Monday, October 31, 2022

Netherlands: Man Stabbed in Central Train Station: Two Suspects Sought

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

On September 3,  a man was beaten and stabbed during an argument at the Amsterdam Central Train Station that got out of hand. The victim and a friend were entering the station when they got into an argument with a group of 6 men who were bothering passersby. Two of the men in the group began punching and kicking the victim's friend. When the victim threw a bottle at the attackers, he was stabbed in the stomach by one of the men. 

Police are now on the hunt for two men who were involved in the violence including the stabber. The victim had to stay several days in the hospital.

The video in the below article from yesterday's AT5.NL (news) is translated by Fousesquawk. It is almost identical to the written text in the article.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

France: Marine LePen Schools the French PM

 I am cross-posting a video by the RAIR Foundation USA (Subtitling by Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna, translation by Miss Piggy). The below video features French opposition leader Marine LePen speaking before the French parliament and directing her remarks to the French Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. It concerns the recent horrific kidnap, torture, rape, and murder of a 12-year-old French girl at the hands of 4 Algerian criminals, at least one of whom was in France illegally. LePen's words are poignant and well-spoken. When will the French government wake up?

Sweden: Gang Rape in Malmö

Five immigrants charged for aggravated rape in Malmö

Last Saturday night in Malmö, Sweden's third largest city, a young woman was reportedly gang raped by five young men. Most of the major Swedish outlets, as usual, have described the rapists as "youths" (ungdomar). The independent news outlet, Nya Dagbladet, identifies four of the arrested suspects as Syrians and the fifth as stateless. 

In translating the below article, I realize that the language may seem to an American reader to be a bit overly focused on the origin of the suspects. However, given the enormity of the problem of violent crime in Sweden by certain immigrants from certain parts of the world, coupled with the fact that the authorities and the mainstream media insist on covering up the problem and the identities of the perpetrators, the wording of the article below is justified in my opinion.

The below article from Nya Dagbladet is translated by Fousesquawk.

Posted 26 October 2022

By editorial staff

Caption: Kungspark (King's Park) in

Five immigrants charged for aggravated rape in Malmö

Posted 26 October 2022

By editorial staff

Caption: Kungspark (King's Park) in Malmö

Five young men are charged with aggravated rape that took place just after 11 pm on Saturday night in central Malmö. Four of the suspected perpetrators are from Syria while one is stateless.

The rape, which occurred on a playground in King's Park in Malmö, was broken up by patrolling police. Five persons were arrested and are now in custody for probable cause.

"I am requesting they be held in custody on probable cause for suspicion of aggravated rape. We need to investigate the circumstances more closely," says Prosecutor Kristina Amilon to SVT (Swedish TV) News (in) Skåne just before 11 am on Wednesday.

All five suspects are immigrants. Four are from Syria, one is stateless, and they were reportedly born between 2004-2007. The ethnicity of the victim is not known.

It is noteworthy that neither tax-funded Swedish TV nor Swedish Radio state anything about (the fact) that all of the suspects are of non-Swedish background. Instead, they are briefly described as "youths" in the reporting.

* Update-10-31-22. The German Blog, Allah's Willing Executioners, has an update on the identities of the five men and two photos.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Germany: Ukrainian Refugee Woman Stabbed to Death


It has happened yet again. This time in Germany, a young woman-a Ukrainian refugee- has been stabbed to death, and the suspect is a migrant/refugee/asylum-seeker from somewhere in the Middle East (or Somalia, or Afghanistan). This time, the suspect is a Jordanian man (28).

The incident happened Tuesday morning outside of a refugee apartment complex in the picturesque Bavarian Alpine town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The victim was attacked and stabbed to death. The suspect fled on a bike and was later captured higher up in the mountains, possibly on his way to the Austrian border.

The below article from the German news site, Merkur, was posted on October 28. At the time of publication, the woman was still clinging to life. The article is translated by Fousesquawk.

Bloody crime in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: The shock goes deep- Condition of woman, "acutely life-threatening"

Posted October 28, 2022 at 11:57

By Andreas Seiler

Caption: Police operation: After an attempted murder in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, officers look for clues

The massive hunt brought quick results: After the terrible, bloody crime on Tuesday in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the police took a suspect into custody that night: It is a Jordanian (28).

