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Anni Cyrus Speaks out on Sharia

Hat tip Jamie

Anni Cyrus was born as a Muslim in Iran. As a female, she experienced the worst being handed over as a child bride and having been imprisoned, lashed and raped. She lived under sharia law and it was not pretty. As a result, she left Islam and is now producer of the Jamie Glazov show. She is a sharia survivor.

On April 21, Anni spoke in Dearborn, Michigan, America's most Islamic city. The thugs from Antifa tried to shout her down, but Anni had her say.

Ex-Muslims represent an important voice. Keep in mind that they are putting it all on the line when they leave Islam and putting it all on the line when they speak out publicly. By putting it on the line, I mean they have to live under the threat of death, sharia's punishment for apostasy and blasphemy.

This week, UC Irvine is going through another anti-Israel week sponsored by the brown shirt Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Union. Thus far, their only announced speaker is advertised as a "Nakba survivor". In response, I would offer Anni Cyrus, sharia survivor.

Day One 2018 Hate Week at UC Irvine

Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine kicked off their annual hate Israel week of events today, and a lot is shrouded in mystery. At this point, only one speaker has been announced for Wednesday night, a non-entity named Anis Zubi from Al Awda, (Right of Return) Orange County.

Today I stopped by the dopey apartheid wall to see what what going on. Two members of the Israeli Reservists on Duty were present making themselves available to the public for questions.

Apparently not making themselves available for questions were the SJP/MSU representatives were were all dressed ominously with Palestinian keffiyas, their faces covered, and holding Palestinian flags. In fact, when I walked up to their table and asked politely a couple of them if they had any events scheduled for this evening, I got no answer. One young man actually shrunk away from me as if I were going to bite him.

"C'mon, I won't bite you," I said repeating my question. Still no answer to my question from the guy or the gal. So I left.

Supposedly, there is some event scheduled for tonight, but it seems the speaker is shrouded in silence-just like the SJP/MSU representatives.

By the way, I did take a picture of a couple of them just to show the reader how they look. In my view, they are not advancing a very positive image of themselves lurking about  with their faces covered. What in the world are students and members of the public to think? I wonder who their faculty adviser is.

Islam Party Leader in Belgium Explains the Law (Sort of)

"Mr Ahrouche, is there a reason you won't look a woman in the eye?"

Apparently, there is a law in Belgium that says a Muslim man does not have to look a non-Muslim woman in the eye. In the below-linked video (courtesy of Vlad Tepes), Redouane Ahrouche of the Islam party makes his argument for Shariah law and other nonsense.

Is it just me, or does Mr Ahrouche look like he is sitting in the back of a police cruiser (where he probably belongs)?

Sunday, April 29, 2018

"Catastrophe Week" Returns to UC Irvine

It's that time of year again at UC Irvine. The week of April 30-May 4 has been proclaimed Nakba week by the Students for Justice in Palestine and Muslim Student Union. Nakba is the Arabic word for catastrophe, which for Palestinians is when Israel became a state in 1948, and the Arab world joined together to wage war on the nascent Jewish country. The Arabs, as we all know, lost and some Palestinians who chose to leave Israel to clear the way for the Arab armies wound up in refugee camps in neighboring Arab lands.

And there they have sat since. Palestinians have become the world's longest-standing refugees. Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were driven out of Arab lands with little to nothing picked up their lives and became productive citizens of Israel or other countries while the Palestinians and their descendants have wallowed in self pity and unspeakable violence against innocent civilians.

But back to the present where Arab and Muslim students in the US have perpetuated the myth of Palestinian victimhood with their obnoxious, loud, and never-ceasing anti-Israel campus events. Over the years at UCI,  I have witnessed more than my share of oddball, radical, hateful speakers, many of whom are nothing but loud mouth Jew haters. And that is not to mention the Jewish misfits like Norman Finkelstein, Judith Butler, Matan Cohen, Jewish Voice for Peace and others.

