Thursday, April 30, 2020

Spain Moves to Deport 600+ Tunisians

Hat tip RAIR Foundation, Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The Interior Minister of Spain, Fernando Grande Marlaska, has announced that the Spanish government is working with the Tunisian embassy in Madrid to repatriate over 600 Tunisians who are currently at the Spanish enclave at Melilla on the Moroccan border whose asylum requests have been processed and denied.

At the same time, hundreds of these migrants have set themselves up on the streets of Melilla to protest and have begun a hunger strike. They are demanding entry onto the European mainland.

The RAIR Foundation has the details below as well as a video from the Spanish media. The video is translated by Fousesquawk.

House Democrats Salute Ramadan

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Hat tip Counter Jihad Coalition

Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) has introduced a resolution in Congress saluting the US Muslim community during Ramadan. She was joined by Andre Carson (D-IN), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and others. Naturally, it has the enthusiastic support of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization with connections to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is interesting to note that this has 24 signatures-all Democrats. The list includes Katie Porter (D-CA) who is my representative in Congress. (I didn't vote for her.)

I have a resolution: Since we have something called separation of church and state, how about our Congress refrains from these kinds of salutes or whatever you call them-for all religions? As a  Christian, I would be perfectly happy if Congress took no note of Christmas or Easter, and I think most Jews would have no problem if Congress didn't send them any messages on Passover.  We simply allow all religions to practice their faiths as long as they do not intrude upon the rights of others.

I am absolutely not advocating that Ramadan be banned. Unfortunately, due to world events, this kind of  resolution will be perceived by many different people in different ways. Rightfully or wrongfully, some are going to take it as a sign of submission.

I concede this is a slippery and complex issue. Do we do away with the White House lighting up the big Christmas tree? Do we do away with the President pardoning the turkey on Thanksgiving? I say no because for one, they are innocuous, and secondly, if we start canceling our traditional practices that have religious overtones (Christian or Jewish), that would also be perceived by many-rightfully or  wrongfully- as a form of submission (to you know what). We have already seen things like this around the world. Just this week, an historic old cathedral in Spain was taken over by a group, apparently without any authorization, who blasted the call to prayer over loudspeakers to celebrate Ramadan.

As always, I take care not to paint all Muslims with the brush of terrorism and intolerance. However, as long as churches are burning in places like Egypt, Pakistan, and Western Europe, as long as Jews are being subjected to insults and violence from Muslim immigrants in Europe, as long as religious minorities are being persecuted in just about every Muslim-majority land you can name, I am not interested in "celebrating" Ramadan. I would also prefer that our elected representatives not waste tax-payer money and time producing these kinds of salutes.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Covid-19: Something Is Rotten in Sweden

Hat tip RAIR Foundation and Vlad Tepes

I'm no doctor, but I smell a fish in this highly disturbing story coming out of Sweden. Dr Jon Tallinger, a Swedish physician, is blowing the whistle on the Swedish policy of withholding oxygen from Covid-19 patients above the age of 80 while administering morphine.

In the first video below, you see an interview by Dr Tallinger with a Swedish nurse in the town of Gävleborg. Her name is Latifa  Löfvenberg, and she is a nurse in Gävleborg who has seen the practice carried out first hand and has come forward.

In the second video, Dr Tallinger is interviewed by Vlad Tepes blog.

As I stated above, I am no doctor, but as a retired DEA agent, I know plenty about morphine, which is a precursor to making heroin. Morphine, an opiate, is a powerful pain reliever and central nervous system depressant. To make a decision that a Covid-19 patient over 80 should be given morphine and denied oxygen (which is apparently only available in Swedish hospitals, not nursing homes) seems to be tantamount to euthanasia.

I urge the reader to take the time to watch both videos. They are in English and both about ten minutes long.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Car Attack in France (Cont)

Hat tip Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Yesterday, a man identified only as Youssef T drove his car into two motorcycle policemen in the community of Colombes, outside Paris. The investigation reveals that the act was deliberate, the driver was angry about the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and that he had pledged his allegiance to ISIS. The case is now being investigated as a terrorist attack. Three policemen were injured, one seriously.
The below report is from Le Figaro. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Colombes attack: The preferred terrorist track

Youssef T., who tried to murder two police officers in Colombes Monday, had sworn allegiance to the Islamic State.

by Christophe Cornevin, published (April 28)

(Below photo: On Monday, while driving a vehicle, Youssef T.,  deliberately rammed two traffic police motorcycles who were carrying out a check, injuring at least three police officers, one seriously.
-Franck Fife/AFP

After several hours of evaluation, the national prosecutor anti-terrorist office has decided to (take over) in the attack that targeted two police officers  Monday afternoon at Colombes (Haut- de-Seine) in the name of the Islamic State.

Youssef T.

Tuesday afternoon, the specialized magistrates opened an investigation into counts of attempted murders of persons charged with public authority in relation to a terrorist enterprise and criminal terrorist association. Once again, this case shows an Islamist (who) passed under the radar before taking action. Age 29 and of French nationality, Youssef T. has passed a first night under guard at 36 Rue de Bastion (Bastion Street), hqs of the Paris Judicial Police, to be (interrogated) by the criminal brigade in charge, with the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI), to shed light on the attack and the motivations of the perpetrator. The course of events seems both crystal clear and chilling.

Allegiance to the Islamic State

Shortly before 17:30, Youssef T. was driving a black BMW through the streets of Colombes. Obviously agitated  after having viewed some videos on the situation in the Gaza Strip, the man, who is described by relatives as "pro-Palestinian", had placed a knife in the glove compartment of his vehicle. Slipped into the sun visor was a letter described as "very clear" by an informed source, swearing allegiance to the Islamic State.  In particular, the writer explains that he has thrown himself  "head on in the battle  to impose sharia on the entire earth".

In front of the police, this native of Luneville, (Moselle) also expressed the will to die a "martyr" killing the police officers, as advocated for years by the propaganda of the terrorist organization. At the level of the stadium,Yves-du-Manoir, he put his plan into execution: Launched into high speed, his car rammed two motorcycle traffic policemen (DOPC) who were in the process of conducting a check.