Garmisch-Partenkirchen- The shock still runs deep in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: On Tuesday morning, in a courtyard entrance to an apartment building at the corner of St-Martin and Achenfeldstrasse (Street), a 21-year-old Ukrainian woman was discovered-with the most serious injuries, apparently caused by a violent crime (We reported).

Violent crime in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Condition of 21-year-old, "acutely life-threatening"

The young woman, who reportedly lived in an apartment for refugees, is being treated in a clinic. "Her condition is acutely life-threatening," reports Alexander Huber, Press Spokesman for Police in Oberbayern South.

A witness saw a young man flee the alleged crime scene on a bicycle. A manhunt  ensued with a large deployment of police forces, not only from the district, but also from surrounding (police stations) and the neighboring Weilheim-Schongau district. There were also several helicopters deployed to search the area. Tips from the population finally brought about a quick breakthrough: Officers from tactical police arrested the suspect, a 28-year-old Jordanian, who also resided in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, around 11:30 pm. 

Woman in Garmisch-Partenkirchen critically injured- "Very timely success of manhunt"

He surrendered without resistance. Huber mentions a "very timely success of the manhunt". The location of the arrest is notable: Because the man was in the area of the Berg (Mountain) Station of the Alpenspitzbahn, in other words, over 2000 meters high. What he was seeking there, one can only speculate. Did he want to hide? Or flee to Austria?


The below article is from the French blog, Francois DeSouche, and is dated today (October 29). It reports that the victim, identified only as Alina, died of her wounds. It also reports the suspect's name only as Shadi B., and that he reportedly lived in the same residence for refugees.

Germany:Alina, 21-year-old Ukrainian refugee, stabbed to death in the middle of the street by Shadi  B., a Jordanian migrant housed in the same residence as the victim.

October 29, 2022 29:28

Garmisch-Partenkirchen- First, Shabi B., (28) massacred a young woman in the courtyard of an apartment building, then he calmly ate grilled sausages and fries in a mountain restaurant 2000 meters high!

Tuesday morning, about 7 am, Shadi B. attacked Alina (21) as she was leaving her lodging in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. He then stabbed her to death.

The two knew each other, they lived in the same residence for refugees in the heart of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Alina was on her way to a hotel where she worked as a chambermaid when Shadi B. mortally injured her in accessing the foyer.

After the carnage, the Jordanian fled on a bike. A large number of police officers looked for him for hours without success. 

Only after a public manhunt with calls for witnesses was success achieved.

In effect, Andrew Syme (51) owner of the Alpspitz restaurant, read news of the search on the Internet the same evening and recognized Shadi B. (photo below) as the customer who, shortly after the horrible crime, had eaten a mountain of grilled sausages with fries.


Fousesquawk comment: Alina is not the first Ukrainian refugee woman in Europe to be victimized by migrants/refugees from the aforementioned regions. Nor is she the first in Germany. Earlier this year, a young Ukrainian woman was raped by two  men from Nigeria and Iraq who were housed on the same refugee ship docked in Dusseldorf. You would think the lesson would be learned. Yet for some unfathomable reason, some European officials still see fit to house these young men in the same facilities as Ukrainian women and children. What could possibly go wrong? 

Chalk up another victim on the altar of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel's dream of importing millions of young, unknown men into Germany and the rest of Europe from countries where women are treated as chattel. In her own words, "Wir schaffen das" (We can do this). And they certainly have.


More "Good News" on the Economic Front

"Good news, mein Fuehrer. The GDP is up 2.6%"


Sunday, October 23, 2022

Will San Diego Fund CAIR Banquet?

Hat tip Steve and Investigative Project on Terrorism

Unbelievable as it seems, the county of San Diego (California) is scheduled to vote in two days on a proposal to fund an upcoming CAIR (Council on Islamic American Relations) banquet to be held in San Diego. I am cross-posting an article here by the blog, Focus on Western Islamism.

This is not the first time that CAIR has been involved in a controversy with San Diego.

