UC-Irvine, where I teach part-time. After his boilerplate hate Israel tirade, I engaged him off to the side and we debated a few points in which I defended Israel and told him what I thought of Hamas, Hizbollah and various and sundry other allies of his. I don't remember the exact details here because we have exchanged views numerous times, but we were surrounded by a few dozen Muslim Student Union members and other students who listened to our exchange. As I broke off the conversation to rush off to class, one of the young students (an American) asked me why, if I wanted peace, was I supporting what Israel was doing. This was my response:

"If the Cubans were launching rockets into Miami, what do you think we would do in return?"

"We would deserve it," was his retort.

"If that's the way you feel about your own country, there's nothing I can say to you," I replied and walked off shaking my head.

I am confident that particular young man knows where Sderot is, but I really wonder about the vast majority of the young anarchists who have joined this cause. Do they even care if Israeli schoolchildren are living under this threat?

I should also mention that I have heard several of our esteemed anti-Israel academics go to lengths to downplay the rockets launched into Sderot, dismissing them as if they were insignificant cherry bombs which have only killed a few people and are not really all that dangerous. They don't care. Where did I hear those comments? On the UCI campus.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video. More importantly, I hope you learned something.

Colorado Rockies 17 Waveland Street Champs 2

* Yes, I know it's Waveland Avenue, but Waveland Street flows better with "champs".

I don't spend much time this season watching the Cubs even though I have WGN. There's no sense holding out any hope. The season is gone, the team isn't a contender anymore, they need to rebuild with youth, and hopefully in another 5 years, they will be in a position to break our hearts again by blowing another pennant. Last night was no better. At Coors Field in Denver, they gave up 12 runs-yes, 12 runs in the 8th inning and lost to the Rockies 17-2.

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerfulah."

I went back and forth intermittently and with the Cubs losing 5-2 after 7, I switched to one of those history channels to watch the Korean War from beginning to end. So after watching that for an hour, I started flipping channels, and accidentally hit WGN never dreaming that the game was still going on. Yet, there they were in the bottom of the 8th inning, Rockies running all over the diamond like kids at a picnic scoring runs-12 in all- as old Lou Piniella sat there in the dugout watching helplessly.

"What me worry?"

After the game, Lou blamed the loss on bad umpiring claiming that he could never get a break at Coors Field. Believe it or not, there might be something to that.

So make that 102 years since the Cubs won it all. But there is good news. Big Z is coming back and soon the Cubs will be back in the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. And now that they are putting ads on the outfield walls, there should be lots of money to pay those big salaries to Zambrano, Soriano et al.

More Corruption From Maxine Waters

According to today's Daily Caller, Maxine Waters may join Charlie Rangel in the House dock due to her questionable dealings.

Waters has made a career out of using her position to help her husband, Sidney Williams. A few years back, she intervened in a Houston DEA investigation of a suspected cocaine dealer who just happened to be a childhood friend of Williams. She succeeded in getting the DEA investigation shut down.

She also got her pal Barney Frank to take care of OneUnited Bank in that infamous Stimulous Package. We also know that Waters arranged a meeting between OneUnited and regulators with no mention of her husband's ties to the institution.

Don't get your hopes up here, corruption buffs. The most that will happen is a reprimand, whatever the Hell that is.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Law? What Law? Who Needs a Law?

Alejandro Mayorkas-The man to see

Another disturbing development on the illegal alien issue from the Washington Times.

So what does this memo mean-that if they can't pass an amnesty law (COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM)then they will just give everybody a pass? If true, then it's clear why a state like Arizona takes matters into its own hands.

And Alejandro Mayorkas, head of Citizenship and Immigration, to whom this memo was addressed? He is a former United States Attorney for Southern California during the Clinton administration. Here is a tidbit from the Who Runs Government website.

"Mayorkas was an advocate of granting a pardon to the drug dealer Carlos Vignali in the waning days of the Clinton administration, a role that put him in hot water. Mayorkas called the White House counsel’s office twice at the urging of Vignali's father Horacio, a major Democratic donor who paid out almost a quarter million dollars to various California officials.“Beg Your Pardongate,” The American Spectator, Nov. 17, 2008(7)“Beg Your Pardongate,” The American Spectator, Nov. 17, 2008 Clinton eventually pardoned Vignali, who served only half of his 14 year sentence. Carlos had been arrested for running a drug ring that delivered more than 800 pounds of cocaine from Los Angeles to Minneapolis.

