Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Michigan State Wants to Know

Hat tip Campus Reform

Viewer Warning!!!!!!! This material may be inappropriate for readers under 100.

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When it comes to insanity in our universities, I really thought I had seen it all. Now comes this report from Campus Watch. Michigan State University has sent out a survey to its students asking intimate questions about their sex lives. If you really want to read it, be warned.

What do you think?

This is the same university that is still reeling over the Larry Nassar sex abuse case. He was the MSU gymnastics doctor convicted of multiple cases of sex abuse.

Seriously. Somebody needs to be fired. And if the buck stops at the top that should include the president of the university, whoever that is.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2017 ADL Study Misses the Mark

This article first appeared in Times of Israel Blogs.

There is an article running in the LA Times today by Jaweed Kaleem about an Anti Defamation League study showing a 57% rise in anti-semitic incidents in the US in 2017. While I am pleased that somebody is taking note, I take issue with ADL's findings in that they place the bulk of the blame on the wrong people. That's nothing new for the ADL.

Conveniently, Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL's recently-installed director and a noted liberal, blames resurgent white supremacists emboldened by the election of Donald Trump as being the biggest problem.

In short, the premise is absurd. I am not defending white nationalists, KKK, or neo-Nazi types for a moment. I do agree they are rising in numbers, but I don't think it has anything to do with Trump because I don't consider Trump to be a racist, anti-semite, or white nationalist. He is ten times the supporter of Israel than his predecessor.

But the real point is that the ADL under Greenblatt is doing the exact same thing ADL did under his predecessor, Abe Foxman. They ignore or downplay Islamic anti-semitism, which is the biggest part of the problem here, in Europe, and surely in the Middle East while pointing fingers at lower-hanging fruit like white nationalists. I saw this first-hand while attending anti-Israel events at the University of California at Irvine, where I used to teach part-time (1998- 2016) and listening to pro-Palestinian speech that often crossed the line into sheer Jew hatred. Most of the guilty speakers were Muslims. To be sure, I saw the local Orange County ADL head present too, but while I was challenging speakers, he stood silent.

In addition, I attended an interfaith event in Newport Beach last year in which the same theme prevailed. It was those evil Trump supporters. Not one word was said about Islamic anti-semitism because Muslim imams were participating in the charade. I couldn't even pass up a written question asking the sponsors who they thought was most responsible for anti-semitism at UC Irvine. "It wasn't the time or the place," I was told after the event had concluded.

There is a ton of misinformation that is published by the LA Times. This article takes an important topic and blames it on the wrong people. Shame on the LA Times and the ADL.

"Men Are TallerThan Women"

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

More nuttiness in academia.

When a woman on a panel at Portland State University in Oregon made the outrageous assertion that men are different from women and backed it up- with physical facts like on average men are taller than women, etc, is was just too much for the intersex crowd to take. A commotion ensued when three got up and walked out, one of them shutting off the sound system as "zhe" made "zem" way out of the hall.

One of "zem" even equated the talk to Nazis.

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"Men are taller than women"

Josef and Magda Goebbels

Monday, February 26, 2018

Reading Between the Lines in Europe

This article first appeared in New English Review.

The news out of Europe continues to get more and more depressing.From Italy to Sweden, more and more refugees, migrants, and asylum-seekers continue to pour into Western Europe. (The Eastern Europeans, being more sensible, are refusing to accept them.) The predictable result is more terror attacks, everyday street crimes, rapes, and murders being committed by people almost entirely from the Middle East and Africa, predominantly Muslim, people who refuse to assimilate and do not respect the host country's culture. Not only is the continent no longer safe, but the native populations are in danger of being replaced over time. What would have been unthinkable ten or fifteen years ago is now becoming a fact almost to the point of being irreversible.

Sadly, Europe's leaders (including the EU) and media remain oblivious to the disaster. Not only do they ignore the objections of the people, they misinform them. A case in point is the media and how they report crime.

In Sweden, for example, newspapers report incidents of crime as being committed by "youths" (ungdomer). That is uniformly the case with the new Sweden. Riots, rapes and assaults in places like the  Rosengård area of Malmö  or the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby are committed by young boys in their teens or men in their 20s. That they are immigrants or Muslims is left out of the report. Names of people arrested are not given until a conviction is obtained. If you were uninformed, you might conclude that there was a serious problem among Swedish youth. There isn't. You have to read between the lines when you see a term like ungdomer or the actual scene of the offense (no-go zones like Rinkeby) to know who actually commits the crime.

In the UK, offenders have been referred to as "Asians". To Americans, that implies Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Thais etc. To the Brits, however, their Asian population traditionally comes from South Asia, specifically India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Most of the offenders, including the notorious sex groomers (who prostitute young, drug addicted runaway girls ), originate from Pakistan.