I have sent an email to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors explaining why they should not be spending taxpayer funds on this despicable organization. The text of that letter is below:

Dear Supervisors,

My name is Gary Fouse. I am a resident of Orange County and a former part-time teacher of English as a second language at the University of California at Irvine (1998-2016). During my time at UC Irvine, I attended several events both on and off campus featuring speakers from CAIR including their Northern California and Southern California directors, Zahra Billoo and Hussam Ayloush respectively. 

Both of these individuals, as do so many of their CAIR colleagues around the country, have a history of anti-Semitic statements, sometimes in support of the pro-Palestinian movement and sometimes independent of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. As a gentile, I have seen way too much anti-Semitism on college campuses, which goes way beyond any legitimate criticism of Israel. 

CAIR is not a moderate civil rights organization. It is an arm of the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood and has long-standing connections to Hamas, which our government has designated as a terrorist organization. In addition, CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007-2008 Holy Land Foundation trial in the Northern District of Texas, a case that involved charity funding being diverted to Middle East terror organizations. In short, this is not an organization that you should be providing tax-payer funds to.

I urge you not to provide funding to this organization. 

Thank you for your attention,

Gary Fouse

Here are the email addresses of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors if you would like to voice your opinion, particularly if you are a resident of San Diego County. Please be respectful.
Update: 10-31-22. A few days ago the Board voted unanimously to provide the funding. In their announcement, they did acknowledge the letters and phone calls they had received in opposition- if that's any consolation. Let the record show that they were fully advised as to the background of CAIR when they approved the funding.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Netherlands: Police Shut Down Koran-Burning Event in Rotterdam

-NOS Nieuws

Today in Rotterdam, the anti-Islam organization, Pegida, was scheduled to hold a Koran-burning event. Instead, police  shut down the event, seized the Koran, and arrested the leader, Edwin Wagenveld for shouting something negative about Islam (We don't know what). Several Muslim counter-protesters showed up and reportedly showered the cops with eggs and smoke bombs to show their gratitude.

The below written article from today's is translated by Fousesquawk. A translated video is pending.

Brief unrest in Rotterdam at Pegida action and counter-protest

There was a short period of unrest near the Rotterdam Central Train Station today. The reason was a scheduled Koran-burning by the anti-Islam movement Pegida, which attracted hundreds of counter-demonstrators. 

Pegida was to start demonstrating at 2 pm on the station square, and there was a plan to burn a Koran. However, it did not happen: The police seized the Koran from Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld in order "to prevent escalation and thus, serious disorder." Wagensveld was arrested because, according to police, he shouted "an insulting slogan". Other than Wagenveld, there were very few Pegida followers, said a police spokesperson. 

The counter-protesters, mostly young Muslims, burst into cheers. The mobile (police) unit was deployed to contain the group of youths. They often shouted, "Allahu Akhbar" and, according to the regional news outlet, Rijnmond, threw eggs and smoke bombs at police. 

Caption: There are a lot of police in the center of Rotterdam

Previously, various parties had objected to the burning event. For example, the Muslim umbrella organization, Spior, sent in a notice of objection, and the political fraction, Denk, requested an emergency debate. Deputy Mayor Robert Simons subsequently wrote in a letter to the city council that it was forbidden to light a fire in public space, and that therefore, the Koran-burning could not go forward.

Tweet from Paul Verspeek with photo:

Pegida leader Edwin Wagenveld is arrested for "insulting the faith".

As promised above, here is a video from Algemeen Dagblad. Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes for sub-titling. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Sweden: Migrant Gets Life for Rape and Attempted Murder


Here comes another horror story out of Sweden. A 41-year-old migrant named Taher Amini, who had already been ordered deported, has now been convicted of raping a young woman and throwing her down a 24-meter mine hole in an attempt to kill her. The woman miraculously survived when passersby heard her call for help. Amini has been sentenced to life imprisonment and deportation to boot.

Not only that, but his previous wife is missing, and he reportedly stated that he killed her.

The below article from Aftonbladet is translated by Fousesquawk. A translation of the video accompanying the article is in progress. 

Taher Amini raped and pushed woman down a mine hole-sentenced to life in prison

Former wife disappeared- Reportedly said he killed her

By Beri Zangana

Posted today 02:02, Updated today 04:58

Woman raped and pushed down a 24-meter mine hole where she lay seriously injured over 31 hours.

She has described the incident as a horror film.

Now 41-year-old Taher Amini is sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder and aggravated rape.