In recent years, the annual anti-Israel weeks have been fizzling. No more screaming imams at the outdoor flagpoles at noon. The mock apartheid wall is still there. In recent years, there have been a series of boring figures appearing at night. My own attendance at these events has decreased as well. This is partly because I no longer teach at UCI and I pick and choose the events more carefully.

So who is coming to speak at UCI this year? As far as we know, SJP has only been able to line up one speaker, a guy named Anis Zubi, who is described as a "Nakba survivor".

Mr Nakba survivor is slated to speak the evening of May 2.

But hey! Let's get into the spirit of things. To celebrate the return of Nakba week to UCI, I will now play (again) my own composition of the Palestinian National Anthem, as performed by Ace Frehley (without his knowledge).

More Clinton Emails-For the Record

Hat tip Freedom Outpost and Judicial Watch

Here is some more to add to the Clinton archives. Someday, someone will write a serious biography of Hillary Clinton, and it won't be pretty. Thanks to the dogged determination of Judicial Watch, more missing Clinton emails have been retrieved for the public record.

Controversy Continues Over Hamburg Murders

Was an infant beheaded?

(Note: I have provided rough translations of selected excerpts from German to English.)

 Earlier this month, a man from Niger murdered his German ex-wife and infant daughter at a subway station in Hamburg. The killer used a knife and inflicted horrific injuries upon both victims. For the infant, death was almost instantaneous.

In fact, one witness, a Ghanian gospel singer, used his cell phone to capture images of rescue workers as they tended to the victims. At one point, in obvious shock, the man appears to say (in English) "The guy cut  the head off the baby." This has never been reported to the public. (When this video was played on another site, one reader stated that he thought the statement was, 'The guy cut the head of the baby". The English is accented, and it could be interpreted either way. Yet, the context of the narration suggests strongly that the witness saw something very shocking because he repeatedly, "Oh my God. Oh Jesus" several times.

The witness is tentatively believed to be Daniel Jeddman, a gospel singer from Ghana who lives in Hamburg. The video was  possibly posted by another individual.

The below two German sites (not yet translated) claim that police are covering up the fact that the baby was, in fact, beheaded, based largely on the above video.

Der Vorwurf: Die Ermittler würden dem Publikum die blutigsten Details gezielt verschweigen, um den Täter, den abgelehnten Asylbewerber Mourtala M. aus dem Niger, zu schützen. Jetzt fand eine Razzia bei einem Blogger in Eilbek statt: Es ging um ein Handyvideo.

The accusation: The investigators are intentionally keeping the bloodiest details quiet from the public to protect the killer, the rejected asylum-seeker, Mourtala  M.  from Niger. Now there is a police raid on a blogger in Eilbek. It concerns a handy-(cell phone) video.

And this from Juergen Fritz Blog referring to the same video.

"...Der Lampedusa-Flüchtling aus dem Niger, der vor zwölf Tagen in Hamburg Tochter und Frau tötete, hat seine einjährige Tochter nicht nur brutal abgestochen, er hat ihr tatsächlich den Kopf fast vollständig abgetrennt." 

The Lampedusa refugee from Niger, who 12 days ago in Hamburg killed his daughter and wife, not only stabbed his one-year-old daughter, in fact, he almost completely severed her head.

„O my God. It’s unbelievable. [Oh mein Gott. Es ist unglaublich] O Jesus, o Jesus. O Jesus. They cut off the head of the baby [Sie haben dem Baby den Kopf abgeschnitten]. O my God. O Jesus.“

Viewer warning: Graphic scenes.

Juergen Fritz Blog also posts official documents including this from the Hamburg  court:

The prosecuted perpetrator, Mourtala Madou, out of anger from the day before (when) his application for joint custody of his daughter was denied and to punish the child's mother enforcing his power and ownership claims with intention to kill suddenly pulled a knife from his rucksack, stabbed his one-year-old daughter in the stomach from behind and then subsequently the throat almost completely severing (the head)......

