Monday, September 30, 2019

Pope Francis' Latest Insanity

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Breitbart

With all due apologies to my Catholic friends (including my wife), I am not a fan of the current Pope, who goes by the name of Francis the First (and hopefully, the Last). Francis, who showed up in Rome from Argentina one day and wound up overstaying his welcome, has been lecturing the Europeans for years that they must accept all those millions of people crashing Europe's shores from the Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. It matters not to Francis how many of them are criminals, or terrorists. It matters not to Francis how many people are robbed, murdered or raped. Francis, who stands four square behind the bureaucrats in the EU, insists that it is come one, come all. I mean, what's next-a statue for the migrants in St Peter's Square?

Oh wait! What's this?

Pope inaugurates migrant sculpture

This reminds me ( a little) of the Soviet War Memorial in Berlin, which some Berliners have referred to as the "Tomb of the Unknown Rapist". A more realistic depiction of this monstrosity in Rome would be a statue showing 100 or so young men in their 20s burning cars.

Matteo Salvini Speaking in Passignano, Italy

Hat tip Gates of Vienna for editing. Sub-titling by Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Last week, Matteo Salvini spoke before an enthusiastic crowd in Passignano, Italy. I translated excerpts of the video for Vlad Tepes blog.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Rome: Senator and Judge Robbed by Algerian Gang

This month, the Italian 5 Stars party joined with the Partito Democratico to stab Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in the back, taking over the government, removing him from his post, and re-joining the family of EU nations led by Merkel's Germany and Macron's France in reopening Italian ports to waves of Arabs and Africans sailing across the Mediterranian.

One 5 Stars senator, Gabriele Lanzi, may be having second thoughts after he wa robbed of his bags near Rome's  train station. The same gang also robbed a judge of his belongings in the same area within the span of a few minutes.

The below article from Il Giornale was translated by Fousesquawk.

Termini (train station), band of Algerians rob senator of M5S and judge

The thieves struck twice in a short time. The police succeeded in finding the stolen objects in a bed and breakfast near the station.

Andrea Pegoraro-Wed. 25-Sept. 2019-18:50

They were robbed in the course of a short time by the same thieves, a band of young North Africans who struck in the area of the Termini station.

The victims of this ugly experience were Gabriele Lanzi, Five Stars Movement senator and an appeals court  judge. As reported by Metro News, two members of the gang have been captured and arrested  accused of aggravated theft. They are an Algerian of 20 years of age and another of the same nationality, age 27. The third is still being sought.
The thieves first struck the magistrate who was having lunch in a  restaurant near the station. When the moment came to pay, the appeals court judge realized that his travel bag had disappeared. Inside were private documents and files of conference proceedings in which he was supposed to participate. Shortly, thereafter, it was the turn of the Honorable Lanzi. The (5 Star) senator was looking for a taxi in via Amendola, and in that moment, a young man approached him asking him for an address while another young man kept a lookout.. But it was an excuse. A moment of distraction was costly to Lanzi because another member of the gang arrived, who carried away the bags that the politician had with him. Inside were a pc, an ipad and some documents. The gang then got away.
After the theft, the senator went to the police. The officers searched the streets near the station, after having recognized the perpetrators of the theft. They identified an Algerian and noticed that he had with him the keys with the logo of a bed and breakfast. Once inside the hotel room, they found the objects stolen from Lanzi and some documents of the magistrate.

Robert de Niro-Reliable Source

Image result for robert de niro and brian stelter

The mainstream news media is reaching new heights of desperation in trying to bring down President Trump. Having failed with the Russian collusion hoax, they are now hanging their hats on Trump's call to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky regarding Joe Biden's corrupt (and suceesfull) attempt to shut down a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Joe's son, Hunter Biden.

One of the chief players in the corrupt media's drive to submarine Trump is CNN's Reliable Sources,  a questionably-named show featuring moderator Brian Stelter, who drags on all kinds of unreliable clowns as his sources, all dedicated to attacking Trump.

You wouldn't believe some of the characters Stelter has on his show. So what's next-some goofy Hollywood actor to curse Trump and drop f-bombs on live TV?

Oh wait! What's this?

Way to go, Stelter. Who is your next reliable source-Stormy Daniels? I suppose if she is "on location", you could get her ex-lawyer, Michael Avenatti. Come to think of it, he's going be "on location" to soon. But I digress.

Greta Thunberg

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Image result for greta thunberg                                      Image result for pippi longstocking

I should not be paying attention to Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish girl who is now a world-known climate activist after she came to America and appeared before the UN and the US House of Representatives with her angry "How dare you" speech. Since she has been put on the world stage by her parents and other adult activists, she should be discussed, however.