The most laughable example, however, is Germany, where a report out of Berlin or the heavily-impacted Rhineland will refer to unidentified offenders as "southerners". To the uninformed reader that might conjure up images of beer-soaked Bavarians in lederhosen and funny green hats. They are actually referring to people from "southern countries" (Middle East-Africa). Even Sgt. Schultz would blush in embarrassment.

Similarly, if you watch European cops and robbers shows, which I do regularly, you would think Europe has always had the same criminal element as we Americans. That's because the bad guys are always either natives or from the former East bloc countries, Russians, Yugoslavians, etc. (They are the most convenient targets.)  Granted, many of the crime shows available here are dated a bit, but safe to say, European shows are as politically correct as our own when it comes to casting villains.

While we don't (yet) have the same type of problems as Europe, we still lament that the enemy cannot be defeated  if we cannot name him. That is also true in Europe.

Standing Up to PC Bullies on Campus

The College Fix has cross-posted an interesting op-ed appearing in Inside Higher Education. I am cross-posting it as well. It is written by Jonathan Zimmerman and concerns what happened to Princeton University professor Lawrence Rosen after he used the N-word in class on hate speech -in a completely appropriate context.

When it comes to using ethnic slurs, context is everything. When I talk about anti-semitism, I often point out that in Hitlerian Germany, Nazis didn't not have to use words like kike to refer to Jews. The mere word "Jew" (Jude) was enough often spoken with a sneering tone of voice.

As to the N-word, it is good that we have come up with  a substitute for the full slur. Words can disappear from languages through lack of usage, and slurs should fall into this category. That is why it is so discouraging to see the (full) N-word used in hip hop by young black males. It just allows the word to survive.

I would prefer that Professor Rosen just use the term, "N-word" to refer to the full term. However, he should not be condemned because he chose to use the full word in a completely appropriate, instructional context.

Bruins in Chains

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Hat tip Campus Reform

If you are shocked by UCLA holding a dominatrix seminar, don't be. UCLA is hardly the first university to host such an event. Here are the details from Campus Reform.

And to think that when I graduated from high school about a mile away from Westwood, this was the first place I applied to. Thank God they rejected me.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Turkish-Dutch Lawmakers Called "Traitors" (to Turkey) for Voting for Armenian Genocide Resolution

The long arm of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey continues to reach into Turkish communities in the West. A Turkish web site is calling a group of Dutch law makers "traitors" because they voted in favor  of a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide. The below article from De Telegraaf is translated from the original Dutch by Yours Truly.

Called 'traitors'

Turkish website opens attack on our politicians


THE HAGUE - A Turkish pro-Erdogan website is calling out  five MPs with a Turkish background. They are being called traitors. The reason for this is the recognition of the Armenian genocide by the Second Chamber (House of Representatives). Denk alone voted against the proposal.

From left to right MPs Yesilgöz (VVD), Laçin (SP), Karabulut (SP) and Özdil (GL)
From left to right MPs Yesilgöz (VVD), Laçin (SP), Karabulut (SP) and Özdil (GL)
The website En Son Haber is trying to drag our MPs through the mud name  by name. Several photographs of the politicians are also shown.Members of the House Yesilgöz (VVD), Karabulut (SP), Laçin (SP), Özdil (GL) and Özütok (GL) are accused  as 'those who betrayed the motherland'.
VVD Member of Parliament Yesilgöz is even called 'daughter of a terrorist'. The liberal reacts soberly under the barbaric attack: "I am Dutch and I feel totally unaccountable to these types "


Denk (Think Party) leader Kuzu meanwhile is trying through the Turkish television, a pro-Erdogan medium, to further break through to Turkish Dutch people. In an interview he calls on council members with a Turkish background to clearly state how they view the recognition of the Armenian genocide.
He calls the decision of House of Representatives a 'stunt to win souls for the upcoming local elections'. The politician does not say a word about the horrors during the genocide itself. Kuzu prefers to point to the history of slavery in the Netherlands.

Hitler Learns He's Been Indicted by Robert Mueller

My latest Hitler parody. In this scene, Hitler learns he has been indicted by Special Prosecutor
Robert Mueller. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Archbishop of Canterbury Says Sharia not Compatible with British Law

It's nice to know that there is finally an archbishop of Canterbury with some common sense. The last one sure didn't. The below article in the Daily Mail is self-explanatory.

Another Shameful Disruption of a Campus Pro-Israel Event (University of Virginia)

Hat tip  Cavalier Daily

Yet another university has been hit by an organized disruption of a pro-Israel event-this time at the University of Virginia.