Caught in a vice against a municipal police vehicle that had come to ensure the rules of confinement, one of the officers, hit in his wrist and lower limbs, was hospitalized in absolute urgency. Out of commission, he is now in stable condition after having undergone an operation during the night. His colleague, more lightly injured, suffered a fracture of two fibula. A third officer, assigned to the Colombes municipal police, meanwhile, was released from the hospital. Youssef T., protected by an airbag, was taken into custody without giving resistance. In spite of his knife, his overwhelming written allegiance and references made to Daesh (ISIS), police and magistrates initially were perplexed for hours as the course of the "cop-killer" is very confusing.

Acts of violence

A warehouseman drifting between odd jobs and periods of unemployment, Youssef T. certainly displayed behavioral problems building a medical file which (will be) gone over at length by the national anti-terrorist prosecutor. Tuesday morning, a psychiatric examination was conducted and concluded that there was no absence or alteration of judgment on the part of the defendant. Unknown by the anti-terrorist services, Youssef T. doesn't appear in the File of Reports for the Prevention of Radicalization of Terrorist Character (FSPRT), and was never classified as S. His file only mentions two acts of violence for which he received a penalty of community service in 2010. Anxious to define the contours of the suspect, the police, accompanied by a bomb squad and dogs, conducted a search of his residence on the fourth floor of an apartment building in the small town of Audra, situated to the north of the city, not far from the place where Youssef T. deliberately tried to murder the police officers.

According to several witnesses, he never exhibited his attachment to radical Islam, nor frequented the prayer room situated just below his home 

After having searched the apartment  for at least two hours, they left with digital material (which is)  under examination. As is often the case in this type of investigation, the alleged "soldier of Allah" was considered by his neighbors as "polite", "discreet" and "without any (incidents)."
According to several witnesses, he never exhibited his attachment to radical Islam, nor frequented the prayer room situated just below his home.

Archtype of the "hybrid", the deadly trajectory of Youseff T. brings to mind Abdallah Ahmed Osman,
Sudanese national, himself unknown to the special services, who complained in writing of living in a "country of unbelievers", before sowing death in Roman-sur-Isere at the beginning of the month. Nor, to a lesser degree, that of the convert Mickael Harpon, who, after failing to be detected in 2015, brought bereavement to the Paris police prefect last October 3. United in the same radical interpretation  of the religion, where hate and a profound feeling of frustration mix together, the "neo-terrorists" defy all the screenings and multiply in spite of all the "turning of the screws" by the authorities. Confined or not, France will have to get used to fighting this gangrene. And develop an adapted response posture.

Terrorist Runs Down Police Outside Paris

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

A Muslim man has run down two French cops in the town of Colombes, near Paris. Initial reports are that the man, identified only as Youssef T. had sworn allegiance to ISIS and was angry about the Israel-Palestinian situation. The attack occurred Monday, April 27.

We are working on translating French reports.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Another Sweden Rape Case Is "Adjudicated"

Hat tip Fria Tider. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Here is another typical story out of Sweden. Boy meets girl. Boy rapes girl. Boy gets probation. That is the case of Omar (LNU), who has been convicted of beating, choking and raping a 14-year-old girl at a shelter on Gothenburg. Omar is from Syria and claimed to be born on January 1, 2001, which made him just hours short of his 18th birthday when the act was committed. Of course, as is noted in the below article, Swedish authorities apparently took his word for it as to his true age. He could be 30 for all we know.

So Omar is free as a bird on probation since the shelter where he has been living, in the words of the court, "appears to be well tailored to meet his needs." And  forget about deportation. Omar is now a proud Swedish citizen!

The Swedish blog, Fria Tider, has the details. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Picture of the sentenced (man) from an earlier case in 2017. Police photo of scene of crime where the girl was raped.

Omar raped girl in HVB-home hours before he turned 18- escapes prison
-Published 27 April 2020 06:13 am

DOMESTIC: Omar claims that he was born January 1, 2001 and therefore, he was only 17 years old when he raped a 14-year-old girl on New Years Eve 2018. Therefore, he comes under a sharply reduced sentence and completely avoids prison for child rape.

"It  should be particularly noted  that Omar had not turned 18 when he committed the crime of rape on a child," the high court writes in justifying the rapist getting away with custody.

On December 31, 2018, in an HVB-home in Gothenburg, a 14-year-old girl was raped anally and vaginally by Omar, who comes from Syria. The rape occurred hours before Omar turned 18, according to the age information he himself had provided to Swedish authorities.

During the rape, personnel at the residence were busy with paperwork, wrote OMNI when the sentence sentence was announced. The girl, who also lived at the home, was therefore left alone with Omar in the HVB-shelter on New Years Eve.

During a police interview, the girl reported that Omar asked about her age, and she answered that she was 14 years old. They were told that a meeting in the residence was scheduled, and they went into another room to play ping pong. After a few games, they sat on a sofa and talked.

When Omar showed her his room, he suddenly turned off the lights and locked the door, according to the girl who said that she then understood what was going to happen and said, "No". Omar lay over her on the bed and took off her clothes. The girl said, "No, I have a boyfriend," several times, but Omar didn't care, rather proceeded to rape her while he banged her head against the wall and tied a string around her throat. He asked if it hurt and tightened it even more after she answered, "Yes," according to the girl.

Afterward, the 14-year-old girl went crying to her room and told her boyfriend on Facetime that she had been raped and strangled. The boyfriend's mother also learned about the rape and told the girl to alert the personnel. She told the personnel about the abuse and said that she wanted to report it. The police came to the HVB-shelter, and the girl was allowed to go the hospital, where an examination was performed.

A couple of weeks later, between January 14-22, 2019, Omar  was involved in three different incidents where he had cannabis resin in his possession. On January 16, 2019 Omar attempted to steal a pair of pants from D and O Retail AB, in which he tripped the alarm and left the premises. The pants were worth 1,199 kronors. That ended with Omar being caught by guards before the crime was completed.

Received Swedish passport after a few years

Public records show that Omar needs an Arabic interpreter and is both a Swedish and Syrian citizen. He came to Sweden in 2014 with his mother. His father had come to Sweden a few years before they did. The rapist was granted Swedish citizenship around January 2018. Therefore, he cannot be deported home to the Arab world under present legislation.

Omar has two previous entries in criminal history records. In September 2017, he was sentenced to 70 hours youth service for assault, verbal abuse, aggravated theft, threats against an official, attempted violence against an official, violent resistance, and a minor drug offense. In September 2018, he was convicted for minor drug offenses, for which he was sentenced to youth custody.

