Wednesday, October 30, 2019

One Fine Sunday Morning in Grenoble

You'll never guess what happened in Grenoble, France Sunday morning. If you guessed an avalanche or some celebrity crashed into a tree while skiing, you'd be wrong.

If you guess some 19-year-old Algerian guy waving 2 knives and shouting, "Allahu Akhbar" was taken down by cops, you are our lucky winner.

Here is a summary translation of the above article by Le Parisien: The article has a video of the take down.

Police in Grenoble were called on Sunday morning that a man was observed in the area of the train station, without a shirt, armed with two knives, and shouting in Arabic. Police responded and found the man on a nearby street. He was shouting , "Allahu Akhbar", and waving the two knives. After he refused several commands to drop the knives, he was taken down by use of a non-lethal gun that fires projectiles which do not penetrate the skin and handcuffed by the police, who quickly whisked him away to .....the nearest hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Under escort, no less.

It's what they do in Europe.

The suspect is identified as being 19-years-old, residing in Grenoble, but born in Algeria.

Well, at least he was wearing pants.

Netherlands: When Is a Bombing "Vandalism"?

Hat tip POW News, Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by C.

"No, the police have a different view. They filed it as vandalism."

Another sad story out of the Netherlands. This is an interview of a Jewish man whose family has suffered harassment for 20 years. In this incident, a small bomb was placed on his windowsill by person(s) unknown. According to the victim, the police classify it as "vandalism".

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Spain: Pakistani Drug Gang Fight in Badalona (Barcelona): One Dead, Several Injured, Nine Arrests

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

 The warring men - all thought to be Pakistani migrants - were filmed battling on the streets

On Sunday evening two rival gangs of Pakistani drug dealers engaged in a pitched battle with machetes and clubs in the community of Badalona (northern Barcelona). One is dead, about ten injured, two in critical condition, and nine are in custody. The video and photos are graphic. Below is the English-language The Sun.

We are working on finding Spanish language news reports and videos. El Pais, below, has a video with no narration and photo.

*Update: Translation of El Pais article by Fousesquawk.

One dead and two gravely injured in a gang fight in Badalona

Various witnesses have described a fight with chains, knives and baseball bats

Barcelona 28 October 2019 13:59 EDT

The young man, Jean Pierre (19), was clearing up the last tables of the bar where he worked yesterday, in front of the Gorg Metro stop in Badalona, when he saw "a mountain of people coming up from the beach." Sure that there were some 30-40, located in the middle of a type of small walkway, they began with insults and "ended up hitting each other with machetes and clubs".   He and his friend closed the doors of the bar because of what could have occurred. One youth died and there are two more wounded gravely in the gang fight that took place Sunday at ten pm, according to what the (Catalan police) have reported. The Urban Guard has detained nine persons, all of Pakistani origin. 

The mayor of the municipality, the Socialist Alex Pastor, explained that two clans fighting for territorial control of the drug traffic were there expressly to confront each other. "One of the groups arrived from Barcelona, from the neighborhood of Ciutat Vella", he indicated in an interview on TV3. The Counselor for the Interior, Miguel Buch, also referred on RAC1, to a settling of accounts over a drug conflict. The fights with knives and clubs has occurred repeatedly in the center of Barcelona in the past years for the control of the area. The police have attributed the battles between the clans to dominate the sale of ( merchandise) and drugs in the center of the city.  "They always resolve their conflicts with a lot of violence," note police sources. 

Irene (34) is still shaken. Jean Pierre waiter of the bar she is in charge of, called her in the night and where she is now seated, telling her what was happening. On parking her car, she saw a young guy saying, "I'm dying, I'm dying," and was running and asking for help from the police. "He raised his red shirt squirting (blood) from his head to his legs," she explained. When she arrived at the bar, just a few meters further on, another young man hidden behind a pillar repeated the same: " They told me not to approach, but how was I not going to approach if he was yelling that he was going to die?" He had at least 6 stab wounds according to the account by Jean Pierre, who also saw him. "The skin was opened like meat," describes Irene, who took his pulse, hoping that the ambulance would arrive.