„Der gesondert verfolgte Täter“ (Mourtala Madou) habe aus Wut wegen der tags zuvor erfolgten Ablehnung des beantragten gemeinsamen Sorgerechts für seine Tochter und um die Kindsmutter zu bestrafen, seiner in einem Kinderbuggy sitzenden einjährigen Tochter in Tötungsabsicht und zur Durchsetzung seiner Macht- und Besitzansprüche mit einem unvermittelt aus seinem mitgeführten Rucksack gezogenen Messer von hinten einen Stich in den Bauch versetzt und ihr anschließend den Hals nahezu vollständig durchtrennt …, s

 Here is what is wrong, and it is being played out all over Europe. The public is not being given the facts of what is happening. Identities and descriptions of perpetrators are shielded, horrific details of their crimes are not being reported, the very existence of no-go zones is denied to the outside world, and the grand result is that the people are not truly aware of the dangers they face from this million or so people who are running amok. As the old Mel Brooks movie suggested: It's springtime in Germany. (Or is it for Angela?)

James Comey's Book

This article first appeared in New English Review.

I just finished reading James Comey's book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership. Given current events,  I felt I had to. Comey's version of events surrounding the Clinton e-mail investigation, the Russian Collusion investigation, and the entire controversy surrounding the very character and personality of President Trump is an important part of the public record even if the book is self-serving (It is.) and even if certain parts of the book are open to question (They are.).

Looking at the book as a big picture, Comey comes across as one who considers himself the wisest and most ethical person in the room, if not all of Washington. Each chapter begins with a quotation from major figures in world history, from St. Francis, Mark Twain, Margaret Thatcher, and Thomas More among others. There are also quotes in the texts from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

There is no question that Comey has no respect for President Trump. At the end of the book, he states flat out that Trump is unethical. When Comey describes his personal encounters with Trump, he goes to great lengths to paint an uncomplimentary picture of Trump's personality, a man who doesn't listen to others and who dominates the conversation. Comey also stresses that Trump has no concept of the separation that the FBI and its director must maintain from the White House in order to maintain its integrity and independence. He, of course, describes the White House dinner when Trump demanded his personal loyalty.

More specifically, I wanted to check and see how Comey's words in the book matched up with events as we have learned over the past couple of years. One part that particularly caught my eye was in chapter 8 when Comey describes his policy of making sure every FBI trainee was educated about the abuses against Martin Luther King under J. Edgar Hoover.  Comey writes:

"To drive that message home, I obtained a copy of the 1963 memo from J Edgar Hoover to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy seeking permission to conduct electronic surveillance of Dr King. At the bottom of the single page memo, which is only five sentences long and without meaningful facts, Kennedy's signature grants that authority, without limit as to time and place. I put the memo under the glass on the corner of the desk where every morning I reviewed applications by the FBI and the Department of Justice to conduct national security electronic surveillance in the United States. As Hoover did, I was required to personally sign an application. The difference was our applications went to a court and were often thicker than my arm. As I would explain to employees, it is a pain in the neck to get permission to conduct that kind of surveillance, and it should be."

And yet, Comey signed off on that infamous FISA application to obtain a wiretap against one time Trump campaign aide Carter Page, which was largely based on the equally infamous Russian Dossier, compiled by former British Intelligence agent, Christopher Steele, which told of Trump allegedly hiring Russian hookers to urinate on his Moscow hotel room bed because the Obamas had previously slept there. (There were four applications, the original and three re-authorizations. Comey signed off on three and his deputy, Andrew McCabe, signed off on the other one.) While Comey talks about the dossier and how he briefed Trump about it, there is no mention of how it was used in the FISA application. Nor does he mention that the dossier was partially paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign. Nor does he mention that now-disgraced ex FBI official Andrew McCabe testified before Congress in  December 2017 that without the dossier, there would have been no FISA application against Page. Indeed, Carter Page is not mentioned in the book.