At the end of November 2019, Gothenburg's district court announced the judgment in the rape case. Omar was sentenced for rape against a child, three counts of small drug possession, and attempted theft. The sentence was probation. He must also pay 115,000 kronors in damages to the girl. Of the damages, Omar's parents must along with him, jointly pay 9,100 kronors.

"It should be particularly noted that Omar had not turned 18."

Since Omar "was only 17 years old at the time of the act, the sentence value is reduced to one third of what it is for an adult perpetrator," wrote the district court.

The reason is that Omar had reported that he was born January 1, 2001, which would mean that he turned 18 the day after the rape. January 1 is a date that many immigrants from the third world claim they were born when they come to Sweden and for various reasons don't want to give their true age.

It is still possible to sentence the 17-year-old to prison, but the court did not see any particular reason to do that. The treatment that he receives at his HVB-home "appears to be well tailored to his needs," according to the law, and can "in comparison with a prison sentence, substantially increase the conditions in which Omar doesn't return to crime."

In April 2020, the High Court for Western Sweden announced its judgment.The district court's judgment is affirmed as to (guilt). The damages are changed only in that the High Court decided that Omar's parents  will not pay damages to the girl.

The High Court is in agreement with the district court that "it should be particularly noted that Omar had not turned 18 when he committed the crime of rape on a child."

Fousesquawk comment: As to those monetary damages: Since Omar is no doubt without sufficient funds to pay the damages, it will all be picked up by the Swedish tax-payer. It is part of the reason all these so-called refugees want to go to Sweden. 

It should also be particularly noted (to borrow a phrase from the Swedish court) that this particular shelter may have met Omar's needs, but it did not meet the needs of the 14-year-old victim.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Students for Justice in Palestine Gets Award From Tufts University (Sick)

Hat tip JNS, Tufts Daily, and Israel Group

Students for Justice in Palestine, the brown shirt organization founded by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, has inexplicably gotten something called the 2020 Collaboration Award  from Tufts University.

Actually, there is an explanation. This is actually typical of the moral and intellectual rot in our universities today. That a disreputable group like this, which routinely engages in tactics of disruption and intimidation against Jewish students would receive any type of award is a shameful blot on academia today.

It is not entirely clear to me exactly who presented this award. It apparently came from some group of administrators though the Tufts University president denounced it.

“We strongly disapprove of this award in light of SJP’s concerning policy positions, including its association with the BDS movement, elements of which we view as anti-Semitic. We will be reviewing the awards process, which currently does not involve academic deans or senior university leadership and this year did not include students, in order to ensure proper oversight and review going forward,” said Tuft’s President Anthony Monaco;  Provost and Senior Vice President Nadine Aubry; Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences James Glaser; Dean of the School of Engineering Jianmin Qu; and Dean of Student Affairs and Chief Student Affairs Officer ad interim Nancy Thompson."
"The leadership added that “We as senior leaders take responsibility for this outcome, which should not have happened, and recognize that the award has caused a great deal of pain and concern for Jewish members of our community and others who share concerns about SJP’s policy positions, particularly in light of rising anti-Semitism in the U.S. and around the world.”

All well and good, but it's not like SJP doesn't have a history at Tufts. In 2015, they disrupted an Israeli event on campus. It is more than just their policy positions.

And once again, we see the pernicious influence of Saudi Arabia at Tufts. In 2018 President Monaco and other Boston-area university heads met with Crown Prince Salman at Harvard University.

"In total, Tufts, Babson, Boston University and MIT have received, or have been pledged, at least $122.3 million in financing from the Saudi government, Saudi state-owned industries and Saudi public universities since 2012, according to a review of federal data by the Daily as well as reporting by the Associated Press and the Boston Globe."

Just a little background and perspective here.

To conclude, here is my question. While I applaud the statement of Tufts President Monaco, if that is really the way he feels about SJP, why are they allowed on campus in the first place? Second question: How much funding do they get from the university, and does that come out of student fees? I don't know the answers to those questions, but I raise it all because I know that many universities provide funding to recognized student groups that come from student fees.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Spain: Cathedral Used for Islamic Call to Prayer

Hat tip Guaje Salvaje, Europa Press, Catalunya and  Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Lerida/Leeida, Catalunya, Spain: Old Cathedral of Seu Vella

Christian religious activities have been shut down in Spain due to the Corona virus. Yet, in the Catalunyan town of Lleida/Lerida, local Muslims took over the historic old Cathedral of Seu Vella, located on the hill overlooking the city, to broadcast the call to prayer for Ramadan.

The PP criticizes Lleida for permitting call to prayer during Ramadan

Below photo: Xavier Palau, PP Lleida Apr 25 (Europa Press)

The press spokesman of the PP (Partido Popular/People's Party) in Lleida,  Xavier Palau, has criticized the Town Hall for allowing the Muslim community of the city to install loudspeakers next to the Cathedral of Seu Vella for the call to prayer during Ramadan, the party announced in a statement this Saturday.

View video here. (Hat tip Guaje Salvaje)

He declared that the Catholics of Lleida haven't had any type of concession during Holy Week, since religious rites processions have been suspended due to the Corona virus, and (he) opined that this "demonstrates the sectarianism that the Town Hall defends."

"It seems to us a violation of the fundamental rights of the city as a whole because the microphone installed in the highest building forces all the citizens to listen to the call," and he said that it seems that it imposes a belief, in his words.

Jewish Voice for Peace and Bombers

This article first appeared in Times of Israel Blogs.

Hat tip Algemeiner

View image on Twitter

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)  is one of those curiously-named organizations that have very little to do with peace. They are a left-wing bunch who links arms with those who want to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. They are one of the closest allies of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) chapters as well as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), who, in turn, are nothing more than Brown Shirts in my view.

So now, the organization ("for peace)" has done an interview with Laura Whitehorn, a former terrorist, who was involved in the 1983 bombing of the US Capital (She did it for peace).

Judging by the wording in the flyer, I would not expect a critical interview.

JVP not only supports the disruptive tactics of SJP and various MSA chapters on college campuses, they don't believe that those of us who oppose them should be heard. I attended an event at UC Irvine in 2011 featuring three JVP leaders. It was a total goat rodeo. The key words here were, "useless discourse", referring to any pro-Israel speech. The featured speakers were Rachel Roberts, Estee Chandler, and Matan Cohen, the latter an Israeli anarchist. You have no idea how offensive it was to hear some anarchist punk from Israel (of all places) tell us here in the US that whatever his opponents have to say in favor of  Israeli is "useless discourse".