The battle did not last more than ten minutes, tells a group of neighbors, who commented in a  group what happened.  "They (caught) one on a corner and beat him without stopping," they explain among themselves. "It was hard to see," they say (the fight), which they became aware of from the screams that (were heard) from their balconies. They had no doubt that the fight had ended very badly. They called the police, but nobody dared to go down into the street. They had never seen anything similar before.

Several images of the fight ran on social media, where you see some 30 armed people fighting in the street. The witnesses talk of chains, axes, baseball bats and knives.  In the area, a neighbor found one of the bloodied knives in the morning. "They didn't come to fight. They came to kill," continues Irene. Two of the wounded fled into the metro, where they ended up being treated by the System of Medical Emergencies (SEM). 

On February 9, a man of Dominican origin died after a fight in Barcelona. The (Catalan police) attribute the death to a conflict precisely for the control of space between groups dedicated to the drug traffic. The victim died  of a beating presumably by a group of Pakistanis.
The Catalan police have carried out several operations against Pakistani gangs who fight in the street for control of the zone where they sell (merchandise) and drugs. In September 2017, agents arrested  members of a band of street vendors faced off against another group who arrived from Italy, with whom they fought gang fights. Many of the arrestees in that operation lived in Badalona.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Belgium: Aalst Carnival Doubles Down on Their Anti-Semitic Displays

-Brussels Times   2019 Aalst Carnival

-Brussels Times
Coming in 2020?

Earlier this year, the Belgian town of Aalst angered  Jewish citizens with carnival floats depicting stereo-typical "money grubbing Jews" with hooked noses etc. The Aalst carnival is famous in Belgium and has a 600-year history. Much of its content is traditionally in the form of political satire.

In the face of the international uproar that ensued, it appears that the town and the carnival organizers are doubling down. They have refused to admit any anti-Semitic intent, and for the 2020 carnival, they are preparing ribbons which, according to many in the Jewish community, have anti-Semitic content. So now the town of Aalst is dealing with the controversy once again.

Below is an article from the English-language Brussels Times:

Here is an article by Jeroen Le Jeune appearing in the Belgian Jewish news outlet, Joods Actueel in Flemish. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Christians for Israel: "Masks fall off at Aalst Carnival"

In the run-up to the 2020 Aalst Carnival , carnival ribbons were released with a sneer to UNESCO and the Jews. The carnival ribbons leave nothing to the imagination, Aalst carnival is purely anti-Semitic and UNIA (Inter-Federal Equal Opportunities Center), looked at it and saw only a few hurt souls. "We are not laughing at the Jews, but at UNESCO," says Kris Vonck of OLG.
  (Nieuwe Oilsjterse Losse Groep)
Who still believes Aalst carnival?
Jeroen Le Jeune
The Nazis and other contemporaries did everything to humiliate and dehumanize Jews. Jews literally became the louse in the fur and lice which must be destroyed. The Nazis used caricatures for this, such as the hook nose, rats and money robbers. The Roman Catholic Church, also, has sinned heavily in the anti-Semitic discourse by portraying Jews as child killers. This blood tale is still very much alive in the Islamic world. Not so long ago, Mahmoud Abbas was allowed to proclaim anti-Semitic talk in the European Parliament and not a rooster crowed (nobody said anything).
The Jewish people have been around for 3,700 years. If one wants to laugh at the Jews, there are really hundreds of possibilities to make a caricature of a Jew. But why the hook nose?
According to UNIA, the law was not broken during the Aalst carnival at the beginning of this year. “People have not maliciously been called to hate Jews. The Aalst carnival was ignorant, they did not know that this was pure Nazi propaganda." UNIA is apparently born blind and deaf, but at the very least we can say that Aalst carnival has been educated in recent months about Nazi propaganda and its consequences. It is after bringing the Jewish community and Aalst carnival together, it is after notification that the Aalst carnival has decided to make these carnival ribbons and therefore choose pure anti-Semitism.
UNIA will not stand in the way, neither will European political leaders. "Christians for Israel" is literally incensed that pure anti-Semitism is not being prosecuted. We will resist any form of anti-Semitism, we will resist any form of dehumanization. Nie wieder (Never again) is not an empty concept for us, but bitter seriousness.