The woman was found in a 24-meter deep mine hole in Norberg on 22 April after passersby heard her call for help.

41-year-old Taher Amini was charged for attempted murder and aggravated rape.

In the police investigation, it was revealed the woman was pushed into the hole by Amini. There the woman remained for a long time.

Caption: Taher Amini sentenced to life in prison. Photo from police preliminary investigation.

During questioning, the woman expressed that she feared for her life. The woman herself believes that Taher Amini wanted to force her to marry him so that he would get a residence permit.

Just before the incident, the woman and Taher Amini were reportedly driving together, and he then reportedly said that he wanted to marry her. In the investigation, it was revealed that the man was supposed to drive her to Örebro. Instead, he drove her to a wooded area outside Norberg where he beat her and raped her before throwing her down the mine hole.

Amini noticed that the woman was still alive and began throwing bricks at her where she lay in the mine hole. Then he left the hole.

But the woman survived miraculously.

Now the 41-year-old Taher Amini is sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder and aggravated rape. He is also sentenced to deportation.

"He showed particular recklessness"

In the judgment, it states among other things:

"The crime must be judged as aggravated since Taher Amini used violence and threats which were of a particularly serious nature and showed particular recklessness and brutality in that there was repeated violence and repeated threats to kill (her). Furthermore, the incident occurred in an isolated and dangerous place".

Councilor Johan Alvner says in a statement the acts were planned and the murder attempt occurred to hide the rape.

"Taking together the plaintiff's suffering and fear of death, the punishment level for attempted murder is very close to what would have applied had the plaintiff died. Since the man is also convicted of aggravated rape, we have found that the punishment should be life in prison."

Previous wife still missing

Aftonbladet has earlier obtained documents that show that Taher Amini came to Sweden in 2015 and applied for a residence permit.

The Migration Board rejected his application two years later and decided on deportation. In 2018, the decision was appealed, but the Migration Board rejected the appeal. The same year, the court decided not to grant permission to appeal.

Amini has had three children and has also been married. Before he pushed the young woman down the mine hole, he reportedly told her he had killed his previous wife, His previous wife is still missing.

The 41-year-old denies both having killed his previous wife and raping and throwing the young woman down the mine hole.

Amini's defense attorney, Anders Ylönen, says that they are not satisfied with the verdict and will appeal it next week.

"We are dissatisfied with the court's decision and will take it to the court of appeal for a new trial," he says.


As promised, here is the accompanying Swedish news video with English sub-titles. (Hat tip to Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna, translation by Fousesquawk.)

France: Crucifixes Banned for Sale at Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg Christmas Market

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and in Europe, that means the erection of wonderful Christmas markets in places like Nuremberg, Strasbourg, and.......

Strasbourg? Yes, the former German city, now French, which has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. It also means that Europeans must contend with the threat of terrorist attacks against our symbol of Christianity by radical Muslims who are offended by the presence of Christianity and Judaism in Europe. Along with Berlin, Strasbourg's Christmas Market has already been hit with a terrorist attack (2018).

This year, the leftist city council is taking steps to ensure the safety of the people who want to enjoy the festivities. They are banning the sale of crucifixes! At least, they are subject to certain reservations (see below chart). Just what those reservations are is rather vague. Apparently, the local officials will judge their quality and appropriateness, whatever that means. At any rate, the decision has caused a firestorm. (As yet, there has been no call for the city to rejoin Germany.)

The below article is from the Dutch-language Belgian blog, React Niuews, and is translated by Fousesquawk.

Block 4: Non-food products banned from sale with reservations. In yellow circle-crucifixes

Crucifixes forbidden at Strasbourg Christmas Market

October 18, 2022

By Hans de Groot, News

Next month, the annual traditional Christmas Market begins in Strasbourg, the French city in Alsace. It is the most important tourist event in the city and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors. That Strasbourg is French but was once a German city will certainly contribute to this.

The city leadership is in the hands of the Left, including the Greens, and thus, the warning finger is raised in the air, and the most absurd regulatory nonsense has been unloaded on the participants of the event. The merchants have just been sent an enormous list of "banned" products.