In May 2017, the annual bash-Israel week of events came to UC Irvine, and, as I have done for several years, I attended much of the "activities". During the week, I spoke with one of the demonstrators, who told me he was a member of JVP. Later in the week, I saw him again as SJP disrupted a pro-Israel event. You can read about it and see the video here.

That disruption was carried out by SJP, and the UCI Muslim Student Union with at least one JVP member present, as well as a "legal observer" from the National Lawyers Guild. They all run together.

JVP is an organization that has nothing to do with peace. They are leftist, and they support disruption and intimidation of Jewish students on campus. When I and others were pleading to the Regents of the UC system in October 2015 to draft a meaningful statement against campus anti-Semitism, the JVP was there arguing that to do so would inhibit  the free speech of the pro-Palestinian bullies. The JVP speaker in question at UCLA was none other than Estee Chandler, whom I had previously seen at UC Irvine in the above-referenced 2011 event.

If JVP wants to support the Palestinian narrative in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that is their right. The problem I see here is that they are not interested in open dialogue between the opposing sides. To them, disruption and bullying are OK because they support Students for Justice in Palestine and their disruptive tactics. I say that because I have been witness to it.

Jewish Voice for Peace is a fringe, radical organization, and they should be treated as such.

Friday, April 24, 2020

The NFL Draft: WTF??

I am watching the NFL draft. I didn't expect a lot of excitement with the Steelers (my team) not having a first round draft choice, but it's nice to be watching sports again. But I would like to nit-pick here.

As I watch this show, I feel like I'm watching the Salvation Army draft. Instead of talking about the skills of the players,  it seems the NFL is determined to tell its viewers that each and every player selected is a model citizen with a tragedy in their life they have had to overcome. If the player likes to play chess, we are going to hear all about it. If a player has a dog, that's news. I mean, what gives? Now they are talking with a third round draftee who has traveled to Japan! Great pick.

I just hope the Steelers don't draft CNN's Brian Stelter.

As everyone knows, the NFL has had an image problem for several years. Football is a violent sport, and sometimes that physicality spills over into the private lives of some of the players. The league has been often referred to as the National Felon League. That translates into lots of bad publicity that overshadows the guys in the NFL who keep their noses clean.

Then came Colin Kaepernick and his kneeling for the National Anthem, which caught on with other players and other teams. The NFL took a big hit for that perceived lack of respect for our flag and our military. Even out of football, Kaepernick has continued to stir the pot with his anti-American tirades. The fans reacted very negatively to all that.

In response, what we have seen is an NFL dedicated to paying tribute to our military, camouflage dress apparel and all. To a cynic like me, it has come across as PR.

Now this year's draft is overflowing with tributes to our medical and first aid personnel in the fight against Covid-19. That's all well and good; I salute them too, but the PR flowing through this year's draft is just overwhelming.

It's a kinder and gentler NFL.

Enter into all this is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the most unpopular commissioner in American sports, deservedly or undeservedly. Goodell is continuing the tradition of the NFL commish announcing the picks-at least through the third round. Goodell may be a great guy and a great commissioner for all I know, but putting him on TV-this time from his home acting more as a moderator- is a flop. Goodell may do a lot of things well, but on camera, he is wooden. An apple tree would do better an camera than Goodell.

I don't mean to suggest that teams-and fans- don't care about the character and makeup of the players who are selected to join their teams. Character is examined closely by the teams before drafting (some more than others). It is a given, especially in football, that a certain percentage of players won't get along with teammates and coaches and will get into trouble off the field.

But I am encouraged that this year. the NFL is drafting so many choir boys. Maybe someday I can play chess with one of them. (Just kidding.)

"With the thirtieth pick in the third round, the Steelers select Brian Stelter......... He cried himself to sleep over the Corona virus."

Oh no!

Who Is Abdel Majed Abdel Bary?

Hat tip El Pais (Spain)-Translation by Fousesquawk.

This week, Spanish police captured one of the most wanted ISIS terrorists, Abdel Majed Abdel Bary, in Almeria, where he was hiding out in a hotel with two confederates whose identities are not yet known.

The Spanish periodical, El Pais, has published  an article describing who this man is. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The Dubious Intentions of a Self-Sufficient Jihadist

Abdel Bary, arrested in Almeria, was part of a group of British combatants  nicknamed "The Beatles"

A la izquierda, Abdel Bary. A la derecha, una fotografía del grupo del ISIS al que pertenecía.

-El Pais
Beneath photo: At left, Abdel Bary. At the right, a photo of the ISIS group he belonged to 

What gave away Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 29-year-old British rapper and one of the most wanted jihadists in Europe, was his ears. The agents of the General Commissariat of Information, of the National Police, observed him up close during the 5 days he was staying in Spain before being arrested in an apartment in Almeria, early Monday morning: "The shape of his ears was one of the aspects that allowed us to identify him," the agents reported. He had been staying, together with two other men, in a tourist apartment near Puerta Purchena (Square), in the center of the Almerian capital. Being forty kilos heavier and wearing a mask in conformance with the confinement imposed by the Corona virus crisis, the agents had to dig deep  to ensure it was him. This Wednesday, he was sent to prison together with two other persons with whom he was found, by the judge of Central Court number 3 (National Court) Maria Tardon, accused of "being part of a terrorist organization" in a cause that remains a secret.

It was three months ago that the agents running the investigation became aware of the possible arrival of Abdel Bary. "We didn't know where he might try to enter, but the information indicated that he might try at any time." It is about one of the "somewhat more than 100" Islamist terrorists that the police follow in order to avoid their return to Europe. Since the decline of the Islamic State (ISIS) and the death of its leader and creator of the caliphate, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in October 2019, "the  returnees" are one of the principle threats for the Western societies.

Abdel Bary is the son of the Egyptian, Adel Abdel Bari, jailed in the US for participating in the massacres of the US embassies  in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, with more than 200 deaths, and (he) answered the call of the Islamic State in 2013. He left his emerging career as a rapper and his expensive house in a  neighborhood in East London, where he had moved with his mother and two brothers from Egypt when he was a child, to fight with ISIS in Syria. "For two years, he was very active as a member of the Beatles (police nickname for a group of five British combatants), but in 2015 we lost track of him in Turkey," an agent stated.