The Takeout of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the Washington Post, and Nancy Pelosi

This is a time when all Americans and decent people around the world should be coming together in celebration today as we learned that American forces had killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in a raid in Syria. As with the tracking down and killing of Usama bin Laden, kudos go to the troops who carried out the mission and their leadership for the planning-including the commander-in-chief.

Instead, what we get is harping from Nancy Pelosi that she (of all people) wasn't informed prior to the operation. President Trump was blunt: He didn't inform Pelosi and other Democrats because he was afraid of leaks-which could have compromised the operation and cost American lives.

In addition, Trump's enemies are complaining that he informed the Russians that an operation was about to begin. My God! Time to rustle up those old collusion conspiracies. The fact of the matter is that it was necessary to alert the Russians that there would be an operation so as to avoid their troops and ours somehow becoming involved in a clash. They didn't have to know the details and according to Trump, were not informed of the exact nature of the mission.

And we have our disgusting media, in particular the Washington Post, describing al Baghdadi in terms that might lead you to believe we had assassinated some liberal university professor.

According to The Hill, the Post changed their headline at least twice after describing the terrorist leader as "an austere religious scholar"!

Below-via The Hill- is how the Post informed its readers of the death of al Baghdadi.

View image on Twitter
-The Hill

Al Baghdadi was an Islamic scholar-yes-but more importantly, he brought a barbaric savagery to Syria and Iraq that featured beheadings, people being burned alive, as well as countless murders of Christians and Yazidis-not to mention the rapes and sexual slavery, which were commonplace. He sent his terrorists in some cases back to Europe where terrorist attacks were carried out and more innocent people died. (As we speak, feckless European leaders are debating how to accept defeated or captured ISIS fighters and their families back into their countries.)

In short, al Baghdadi was a monster. In the end, he blew himself up taking three of his children with him.

"Dies at 48"!

If that isn't enough, the Post is running an op-ed by Jennifer Rubin entitled,"Three ways the Baghdadi raid undermines Trump's chaotic policy". 

No doubt the coming week in Washington will feature more calls for more investigations into this latest "scandal" on the part of President Trump. Let this day be yet another lesson as to the intellectual dishonesty of the left and our media.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Hillary Clinton's Disgraceful Performance at Elijah Cummings' Funeral

This article was first posted in New English Review.

The funeral of Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was held yesterday in Baltimore. Among the speakers was Hillary Clinton. In classical Hillary Clinton fashion, she used the event to attack not only President Trump, but Melania Trump as well. It was an obscene display in which she compared the Trumps to the Biblical figures of Ahab and Jezebel.

It is not my intent here to dishonor the memory of Elijah Cummings. I was not a member of his fan club, but it is time to respect the dead. What Clinton did in her 9+ minute address was to profane Cummings' service by making a thinly-disguised comparison between "our Elijah" who fought government corruption, to the "Old Testament Prophet (Elijah) who stood against the corrupt leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel". The audience recognized immediately what she was referring to and broke out in sustained applause. To be accurate, she was not the only one. Former President Barack Obama and Cummings' widow, Maya, also made veiled references to President Trump without mentioning him by name. At least they didn't compare Melania to Jezebel.

For those readers who want to view the whole thing, it can be watched here. The relevant portion comes at the 2:33 mark.

Of course, Hillary Clinton is incapable of getting through a speaking appearance without demonstrating her total lack of dignity and class. What also shines through is her sheer hypocrisy. If there is any couple in American political history that could be compared to Ahab and Jezebel, it is Bill and Hillary Clinton. Think what you will about Donald Trump though his alleged corruption remains unproven. To compare Melania Trump, our current first lady, to Jezebel is an obscenity. What has she done to merit this? Melania has conducted herself with much more grace and dignity than Hillary did as first lady-or as anything else.

A funeral service is an occasion to honor the dead, not to attack the living. Ms Clinton, however, is a lowlife. Her very presence casts a pall over any event. Yesterday's performance just added another tawdry chapter to her biography.

More on the Amsterdam Stabbing Case

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by C.