A 2001 Congressional investigation criticized Mayorkas for his role, alleging that it was inappropriate for a senior law enforcement official to lobby for a commutation.“Beg Your Pardongate,” The American Spectator, Nov. 17, 2008(7)“Beg Your Pardongate,” The American Spectator, Nov. 17, 2008 Mayorkas eventually apologized. “It is reasonable to expect that someone in my position would do his or her due diligence to learn that information" about Vignali, he told the Los Angeles Times in 2001. "I made a mistake."Meyer, Josh, “Alejandro Mayorkas tapped to head immigration agency,” Los Angeles Times, May 1, 2009(8)Meyer, Josh, “Alejandro Mayorkas tapped to head immigration agency,” Los Angeles Times, May 1, 2009"

Hey, Alejandro! I got a great idea. Let's just pardon 'em all. I'll send you a memo.

This is the guy who is directing US Citizenship and Immigration.

Now the Inevitable-A Bounty on Arpaio's Head.

It's troubling but hardly surprising. Now comes this news on Examiner (LA).com that Mexican drug cartels have put a bounty of the head of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe

Joe Arpaio (though we never met) is a retired DEA agent like myself. He is older than I, and as I recall, when I began my career in the early 1970s, he was the head of the Mexico City office.

This border issue is much more than just illegal immigrants. It is also about the drugs that flow across our border and the vicious traffickers who have turned the entire border area into a war zone. That aspect gets forgotten a lot in the overall debate.

I hope that all the pro-illegal alien advocates consider this new story. Who are really the bad guys here? It is not the state of Arizona, not Joe Arpaio, and it is not Jan Brewer. (And it is not the majority of the migrants themselves, most of whom come for decent reasons-to work, survive and support their families. We get it.)

However, the criminal aspect of this wave cannot be ignored or swept under the rug. This is not immigration. This is an invasion, and along with the poor workers are gang members, drug dealers and other assorted criminals. And guess who they prey upon primarily? The Mexican and Mexican-American community-including other illegal aliens.

One would hope that all those know-nothing activists, mostly from California, who raised Hell in Phoenix this week and hurled abuse toward Arpaio will stop and think about this latest development. You may not realize it, but that is what you are supporting.

Gore Cleared by Oregon Cops


According to the below article in Oregon Live by The Oregonian columnist Steve Duin, the Portland Police have closed the case on the sexual assault accusation against Al Gore.

I don't want to try and stake out a position that Gore is guilty of this accusation. I never have, and I predicted that this was going nowhere. Mr Duin is upset that police gave Gore VIP treatment when it came to his interview as compared with his accuser. Fair enough. Maybe the police simply didn't believe the charges in the first place, and that influenced their decision to play by Team Gore rules.

What I am waiting for is the reaction to this development from the feminists, you know, folks like N.O.W. and the Feminist Majority. I am sure they will be outraged by the manner in which the cops interviewed the accuser and the suspect, right? I mean I can't wait for this backlash to break any minute now..................

Charlie Rangel's Arrogance

It's not every day that I can say something positive about an MSNBC reporter, but kudos go to Luke Russert for getting Charles Rangel to lose his cool with an appropriate question then stand his ground while Rangel shows the arrogance of his congressional power.

This is what twenty terms in Congress does. This man is so arrogant that he thinks he is not answerable to the public. The sad fact is that he could be right. As I write, there are reports that no more than a reprimand has been recommended for Rangel before the House "Ethics Committee".

As I wrote once before, I take no pleasure in Rangel's scandal. He is a distinguished Korean War veteran who was a supporter of my agency (DEA)when I was a street agent. I have not forgotten that. However, there is nothing in this world worse than official corruption-especially in a country like the US. I hope the trial will proceed, and if guilty, Rangel has to leave the Congress.

Anthony Weiner (Weener) Goes Red Hot

"Get yer red hots right heah!"

Last night, New York Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner (pronounced "Weener") threw a hysterical fit on the House floor. Talk about hysterical! It was historical!.

So what was all that about? Well, it seems the Dems have a bill providing health care for first responders to 9-11 that have contacted diseases due to their exposure to toxic elements. There are some Republicans who oppose the bill due to certain parts of it. Yet, the Dems have the majority and the votes to pass the bill, right?

Right. But instead of passing the bill on a majority vote, the Dems chose to demand 2/3 majority knowing they didn't have enough Republican votes to pass it. It failed. So now, instead of having the bill they wanted, the Dems chose not to have it but to have the issue instead.

This afternoon, Weiner went on another rant on Sean Hannity's radio show. Hannity pointed out the hypocrisy of the tactic. (Also on the show was Peter King (R-NY), who supports the bill.)

As Weiner continued his angry rant, Hannity told him to just pass the bill on majority vote, which Weiner ignored. Weiner also ignored Hannity's final request that he (Weiner) pledge never to sign a bill he hasn't read. Hannity asked him at least 6-7 times, but Weiner ignored the question and continued to rant until Hannity hung up on him. Here is the audio from Right Scoop (Hat tip also to Hot Air):

That's our Congress, folks. Deliberately lose a vote you would have won so you could have something to complain about. What a tactic. The 1919 Chicago Black Sox would have been proud.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ann Coulter Knocks Out Rick Sanchez

(Hat tip to News Real Blog)

Remember when Muhammad Ali fought George Foreman in Zaire back in 1974?