My initial reaction to watching her ugly speeches was to compare her to the fictional Swedish children's book character, Pippi Långstrump-or Pippi  Longstocking in English. Pippi, a  creation of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, is an impish and rebellious teenage girl, who ignores adult conventions and shows scant respect for her elders-a bit more cheerful than Greta, perhaps, but outrageous nonetheless. At least Pippi can smile and have fun.

Maybe it was a bad comparison. Greta is a sad figure. She reportedly has some psychological issues (according to her mother), and they appear to be on full display in her angry public appearances. One should dread the future of this girl. She and her parents have been photographed wearing black Antifa t-shirts. That should give you a clue.

It is easy to not like Greta or make fun of her, but the tragedy and the crime, if you will, is that adults have thrust her on this stage-a stage she is not equipped to handle. And she is not the only one. In the US this past week, she shared the spotlight with other teenagers who have been prepped and indoctrinated into believing that certain adults have stolen their future from them, and only they can save the world from Climate Change.

In truth, in Greta's case, that is partly true. In her native Sweden, everyone's future is being stolen by its national leaders who have imported hundreds of thousands of so-called asylum-seekers, almost all Islamic, who are turning the country into a dangerous hellhole. It is already the rape capital of Europe, and I hope Greta will not soon become just another statistic.

But I guess we won't see Greta complain about that problem anytime soon because she is obviously surrounded  both in and out of her home by leftist activists. But more to the point, it is dangerous to put adolescent children in the public spotlight. Hollywood's history is littered with examples of child actors who couldn't handle the fame and became wrecks in their adulthood. Now some are talking about giving this girl a Nobel prize. I hope it doesn't happen, not only because it would make a joke out of the Nobel prize itself (Oh wait! It already is), but it would be one more weight that Greta would have to carry on her shoulders the rest of her life. The best thing that can happen for Greta Thunberg is to go back to school, get treatment for whatever ails her, and be forgotten-if the leftist adults and Climate Change crazies will let her.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bill Weld Says Trump Guilty of Treason-Should Get Death Penalty!!!

Hat tip Real Clear Politics


Image result for william weld

Things have gotten totally out of hand on the left over this latest non-scandal involving President Trump's telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky regarding Joe and Hunter Biden. What's next-calls for Trump's execution?

Oh wait! What's this?

"Talk about pressuring a foreign country to interfere with and control a U.S. election, it couldn’t be clearer, and that’s not just undermining democratic institutions," Weld said. "That is treason. It’s treason, pure and simple. And the penalty for treason under the U.S. code is death. That’s the only penalty."
-Bill Weld

Who is Bill Weld, you ask? You don't wanna know, but I might as well tell you anyway. Bill Weld is a former governor of Massachusetts who is challenging Trump for the Republican nomination to run for president in 2020. That alone should tell you he has a loose bolt. He is also a former US attorney for Massachusetts. That means he should know better, but that was all before he lost his mind about 25 years ago.

So now he appears in the MSNBC Rubber Room with all the other loons and advocates putting Trump up against a wall. Not clear is whether that would be before or after he (Weld) becomes president. Obviously, there would be no last minute reprieves from President Weld.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Olive Oil: Speaking Appearance of Prof. Lila Adib Sharif (University of Illinois) at UC Irvine

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On September 27, 2019, Professor Lila Adib Sharif of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, gave a presentation at UC Irvine on the Palestinian olive oil business in Israel. Sharif, a Palestinian-American asst professor of Asian-American studies and something called the Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory, is reportedly trying for a teaching job at UCI. Some have described this speaking appearance as a "job talk". The talk was sponsored by the Dept. of International and Global Studies, part of the School of Social Sciences. Whatever type of talk it was, she argued that the Israelis are abusing the Palestinians in the olive oil business as part of their "settler colonialism."

According to reports by Canary Mission and others, Sharif has close ties with Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), has spoken before them, and also has supported such controversial figures as San Francisco State University professor Rabab Abdulhadi and Rasmea Odeh.

Back in 2017 a similar presentation by Sharif with a similar title was cancelled by the Free University of Berlin after complaints were received that her presentation would be anti-Semitic in nature.

If you note the photo credit on the photo in the UCI flyer announcing the talk, the name Mazem Qumsiyeh is listed. Could he be any relation (or same person) as the Mazin Qumsiyeh of the International Solidarity Movement that I have previously written about? Just asking. The photo was also the first one shown in her presentation.

Since the event was advertised publicly, I decided to attend it.  There were about 30 people present.
It was also my intention to participate in the q and a, and, if possible, ask her about her association with SJP. I did not videotape it.

Basically, Sharif read her entire presentation, which was based on some previous paper she had written and went on for about 40 minutes. There was also a short power point presentation made up of a few photos and a few slides with text on them. Instead of reading it, she should have just made copies of the whole thing and given them to us as a handout so we could take them home and read them.