Recently, we posted a Dutch news report on the sentencing of a Afghan migrant to 26 years in prison for the stabbing attack on two Americans at Amsterdam's Central Train Station. Here is a followup on the rationale behind the sentencing. The defendant, previously identified as Jawed S., is fully identified as Jawed Sultani.

Hopefully, he will serve every last day of this sentence and be subsequently deported back to Afghanistan, which, in 26 years, should be a fully functioning, first world democracy, right?

Friday, October 25, 2019

CAIR Michigan Honors a Criminal

Dawud Walid, the head of the Council on American Islamic Relations in Michigan, never tires of paying homage to the late Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah  of Detroit.

Problem is Abdullah was a criminal and an Islamic radical, who was killed in a shootout with the FBI when they came to arrest him in Dearborn on possession of stolen merchandise/weapons charges in 2009. Rather than go quietly and face charges  Luqman chose to pull a gun and shoot it out. He managed to kill a police dog before FBI agents justifiably cut him down.

So now, with the "10th anniverdsary of the homocide" looming, CAIR and Walid are holding an event in his "honor". Here is Walid on Twitter:

For a more complete and sober analysis of Abdullah, we turn to the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

It says a lot about Walid and CAIR that they continue to defend and honor this man.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Anti-Semitism at University of Illinois

This article first appeared in Times of Israel Blogs.

Like many universities in the US, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is experiencing problems with campus anti-Semitism. As usual, the instigators are the pro-Palestinian supporters who use tactics of disruption and intimidation against Jewish students who support Israel. Naturally, the Students for Justice in Palestine, a creation of radical UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, a Palestinian himself, is involved in the issue, as always, creating discord on campus.  To its credit, the campus chapter of Students Supporting Israel is standing its ground.

So at the University of Illinois, we have a swastika show up on campus (We don’t know who placed it.) We have an anti-Israel presentation (at a housing staff meeting no less) that Jewish students complain was anti-Semitic, and we have the hapless student government having to waste time and resources debating the great question: Does anti-Zionism equate to anti-Semitism? In the midst of this, Chancellor Robert Jones has sent out a campus-wide missive condemning anti-Semitism. While the Students Supporting Israel has thanked Chancellor Jones for his statement, it has put the campus SJP chapter on the warpath. This article from the Daily Illini describes the situation.

First of all, it is the height of chutzpah to tell Jews that they cannot even define anti-Semitism, that is must be defined by their enemies or by third parties. It is not for the student government at the University of Illinois or any other university to determine what anti-Semitism is. While I would concede that not all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic, those who rail against Zionism are all too often driven by Jew hatred.  Most of the opposition to Israel is simply based on the surrounding Muslim world being unwilling to accept a Jewish (or any non-Muslim) state in its midst. Groups like SJP can deny their anti-Semitism all they want. They can point to their handful of Jewish misfit members all they want. They can align themselves with the misfit, leftist Jewish Voice for Peace all they want.  The fact is that Jew hatred lies at the very root of this.

Across the nation, from campus chapter to campus chapter, SJP prefers to use disruption and bullying rather than engage pro-Israel students in dialogue or debate. I have personally witnessed and videotaped their antics at UC Irvine, where I taught part-time (1998-2016) over the past several years. The time is overdue when university presidents should adopt a zero -tolerance policy to thuggish behavior that seeks to intimidate and shut down the free speech rights of others. SJP should be banned from every campus in the country until it can demonstrate that is willing to play according to the rules of civilized discourse. If any SJP members don’t like their school’s policies or the statements made by chancellors like Robert Jones, let them find another school.

This episode is still playing out, and it can only be hoped that SJP and their minions will not be allowed to rule the day at the University of Illinois.

*Update: Here is a video from the Facebook page of Students Supporting Israel.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Italy: Salvini Speaks in Rome

Editing by Gates of Vienna and Sub-titling by Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Earlier, we posted excerpts from a speech by Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy) party at a mass demonstration in Rome against the newly created government under Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Also speaking was Matteo Salvini, who was ousted as interior minister by the back door deal of the Partido Democrato and Cinque Stelle parties. Here are excerpts from his speech, in which he addresses the problem of illegal immigration, Italian politics being directed by Germany and France, as well as the issue of Turkey.