He combined a shameless exhibitionism with photos, videos and proclamations in social networks, with a great tendency to submerse himself in the dark Internet. "The next that was known of him is that he returned to enter Syria in December 2019. He was located there after many thought that he had died in the bombardments," related an investigator. "Afterward, Almeria," he ended.

Sources from the so-called Operation Altepa confirmed that he arrived there using the illegal immigration routes from Algeria, where he presumably spent time preparing his trip. He made the crossing allegedly accompanied by the two Algerian citizens who were sharing the apartment with him. One answers to the family name of Ceddiki, is 22, and is the "getter". This latter had a false European passport and was the one charged with renting the tourist apartment for a month. He is a specialist in card frauds and, with connections in North Africa, was responsible for the logistics, say the investigators.

The other detained man is as yet unidentified. The agents have sent his fingerprints to be checked in international police data banks and are awaiting the results, though they suspect that "he could be another returnee since recently, he was in Turkey," they note.

None of them offered minimum resistance when arrested, nor showed the slightest surprise: "Total coldness," the agents described. And the three demonstrated absolute secrecy as to suspected jihadist activities, both before the police and before the judge. None of them said anything, according to police sources.

In the apartment, the agents found "neither precursors, nor explosives, nor arms," but they seized mobile phones and a computer that "perhaps, will clarify something as to the intentions of Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary," who is accused of belonging to a terrorist organization, (but) nevertheless has no other previous offense in Spain other than having spent five days hidden in an apartment in Almeria.

"He has wide experience in combat, in the making and handling of explosives, and great ability to obtain funds, and he moves like a fish in water in the dark Internet," note the agents about the principal suspect in the operation. "He is a self-sufficient terrorist, he doesn't need anybody, he himself can create his own cell," they explain.

The United Kingdom revoked his citizenship after he went to Syria, so he will not claim it. If extradition is not claimed by any of the third countries  in which he could have pending charges, the only place he could be returned to is Egypt, where he was born, and with whom Spain maintains agreements. But there is the second part of the operation Alpeta: Retrace the steps in reverse in which the arrestees made up to their arrest. Their tracks are now being crossed with police databases, and the materials seized are being analyzed, the fruits of which remain to be seen.

Making holy war at the rhythm of rap

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary transferred his capacity to send messages with rap in London to willingly making jihad in Syria. From there, in full combat, he wrote inflammatory passages, threats, posted his own photos holding decapitated heads, showing large weapons.....All a warlike and exhibitionist rosary, which also enabled the forces and agencies of security to follow his steps. Though the National Court connected him to another matter  with one of the young jihadists held in Spain, specifically with a girl from Huelva, sources close to this investigation insist they have no confirmation it is him. And they also warn that he was confused with the terrorist who cut the throat of the American journalist, James Foley. This act, in August 2014, was perpetrated by another of the 5 members of the so-called group, the Beatles.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Profaning Holocaust Remembrance Day

This article was first published in Times of Israel Blogs. Hat tip Jewish Journal.

It takes a special kind of despicable to deface a Jewish site on Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom ha Shoah). Such an incident has occurred at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where the Arabic word for "Palestine" was found spray painted on the Hillel building on campus on April 21.

Based on my own personal experience teaching at the University of California at Irvine for 18 years (1998-2016) and still following the events on that campus, I have stated for years that the focal point for the resurgence in anti-Semitism lies on our university campuses. That form of Jew hatred is not based on beliefs that Jews use the blood of Christian children to make matso. Nor is it based on the idea that Jews control our government, the banks, Hollywood, and are plotting a world-wide domination It is not based on the belief that Jews are polluting Aryan blood. With rare exceptions, you don't see that kind of Jew hatred openly expressed on college campuses.

What you do see is the Palestinian-inspired Jew hatred on campus. For some inexplicable reason, the pro-Palestinian forces have masterfully succeeded in making the Israel-Palestinian conflict into one of American academia's hot button issues. They have turned it into a human rights issue in which the Israelis are committing genocide against the poor, noble Palestinian people.

When Jewish students on college campuses are pushed, yelled at, or had their events disrupted, it is not by neo-Nazis, KKK types or white nationalists. It is almost always at the hands of pro-Palestinian supporters.

And who are these pro-Palestinian supporters? Let's be as precise as possible. It is groups like the various chapters of the Muslim Student Associations (MSA)  and their sister organization, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). While many students join the MSA for legitimate reasons of finding religious support and fellowship, many chapters have people in leadership positions who have attacking Israel at the top of their agenda. SJP has a single purpose- to fight the existence of Israel with tactics of disruption and intimidation. They are brown shirts, simply put.

It is not just students who are guilty. Blame must also be assigned to many activist professors and to Middle East Studies departments, which are nothing more than pan-Arab, anti-West, and anti-Israel propaganda centers. Some of the universities with the worst such departments are UCLA, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, and Columbia. There are many more, however.

In terms of ethnicity, it is a mix. While many (not all) Muslims are active in campus agitation against Israel, there are also many non-Muslims including some misfit Jews. The common thread seems to be a devotion to left-wing causes in general. In this vein, we should not forget the insidious role played by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

But make no mistake: It is the pro-Palestinian campus movement that is responsible for most anti-Jewish sentiment in this country. That is not to deny anti-Semitism that exists on the part of white nationalists, neo-Nazis, or KKK types-which is also to be condemned. But to argue that they are the main problem is dishonest in my view. Yet, that is the argument you will hear from the left including from liberal professors and rabbis. I myself have seen and heard this both on campus and in one local Southern California synagogue.

It can no longer be denied-as some had done until recent years -that campus anti-Semitism is a problem and part of the overall problem nationally. The great debate now is pointing out the perpetrators. Admittedly, as always, Jews catch it from many directions. It is just that it is politically correct and safe to blame certain groups, but not safe and politically correct to blame others.

In this most recent episode at UMass-Amherst, the word, "Palestine" was written in Arabic. Unless this was a sophisticated hoax or case of misdirection, I will draw the appropriate conclusion that it helps make my case.

Spain: Major ISIS Terrorist Captured

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, FDesouche, and La Voz de Almeria (Spain). Translation by Fousesquawk.