I don't want to get into too much detail here because it was really boring being about olive oil, after all. How can you get more boring than that? She began by describing the olive trees in the West Bank and how they are a symbol of Palestinian culture as well as producing things like olive oil and other products, which are marketed and sent to the US, UK and other places for the enjoyment of various gourmets and gluttons. Sharif informed us that the olive trees are a major source of income for Palestinians. She described sumptuous banquets in the West where white people enjoy the fruits of the labor of brown people. Race was a part of her presentation as well as questions from some of the true believers in the audience.

There were numerous references to terms like, "white settler colonialism" ( I didn't know all Israelis were white.), "imperial warfare", "neo-liberal multi-culturalism", "cultural genocide", "global formation", "global empire", "advanced capitalism", "brown grower-white consumer", and, of course, race. It was all connected according to one of her slides with a long paragraph explaining her basic Argument. It was too much to write down. Make no mistake: Sharif is not only anti-Israel, she is apparently into all that leftist lexicon. Intersectionality on steroids though she never used the word.

But the main point of her talk was to describe how the Palestinian olive oil business is marketed in the West with images of happy, brown "dirty" Palestinians growing olives for the dining pleasure of white westerners. The contrast, according to Sharif, is that those white, Israeli colonial settlers are destroying the olive trees, cutting them down, in some places, using the space to build that infamous Wall. She told of raids of villages and olive groves by IDF soldiers and/or settlers-sometimes with loss of life. She said that olive groves near settlements were razed by Israeli settlers, and that Israel limited the amount of water available for the Palestinian farmers.

I should state here that I am no expert on the olive tree issue in the West Bank, but I was left confused by her presentation and asking myself how the industry could survive if the Israelis are cutting all the trees down?

During the q and a, my question-for purposes of saving time- had to be taken lumped in with two or three others before Sharif would respond. In my question, I introduced myself as a former part-time teacher at UC Irvine. I mentioned that UCI had an SJP chapter which, like other SJP chapters across the country, routinely engaged in acts of disruption of pro-Israel events as well as bullying and intimidation of pro-Israel students, some occasions of which I had personally observed.  I told her I was troubled by her own association with SJP. At that point, she asked if there was a question. I then directed my question to the department who had sponsored her talk and asked if, in the future, they would be willing to sponsor someone with a different point of view on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. At this point, the departmental chair, Eve Darian-Smith, who was acting as moderator, answered my question by saying "Certainly", and that UCI is open to all points of view. I replied that in my experience  at UCI only student groups like the College Republicans and Students Supporting Israel sponsored pro-Israel speakers, but that was not the case with university departments. Sharif, for her part, chose not to address the points I had made in my question.

Afterward, Dr Darian-Smith came up to me and reiterated that she agreed that all sides of an issue should be heard. Her being newly-arrived at UCI, I gave her a run-down on my own experiences at UCI in documenting anti-Semitism on campus. We both agreed that no groups should be subject to intimidation on a college campus.

I was then approached by two young ladies who introduced themselves as members of UCI's Olive Tree Initiative. They informed me that they were sponsoring an Israeli speaker at UCI on November 18 and invited me to attend. I was assured that there have been changes in the OTI in recent years and that it is not slanted to either side. After relating my own experiences with OTI in which I have felt that it is slanted to the Palestinian narrative, I thanked them and gave them my contact information.

So let's see if the Dept of International and Global Studies really is willing to provide their audience with an opposing point of view. Until it does, I must assume that this latest anti-Israel event, featuring another ideologue, represents the official position of the department.  And if they are really looking for a new teacher in their department, they might consider one who can give a presentation without reading it.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Adam Schiff's Gross Mischaracterization of the Trump-Zelensky Call

Today, Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, did something truly despicable. Already having seen the unredacted transcript of President Trump's July 25 conversation with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, he then made up his own dialogue and read it into his opening statement. Below is what Schiff said today in opening the hearing with the testimony of National Intelligence Director Joseph McGuire.

Here is the transcript itself as turned over to Congress. Nowhere does it say things like Trump telling Zelensky, " I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent".

Schiff is now claiming that his words were meant as a parody of what Trump told Zelensky. It is true that in his remarks, Schiff used terms like, "in essence" in presenting his version. But Schiff is not a stupid man. Far from it. He structured his words very carefully as to give the viewer a certain impression while adding just enough language to give him his escape hatch when his mischaracterization was pointed out-as it quickly was.

In addition, Schiff is not a man who deals in parody. Humor is not in his bag.He presents himself as a serious, reasoned, and  moral voice. It is a facade. Schiff is a deeply partisan politician who deals in cleverly disguised dishonesty. This is a man who for months claimed to have the evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians-evidence that has never materialized on a narrative that has been discredited by none other than Robert Mueller himself.