Christmas cards are no longer allowed because they are printed on paper, and thus, "bad for the climate". The traditional French dish, "tartiflette" (a kind of casserole with cheese and ham) is banned, but the Turkish snack, "Loukoum" is expressly welcome. In short, the expected green nonsense.

No crucifixes

But to the surprise of just about everyone, also appearing on the list as a banned product: The crucifix. In other words, the Christian crucifix.

It appears here that the woke crazies from the Left in Strasbourg have miscalculated because a storm of protest has arisen. Jokesters wonder aloud just what we are celebrating at Christmas, the birth of loukoum? And from the majority of the city council, it is announced that this, "was not discussed".

But even if this crazy ban is revoked, it is already clear where the Left wants to go: The erasure of every form of European identity in order to accommodate the repopulation. The repopulation is also on a fast track in Strasbourg: Of the 290,000 residents, there are now 60,000 with an immigrant background. The immigrant suburbs of Strasbourg are infamous no-go zones where, for example, every New Year's Eve, hundreds of cars are set on fire. 

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Kanye West and His Anti-Semitic Rants

There has been a recent trend for conservatives to embrace rapper Kanye West over his perceived tilt toward conservative politics. First, there was his embrace of former President Trump. Then came his criticism of Black Lives Matter, his more recent wearing of a "White Lives Matter" t-shirt, and other pronouncements. Many perceived that this would be another name to add to black thinkers like Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Candace Owens, and others who have dared to challenge conventional liberal thinking. 

Before we embrace Kanye West, however, we need to pause and take in his recent remarks about Jews, which are viciously anti-Semitic and bring up many of the old stereotypes that have long contributed to Jew-hatred. Unlike the names above, West's rambling words against Jews show that he is no great thinker. Quite the opposite.

It is tempting to dismiss West as just another boffo celebrity who went crazy after marrying into the boffo Kardashian family, joining people like Bruce Jenner, Lamar Odom, and various and sundry drummers, basketball players, comedians, and other misfits who fit right into the Kardashian-Jenner klan-at least temporarily.

But West has been displaying troubling behavior for years now and has reportedly been diagnosed as bipolar. If that is the case, what he now needs is psychiatric help and not more public platforms to spout his hate.

There is nothing new about West. Jews get attacked from all directions, white, black, liberal, and conservative. What makes West particularly scary is that he has a large following because of his music. It doesn't take a clairvoyant to predict that somewhere, very likely in a  place like New York City, an innocent Jew, likely an Orthodox Jew who is easy to pick out, will fall victim to an assault at the hands of someone inspired by West's words. Among West's insults, he has implied that Jews have done harm to African-Americans, also a false canard. Those words could not have come at a worse time in our country and will have definite consequences.

Many on the left have jumped off the Kanye West bandwagon because of his support for Trump and statements challenging liberal thinking. In light of his recent statements about Jews, liberals, conservatives, and all in between should withdraw their support of this man. That includes folks like Candace Owens, who recently appeared with West wearing "White Lives Matter" t-shirts. West may be bipolar, but he is not insane. It is not an excuse for the things he is saying. What he should be doing now is apologizing and urging his fans not to act out on his outrageous statements


Germany: Update on Stabbing Murders in Ludwigshafen


Yesterday, we reported on a horrific knife attack in the southwestern German town of Ludwigshafen by a Somali migrant in which two men were stabbed to death and another seriously wounded. Today's Ludwigshafen24 (News) reports an additional horrifying detail not previously disclosed. After the first two victims were fatally stabbed, the suspect returned to the first victim, severed his arm, and threw it up onto the balcony of the suspect's ex-girlfriend who lived nearby. 

It is also now reported that the suspect was previously known to police since his ex-girlfriend had reported him for stalking her and that a restraining order had just recently been issued.

Finally, the article notes that several witnesses report hearing the suspect shout, "Allahu akhbar" during the attack.

The pertinent headlines and (3) paragraphs from Ludwigshafen24's report are translated by Fousesquawk.

Deadly knife attack in Ludwigshafen: Perpetrator threw severed arm onto ex-girlfriend's balcony

Posted October 20, 2022, updated October 20, 2022

By Josefine Lenz

Especially shocking: The perpetrator then goes to his first victim and cuts off his forearm. "He throws it onto the balcony of his former girlfriend, who lives nearby, and walks toward the Oggersheim street car station," the report from the State Prosecutor and Police continues.