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, aka Lyricist Jinn

One of Europe's most wanted terrorists has been captured in Almeria (Southern Spain). The arrest occurred April 21. The terrorist is identified as Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, a former (stripped) citizen of the UK, of Egyptian origin and a former rapper. Bary is believed to have been involved in several beheadings while in the Iraq-Syria zone of conflict. 

In addition to Bary, two other men who were in his company were also arrested. The three men apparently arrived in Spain disguised as migrants and were staying in a  hotel at the time of the arrest.

The below article is from the local newspaper, La Voz de Almeria. It does not contain Bary's name or the names of the other two men. The French blog, FDesouche does have his name as well as several other international sources. FDesouche also has his picture and a short video of police entering the hotel and bringing the three men out.

One of Most Sought-After Daesh (ISIS)  Terrorists arrested in Almeria

The arrests by the National Police took place just a few meters from Puerta Purchena (Square).

Agents of the National Police have carried out an anti-terrorist operation that has culminated with the arrest in Almeria of one of the most sought after Daesh Foreign Fighters -FTF, who was located in a building close to the Puerta Purchena of Almeria, as confirmed by eye-witnesses to La Voz (The Voice)

The investigation was carried out by investigators of the General Commissariat of Information, in collaboration with the Province Commissariat of Almeria and also had the collaboration of the National Intelligence Center. Two other persons were detained, and efforts are in progress to verify their identity and check their relationship with the arrested man. The agents searched an apartment where the three arrestees were hiding in the Andalusian city.

The investigation was carried out  thanks to international cooperation, when special agents in the fight against  terrorism, in collaboration with the National Intelligence Center, operated on the possibility that this FTF had the intention to return to Europe through our territory. Different lines of investigation were activated to verify his possible clandestine arrival in Spain and locate the place chosen to hide.

After a complex investigation, the circumstances of his arrival at the coast of Almeria  was determined, as well as his subsequent movements, finally resulting in his discovery and arrest. The arrestees (had) adopted iron measures of security, both in their trip from North Africa to our territory, as well as the movements they made in Almeria.

Once in Spain, the arrestees adapted their behavior to the state of alarm situation as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, making few ventures out, separately, and always with masks to avoid being detected. The operation developed is part of the strategy of the National Police aimed at the detection and neutralization of the possible return to our country of terrorists coming from conflict zones.

The operation was carried out under the supervision of the Central Court of Investigation number 3 and the coordination of the Prosecutor (Office) of the National Court.

Profile of the arrested Foreign Terrorist Fighter

The arrested FTF is one of the most sought-after terrorists in Europe, as much for his criminal record in the Daesh ranks as for his high degree of dangerousness.

The arrestee spent several years in the Syrian-Iraqi conflict zone and exhibits certain peculiar personality traits as well as an extremely violent criminal profile, which caught the attention of the European police and intelligence services.

Part of his history with Daesh has been recorded in several audiovisual media and the written press, which has published various aspects of his activity within the terrorist organization, showing images, some extremely raw, of his crimes in the zone of conflict.

The operation remains open and, at this time, there is intense work to verify the identity of the other two detained men, and the ultimate reasons for their presence in Spain in the company of the FTF. All that is to determine if both of them are returning combatants or if these two persons could have been providing security for the FTF and logistical support for his entry into Europe.

This operation is an example that, in spite of the health crisis, the National Police and the Judiciary continue to collaborate actively in the fight against terrorism.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Portugal: 19 Refugees Reported Missing from a Hostel in Lisbon: Government Says Everything Under Control


Today, news sources reported in Portugal that 19 migrants/refugees had been reported missing from a Lisbon hostel where they were housed at a time when virus testing was to be done. In this subsequent article Publico quotes government officials as saying they know where the migrants are. The hostel in question, however, seems to have several virus cases reported, and some officials say conditions in these hostels and pensions is unsatisfactory.

The below article from today's Publico is translated by Fousesquawk.

Council on Refugees says they know where all the migrants are who were in a hostel in Lisbon

The Portuguese Council on Refugees (CPR) states that in spite (of the fact that) 19 persons were not in the hostel on the day (virus) tests were done, "they were immediately located, that some were already tested, and others were in the process (of being tested)." The Defense Ministry says that ASAE inspected the location, and "all indications are that the conditions were not in accordance with the criteria that we established". The government is reviewing the model of reception of these citizens.

The Portuguese Council on Refugees states that it did not lose track of 19 migrants who were housed in the hostel in Morais Soares, in Lisbon, where it was confirmed that 136 were infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that originated the covid-19 pandemic.

In a statement, the CPR states that in spite (of the fact that) 19 persons were not in the hostel-or pension- on the day that the tests were done, that unit and the Aliens and Border Service (SEF) "proceeded to their immediate (discovery), having already tested some and in the process of testing others."

The applicants for international protection, "during the entire proceeding," are in regular status in Portugal," that unit states. "The arrival lists are updated regularly, being that any applicant for international protection has the freedom of movement in Portugal. They are not obligated to always stay in the same municipality,  (but) having to keep SEF informed of their whereabouts under the terms of the Law of Asylum."

In accordance with the Law of Asylum, social and housing support, "is assured only to those who are in a situation of economic  need, with this support ceasing at any time in which the conditions are no longer verified," it further explains.

Monica Farinha, Chairwoman of CPR, told Publico that "there are no missing persons in Lisbon; it is known who they are and there is a process going on." The Correio da Manhã  reported this Wednesday that 19 (persons) had fled the hostel, from where they had left without justification.

In the CPR facilities, there are 199 asylum-seekers: 99 spontaneous, 73 under the Resettlement Program, and 27 minors. Scattered through different hostels and other residences in Lisbon- the CPR does not disclose how many- there are approximately 800 asylum-seekers. "The authorities- Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI), SEF, Social Security, and Holy House of Mercy- are informed of their whereabouts (and) the reception is not only focuses on support from CPR," it said.

However, the air base at Ota received 169 of the migrants who were housed in the hostel of Morais Soares Street- the 136 who tested positive, 7 whose results were inconclusive, and 26 whose results from the tests were negative. The Minister of Defense, João Gomes Cravinho, stated this Wednesday in a visit to Ota that within the group were citizens of 29 nationalities, 1 stateless, and that a majority are of African origin."We have no knowledge of any situation like this," he stated. The Authority for Alimentary and Economic Security (ASAE) is handling inspection of the hostel and according to the the minister, "everything indicates that the conditions are not in accordance with the criteria that we established."