Now come this latest rabbit hole about Ukraine and Schiff is leading the charge armed with false information. Did Schiff, in his opening remarks, make any mention of the underlying issue behind the Trump-Zelensky conversation-that then VP Biden threatened the then-Ukrainian president with cancellation of one billion dollars in US loan guarantees if he didn't fire the chief prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings, who had mysteriously placed Joe's son, Hunter Biden, on its board of directors and paid him some 3 million dollars over the course of three years? Biden himself is on videotape telling an audience that he did exactly that and got the results he wanted. Should that not be investigated by both countries?

One can only pray that the vast majority of the American public will see this for what it is-the latest made up scandal in a never-ending quest to remove Trump from office.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Italy: Italian Mayor Stands up to Muslim Prayer Demands

From Il Giornale. Translation by Fousesquawk.

In the small town of Palma Campania, near Naples and Mt Vesuvius, an estimated 2-4,000 Banglasdeshis have settled. The streets of the town are dotted with phone centers and money transfer shops. Now the Banglasdeshis, who are Muslim, are demanding the right to pray in the public squares and streets on Fridays. The mayor says no because it will become a problem of public order that the town is not equipped to deal with. In return, the Bangladeshi community is comparing him with Matteo Salvini's Lega party and calling him a racist.

Palma Campania, the "hostage town" of the Bangladeshis

Protests from the Bangladeshi community after the mayor said no to prayers in the public squares. The first citizen: "What racism? I don't have the power."

-Francesca Bernasconi  Wed, 25/09/2019 - 11:12
Palma Campania is a town in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius, but it closely resembles a city in Bangladesh.
Here, in fact, a massive presence of Bangladeshi foreigners has settled. According to the registry office, of 18,000 residents, there are only 2,000 foreigners, but the unofficial statistics count it at at least twice that number.

And for some weeks now, the mayor, 34-year-old Nello Donnarumma, has been under attack, blamed for having denied the Bangladeshi community  of the possibility to pray in the squares and the streets. "They have presented me with a sheet of paper with four lines with the name of the street, the day and time-and that's it," explained the first citizen (mayor) to Verita- "And then, for reasons of public order, I said no. Racism is not involved, politics is not involved, it is only organizational and technical management." The Muslim community, in fact, would have liked to meet every Friday to pray in public squares. " A scenario  that cannot be proposed in the present state." In order to guarantee security, in fact, numerous local police officers would have to be deployed, a force that the municipality does not have. 
The mayor declares he would have to consider a specific service for the event and "leave the rest of the city unattended". Besides, in Palma Campania, in the case of events not organized by the municipality, they would have to consider private sources to pay security officers.

After the "no", the Bangladeshi community protested against Donnarumma, asking for a no confidence, but the first citizen is not giving in. "I have explained clearly to everyone that I will continue to say no if there is no concrete assistance: Men of the forces of order are needed to lift this burden from us of managing alone this type of ceremony." In the meantime, however, he has requested the convening of a meeting with the other administrations in the zone to attempt to discuss the situation. 

It is not a question of racism and the mayor points out that he supports the importance of protecting all religions. "But I am responsible for public security in my municipality and I cannot permit that there are situations which are potentially dangerous."  And on Facebook, he confides: "If you try to enforce the laws of the state and guarantee security, you are accused of being  (a member) of the League or a racist."

Headline on Newspaper (photo)

Palma Catania: Muslims cannot pray on the street.

Sub-title: Mayor's ordinance for reasons of public order. Bangladeshis: "Close to the Lega (League)"

 "If you try to enforce the laws of the state and guarantee security, you are accused of being  (a member) of the League or worse yet, a racist." Integration also  (involves) the transposition and respect for the norms of the laws of the Italian Republic. And on that, we will continue to be unmoving with all due respect to the false victimization of those used to the free zones. 
Bitterness? Much. Surrender? Never.
In reality, the first citizen of Palma Campania specifies to Verita, "there is a 'problem' with the Bangladeshi community, and it is of a hygienic-sanitary character.. "Of an official population of 2,000 residents, 90% is composed of men who live in disastrous conditions," he says and specifies that in some locations of less than 50 square meters, 15 to 20 persons live.

Support for Israel in Sweden: Yifa Segal

Sweden, a country dealing with serious issues with its growing and ever more restive Muslim population, is not known as a nation especially friendly to Israel. Diplomatically, relations between the two countries are strained.  Sweden has more NGOs devoted to the deligitimization of Israel than any other European country. It has a foreign minister who is openly hostile to Israel.

In addition, Sweden's small Jewish population is decreasing  due to emigration. Swedn's Jews are subject to increasing harassment from the Mulsim immigrants, especially in places like Malmo, a city that received Jewish refugees from Denmark when the Danes were occupied by Germany in WW II.