While Comey does mention McCabe a few times-and defends him as a man of integrity- the names of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page do not appear in the book. There is nothing in the book regarding the emails between Strzok and Page that talked about their hostility to Trump and their fervent desire to see Clinton elected. Not that agents are not entitled to their political preferences. They are not supposed to let it interfere with their job. Yet, they referred to the Trump-Russian collusion controversy as an insurance policy and indicated they knew that Clinton would not be indicted.

As to the Clinton email investigation, Comey goes to great lengths to show that he and the team of agents working the case acted properly in deciding not to recommend prosecution. In explaining his decision, Comey stressed two points in chapter 10:

1 "Our investigations required us to answer two questions. The first question was whether classified documents were moved outside of classified systems or whether classified topics were discussed outside of a classified system. If so, the second question was what the subject of the investigation was thinking when she mishandled that classified information.

In Secretary Clinton's case, the answer to the first question-was classified information mishandled?-was obviously, "yes".........

".........The heart of the case was, the, was the second question: What was she thinking when she did this? Was it sloppy or was there criminal intent? Could we prove that she knew she was doing something she shouldn't be doing?"

Not only does Comey ignore the actions of Clinton that would show knowledge of guilt in destroying the contents of her already subpoenaed emails using "Bleachbit" and actually destroying her communication device, he claims they could not show "intent" by Clinton to break the law. What Comey leaves out is that the principal federal law that would apply is 18 USC 793 (f), which did not require intent, rather that the accused mishandled classified information through "gross negligence". That is why Comey revised his exculpatory memo on Clinton to change "grossly negligent" (as originally worded) to "extremely careless"). The former term has legal implications. Comey claims in his book, that legal experts would recognize the difference. I sure cannot. In addition, it was Peter Strzok who helped Comey write that memo and reportedly was the one suggesting the change from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless."

"Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both."

Comey then uses the David Petraeus case as an example. Petraeus lied to the FBI to cover up the fact that he had provided classified information to his biographer (and lover), so he knew what he was doing was wrong. In addition, Everybody on Clinton's email list had the clearances and need to know. (Except, as it later turned out, disgraced US Congressman Anthony Weiner, who was also the husband of Clinton's controversial advisor, Huma Abedin.)

Comey says more than once in the book that they could not prove that former Secretary of State Clinton "knew what she was doing was wrong". That is absurd. She received a security briefing before taking up her duties. To say that any secretary of state didn't know these actions were wrong is akin to saying that the head of DEA didn't know it was wrong to snort cocaine in his office during working hours (or at home after working hours as well.)

Comey is more convincing when he describes the new information that was discovered from Anthony Weiner's laptop in October 2016-after the FBI had cleared Mrs. Clinton. Comey states that in his mind, it was better to advise the public that the case was being re-opened rather than conceal that fact and have it become public knowledge after a Clinton victory (which everyone presumed would happen). Thus came the announcement of a re-opening of the case  followed by an announcement that the case was once again closed just days before the election.

"I don't leak"

Comey has been having a rough time in interviews making the case that he wasn't a leaker in spite of the hand-written memo he passed on to a Columbia University law professor and friend which was then passed on to the press. In his testimony before Congress, Comey admitted doing so in the hope that this would lead to the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Trump. Comey so distrusted Trump that he began writing memos after his conversations with the President, a copy of which he shared with his FBI senior leadership team (no names given), and a copy of which he kept at home.  (Chapter 13)

"As was my practice, I printed two copies of the memo. One I shared with the FBI senior leadership team and then had my chief of staff keep in his files. The other I locked up at home, for two reasons: I considered the memo my personal property, like a diary; and I was concerned that having accurate recollections of conversations with this president might be important someday, which sadly, turned out to be true."

Comey stresses in his interviews that the information was not classified-thus, he didn't leak classified information. One thing that was brought out in the Clinton email case was that a document is not just classified because someone puts a classification stamp on it. The information itself is what is classified. What we have here is an FBI director, so ill at ease in talking to the President, that he makes a hand-written memo of it and shares a copy to senior FBI leadership and his chief of staff for his own files. In one memo, Comey is addressing Trump's stated wish to him that he (Comey) could "let the Michael Flynn case go". Sorry, Mr Comey, but that document is sensitive on its face and belongs to the government. A conscientious civil servant would, in all probability, put a classification stamp on it simply given the players and the content.