The hostel was subjected to a disinfection. This Wednesday, the director-general of Health, Graça Freitas, stated that the migrants who are at Ota have mild symptoms. "They are all in good health." She further said there is a recommendation for the de-concentration of people in locations where it exists. Graça Freitas added that more tests were done in other locations but did not specify which.

Government Reviewing Model

Also in Ota, the Secretary of State for Integration and Migration, Cláudia Pereira, says that the government is reviewing the reception model for asylum-seekers and refugees, "the future immigrants who contribute to the economy in Portugal. We are analyzing these conditions and a secretary of State has been created to improve these conditions," she stated. She recalled that all immigrants are exempt from out-of-pocket health fees in cases of covid-19, whether or not they are in regular status.

At Lusa Agency, the president of the Parish Support Council, Margarida Martins, reported  Monday on the situation that existed in that pension and demanded an inspection. "We should demand that the ASAE check out this situation. It is impossible that in a pension with 40 rooms, there are 200 people. It should be an obligation for the State not to let things arrive at this point," she said.

However, it is not known in how many more hostels or pensions the migrants are housed, in what conditions they are in, and if they have been subjected to some form of monitoring. Neither SEF, CPR or MAI are giving information about this. Eduardo Cabrita, Minister of Internal Administration, said at Algarve this morning that the development of tests in this type of pensions is a priority, just as happens with  homes. In the next few days, he added, an intervention is planned in other, smaller  housing units, all in the area of Lisbon and covering about 500 people.

Alexander Kpatue Kweh, coordinator of Refugee Forum, a project of the Union of Refugees in Portugal, told Publico on Tuesday: " Still, in December, we alerted all the institutions about the complaints that we received about the overcrowding of the hostels," he said. "The refugees are not able to speak with the institutions, so they come and speak to us", sums up the official, assuming that these alerts have not borne fruit. "Unfortunately, it has come to this."

Among the 169 persons who were housed at Morais Soares and who since then were transferred to the Ota Air Base, "the great majority had their application for protection not admitted, having filed an appeal under the terms of the law," CPR informed Publico on Monday.  A smaller group was found to be in the phase of admissibility," the agency added pointing out that the housing at Morais Soares was carried out by CPR, "with knowledge of the partner entities"- Social Security, Service for Aliens and Borders (SEF) and the Holy House of Mercy of Lisbon (SCML).

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Netherlands: Dutch Teen Stabbed to Death- Sudanese Refugee in Custody

Chalk up yet another innocent victim on Western Europe's altar of political correctness. An 18-year-old Dutch teen was stabbed to death Sunday morning while riding his bike. The accused killer is a  25-year-old Sudanese refugee (not yet identified). Police have no motive for the attack but are not ruling out terrorism. The below article is in today's De Telegraaf. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Rik van de Rakt (18) was attacked without reason

Suspected stabbing killer of bicyclist in Oss is refugee
-Mick van Wely (Yesterday (April 20, 2020)

Oss- The 25-year-old man in custody for the stabbing death of Rik van de Rakt (18) from Heesch this weekend in Oss, is an asylum-seeker from Sudan. The suspect is a status holder and lives in Heesch. It is the second refugee arrested this year in Brabant for a fatal crime.

Caption below photo: Police in Oss conduct investigation at the location where the bicyclist was stabbed to death
-Hendriks Multimedia

The police confirm the background of the suspect after inquiry by De Telegraaf to the community of Bernheze, under which Heesch falls. "Today a search took place in his residence in Heesch. The investigation is still in full progress, and we are still looking for witnesses, especially the cyclist who was riding over the Hescheweg in Heesch on Sunday. The suspect will be brought before the examining magistrate tomorrow," said a spokesperson from the East Brabant police.

Known by police

In the village there is much anger and sadness over the murder of the teenager who, as it now seems, was attacked and stabbed to death for no reason.  It quickly became known in Heesch that the suspect was the 25-year-old status-holder. He previously had caused nuisance in the village and was then also known to police. It was made known on Monday that the suspect was arrested shortly after the murder in a confused state.

In spite of the enormous impact of the deadly stabbing and multiple attempts by De Telegraaf, Mayor Mariecke Moorman did not wish to respond to the incident on Tuesday.

Found next to bike

Rik van de Rakt was found dead Sunday morning next to his bike in Oss at the crossing of Julianasingel and Dr Saal van Zwanenbergsingel in Oss. It later turned out that he was stabbed to death.

As it appears from camera photos, the perpetrator also tried to stab a woman. But she was able to escape the man. The police are still looking for witnesses to both attacks. The police say a terrorist motive  is not yet ruled out. "There are no indications in that direction. However, at this stage, we are keeping all scenarios open," said a spokesperson from Oost (East) -Brabant police.

He called his step-father, Mario, and screamed for help," said a friend of Rik's Monday to De Telegraaf. For the grandparents, it is still a big mystery what exactly happened on Sunday morning.

Protests against azc (asylum-seeker center)

Four years ago, Heesch was turned upside down by large protests against the opening of an asylum-seeker center. Dead pigs were placed in a tree and eggs thrown against the windows of the town hall. The mobile squad had to intervene against the rioters. The center was not opened.

The Sudanese is the second refugee in custody for suspicion of murder in Brabant. Last month, police arrested a resident of the asylum-seeker center in Echt for the murder of the 56-year-old barrel talker, Frank Schrijen, from Boxmeer. (A major figure in the carnival world.) The suspect comes from Trinidad and Tobago.

The attorney for the Sudanese suspect in the Oss stabbing was asked for rebuttal through the Public Ministry, but has not yet responded. De Telegraaf does not know who that is.

It's Called "Gaming the System"

Hat tip La Verita and Il Giornale (Italy). Translation by Fousesquawk.

Even before some migrants are plucked from their boats in the Mediterranean, they have their applications for asylum filed at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg by friendly lawyers.

The migrants leave Libya with the numbers of Italian lawyers to contact in their pockets

Emblematic is an episode that occurred on Easter Day: A lawyer filed an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights while the applicants were still on board a damaged rubber dinghy.
-Mauro Indelicato- April 21, 2020

Already before touching land and when their boat was still at the mercy of the Mediterranean, two migrants succeeded in contacting a lawyer to launch an appeal at the European Court of Human Rights.