So it is encouraging when we can report an event this month in Stockholm when supporters of Israel held an event. It was covered by our Swedish colleagues, Kronans Martell and Ullis News and is posted below. It features a speech about anti-Semitism, Israel and Zionism by Israeli lawyer and activist, Yifa Segal. The event was sponsored by the Zionist Organization of Sweden.

Dems Jumping the Gun on Impeachment

Image result for katzenjammer kids

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once famously said of the Affordable Care Act, "We have to pass the bill so we can see what's in it." Yesterday, she jumped the gun again by caving in to her radical wing and announcing that the Dems in the House were going to begin an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. Since the Russian collusion thing never panned out, Michael Cohen never panned out, and Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels never panned out, the desperate Dems have now come up with this whistle blower complaint, which apparently has to do with a phone call Trump placed to the president of Ukraine asking him to investigate the whole Burisma, Joe and Hunter Biden scandal. That, according to Pelosi et all, is high crimes and misdemeanors meriting impeachment.  What Pelosi and the compliant media want to overlook is the verified fact that then-VP Biden, while in Ukraine, threatened the then-Ukrainian president with loss of one billion dollars in US loan guarantees if he didn't fire the chief prosecutor investigating Burisma and its strange relationship with Biden's son, Hunter, who was put on Burisma's board of directors to the tune of some 3 million dollars over three years-even though Hunter had no expertise in Ukraine or energy. The prosecutor wanted to interview Hunter, but that all went away when he was fired and his replacement closed the case.

Today, the White House has declassified the transcripts of the call between Trump and the current Ukrainian president. It indicates that while Trump requested a re-opening of the case, there was no pro quid quo and no threat. To be accurate, there is no recording and it is based on the memories of those who were present during the call. So you can attack that all you want, but the Democrats are still left without any proof of wrongdoing by Trump, who was fully justified in requesting an investigation. It's a different story with Biden, who stupidly bragged about his own actions at a public appearance and was captured on videotape!! There's your smoking gun! In effect, the Dems are accusing Trump of doing something for which they lack proof while hard proof does exist for Biden's transgressions on behalf of his shady son. In addition, the so-called whistle blower reportedly has no first-hand information, rather second and third hand information. But the Democrats in the House are going full speed ahead, stupidly announcing an impeachment inquiry before the facts are in.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

President Trump Before the UN

"The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots"

President Trump's speech before the UN was a tour de force. There was no flowery, meaningless rhetoric, just a calm 36-minute lesson to the UN that globalism was not going to replace national pride-at least as far as the US was concerned. He made pointed references to China (trade), Iran, and Venezuela (human rights). He bluntly told the UN that the US would continue to build up its military, stand for human rights, and against the push for globalism. All countries should take pride in themselves.

He also spoke out against uncontrolled migration and said that the US was determined to control its borders. He defended Israel and made pointed reference to anti-Semitism. He emphasized the need for religious liberty around the world. Of course,m he did not mention Islam; he didn't need to. Those ambassadors and world leaders in the audience knew who he was talking about.

Of course, on the same day, the little people in the House of Representatives have now forced Nancy Pelosi to support an impeachment inquiry, now based on this whistle blower nonsense. We now know that the "whistle blower" does not possess first-hand knowledge of his/her claim. It is based on second or third hand knowledge. Trump stands "accused" of pressuring the president of Ukraine to (reopen) an investigation into Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and his relationship to a Ukrainian natural gas company that put him on its board with no expertise in the business or Ukraine. Huge sums of money flowed to Hunter and his US-based company. For what? When a Ukrainian prosecutor  was investigating the company and its practices, then VP Joe Biden, on a visit to Ukraine, told the then president that if he didn't fire the prosecutor within 6 hours, Ukraine was not getting one billion dollars in US loan guarantees. The prosecutor was fired. That apparently is the genesis of Trump's conversation with the current Ukrainian president, the unredacted transcripts of which will be released tomorrow. And the Democrats now want to use this issue to impeach Trump? What will full disclosure do to Joe Biden, who is running for president? Biden, for his part, is hotly denying it all, saying that it was fully looked into and dismissed. Problem is we have Biden's full admission of what he did in Ukraine in getting the prosecutor fired. It's all on videotape.

What a contrast between what happened in New York today vs what happened in Washington. Whatever you think of Trump and his style, he stood tall for his country today. The coup plotters in Washington look mighty small in comparison. This latest attempt to submarine Trump may backfire on them even worse than the Russian collusion farce.