As Frankenthal prosecutor, Dr Kai Hemplemann explains to Ludwigshafen24, the accused is known to police because he stalked his ex, which is why the woman contacted the police several times. A contact ban was just recently issued.


Knife attack in Ludwigshafen- Witnesses report: Attacker shouted, "Allahu akhbar"

According to police, several witnesses reported that the attacker shouted, "Allahu akhbar" in addition to other shouts during the acts. Due to this, extensive investigations into the motive and background are being conducted. Experts for politically-motivated crimes from the State Criminal Police are also assisting. "As of now, there are no indications that the acts can be connected to any Islamic or terrorist background. The motive for the crimes are not yet clarified," the press release states in closing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Germany: Somali Man Stabs Two to Death

Hat tip Jihad Watch


Here is yet another Somali "success story" courtesy of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel's 2015 open-door policy. In the southwest German town of Ludwigshafen, specifically in the Oggersheim district, a Somali man went on a stabbing rampage and killed two German men while seriously wounding another. Police caught up with him in a drugstore and shot him. The man was taken to a hospital for surgery and survived. 

This story has been reported in English by Jihad Watch.  According to Der Spiegel (see JW link), the attacker was reportedly screaming, "Allahu Akhbar" during the attack. Below is a translation of a local Ludwigshafen 24 (News) report with various updates. The translation is by Fousesquawk.

Two dead in knife attack in Ludwigshafen: Wounded (shot) perpetrator (25) before a magistrate today?

Posted October 19, 2022, Updated October 19, 2022 11:25 am

By Katia Becher

Ludwigshafen- Two men have been killed and two seriously injured in a knife attack in Oggersheim- among them, the alleged perpetrator. The police shot him.

* Deadly knife attack in Oggersheim. Two persons die, and another person is seriously injured in a drug store.

  • Update from 19 October at 10:55 am. In the course of the investigation, the Rossmann-Branch has been closed for evidence collection at least for today (Wednesday). The door is closed off with a police seal. In the drug store, the knife attacker seriously injured a 27-year-old, was located there by police, and shot to bring the bloody (affair) to an end.
  • Among the two men killed, according to media reports, were two workers, with one painter trying to help his colleague, according to BILD.
  • Update: from 19 October, 8:57 am: After the deadly knife attack in Oggersheim with two dead and two seriously injured, the bodies will reportedly be autopsied during the course of the day. As a police spokesperson told DPA on Wednesday morning, it is planned to bring the suspect before a magistrate after his emergency surgery. At least on the day of the crime, he was not able to be questioned. The 25-year-old allegedly attacked three people with a knife. Two men, ages 20 and  35, are dead, and a 27-year-old is seriously injured.
  • Officers located the suspect in a Rossman-Filiale (and) shot the attacker to stop him. He was seriously injured and arrested. The background for the attack is not yet fully clear. It will be investigated  "in every direction," the Rheinland-Pfalz Interior Minister, Michael Ebling (SPD) said on Tuesday. Police state that the suspect is a Somali national. According to current information, the three victims of the knife attack are German citizens.
  • Two dead in knife attack in Ludwigshafen: Police stop attacker (25) with shots
  • Update from 18 October, 8 pm: The State Criminal Police of Rheinland-Pfalz are also involved in the investigation, says the Rheinland-Pfalz Interior Minister, Michael Eblig (SPD). "Naturally, it will be investigated in every direction". Ebling, who was appointed as the new interior minister just a few days ago,  expressed concern over the crime on the occasion of a visit in Ahrtal. His thoughts are with the relatives of the victim, he added. "A crime that naturally moves us."

How Many More Shocks Can France Take?

 This article first appeared in New English Review.

This week, France has once again been thrown into a state of shock and outrage. A 12-year-old French girl, identified only as Lola, was kidnapped on her way home from school and was later found dead in a trunk, almost beheaded, and with numerical markings written on her body. Reports indicate she had been raped and tortured. In custody are four Algerian nationals, two women and two men. One of the women was reportedly captured on security cameras enticing the victim away from her apartment building. It is suspected that the motive behind this act was organ harvesting. And now, to add fuel to the fire, it is reported that the woman in question had been under a deportation order that should have been carried out weeks ago.