(What the hell is he talking about?)

Well, for you older readers, surely you will never forget the rope-a-dope tactic Ali used to get Foreman to punch himself into exhaustion in the hot outdoor weather of Zaire, at which point Ali came off the ropes and knocked him out.

Check out this CNN interview of Rick ("Hit & Run") Sanchez as he comes out swinging against a real pro named Ann Coulter-and promptly gets a licking from the lady who doesn't even bother wasting any time on the ropes. Also notice how the interview begins, as Sanchez obviously tries to ambush Coulter with a topic other than what Coulter was told would be the topic. Cute trick, Rick. (No, that's not why they call him "Hit & Run".)

I think Rick Sanchez learned a lesson in that interview. He needs more seasoning before he tries to go toe to toe with Ann Coulter.

And don't even think about a rematch.

Anti-Arizona Protest in Los Angeles

Photos by Lindsay William-Ross, LAist)

While scores were being arrested in Phoenix today, ten were arrested in Los Angeles. The number may not be impressive, but the ridiculous reaction by the city is noteworthy. It was about what one would expect from a sanctuary city under the inept leadership of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

At ten in the morning, a crowd of anti-Arizona mopes showed up at the corner of Wilshire and Highland in mid-town LA. Ten of them handcuffed and chained themselves to each other with metal piping covering their arms. They then proceeded to lie down in a circle in the middle of the intersection and remained there for five hours.

LAPD, apparently under orders from Mayor Tony, didn't even respond for about three hours. It took a special unit to cut through the pipes, separate the mopes and take them away.

For five hours, a major intersection in LA was blocked. Why? It is simple. It was because they were demonstrating for a cause the mayor and the city agree with. As for the LA drivers and residents inconvenienced in a city already with intolerable living conditions, well, they can eat cake, I guess.

Guess Who Got Arrested in Arizona Today

(Fox News)

"Our streets!"

I'll give you a hint; it wasn't tea-partiers. Today, scores of protesters have been arrested in Phoenix while venting over the Arizona enforcement bill. Actually, these folks should have been celebrating (Judge Susan Bolton's injunction). They are the opponents of Arizona's new law. The people who should be protesting aren't. (Maybe they are too busy working.)

Yesterday, an entire caravan of protesters departed Los Angeles to take part in the fun at the Maricopa County jail, the sheriff's office and state capitol. I wonder how many arrestees are California residents.

I can hardly wait for the mad-hatters at MSNBC to report about the dangerous, nasty, racist, unruly, Tea Party folks who support Arizona and how they exhibited their "hate" today in Phoenix.

Alan Grayson's Greatest Hits DVD on Taxpayers' Dime

Hat tip to Hot Air

"Who needs campaign funds?"

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), the reigning Fousesquawk 2009 Jerk of the Year, is pushing hard to keep his Golden Penguin in 2010. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Grayson is using his congressional franking privileges to produce a DVD "highlighting" his first term and send copies to 100,000 households in his district at a cost (to the tax-payers) of some $73,000.

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah!",0,7129697.story

Here is Grayson's "blockbuster" DVD entitled; "Getting things done for you.":


I sure hope those 100,000 households in Grayson's district enjoy that DVD. They and the rest of us are paying for it.

Rangel's Deal

"Depends what the settlement is."

As initial reports come in that Charlie Rangel has "struck a deal" to head off hearings on his ethics charges, once again, I am reminded of Raqngel's insistence that he could not wait to clear his name, eerily similar to Rod Blagoyovich's telling us he could not wait to testify in his criminal trial.

So now we wait to see how "the most ethical Congress in history" will "drain this swamp." Meanwhile the "Conscience of the Congress", the Black Congressional Congress, is warning other lawmakers who have large black constituencies that they should stop and think before they vote to remove such an important (black) member of Congress. Notwithstanding that veiled threat, unless Rangel is completely cleared, seems to me the only right solution is for him to leave Congress. Watch as he keeps his seat.

Rangel, of course, is in a (electoral) race to keep his Harlem seat. His opponent? Why none other than Adam Clayton Powell (the Fourth).

"Adam Clayton Powell the Fourth???"

But unless Rangel leaves public office, this is just another example of how the politicians protect their own-and can do so easily when their party is in the majority.

And what does the "swamp drainer" Nancy Pelosi have to say?

"This ethics process will play out and we'll go from there."

And we will be watching very carefully where it goes from here.

Judge Bolton's "Legal" Points

With all the other disagreements I have with Judge Susan Bolton's injunction on Arizona's controversial law, I would like to point out a few of her points in her own words as worthy of notice and comment.

“The number of requests that will emanate from Arizona as a result of determining the status of every arrestee is likely to impermissibly burden federal resources and redirect federal agencies away from the priorities they have established.”