Santiago Abascal Speaks in Rome

Santiago Abascal is a leader of the VOX party in Spain, which is opposed to the idea of Catalunyan separatism and unchecked immigration into Spain. This week, he was invited by Giorgia Meloni of the Italian Fratelli d'Italia party (Brothers of Italy) to speak at an international gathering in Rome. Abascal knocked the ball out of the park with his speech. He spoke of the leftists and unelected bureaucrats in Brussels who have brought Europe to its knees with their unrestricted immigration polices and the threat to Europe's freedoms and very civilization.He specifically identified the threat of Islam and reminded the audience of Spain's own history of occupation under Islam.

Below is a 4-1/2 minute version with excerpts of his talk. Translation is by Fousesquawk with editing  by Gates of Vienna and sub-titling by Vlad Tepes.

Mort Klein (ZOA) Speech in NYC

On September 22, Mort Klein, the CEO of the New York-based Zionist Organization of America, spoke at a rally against anti-Semitism in New York City. The ZOA is one of the most couragious Jewish advocacy groups in the US. When other groups like the Jewish Federation and Anti-Defamation League refuse to confront campus anti-Semitism coming from pro-Palestinian movements, the ZOA speaks out.

I am cross-posting a link from Vlad Tepes showing Mr Klein's speech. Here he points the finger of blame at certain segments of the black and Hispanic community in New York City for unprovoked attacks against Jews in the streets. He points the finger of blame at hate-preaching imams in mosques around the US for preaching hatred and violence against Jews. And he points the finger of blame at universities that refuse to protect Jewish students from the pro-Palestinian thugs on campus.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Netherlands: 5 Suspects in Custody in Beating Death

Hat tip Ben

Dutch police in the Hague now have 5 teenage suspects (not further identified)in custody in the beating death this week of a Dutch man in the Hague. This is from the Dutch police and translated by Fousesquawk.

Logo Politie

Five minor suspects in custody for beating on Willem de Zwijgerlaan (Street)

Last update 20-9-19, 20:42

The Hague- The investigative team conducting the investigation after the beating death of a 71-year-old Hague resident took a 14-year-old into custody Wednesday afternoon. He made himself known to the police and was detained at the police office after his arrest. Update: On Friday, September 20, another four suspects turned themselves into police. These are four youths from the ages 13-15 from the Hague. They are in custody. As to the role of all five youths, the detectives will further investigate. Further arrests in this case are not ruled out.

On Monday, 16 September, the Hague resident died in the hospital, after ambulance service was called that he had become ill in his residence on Blois van Treslong Street. While assistance was in full progress, it became clear that the man earlier in the afternoon had been beaten on the Willem de Zwijgerlaan (Street). 

Investigative interest

In connection with the death of the man and possible connection with earlier beating, a large scale investigation has begun under direction of an officer of the Justice (Ministry). In the meantime, an examination of the body of the victim is carried out at NFI. Due to  the investigation, the statements of the witnesses, and the interrogation of the suspects, it is not possible at this moment to give more information on the possible circumstances and cause of death of the victim.

Do you have information or photos?

In connection with the investigation, the detective team would like to hear from witnesses to the beating, people who perhaps, earlier in the day saw a group of young men hanging around Willem de Zwijgerlaan and anyone who in some other manner have information of photo material, which can be important for the investigation. The detective team can be contacted at number 0900-8844. Those who prefer to be anonymous, call M. 0800-7000.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

More on Salafist Teaching in Netherlands

Last week, we posted a Dutch news report from NOS Handelsblad in the Netherlands concerning the radical education of Muslim schoolchildren in certain Dutch mosque schools. Here is more on the problem. Hat tip to Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes for sub-titling and C. for translation.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Human Trafficking From Libya to Italy

Hat tip Gates of Vienna for editing, and Vlad Tepes for sub-titling. Translation by Fousesquawk. The video was uploaded on the Twitter account of Matteo Salvini, the ex-Interior Minister of Italy, who has now been ousted from his position for attempting to stop the flow of undocumented migrants into Italy.

The below Italian investigative report shows that there is money to be made in the human trafficking between Libya and Italy, and it appears that there is some degree of coordination between the traffickers and the NGO ships that pick up the migrants in the Mediterranean.

Netherlands: 71-Year-Old Man Dies After Beating

Hat tip Ben

Another day, another death in Europe at the hands of migrants, in this case, believed to be three young Turkish men. A 71-year-old man was beaten after catching three young suspects stealing his bike. After being beaten, he stumbled home and died of a heart attack. The below story is translated by Fousesquawk.

Man dies of heart attack after beating

Hague resident died after beasting by bicycle thieves

By Marieke Van Essen, 19 September 2019 Domestic

The Hague- The 71-year-old Hague resident, who died of a heart attack after a beating this week, is probably the victim of ruthless street scum. The perpetrators are also possibly involved in the beating of 34-year-old Ewout last month in the Westwood nightlife venue.

Below photo

Ewout was knocked out last month when he caught bike thieves. "I had to eat and drink through a straw."