Of course, this is hardly an isolated incident. It is a nationwide problem with nationwide groups like Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace routinely disrupting any pro-Israel event that comes their way. It is time that universities take strong action against those who take away the free speech of others through acts of intimidation and disruption. Students should be expelled and if appropriate, prosecuted. In addition, SJP should be banned from every campus until they demonstrate that they can act like civilized people instead of Brown Shirts.

Should Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Resign?

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel wasted no time in canning and condemning the deputy who was actually at the school in Parkland, Florida working as security when Nikolas Cruz went on his rampage killing 17 people. Israel was rightfully outraged that the deputy failed to go into the building while the shots were ringing out.

Then it was disclosed that other deputies who responded took up positions outside while people were dying. Now there are calls for Israel to resign.

But even before the shooting occurred, Israel was under fire for hiring a CAIR official, Nezar Hamze, as a deputy sheriff over the objections of three ranking members of his organization. Joe Kaufman, writing in Frontpage Magazine, has the story.

So it appears that Israel joins other stooge police officials who have jumped into bed with CAIR and other questionable Islamic groups. For years we have pointed out the questionable judgment of former LASD Sheriff Lee Baca, former chief of LAPD Counter Terror Unit Michael Downing and even Janet Napolitano when she was head of DHS. Baca and Downing were active apologists for groups like CAIR, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and others while attending events that reassured the public that Islam was peaceful and sharia law was perfectly compatible with our laws, neither of which is true. Napolitano, for her part, hired Mohamed Elibiary as a DHS official, a position he used to access sensitive computer data which he used to discredit political opponents.

So the answer to the question whether Sheriff Israel should resign is a resounding YES.

We Have a Mental Health Problem

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

After the recent school death massacre in Florida, it seems the national mood is now demanding more strongly than ever that something be done. The surviving children are demanding action. President Trump is listening today, and tomorrow I predict he will be acting. The question is whether we turn our attention to the guns or to the root problem, which is mental illness. We have a mental illness crisis in this country that demands action.

Nikolas Cruz, the Florida shooter, is mentally ill. I am no psychiatrist, but anyone who does what he did is mentally ill, and we don't need psychiatrists or other experts to tell us that. Why this 19-year-old kid with his troubled history was able to legally purchase an AR-15, I have no idea.

But let us say for the sake of argument that Congress and/or the courts do away with the 2nd Amendment. Let us say that all ownership of firearms is declared illegal, and legal gun owners are ordered to surrender their weapons immediately. Let us say that they all comply. We will still have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of guns around the country illegally in the hands of criminals. Public safety will not be enhanced, it will be worsened. As far as the Nikolas Cruzs of the world, if they can't get their hands on a  gun, it will be a knife or a car which they will use to commit mass murder. Ask the Palestinian terrorists in Israel

I think we need to address this as a mental health issue. That means that mental health professionals, law enforcement, and the courts will need increased powers to intervene and, if necessary, invoke involuntary confinement for the protection of the individual and others. As a retired law enforcement officer (DEA), I say this only after long reflection. I am leery of giving our government more power at any level. The world has a long history of dictatorships taking away people's freedom  for no other reason than to maintain themselves in power. Often, they have used mental institutions as a weapon, for example, the old Soviet Union. However, there is a difference between the above and a democratic government that is honestly trying to save innocent lives. That is the point we are at now.

While I hate the idea of more government spending, we do need to devote more resources to mental health treatment.  We also need to apply it to the homeless problem. Even this broken down old DEA agent admits that when it comes to the drug problem, more money needs to be spent on treatment and rehabilitation.

I don't pretend to have all the answers to a problem that has stumped others with far more expertise than I. Ultimately, however, we need to discuss increasing society's ability to intervene and put ticking time bombs like Nikolas Cruz in places where they can be treated. Can there be abuses? Absolutely, even in a democratic country. Obviously, there will have to be safeguards. I would like to see Trump take the lead on this rather than just do things like ban butt stocks and declare victory.

BDS Is Not Just an Annoyance to Israel

This article first appeared in Times of Israel Blogs.

"The intense world condemnation of Israel is not connected to settlements, the Likud government, Donald Trump, or any other straw man arguments. It is founded in Arab/Islamic hatred of Jews and Israel — meshed with extreme leftist ideologies and partnering organizations — and led by the global antisemitic and virulently anti-Israel BDS movement."
-Jack Saltzberg

My friend and colleague, Jack Saltzberg of the Los Angles-based The Israel Group, has written a sensible article for Algemeiner that I think merits cross-posting here. In this article he takes issue with Jewish News Syndicate Jonathan S. Tobin, who writes that the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) movement against Israel is merely an annoyance to the Jewish state. Tobin's focus in the article is that Israel is making a mistake in refusing to let BDS activists enter the country.