“Federal resources will be taxed and diverted from federal enforcement priorities as a result of the increase in requests for immigration status determination(s),” she said.

“Even though Arizona’s interests may be consistent with those of the federal government, it is not in the public interest for Arizona to enforce preempted laws.”

Whether you agree with those statements is beside the point. These are not legal arguments. Whether or not something is a burden on law enforcement-or even in the public interest is irrelevant. They have nothing to do with legality or constitutionality. These are arguments that the judge should not have even considered.

And then there is this whopper.

"Requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies to determine the immigration status of every person who is arrested burdens lawfully present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked."

Excuse me, judge, but by your own words, the persons in question are arrested-in custody. So what is the problem of checking the immigration status of a person in custody? At what point can law enforcement check immigration status of a non-American prisoner? This goes to the other problem of sanctuary cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, who have released illegal alien gang members that have gone through the justice system without notifying ICE with the result that they have gone back to the streets and committed murders.

By the way, have you wondered why the US Justice Department isn't going after sanctuary cities who are following their own policies in contravention of federal law? After all, the reasoning the Obama administration used in this lawsuit is that Arizona is interfering in federal jurisdiction.

This is hardly about the law. This is about a political agenda.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

UC's Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion

Yesterday, I put up a posting on the letter from the Zionist Organization of America to University of California President Mark Yudof addressing their concerns about two individuals who have been appointed to the UC Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion. Not knowing either of the two persons, I decided to find out all the names on the council. The below-linked UC document lists the members.

I note there are a couple of students on the council. I know nothing about them nor do I much care. With only a couple of possible exceptions, you can sum up the rest of the council as being the usual collection of liberal activists. Everything is pretty much covered.

As to this gentleman, Herscher, who I guess is supposed to represent the Jewish interests, I have no indication that he has ever spoken out about anti-Semitic issues in the UC system. I do note, however that Pam Geller and Robert Spencer are supposed to speak at Herscher's Skirball Center in Los Angeles in August. (Maybe I shouldn't have said that. I might get him thown off the council.)

As for Jorge Mariscal, a professor at UC San Diego, who ZOA considers a poor choice, he is quite outspoken on the issues of brown and black students at UCSD, where the number of such students is very low. Mariscal is apparently quite anti-Israel as well, which the ZOA letter notes.

Here are a couple of articles Mariscal has written for Counterpunch, a leftist online publication:

Trouble in Paradise

This essay about the recent mess (es) at UCSD, of which I have written at great length, raises interesting points:

"The events at UC San Diego open a window on to the future of California and perhaps the nation. As public higher education increasingly becomes the domain of the wealthy and working class youth are forced to go into debt for a college degree, fewer Black and Brown youth will be able to attend the most prestigious universities. In California, the resegregation of public education is well underway. With only small and isolated Black and Brown communities on campus, students of color will be subjected to the casual racism that permeates the general culture. The far right’s attacks on the President of the United States, the widespread assault on American Muslims, and every racist shtick in between will resonate across public spaces originally designed to educate an enlightened citizenry."

Here we go again. Yes, there are lots of criticisms of Obama. He is the President of the USA. It comes with the job in case you have not noticed. It's not his race; it is his policies.

Mariscal bemoans the scarcity of black and Latino students at UCSD. Yet, it appears that the problem is not that the university is not accepting them, but that most choose to go to other colleges. If that has developed over the recent incidents (Compton Cookout, noose in the library and the Koala rants)then he has a point. Many Jewish students are choosing not to attend UC Irvine because of what many perceive as an anti-Semitic atmosphere on campus when Israel Apartheid Week rolls around every year.

I don't take issue with Mariscal's quoting of the Koala (unofficial student newspaper) guy getting on the campus closed circuit TV and ranting about "ungrateful n----s". If that happened, I don't need some Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion to know what to do. The student is gone and Koala is gone. Period.

"More important, the students understood that this was about the death throes of public education and every other devastating effect that thirty years of Reaganomics had visited upon working families in what was once called the Golden State."

Yeah, right. It was Reaganomics that caused this economic mess in California. Actually, it has been the out-of-control, profligate spending on every social program imaginable that has brought California to the brink of bankruptcy. And where were the university communities on this spending? They supported it. They cheered it. They demanded it. They elected the politicians who have spent us into this mess. Now the money is gone and the universities are feeling the pinch. But it's all Reaganomics. Gimme a break.

How Military Recruiters Pitch to Latinos

"How to Spot a Police Spy????"

Well, Mariscal didn't write that. The editors did.

But for cryin' out loud! What's wrong with the military trying to recruit Latinos? I got news for you. If Skippy Peanut Butter can develop an ad that they think will appeal to Latinos, they're sure gonna do it. It's called Madison Avenue.

And what's with all this right brain-left brain stuff? I've been married to a Mexican woman for 35 years, and I have never even thought about whether she is right-brain-dominant or left-brain dominant.