And when their rescue situation had still not been resolved, in the offices of the Court, the files regarding the case had already been filed. 

An episode that demonstrated how, already prior to the departure of the barges from Libya, some migrants have in their pockets the numbers of reference contacts. Making note of this situation is an  article in La Verita (The Truth), in which  was cited the case of two young men on board a small boat that was damaged during the Easter period in the central Mediterranean. 

In particular, the documents filed at Strasbourg contain the names of those who made the appeal: They are: Abdel Wehab Mohamed, 28, Sudanese, and Naseneva Diabi, 21, Ivoirian. It was those two who called the lawyer shortly after their departure from the port of Al Khoms, a town east of Tripoli.

Recorded telephone calls and, according to their lawyer, already filed for the examination of the judges of Strasbourg. The lawyer in question is, as also revealed in La Verita, Lucia Gennari. She is part of the legal office Antartide and  is the reference for Lazio dell' Asgi, Association for Judicial Studies on Immigration. 

It is she, therefore, that the two migrants turned to, explaining their situation and that of the boat on which they were on board. "The applicants," reads the document filed  at Strasbourg, "are at the moment on board a white and grey rubber dinghy which left Libya from Al Khoms during the night of 8-9 April, 2020".

According to the testimonies of the two migrants, on board were at least 47 passengers. On 10 April the first SOS was sent, received by the Alarm Phone network, which, by  Twitter, alerted the Maltese and Italian authorities  on the position of the naval unit. The next day, other information, among which more alarming (information) was transmitted  on the sickness of some migrants on board and the damage that forced the dinghy to remain at the mercy of the waves.

All of the various passages were described by the migrants who contacted attorney Gennari, and their testimonies were, therefore, included in the documents filed together with the appeal. Reference was made, among other things, to the message from the Maltese authorities on Saturday (before Easter) at 22:24: "All ships should check and assist if necessary, "it reads, "Malta is not in position to provide safe harbor."

According to those who submitted the appeal, this answer on the part of Valletta (Malta) could have potentially discouraged rescue actions. From here, also considering the fact that at that moment, the dinghy was in Maltese waters, the request of a proceeding against Malta. An initial document was sent to Strasbourg precisely at that juncture, in which was requested the arrival in the area of a vessel which offers, a "safe port immediately" to the migrants.

A second document, on the other hand, was sent on Easter Monday: In that, besides an update on the situation, is also contained a list of alleged violations of human rights on the part of the Maltese authorities as well as that of Italian (authorities).

The finger is pointed against the Maltese authorities on account of the presence of the dinghy within its territorial waters and, precisely for this reason, the appeal was not presented also against Italy.  The episode has, therefore. demonstrated  how, already prior to the departure from the Libyan coast, the migrants are already acquainted with professionals and referred lawyers. A circumstance often suspected in the past, but never having surfaced.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Yom ha Shoah-Palestinians Refer to Jews as Virus

Hat tip  Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Leave it to the Palestinians to conjure up modern-day Nazi style images of the Jews in Israel. As Israel marks the Holocaust and the loss of 6 million Jews, the Palestinian tweeters and artists are outdoing themselves with cartoons equating Jews to the Corona virus.

Let's try to draw some comparisons. Suppose we were to produce cartoons attacking the Chinese people for the Corona virus? How fast do you think that would be condemned? Yet, the noble Palestinians could produce this trash and get away with it.

Rather than go on a long rant about all the anti-Jewish hate I have seem come out of the pro-Palestinian lobby over the years, let me just say that these images say much more about the Palestinians and their "cause" than they could ever say about Jews.

AOC: "You Love to See it"

                                                                                        "You absolutely love to see it"

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has made the news again with another one of her boffo statements. (That's the only time she ever makes the news.)  This time she is celebrating the crash of the US oil markets.

“This along with record low interest rates means it’s the right time for a worker-led, mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet. *cough*” 

OK. So the voters of the Bronx didn't know who she was in 2018 and will "correct" the error in November, right? Don't be so sure. If they actually re-elect this brain-dead dolt, it will say oodles about the voters in her district.

Netherlands: Murderer of Pim Fortyn About to Be Releasd From Supervised Parole

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard. Translation by Fousesquawk.

                                                                                                  Pim Fortuyn

Volkert van der Graaf

Pim Fortuyn was a Dutch politician, academic, and gay activist who opposed the Islamization of the Netherlands. In 2002, he was shot to death in Hilversum, Netherlands by Volkert van der Graaf, a left-wing activist who told police that he killed Fortuyn due to his anti-Islamic statements.

After serving 12 years, Van der Graaf was released on parole in 2014. He has been living since under certain restrictions including wearing an ankle bracelet.  Now all restrictions on his freedom are about to be lifted. Fortuyn's family and many others are not happy about it since they consider Van der Graaf to be a dangerous man. Dagelijkse Standaard has the details. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Volkert van der Graaf probation ending! Pim Fortuyn's family very worried: "He is deadly dangerous!"
-Bart Reijmerink

* Note: According to the Dutch word,"proeftijd", van der Graaf has been on probation.  We would consider it as being a parole.

For the family of Fortuyn, it is incomprehensible that Volkert van der Graaf will soon be completely free to walk the streets without supervision. According to them, the man is still as dangerous and unpredictable as ever. Nevertheless, Van der Graaf will shortly enjoy his complete freedom. Meanwhile, the Netherlands must still do without the Great Pim.

Joost Eerdmans finds it unbelievable that the family is not informed of the pending end of Van der Graaf's probation.

-"The family is not even informed by the Public Prosecutor's Office of the expiration of  probation."

Simon Fortuyn, Fortuyn's brother, finds it disgusting that such a radical figure now disappears from the radar. Nobody knows what Van der Graaf will now do, and nobody is in a position to control him.

-"A fox loses its hair, but not its (tricks). This man is deadly dangerous and needs to be watched. In the last 18 years, this "jellyfish" has taken a run at everything and everyone, most of all with the Public Prosecutor."

There are still some simple restrictions on Van der Graaf until May; from then on, he is once again a free man. It remains inexplicable that someone (who commits)  such a serious crime-in fact, an attack on freedom of speech- nonetheless, gets such a mild punishment. It is, indeed, inexplicable for the family that they have not been told that the murderer will soon be completely free again.

A tragic thought.