The suspects seem to be involved in the theft of (electric) bicycles. That comes from investigation by this newspaper.

In the sophisticated Staten quarter there is much shock over what happened on Monday afternoon in the busy Willem de Zwijgerlaan. A local resident, who was shopping, says that the man "had a heart attack" after he had stumbled home".

Antoine Veerkamp lives close to the sandwich shop where the Hagenaar was beaten by the door. "On camera images I gave to the police, three dark complected boys can be seen pulling on bicycles. When an older man arrives, they suddenly go after him, " he says. "Many bicycles are stolen here. They do this by hanging around a strange lock. Later the thieves come back and take the bike with them. "

"Police drove on"

According to a local resident, the chance is very high that he himself "literally bumped into the same suspects" when he had to go to the post office shortly before the fatal beating. "I saw a group of three boys smoking joints in front of the primary school. I warned two officers, but to my surprise they drove on. On the way back, the same boys blocked my walkway with their bikes. I had only just arrived home when all the sirens sounded, " he says. Other local residents also recognize the image of street scum hanging around. "They were always sitting around at the Turkish baker, but he has recently left."

The beating in the Staten quarter bears a striking resemblance with the beating of the self-employed entrepreneur and hockey trainer, Ewout, who in the night of 16-17 August, after a visit to the nearby nightlife venue, Westwood, suffered a broken jaw when he caught a group of three boys who wanted to steal his (borrowed) electric bicycle.

Reward for golden tip

When the Hague resident said something about it, he was knocked out. "I had to eat and drink through a straw for a week. Fortunately, I have been avble to speak since a couple of days," he says. Because it was dark and the Hague resident could only see their backs, only a brief descritption is known. Last week, the police again called for witnesses. The friends from the Hague resident have offered a reward of 5,000 euros for the golden tip that leads to the bike thieves.

Long Tall Texan Wanted to Enforce Sharia Law in Pakistan

Hat tip Jihad Watch


Michael Kyle Sewell (18) of Texas converted to Islam and before you can say,  "Giddyup",  he decided he needed to saddle up and go to Pakistan and join a terror group there. Instead, he will spend the next 20 years in a  Texas prison.

Yes, Let's Investigate that Whistle Blower Complaint

Be careful what you wish for.

Image result for katzenjammer kids

For the past few days, we have been hearing about the latest "scandal" involving President Trump. Someone, apparently withing the intelligence apparatus,  has made a "whistle blower" complaint that Trump made some improper representation, promise, or other statement to a foreign leader. The White House says it is protected under executive privilege and that Congress has no business digging into what he told some foreign leader. The Dems in Congress want it all  released.

It now is being reported that the foreign leader in question is the president of Ukraine,Volodymyr Zelensky, and it is alleged that Trump tried to convince him to investigate Hunter Biden, who happens to be the son of Joe Biden.

Investigate for what? In 2014, Hunter was appointed to  the board of directors for Burisma, Ukraine's largest non-governmental natural gas producer, during the Obama-Biden adminisitration and that his American-based company, Rosemont-Seneca LLC, was receiving some $166,000 a month from Burisma-which also happened to be under investigation by the prosecutor general of  Ukraine, Viktor Shokin-until then -Vice President Biden told the then-Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, that if he didn't fire the Shokin, Ukraine was going to lose out on some billion dollars in US loan guarantees. Guess what: The prosecutor was fired, and his successor dismissed the case.

But that's all just an allegation, right? There's no proof-no smoking gun. Actually, there is. You see, we have Biden's admission-proud admission- that he did exactly that. It came during a public appearance in which Uncle Joe told a crowd just how he had done it.

So by all means, let's let it all hang out there. Let Trump take the heat for telling a foreign leader that there was a Ukrainian corruption case involving an American named Hunter Biden that should be re-opened. Let Joe Biden explain to the nation why he engineered the firing of the Ukrainian interior minister who was investigating his son. Let's see who is the most embarrassed. Whatever Trump's motive might have been (political), a president is entirely within his rights to advise a foreign leader to investigate corruption in his country that involves an American.

This is not the only instance of Uncle Joe lining his son's pockets. As VP in December 2013, he traveled to China on a trade mission and brought Hunter along. When they left, Hunter had obtained a billion-dollar contract with the Chinese government.

If Trump did something improper, shame on him. (I am not yet convinced.) If the Dems want a full airing of the issue, fine. It seems clear to me that Biden's transgressions were a lot worse than Trump's.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Germany: Meet Marla (14)

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and Nash Montana

While the Democrats in the US House of Representatives are dragging in teenage girls to testify about climate change in Congress, including one girl from Sweden (!), who thinks she's a modern day Pippi Longstocking, in Germany, a teenage girl speaks out about a real problem-the dangers posed by open borders.