(Now you got me wondering.)

"According to this racializing model, "right-brain" irrational Hispanics, unsuited for "America's system of education," will vote their way into Karl Rove's projected Republican majority, and for decades to come fill the ranks of the lowest echelons of the service sector, the prison system, and the combat units of America's imperial army. Were he alive today Che Guevara, whom a CIA operative once described as "fairly intellectual for a Latin," would undoubtedly be asking progressive Latinos what they plan to do about it."

Karl Rove??!!? Talk about putting irrelevant supporting sentences in your paragraphs! Amazing how Karl Rove gets blamed for everything by the left.

And finally. I posted an article a couple of years ago about Che Guevara explaining to all those young students that wear Che T-shirts that their hero was nothing more than an executioner who ran kangaroo courts when Castro took power where hundreds were taken out and shot after 5 minute trials. That was Che Guevara. I guess I have to explain it to university professors as well.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zionist Organization of America Letter to UC President Yudof re: Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion

"Yeah, we got it covered, boys. The Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion."

"That's right."

Cross-posted from the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is a letter from the ZOA to University of California President Mark Yudof protesting the appointment of two individuals to the UC Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion, a fancy name for a group set up to deal with issues of racism or ethnic conflict on UC campuses. First the letter-then my comment.

First of all, I don't know who these two individuals are named by the ZOA. If the ZOA letter is accurate, I have no idea what they are doing on such a council.

The heart of the matter, however is this; if the University of California system has a problem in this area that it feels it must address, the most serious of the issues on UC campuses is the growing anti-Semitism that is fueled by the Middle East conflict and is being stoked by the enemies of Israel. In my view, other incidents of hate directed toward other groups don't even come close to the anti-Semitic expressions which have occurred on UC campuses. With all due respect to the disturbing (anti-black) incidents at UC San Diego, those incidents are still swathed in mystery. There is nothing mysterious about what is going on in the UC system when it comes to anti-Semitism.

So now, UC sets up this politically-correct council that lumps everything into one big pot and puts two individuals on the council who are (according to ZOA)part of the anti-Israel drive that is leading to anti-Semitism-whether they intend that as a by-product or not. I don't get it. No, on second thought, I do get it. This is another typical politically-correct university Potemkin Village to make it look like something is being done. It ignores the most serious problem in the UC system-anti-Semitism.

To be sure, UC President Yudof is a practicing Jew, who, by most accounts, cares about the subject of anti-Semitism. Yet, he continually stonewalls against those who dare to speak out and complain about the anti-Semitic atmosphere on UC campuses. The only conclusion I can draw is that Yudof is a prisoner to political correctness.

Whatever happened to S.I. Hayakawa?

Who Are the Servants?

John Kerry "draining the swamp"

Public servant?

Just a few tidbits to consider here. Charles Rangel, who runs the committee that tells us how we are supposed to pay taxes, is scrambling to make a deal to avoid a House trial on multiple dirty tax violations. So are we going to see an agreement where Rangel agrees to certain violations and remains a Congressman? Where's the justice in that? What was it Nancy Pelosi said when she became Speaker of the House-she was going to "drain the swamp"?

And talk about timing! Treasury Secretary Tim (Turbo-Tax) Geithner has stated this week that it would be a mistake not to let the Bush tax cuts ("for the wealthy") expire.

Then there is John Kerry, who supports every tax ever invented for the rest of us, but he sure knows how to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars when he buys a yacht and keeps it tied up in Rhode Island. When first exposed, the Kerry party line was that the boat had to be in Rhode Island for maintenance. When that didn't work and Kerry found himself surrounded by reporters asking him about paying taxes. Now the line is that he will pay his taxes as he always has.

Then there is the "People's President", who this week blew off an appearance with the Boy Scouts of America so he could appear on "The View" instead. But don't call him the "Detached President".

Here is the point I am driving at, and I know there are Republicans who fit the same mold. But our federal government is today in the hands of the Democrats; the House, the Senate and the White House. When you look at just the above examples, do you still want to call these people "public servants" or are we the servants of our government? You watch the government take over the banks, the car companies, the decisions of how much CEOs can make and health care. One by one, this government is taking more and more control over our lives.

Meanwhile, state and local governments are taking their cuts in taxes and fees. The California state government in Sacramento is owned by government service unions, who are thriving, awash in high salaries, benefits and lush retirements-as tax-payers and businesses flee the state taking their tax revenue and jobs with them and leaving behind a state with 13.7% unemployment.

Who are the servants and who are the masters?

In Los Angeles, we have a Department of Water and Power so awash in money that they kick back tens of millions every year to the city of LA for their own employees-in exchange for 28% rate hikes to keep them from "going bankrupt".