The question begs: How many more of these shocks can France take? It seems after each outrage committed by foreign nationals, many for religious (read Islamic) motives, the French people would have reached their limit. Yet, the horrific incidents are seemingly non-stop in nature. The Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Bataclan massacre, the massacre at a Jewish school in Toulouse, the truck massacre in Nice, the murder-beheading of Samuel Paty, the murders of French priests and worshippers in their own churches, the attacks upon Jews in the streets,…….Now this. (It should be emphasized here that the motive of this specific crime does not appear at this point to be religious.)

The former colonialist France is no stranger to immigration, especially from its former colonies. There have been good and bad times, but in the past decade, things have really gone off the rails. Undoubtedly, there are millions of immigrants in France who unfairly tarred by the despicable acts of more recent arrivals. No decent person would blame all immigrants for the crimes of others, but with this latest news regarding the immigration status of at least one of the accused murderers of little Lola, is it unreasonable to ask why appropriately-mandated deportations of undesirables are not being carried out? Is it unreasonable to argue that this victim would still be alive and free to live out the rest of a long life ahead of her if not for the failure of the French government? A failure to enforce its own immigration and deportation laws. A failure to protect its own citizens.

To be sure, after each event, there are signs that the French have said, “Enough is enough”. There was the “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) wave after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. World leaders rallied in support of France and free speech. ( Of course, America’s ridiculous then-Secretary of State, John Kerry, trotted singer James Taylor over to Paris to perform, “You’ve got a friend” before a befuddled audience of French officials.)

Yet, in spite of the obvious failures of France’s governments, French voters continue to elect the same tired old politicians to national office, the latest being Emmanuel Macron. The plain simple fact is that like most other Western European countries, (the most glaring exception being Italy), we see the same faces, the same parties remaining in power. And the migrants, asylum-seekers, and refugees just keep coming, mostly from Muslim-majority countries, with little promise of assimilation.

And the people keep dying. The women continue to be raped.

This week, the French people are rightly outraged at the horrific murder of a 12-year-old girl, allegedly by four Algerians, one of whom was in the country illegally. Just as they were outraged after Charlie Hebdo, Nice, Bataclan, Samuel Paty, Toulouse, and countless other outrages. But will anything change? Will France close its borders? Will they seriously start deporting criminal aliens or foreigners known to be radicalized and dangers to national and public security? Will they elect new leaders who promise to accomplish the above? Or will they “move on” after a few days waiting for the next attack and James Taylor to come and serenade them?

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

France: Another Tragic Failure of the Immigration System

Principal suspect in child murder case was not supposed to be in France

Lola-The victim

The horrific story of Lola, a 12-year-old French girl kidnapped and murdered in Paris has just gotten worse. Previously, it was reported that the suspected motive was organ trafficking. It is now reported that Lola was raped and tortured before being murdered. Four Algerians are in custody, and now it has been revealed that the principal suspect was supposed to have been deported at the end of the summer. That obviously did not happen, and the rest is history.

The below article from today's Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

Murder of Lola in Paris: The elected (officials) point to the "responsibility" of the government

By Dinah Cohen

Posted 8 hours ago. Updated 4 hours ago.

Caption: Flowers placed in front of Lola's residence on 18 October.

Several on the Right and the Rassemblement National (party) denounce the "horror" of the crime and the presence in France of the principal suspect.

"Barbarism", "torture", "agony"...The words don't seem strong enough to describe the horror of the murder of the young schoolgirl, Lola, whose body was found Friday (wrapped) in plastic in a trunk in the 19th District of Paris. Off to the side of the ELA association recital to which she had been invited, First Lady Brigitte Macron spoke Monday on the "absolutely abominable and intolerable tragedy". "We are with the pupils, the teachers, and certainly with the families," she stated.

The following morning, the head of State personally received the parents of the victim at the Elysee Palace to assure them of "his complete support". A reaction deemed tardy by part of the political class, who now point to the "responsibility" of the government in the tragic fate of the child. According to the first results of the investigation, the principal suspect had been the object of an order to leave the country at the end of the summer (OQTF), but this was not carried out. 