Having witnessed BDS events on various campuses and twice having heard BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti speak, I agree with Saltzberg on this point. If BDS is merely an annoyance, then the resurgence of anti-semitism world-wide (mostly driven by pro-Palestinian supporters) is just an annoyance. Then the hostility of the UN toward Israel is just an annoyance. Then the hostility of so many European nations-not to mention the EU- against Israel is just an annoyance.

BDS is part of a movement to deligitimize Israel and eventually cause its ultimate demise. The only difference is that it is wrapped in the guise of a human rights movement, which it is not. By Barghouti's own words, a two-state treaty between Israel and the Palestinian leadership would not be accepted by BDS unless it satisfied their own demands including the right of return. He outlined his position while speaking at UC Irvine in February 2013. That specific statement can be found here
(See tape 4 at about the 8 minute mark.)

Every nation has the sovereign right (as Tobin acknowledges) to exclude foreigners who are hostile to that particular nation. BDS is but one weapon that the enemies of Israel have in their arsenal. It should not be downplayed. The effort and organization that goes into this movement says to me it is serious-deadly serious. Its leaders may profess non-violence, but their ultimate aim is the same as that of Hamas, the elimination of Israel. Having seen this movement in action, I urge Israelis not to underestimate it-or let its foreign components, such as Jewish Voice for Peace into the country.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Che Guevara and Those Who Idolize Him

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Ten years ago, I did a piece on Che Guevara in response to seeing all those revolutionary t-shirts with his image on them. I made the point that once the Cuban revolution succeeded, Guevara became executioner in chief organizing show trials that lasted a few minutes, after which, the prisoners were marched out the back door and executed. Yet to this day, young college-age knuckleheads continue to wear his image proudly for some reason I cannot fathom.

Now comes some 16-year-old Palestinian girl, who, no doubt egged on by her family, makes a living by pushing, kicking and hitting Israeli soldiers. Finally, someone said enough is enough, and they locked her up. Her name is Ahed Tamimi, and she is the new Palestinian cause celebe.

No doubt inspired by Tamimi's "story", the knucklehead Irish artist who first drew Guevara's iconic image, a guy named Jim Fitzpatrick, has drawn a portrait of Tamimi as Wonder Woman, mocking the Israeli actress who played Wonder Woman in a recent film I have not bothered to go see. Not that I am boycotting the film, I am just not into Wonder movies.

The Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at UC Irvine is running a piece on Fitzpatrick's latest work of art on their Facebook page. Obviously, they as well as Fitzpatrick, are either blissfully ignorant-or don't care- about Guevara's judicial legacy.

(Artwork by Fousesquawk. All rights reserved.)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Israeli Reservists Cleared of Harassment Complaint at UC Irvine

Last May, Students  for Justice in Palestine disrupted an event at UC Irvine sponsored by Students Supporting Israel. Yet SJP had the gonads to file a harassment complaint against SSI. Today, it has been announced the UCI has found the complaint without merit. Having been present during most of the events on campus that week. I could have told them that a long time ago.

As it is, SJP has been placed on 2-year probation for its role in the May disruption-a lenient punishment in my view.

Is Bigamy Illegal in Germany or Not?

Hat tip Conservative News Daily

Like the US, bigamy is illegal in Germany. But of course, if you are a Muslim man with multiple wives, the Germans are willing to turn a blind eye even if your wives were children when you married them in your country of origin. The case of a Syrian refugee in northern Germany has caught the attention of the media. Germans who foot the bill for freebies handed out to these newcomers are fed up with it.

The problem with Germany and Canada (also featured in the article) is that they are both run by gullible, liberal politicians who are afraid to buck sharia law and don't care a whit about the people who have to pay for all this.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fergie Nails it

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I remember back in the 1960s when the Detroit Tigers had a beautiful (recorded) rendition of the National Anthem they use to play before their home games. It was by a symphony orchestra, and it was one of the best I have ever heard. Unfortunately, I never could retrieve it in the Internet.

Fast forward to the NBA All Star game last week at the Staples Center in Los Angeles when the singer soon-to-be-formerly- known as Fergie butchered the National Anthem in a style not heard since Rosanne Barr drove 20,000 fans out of a Padres game before it even began.

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"Fergie! Who the F--- is Fergie?"

For those who have not yet heard Fergie LNU, here it is with a few sound bites from the old Jim Healy radio show in LA. 

Good thing those soldiers behind her didn't have loaded rifles; they might have put an end to this midway through. Thinking of Colin Kaepernick, I'm not sure I would stand for this either. Seriously, the National Anthem is not a hard rock or a blues song. It is our National Anthem, and I get sick and tired of hearing some pop singer twisting the melody until nobody knows it from an air raid siren. If you can't do it right, don't do it at all.