Sunday, May 31, 2020

Trump Says Antifa Will be Classified as Domestic Terror Group

In the wake of this week's riots across America, President Trump has announced that Antifa will be designated as a domestic terror group.

How that will take form and how it will be enforced I don't really know, but I agree with the designation. This is a loose-knit group of violent anarchists around the nation who for too long have been promoting violence in our streets. In my opinion, the Justice Department should conduct some sort of RICO-type investigation into the activities of this bunch. There is no doubt that they are coordinating nationally and sending people across state lines to commit mayhem. I have to believe that police and federal authorities have plenty of intelligence and files on Antifa.

This has nothing to do with political beliefs or protesting. It has nothing to do with race because Antifa is overwhelmingly white. We are talking about violence and crime, and it is time to put a stop to this violent bunch of thugs.

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