The German town of Cottbus has had more than its share of issues with migrants and asylum-seekers recently. Last month, a 14-year-old girl named Marla publicly spoke about her fears. She described what it is like for a 14-year-old German girl who is afraid to walk around in her own home town.

Of course, the problems of girls like Marla are lost on the Angela Merkels of Germany and other European countries. They ignore the rape statistics. They ignore the murder statistics. They ignore the terror attacks and the growing Islamization of their societies. Together they crush politicians and governments who try to stop the flow. (Witness recent events in Italy.)

If Europe wants to save itself, its leaders need to start listening to the Marlas of their countries.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Zahra Billoo Out from Women's March Board -After 3 Days!

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

(Hope it wasn't something I said.)

Two days ago, I was reporting the sad news that CAIR's San Francisco director, Zahra Billoo, had been named to replace Linda Sarsour on the board of the Women's March. Now she is ousted. The negative reaction must have been overwhelming.

Sounds like Zahra is taking it pretty hard. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Maybe the Women's March will finally learn to do proper vetting before they bring on the likes of Sarsour or Billoo. Or maybe they will just come up with another bad choice to sit on their board.

Moroccan Mafia Rubout in Netherlands

Hat tip Ben and Hart van Nederland.NL

Ridouan Taghi

Ridouan Taghi-Wanted

A lawyer representing a key witness against a Moroccan mafia figure who is described as the most hunted man in the Netherlands, has been shot and killed. Translation of the Dutch article from Hart van Nederland by Fousesquawk.

Liquidated lawyer is not the first death connected to the trial against the Moroccan Mafia
18 September 2019, 12:13, update 18 September, 20:20

The shot-to-death Derk Wiersum (44) was the lawyer for Nabil B, who is Crown's witness in the case against the most sought after criminal in the Netherlands, Ridouan Taghi. Wiersum was said to spoken last week over the need for security of his surroundings, and he was liquidated this morning. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

The lawyer was sworn in in 2003 and subsequently worked in various law offices in Amsterdam. Since this year he has had his own office in the capital. In recent years, he has focused on serious or organized crime cases. In that capacity, he assisted Crown witness Nabil B. in the Marengo trial. The chief suspect in that case is Ridouan Taghi.

Mocro (Moroccan) Mafia

The trial, in which 16 people are suspected, revolves around a series of ruthless liquidations and attempts to that end in the Amsterdam underworld. The motives range from revenge for betrayal to anger over unpaid debts.

According to the Public Prosecutor's Ministry (OM), all lines come together at the fugitive Taghi. He is seen as one of the leaders of a criminal group that is popularly known as the 'mocro-mafia'. His gang is suspected of at least six murders in the period between 2015 and 2017.

Innocent people murdered

The criminals around Taghi do not shy away from using heavy violence in public space. For example, a man in IJsselstein was shot to death while his little daughter sat with him in his car. The girl was unharmed. The murder is believed to have been commissioned by Taghi.
In Utrecht, a man was shot dead at the entrance to his flat. It appears to have been a mistake. A few days later another attempt was made to liquidate the intended target, but it failed. According to Nabil B., Taghi is the (one who gave the order).

Taghi is also connected with the murder of crime blogger and ex-criminal Martin Kok. He  (Kok) was shot to death in his car in the parking lot of a sex club in Laren in December 2016. Several unsuccessful attempts preceded the murder including with a bomb.

Brother of Crown witness murdered

In March last year, a new low point was reached. (Police) announce that they are looking for Taghi, this after incriminating statements by the new Crown witness, Nabil B. Six days later, his (Nabil) brother Reduan B., was shot to death at his company in Amsterdam-Noord.

 Nabil B. was at that time represented by two lawyers, Derk Wiersum and Bart Stapert. The murder of the brother was reason for Stapert to stop with the case, even as a lawyer. "It was a wake up call." he said about it in De Volkskrant (People's Newspaper).
The family of the Crown witness are very critical of the Public Prosecutor, and let it be known they do not feel safe. Police and Justice acknowledged earlier this year that they misjudged the threat to the family. "We knew that the group could be violent, but we were not prepared for a liquidation (killing)."

Threatened earlier

Now the only remaining lawyer for Nabil B.has been shot to death. According to various media, Wiersum was threatened earlier, but the lawyer was not under security until last week. He is reported to have expressed his worries to colleagues and spoke to them about the need for security.

Aside from his work as a lawyer, Wiersum was active for almost 15 years with the Foundation for Legal Help for (those) Sentenced to Death. The organization is dedicated to the fight against the death penalty.

The motive behind the liquidation is as yet not clear. The perpetrator fled after the shots and is on the loose. The Public Prosecutor and police have not yet spoken out about a motive.