And this week in Bell, California, we have discovered a tiny town on the fringes of LA with 38,000 poor people, largely illegal aliens, whose chief executive officer was making $787,000 a year while the chief of police was making $457,000 a year. Where was the money coming from? That's what the State DOJ and the LADA's Office is investigating as we speak. It seems that in 2005, an election was held in Bell on the question of the town becoming a "charter city" (which would among other things, allow the city's rulers to set their own salaries). Problem was, nobody knew there was an election going on. The town has no newspaper, and only some 400 (mostly absentee) ballots were counted. It was, apparently, an election by invitation only. The measure "passed", and boy, did they ever set their salaries!

What does it take to solve the problem in Bell? Well, for one thing, they now have their own Tea Party going, hundreds (who don't consider themselves Tea-Partiers) are turning out to the city council meetings to demand everybody resign. Hopefully, somebody will go to jail.

But who are the servants here? The people of Bell have been the servants. The people of California are the servants of the state. And we are all the servants of this federal administration-unless you are among those who look to the government to get you through life because you don't pay taxes anyway.

Meanwhile, we have a president who constantly prefaces his remarks by stating that "he will not rest" until this or that is accomplished, but spends most of his time taking vacations and enjoying all the perks that go with being president.

And for those of you who still maintain that nobody's taxes are being raised, just wait until January 1, 2011 when all the Bush tax cuts are allowed to die and the inheritance tax and who knows what other taxes are brought back into force. And even if it is only the "wealthy", do you really think this will not adversely affect our economy to the detriment of all? Sure, go ahead and crack down on all those "evil corporations", the ones who provide jobs and have made our economy what was (once) the greatest in the world. Watch how small business owners discover that it isn't worth the effort to even begin a business or keep it going. They are already leaving California. Soon there will be no place to hide.

Jobs? Well, if you are one of those 400,000 temporary census takers, you have a job-according to the government. A government job. But that's not what a country needs-more government jobs. Private jobs are what makes the economy successful. That is a different story, isn't it.

So next time you see your representative or senator-Democrat or Republican-watch how they are living. Check out the chauffeur-driven limousine, security, first-class accommodations, the nice restaurants. Maybe, if you catch Nancy Pelosi at an airport, you might see her big private jet.

This essay has turned out longer than I expected, but I guess I just kept thinking of more and more to say and point out. The main point, the thesis, if you will, is still the same. Who are the servants and who are the masters? The answer is pretty obvious. We are the servants of our government.

Oliver Stone Puts it All in Context

Isn't he cute? Why he's positively adorable. Do you know who that cute little baby above is?

Adolf Hitler.

Much like film producer Oliver Stone in this week's interview with the Sunday Times (UK), I'm just putting little baby Adi "in context".

That's what Stone did in his interview when he told the Times that we need to "put Hitler in context". Hell, he killed more Russians than Jews, said Stone. And why is the US so "fixated" on the Holocaust? Why, simple, says Ollie. It's all because of the "Jewish control over the US media".

We also need to put Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in context (We "don't know the full story"), as well as Hugo Chavez, the latter of whose posterior Stone has joined Sean Penn, Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte in rushing down to Venezuela to kiss. (It feels like I wrote that last sentence in German.)

Here's a little context on Ahmadinejad for Ollie's benefit:

And what was the "crime" of these teenage boys? They were homosexual in Iran.

Her "crime"? Adultery

But according to Mr Stone, the darling of the Hollywood set, we boobs here in the US have misconceptions about Hitler, Ahmadinejad and Chavez because of the "Jewish control of the media". (I'm surprised he didn't blame it on Fox News.)

It's all a rush to judgement.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Las Vegas Conventions

Al Franken ("funny man")

I was in Las Vegas over the weekend. No, I wasn't attending that conservative bloggers' convention held by RightOnline at the Venetian. I wasn't invited to it and didn't know about it until I was in Vegas. Interestingly, there was a liberal bloggers' convention going on at the Rio at the same time. (I wasn't invited to that either.)

Apparently, the big organizer of the mad hatters' convention was none other than Daily Kos editor Marcos Moulitzas. Speakers included "Mr Excitement" Harry Reid, who probably had the attendees running for the blackjack tables and keynote speaker Al...

no, not Big Al Gore, but Little Al Franken. Coincidentally, I happened to catch the latter part of his speech on Fox News. Why would Fox News broadcast Al Franken's speech? Simple; to show what a complete buffoon the man is, and he didn't disappoint.

First of all, I can't believe this guy was actually a comedian. He is about as funny as testicular cancer. Yet, he came out with one theme that would have brought down the house over at the Venetian. Franken is very concerned about corporations merging with news organizations. Yes, according to Al, the liberal side is not getting a fair shake from the news media.

What Al envisions if the corporations take over the news media is that all we will see and hear is "conservative propaganda". Of course, Franken pointed out that "government has a role to play here." Indeed.