France: "Off With Her Veil!"

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes, and Ava Lon

Image result for woman being taken to guillotine in a cart
"This doesn't look like a bar."

So this guy woman walks into a bar regional parliament somewhere in France wearing an Islamic veil and all Hell breaks loose. Gates of Vienna picks it up from there.

And to cap it all off (no pun intended), French President "Boy Toy" Macron clarifies it all for us.

In other news, Macron informs us that bank robbers in France will only be arrested if they are unarmed and come out with their hands up. Otherwise, it's OK.

Norway: Man Steals Ambulance and Drives Into Pedestrians


Details are still coming in, but what we know is that an unidentified man stole an ambulance today and struck several pedestrians in Oslo including a set of twins in a stroller before being shot by police.

"Police said there was no information to suggest the crash was related to terrorism."

Which means they have no idea. Stay tuned.

*Update: Aftenposten (Norway) reports suspect is a 32-year-old Norwegian man.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Angela Merkel Admits "Multiculturalism" Was a Big Mistake: Brings in More Somalis and Ethiopians

Hat tip Zero Hedge and Vlad Tepes

"We have Lebensraum"

You have to hand it to Angela Merkel. She knows how to talk out of both sides of her mouth. This week, she has admitted that her policies of bringing in millions of refugees, migrants, asylum-seekers, fortune seekers and fortune tellers from the Middle East and Africa hasn't worked out so well. On the other hand, she welcomes in another 300+ from Somalia and Ethiopia.

This is possibly the most confusing thing to come out of Germany since the 1939 German-Soviet Pact. Somewhere, Hitler has to be scratching his head. Back in the day, he talked about Lebensraum for Germans. Now it's Lebensraum for everybody else in Germany! Of course, to be honest, we all know that Hitler was not exactly a big fan of multiculturalism, but that's another story.

At the same time  that Merkel admits what everybody else knows, she is teaming up with France's Macron to bully the Italians into pulling a bait and switch to force Matteo Salvini out of government and reopen Italian ports-all in the name of multiculturalism. This woman makes old Adolf look like a "man of his word".

 "I have here in my hand a signed agreement from the German chancellor that multiculturalism is a big mistake."

Depending on their religious views, I will withhold judgment on the Ethiopians, but the world has learned the hard way that many Somalis, who are Muslims, are wreaking havoc pretty much everywhere they have gone. The most notable exception is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who, at great risk to her life, has figured out that Islam was not for her. Too bad Merkel hasn't figured all that out yet.

The sad part is that multiculturalism, if put into the right perspective, can be a great thing. I know first hand because it has enriched my life. Put into the wrong context, it can be a disaster, little more than an exercise in twisted ideas of nobility, ethno-centrism, cultural appropriation, and anti-white, anti-West hatred. Europe could have had their multiculturalism and assimilation too had they brought people in who had the same values and belief systems. Instead they have concentrated on young, twenty-something Muslim males who have acted like conquerors with no sense of gratitude.

And it is Merkel who has led the way not only in Germany, but she has used her influence to drag the rest of Western Europe down with her. What a disaster Merkel has been for Germany-and Europe.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Giorgia Meloni Speaks in Rome

Editing by Gates of Vienna. Sub-titling by Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

This week, Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni led a massive demonstration in Rome against the new government and its immigration policies.  Meloni, leader of the Fratelli D'Italia (Brothers of Italy party) was in rare form. We have chosen excerpts from her speech that directly relate to Italy's problem of illegal immigration.

Sports Flash

(It's a slow day.)

Somebody in France Hates Islam

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by Miss Piggy.