Let me give a somewhat related example from my years as a federal agent. As a DEA agent (and this applies to the FBI and other federal agencies as well), we were required to keep our personal notes during an investigation for discovery purposes in the event of a trial. In other words, if an agent was conducting a surveillance, an interview, an interrogation, an undercover operation-you name it- it was not sufficient to merely submit an official report. Handwritten notes had to be preserved and made available to defense attorneys at time of trial. They were not our personal property. I would argue that nothing an FBI director produces as part of his duties is his personal property.

James Comey found himself in a unique situation in that his agency was investigating both of the 2016 presidential candidates at the same time. Few leaders could have navigated that mess well, and Comey was no exception. He talks a lot about leadership qualities in his book, and according to what I have heard was well-regarded by his agents. Yet, he does not dispel the notion that the fix was in on the Clinton investigation. All in all, Comey did not help his cause (vindication) by writing this book.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Melanie Phillips' Letter to the Muslim World

"We understand why you hate Israel. Paranoid hatred of the Jews is embedded in your religious texts. Moreover, since you believe that any land ever occupied by Muslims becomes Muslim land in perpetuity—and since the very idea of the Jews being your equals in ruling their own land is anathema to you—your culture of honor and shame means that you cannot accept a Jewish state in a region you claim as your own."

Writer and commentator Melanie Philips has published an open letter to the Muslim world about Israel. The message is clear: Israel is running circles around the Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim world that wants to destroy the Jewish state. I am therefore happy to post this.

Melanie, of course, neglected the one notable contribution to civilization given to us by the Muslim world-the suicide vest.

I will add her site to those I have already linked to mine.

Meanwhile in Cincinnati......

Trafficking of False Visas Through Spanish Consulates in Morocco

The below report is from the Spanish newspaper, El Pais and describes how thousands of Moroccans are obtaining false visas through Spanish consulates in the North African country. One they are into Spain, via the Schengen Agreement, they are free to travel within the EU unimpeded. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Endless Scemes of Visa Purchases in Morocco

The lack of means and controls foments a black market of documents in consulates at a price of up to 8,000 Euros

Ciudadanos marroquíes hacen cola para poder acceder a la ciudad de Melilla.
Ciudadanos marroquíes hacen cola para poder acceder a la ciudad de Melilla. ANTONIO RUIZ

Photo: Moroccan citizens form a line to gain entry to the city of Melilla.

Rabat (2016 and 2018), Tetuan (2003), Tangiers (1996 and 2010) and Casablance (2007) have been in the news due to the appearance and detention of schemes of buying illegal visas in Spanish consulates. Ever since this bureaucratic step was imposed in 1992 in order to cross the Straight, the cases and irregularities have gone up periodically and with procedures almost identical. A band of local counterfeiters, more or less similar, infiltrate themselves at the entrances of Spanish consulates (that laboriously issue with long lines some 150,000 visas a year) using the services of one or various "local or Spanish functionaries" and facilitate (the Moroccans) to be able to overcome the bureaucratic barriers for a price that ranges in these years from 5,200 to more than 8,000 Euros. Last week, were produced the last two detentions in Rabat. After the last operation, reported in these same offices in 2014, the Foreign Ministry sent in an inspection in 2017 which resulted in proceedings (against two officials though in the preliminary stage). The volume of the falsifications and the business is incalculable.

The case of the mafias and the purchases of illegal visas in the Spanish consulates in Morocco is the most worrisome and important for its quantity and for the proximity of the country to Spain and its entry into Europe. But it is not unique. Last March, Bolivian police dismantled a similar band that operated within the consulate of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia with similar methods. The alarm signs detected were different and the result of the operations and the internal investigations practically the same.: Silence, forget, look the other way, and go back to the beginning.