But Franken performed one useful function in his speech; he informed the crowd that next year's mad-hatter convention will be held in Minneapolis. Hopefully, they will bring in Big Al (Gore) as the next keynote speaker. He can come out on stage in his bath towel. That'll surely get a rise out of the audience (no pun intended).

Frank Rich Distorts the Sherrod Story

Frank Rich

New York Times writer Frank Rich is a liberal ideologue who never lets truth get in the way of his ideology when he writes his op-eds. In yesterday's column in the NY Times, he puts his own spin on the Shirley Sherrod fiasco.,%20july%2025,%202010&st=cse

Rich, of course, makes reference to the errors committed by the White House and the NAACP, but like all liberals, the real wrath is reserved for Andrew Breitbart and Fox News. Watch as Rich implies and leaves it to the reader to infer:

"The smear might well have stuck if the white octogenarian farmer saved by Sherrod
24 years ago was no longer alive and if he didn’t look like a Norman Rockwell archetype. Only his and his wife’s testimony to her good deeds on CNN could halt the lynching party. Tom Vilsack, the secretary of agriculture who fired Sherrod without questioning the video’s patently spurious provenance, was far slower to reverse himself than the N.A.A.C.P. Good for him that he seemed genuinely chagrined once he did apologize. But an executive so easily bullied by Fox News has no more business running a government department than Ken Salazar, the secretary of interior who let oil companies run wild on deepwater drilling until disaster struck. That the White House sat back while Vilsack capitulated to a mob is a disgraceful commentary on both its guts and competence. This wasn’t a failure of due diligence — there was no diligence."

Excuse me, Mr Rich, but you are misleading the reader. You are trying to leave the impression that Fox News drove this firing. They did not. By the time Fox News ran the story on TV, Ms Sherrod had already been forced to resign. Bill O'Reilly, in running the excerpted tape, stated that Ms Sherrod "must resign immediately." (The next night after learning of the whole video, he apologized.) When Sean Hannity followed O'Reilly on the air Monday, he announced the firing, which was then breaking news. Glenn Beck urged caution without seeing the while tape for its full context. If anyone "bullied" Vilsack, it was the White House.

Secondly, the only mob that Tom Vilsack capitulated to was allegedly the mob at the White House who were (according to Sherrod's conversation with Cheryl Cook), demanding her immediate resignation "since it was going to be on (Glenn) Beck that evening". Finally, since the full tape came out, Fox News has reacted appropriately, conceding that Sherrod's description about helping the white farmers was not racist. Did they err in not waiting for the whole speech to emerge? Sure. Everybody did, myself included as a blogger. The NAACP's error was worse since all they had to do was review their own video.

Then Rich goes on to try and make the case that it is the Republican Party that is racist because of their association with the Tea Party. To support that argument, he drags in that Capitol Hill protest and repeats as fact that several people in the crowd were hurling racial slurs at black congressmen, though no tape can be found to substantiate it despite a $100,000 reward by (yes, the boogey man) Breitbart.

Rich, of course, is a skillful writer who can write sentences that leave a definite impression with the reader. Here he leaves the impression that Vilsack was bullied by Fox News to fire Sherrod when he clearly was not. In the same thought, a few lines down, he refers to "a mob" in such an artful way as to leave the reader with the impression that "the mob" was Fox News when it was really the White House.

Is this what they teach in journalism school?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kathleen Parker Poo-Poos Journolist Flap

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker (a self-described conservative) has written an op-ed appearing on-line, in which she describes the Journolist revelations as a tempest in a tea-cup, which it surely will be as the mainstream media buries it.

In Parker's point of view, the musings of liberal reporters and university professors was just that-sort of thinking out loud. Nothing ever really happened, you know. And what about their privacy? Was it right for Tucker Carlson to post all that listserve conversation on Daily Caller? Indeed, the title of her op-ed mentions the "destructive 'gotcha' mentality".

Well, as to the privacy issue, one should know by now that e-mails-especially on listserves, are not exactly considered as privileged communication.

What we have here is not a Watergate, where crimes were committed and special prosecutors and grand juries are summoned. What it is simply a public demonstration of how liberal reporters and professors have damaged their respective professions with their personal bias. When journalists are discovered discussing how they ca downplay the Jeremiah Wright story because it will hurt Obama's election chances, what does that tell the public about the professional integrity of the journalists? When a UCLA law professor is wishing that the FCC could revoke the license of Fox News, what does that tell the public about the professional integrity of our universities? God, what does that tell us about the legal mind of that UCLA law professor-who apparently has no clue about the First Amendment? This guy (Jonathan Zasloff) will probably rise to Obama's short list for that next Supreme Court vacancy.