Yves Threard is deputy editor of the French media outlet, Le Figaro. Here he is on a TV interview telling it as he sees it on Islam. In speaking out about the face covering issue, he says clearly that he hates Islam. Even though face coverings are banned in France, Threard is literally subjecting himself to possible prosecution for this statement-not to mention being murdered.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Nuremberg's Central Train Station-Then and Now

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Image result for nurnberg bahnhof

Having spent my three-year tour of Army duty in Erlangen, just outside Nuremberg, I can say I am quite familiar with the city's Bahnhof, or central train station. Nuremberg, of course, has a dark chapter in its history thanks to a guy named Hitler. He chose it as his shrine of Nazism and the site of the annual party rally. Thus, there are many photographs of Hitler arriving at the train station (when he wasn't flying into the city). Here is one from 1936:

Image result for hitler at nuremberg train station

In later years, the riff-raff of the 1930s has been replaced by a new generation of riff-raff. When I was there in the 1960s, the train station-at least at night- was largely populated by German drunks, many of whom I figured were dealing with the demons of their own years in the German army twenty or so years earlier.

Now the Bahnhof has a new riff-raff problem and a new threat. No, they don't have to worry about American or British bombers dropping bombs on them or Hitler smoking into town. The new fear is Islamic terrorism. That's why they have just held a practice drill at the Bahnhof, which you can see below.

I am guessing that the people being portrayed as attackers/by-standers were cops doing role play. They could have picked up some role players from the ones hanging around the station as more realistic "attackers".

Friday, October 18, 2019

Hillary vs Tulsi

"It's Tulsi"

Of all the Democrat candidates for president, Tulsi Gabbard is the least objectionable. Not only is she gorgeous, she is not crazy like the rest of the candidates. For some reason, she has drawn the ire of none other than Hillary Clinton, the dowager empress herself, who I suspect is grooming herself to run for president again. Now she has come out and stated that Jill Stein is a Russian agent!! She also implies-without mentioning Tulsi's name- that Gabbard is also a favorite of the Russians since they are trying to promote her. Oh, those Russian bots again. Gabbard has appropriately and beautifully replied to Hillary in a tweet.  You read it all below.

"Great! Thank you @HillaryClinton. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain. From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a ..."

-Tulsi Gabbard

The embodiment of corruption. Tulsi must be reading my blog because she nailed it.

If they ever do a remake of that old movie, Sunset Boulevard, they don't need to dig up Gloria Swanson to fill the role of Norma Desmond, the crazy, old, washed-up movie star dreaming of a comeback. Gloria is long dead, but they can dig up Hillary to fill the role. She'd be a natural.


Image result for norma desmond

"The next president of the United States....."

The Comical Decline of Norman Finkelstein

Hat tip Campus Watch

Norman Finkelstein

Cinnamon Stillwell has the latest report on discredited former professor Norman Finkelstein (He was fired years ago by DePaul University) and his recent speaking appearance at Princeton. As always, Finkelstein delivers when it comes to zany, oddball statements about Israel.

I should find it noteworthy that Princeton is Finkelstein's alma mater whether Princeton wants to own up to it or not. In fact, the last time I saw him speak at UC Irvine, in 2010, his sponsors at the Muslim Student Union were forced to advertise him as an "independent scholar with a PhD from Princeton". That's because he was unemployed! That appearance, by the way, could only be described as a total fiasco since he was humiliated and exposed as the fraud he is. I was there and can attest.

That was only the second time I have caught his circus act. The first time was in 2009 when he appeared on a day long panel of other oddballs at an event at UCI called, "Whither the Levant". As always, he put on a  great show which you can read about here.

The last time I saw him was 2013 at Southern California's Cerritos Community College, where he raised a few eyebrows even among his supporters by calling then-President Obama "a murderer".

In between, it's been a sad odyssey for Norm as he has drifted from teaching gigs in Turkey to speaking gigs at various college campuses and most recently teaching a course at the Brooklyn City Library (probably on card cataloging or the mysteries of the ISBN system). Some people have tried to put him on TV debates, but he usually winds up blowing his stack and stalking off the stage when contradicted by his better-informed adversaries. Where Norm (he doesn't like being called Norm) is in his wheelhouse is on some college campus dressing down some young Jewish student trying to defend Israel. In short, he is a bully, but like most bullies, he can't take it when somebody gets the better of him, which most people over the age of 23 can easily do whether they have a PhD, masters, bachelors, or GED.

So if you are ever in Brooklyn (for some strange reason) drop on by the library and check him out. He's probably in the basement. He might even invite you over for a cup of coffee since he lives in the neighborhood. Just don't call him Norm.