One of the interventions carried out in a Spanish consulate in Morocco happened after the falsification of visa of a young man admitted in a Belgian hospital. In Rabat, the grand scheme began to fall apart in 2014 thanks to an anonymous report from a local journalist from Nador (Morocco) , with whom embassy personnel spoke that provided a lot of data and led to the discovery of 18 false documents. That report with the internal report was sent to the central hqs of the Ministry in Madrid which ordered a general inspection in 2017.

In the Office of Diplomatic Information (OID) this inspection is related with the two detentions on the part of the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) of Morocco last week revealed by the local daily, Assabah. The newspaper reported a band made up of 13 members and 4 local functionaries infiltrated in the services of information and investigations. One of them with double nationality. The Ministry has opened  another internal investigation although it affirms that Morocco has not communicated the reason for the detentions. The last one, that of 2017, concluded with the dismissal of two employees who then filed a lawsuit in Madrid with the Social Court that has just been dismissed. One of them, the ex-head of services, Rosario Castillo Garcia, warned that, during her time at the Tangiers consulate had issued 25 false visas  in a review of those issued in two weeks. Then, when discovered in Rabat, asked for a transfer to Madrid and early retirement.

  Consulate in Rabat

The consulate in Rabat issues some 35,000 Schengen visas a year and another 9,500 of nationals for family reunification. In the department of visas, there are four chiefs and between 8-10 local employees. They are saturated and more so in the summer period when the schemes intensify to 40% of the papers presented. All of those documents are impossible to verify. The falsifications, besides, are good, very professional. When they arrive for the signature of the chancellor or consul, they barely have time to put their signature on them. Some heads or employees spend  (It is common to transfer within the same country) decades in this consulate or others in Morocco and know all the nooks and crannies. The consul and the chancellor change destiny.

In Madrid, in the ministry, they allude to the flood of work as justification. They receive 1,000 complaints a year from their 90 consulates (from the two million transactions carried out) and in its annual plan, six inspections are obligated a year.

Friday, April 27, 2018

A New Form of Prostitution In Italy

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

There  is a sad new twist to the migrant crisis in Italy. In the northern city of Padua (Padova), young migrant men, mostly Senegalese, are swapping sex services for food. The "Johns" are actually middle-aged women and older men. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Padova (Padua) red light zone. Migrants sell themselves for food

In Padua,  a type of red light zone has been created in which women and old people go in search of young migrants

Women in search of men in Padova, the zone between  Piazza De Gasperi and the area of the train station has been transformed  into a red light zone where women and old people seek out young men of color.

The payment may not be in money, rather in food.

The testimony (of witnesses)

The search starts as soon as the sun goes down. The targeted prey are young (male) immigrants, mostly Senegalese. who are in search of a meal and who barter it with sex. "The Senegalese young men position themselves between Via Cairoli and Corso del Popolo. Lured to them are women of middle age," explains a businessman who has a business near there on the pages of Il Gazettino.

Another witness explains that "It is true. They are approached by women and at times they are paid in food."  A circle that has transformed the migrants into boy toys. The phenomenon has been  present in the zone since January. "It has been a couple of months that I see the movement. I have often noted  women approaching the African young men, but sometimes also by men. It goes on at all hours of the day."  

This is a disgrace. Whatever one thinks of the fact that so migrants are pouring into Italy, they should not have to live in this manner.  Just another shameful aspect of a shameful situation that Europe's leaders have dumped on their people.

"Crime Stoppers"

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Image result for nazi jewish boycott
"We're not thugs, Ma'am. We're crime stoppers."

From time to time, this blog has picked up on a piece of news about a character in the Miami area named Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout based on his anti-semitic rants while promoting pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Well, he's back. Joe Kaufman in Frontpage Magazine has the latest. Believe it or not, Zakkout is now a "Crime Stopper" in Dade County.

If Zakkout is a crime stopper, I'm a beer mug.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Another Call for Violence From a US-Based Imam

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

Meet Mohamed Elbar.