Of course, one might argue that the head of the listserve, Ezra Klein, is only 26 years old and perhaps needs some seasoning. Ditto for Chris Hayes, one of the Journolist members, who looks even younger. In response, one could point to old Joe (Anonymous) Klein, who has all the seasoning in the world making outrageous statements. According to some reports, Klein appeared to be gathering in all the comments then regurgitating some thoughts as his own. But what can you expect from the Anonymous author of "Primary Colors"? Joe doesn't need any seasoning. He kn ows all the tricks.

Another question Ms Parker might ask herself is what does this say about the media ignoring the story altogether-except of course for that nasty old boogey man, Fox News? This is an issue that goes right to the integrity of the media itself. One would think they would be all over each other discussing and examining themselves.

Wouldn't one?

I'll withdraw the question, Your Honor.

Save This Photo for Posterity

Boy! Is that photo comparible to a baseball signed by the 1927 Yankees. There they are all together, Obama, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters (must be some goodies in there for her hubby), Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. There is Obama signing another "historic" Financial Regulation bill written by Frank and Dodd, the two characters who have done more than anyone to screw up the whole banking systen, now with their bill that will regulate and control all those banks and financial institutions that have acted so irresponsibly with everyone's money.

Except Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Good job, guys.

There only one missing is Hillary, but she is in exile, currently at a meeting in Hanoi. Is that in North Viet Nam or South Viet Nam? I'll have to check with our geography and history professor, Shirley Jackson Lee.

The other person missing is my old pal Alfred E Newman, who is usually a regular at these gatherings. Rest assured he would be there except I am having to use my wife's laptop.

* Will you settle for Karl Marx?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Professor Sheila Jackson Lee's Geography and History Class

"Good morning students. Welcome to the first day of class at UC Santa Cruz Community Studies Department. I am your new professor, Ms. Lee. Please call me former Congresswoman Lee.

Today, we are going to discuss two nations in Asia, North Viet Nam and South Viet Nam -two nations living side by side in peace. As you can see on the map, North Viet Nam is just to the west of South Viet Nam with only China Lake in-between."

"Now class. Can anybody tell me of any other countries living side by side in peace?"

"Yes, Ms Lee- North and South Dakota."

"That's right. Let's look at the map. As you can see, South Dakota is on the western border of North Dakota.

"Any others?"

"How about North and South Carolina?"

"That's correct."

"Ms former congresswoman Lee, Was it the Civil War when North Carolina and South Carolina were fighting each other?"

"Yes. South Carolina wanted to secede from the union, but North Carolina, under the leadership of General Grant defeated them in 1865. They have been living together in peace, side by side ever since.

"What about the North Pole and the South Pole?"

"Actually, they never fought a war, but they have always lived side by side in peace." Let's put that map up."

"I think we need to adjust it a little."

"There. That's better. Now we can see the North and South Poles side by side."

I see we have run out of time. I need to rush across campus and teach a class in the History of Consciousness Department. See you tomorrow."

"Ms Former Congresswoman Lee. What are you going to talk about over there?"

"Thank you for asking. My topic will be,
"To be conscious or to be unconsciousness-that is the question."

Why the NY Mosque Should Not Be Built at Ground Zero

Feisal Abdul Rauf

There are two basic reasons why the proposed mosque in New York should not be built near Ground Zero. The first is the questionable imam who is pushing it, and the second is a simple case of showing proper sensitivity to the victims of 9-11, their families and Americans in general. The mosque should be moved to another location.

First of all, this imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, portrays himself as "a moderate" and that the mosque would represent "reconciliation". I don't buy either argument. It has been reported over and over from various sources that Rauf will not condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization, indeed, that he has ties to Hamas and that he has often expressed a wish for America to become a "shariah compliant society". First of all, anyone who thinks that America can accommodate shariah law is a fool. All you have to do is look at how shariah views women, homosexuals and other religions to see that it is against every freedom we hold dear in this country.

Some say, "why not just allow Muslims to practice shariah within their own communities? The Brits are doing it."

We are not the Brits. We cannot abandon Muslim women and homosexuals to be subject to the tender mercies of shariah law behind closed doors--as is happening in Europe. Every person in the US is entitled to our constitutional freedoms. That includes Muslims.

Secondly, if Rauf and his supporters cannot respect the sensitivity of Ground Zero, then it suggests that they simply don't care. They are determined to build that mosque at Ground Zero whether anybody likes it or not. After all, they have freedom of religion and freedom to build a place of worship. That is, of course, true. However, why can they not build it somewhere else in New York? The argument arises that a mosque at Ground Zero would represent a "victory" and "humiliation" of the non-Muslim West. I cannot state that is Rauf's intent, but I sure have my suspicion that there is something to that.

If that mosque is built, one can only pray that it will always be under the auspices of truly peaceful Muslims. Imagine the outrage, however, if it is ever revealed, even 50 years from now, that hate-filled words are coming out of that place just yards away from the site where that hatred was translated into action on 9-11. The supporters of the mosque should reconsider their choice of site. They are only alienating themselves from the rest of society.