"Elbar led chants accusing the Saudi king of "selling Egypt to the Jews" while members of the crowd chanted that Saudis were "dirtier than the Jews."

We can also include the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge on our list of mosques where hate and violence is preached.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Arab Anti-Semitism in Germany

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes, Ava Lon, and Der Spiegel

Here is a short documentary about the harassment of Jews in Germany at the hands of Arabs. It is in German with English sub-titles.

While I applaud this program for bringing attention to a serious problem, did you notice what was missing?

Any mention of Islam as teaching this Jew hatred to begin with.

Who's Nuttier- Randa Jarrar or Her Supporters?

-Fresno Bee

The furor over Professor of English Randa Jarrar continues at Fresno State after she insulted Barbara Bush after the former first lady passed away. Jarrar compounds the problem with her arrogant rants while her supporters talk as if she was Ralph Waldo Emerson-high praise for a woman who can't put a sentence together with saying "like" and the F bomb three or four times.

One writer to the Fresno Bee claimed that Jarrar "makes us think". If this is what makes you think, not even Dr Frankenstein can bring you back to life. The only thing that she makes me think is that she looks like an unmade king size bed with tattoos, something that used to be found only in circus side shows, not universities. But my how times have changed.

Image result for frankenstein's monster
"She makes me think."

Jarrar has overnight become a poster child for everything that is gone wrong in our universities. That's no small accomplishment given the competition she is up against from Harvard to Berkeley.

Arrogance on Parade: Caren Z Turner

Caren Z. Turner

Caren Z. Turner,a  commissioner of the NY-NJ Port Authority-now EX commissioner of the NY-NJ Port Authority-is captured on a police dash cam verbally abusing two police officers after they impounded a car being driven without registration, in which her daughter was a passenger.

Turner is also a former financial advisor to Hillary Clinton, from whom she probably learned her arrogance.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Definitive Biography of Julius Streicher

Julius Streicher und Der Stuermer, 1923-1945, Daniel Roos, Publ: Ferdinand Schoeningh, 2014.

This article first appeared in Times of Israel Blogs. View text here.

This book is in German and is over 500 pages. I just finished reading it on Kindl.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Terror Strikes Toronto

A man as yet unidentified drove a rented Ryder van into pedestrians on a busy Toronto street today. As of this writing, 9 are dead and 16 injured, some critically. The driver is in custody, but police have not released his name.

News coverage indicates this is probably a case of lone wolf, ISIS-inspired terrorism. Indeed, reporters on Fox and CNN are stating that it "has all the earmarks" of terrorism. It is also reported that NYPD has gone on high alert. These are clues that it was likely a case of Islamic terrorism.

Recently, two towns in Germany have been hit with similar vehicle attacks, but it seems that Islamic extremism was not involved, just a couple of crazy German guys. Germany does not release full names until people are convicted.

So that's all we know at this point.

Update: The death toll has risen to 10, and the suspect is identified as Alek Minassian.

Hillary Finds Someone Else to Blame: "They" and the Right-Wing Ecosystem

Image result for gloria swanson in sunset blvd
“They were never going to let me be president.”
(Gloria Swanson in Sunset Blvd.) 

That's what Hillary Clinton reportedly said when someone gave her the news on election night. Presumably that was before  she reportedly started screaming and throwing things around the room before dispatching John Podesta to the NY ballroom where her supporters were waiting for her to give her victory speech with orders to tell them to go home.

Image result for voters at polling

Hillary Clinton is a woman with never-ending delusions of grandeur. Just because President Trump has such big negative poll numbers, she thinks she has license to go around telling audiences that she is the one who should be president. She can't face her own negatives and the fact that Trump-with all his faults- is the guy who beat her. Even if someday Trump is impeached and removed from office, that will be no vindication for the woman who rigged the Democratic primary and survived an FBI investigation only because that too was rigged. Hillary Clinton is, indeed, the master of the rig.

And hopefully, Mrs Clinton can explain to us what the "right-wing ecosystem" is other than one of her many phantasies.