In the face of these revelations, the deputies of the Right and the nationalist camp did not fail to take the various ministers to task Tuesday afternoon during the questions to the government session. At the microphone, elected representative (RL) Eric Pauget denounced the "weakness of the Republic" and its "laxness". "Lola lost her life because you did not carry out the expulsion of this (foreign) national," the Alpes-Maritimes deputy reproached in addressing the Guardian of the Seals, Eric Dupont-Moretti. "This is the heavy consequence of your inaction," he stated.

Government taken to task

In the process, the president of the Rassemblement National (party), Marine Le Pen, directly challenged the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. "The suspect in this barbaric act should not have been in our country," she reproached her, calling into question the "migratory laxness" of the Executive (branch).  "You did not gage the immense, the deep emotion this tragedy has awakened in the heart of the French people," she added.

A few hours earlier, messages calling into question the responsibility of the government multiplied on social media. Deputy and candidate for the presidency of the Republicans, Eric Ciotti, demanded that, "justice be done, whatever the cost". His colleague and competitor, Aurelien Pradie, asked that "little Lola not be lost amid all the various facts". When the third candidate for the party presidency, Bruno Retailleau, evoked, "civilizational combat" and reproached the Minister of Interior, "for agitating the extreme Right to mask his incompetence rather than more effectively fighting against the extreme violence."

On the other side, the ministers tried to mount a defense. From the first critiques, Gerald Darmanin, on RTL (French Radio), denounced, "the indecency in the political positions when a little girl was so obviously raped, tortured and murdered". Responsible politicians should reflect on the consequences of their words, if only for the families who see photos of their daughter circulated everywhere."  

Dupond-Moretti denounces "petty political discourse"

From the Bourbon Palace, the Justice Minister also castigated "the petty politics, the petty political discourse," aimed at "using the coffin of a 12-year-old girl as a stepping stone". While Elisabeth Bourn called for "respect for the pain of the family," for "the memory of Lola," and "the separation of the powers" between the police and judiciary. "Is that all?", Marine Le Pen retorted to them several times. Several figures on the Right continued to step up like Eric Zemmour, failed presidential candidate, who described the crime as "Francocide", has already announced that he would participate in a rally of tribute organized by the Institute for Justice, scheduled Thursday evening in Paris. 

On the left, few contrasting voices were heard. The ecologist, Sandrine Rousseau, offered her "entire support to the next-of-kin" and affirmed that "Francocide doesn't exist". "Murderers cannot be reduced to a skin color, a religion, or a nationality, without falling into the darkest hours of humanity," she stated. Referring to "a nameless crime that touches a child," the rebel Francois Ruffin also said he was "seized by dread, by anger". The deputy also called for respecting the wish of Lola's family, namely that the "details of the facts don't take precedence over the message of compassion and support". 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Netherlands: Amsterdam Mosque Will Not Sign Off to Protection for LGBTQ

The Blue Mosque in Amsterdam has been linked to the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood, the umbrella organization for most of the Islamic terrorist organizations around the world. So it should come as no surprise when asked by the mayor of Amsterdam to sign a statement endorsing protection for the LGBTQ community, the mosque would not only refuse but take offense.

Regardless of what Scripture in any religion says about homosexuality, all religious leaders should condemn violence directed toward the LGBTQ community.

The below article from today's Telegraaf is translated by Fousesquawk.

Mosque denounces call against LGBTQ violence  from the municipality of Amsterdam

Yesterday at 12:44 in domestic

Amsterdam- The leadership of the Blue Mosque in Amsterdam is angry about a letter from the municipality. In (the letter), Mayor Femke Halsema asks the leadership of the mosque to sign a statement of support in which there is a call to condemn violence against LGBTQ people.

Caption: The Blue Mosque in Amsterdam

The Blue Mosque calls it, "absurd, discriminating, and accusatory." "That only the mosques are asked to explicitly condemn violence is a direct accusation against the Islamic community," according to the mosque in a statement.

Halsema has invited the mosque leaders to a meeting next Monday regarding the protection of the LGBTQ community, "and the contributions the mosques can give to strengthen the security of this group." In the invitation letter, it states the mayor will present a statement to the mosque leadership in which violence against LGBTQ persons is condemned, and in which support is expressed "for those who are victimized by this form of discrimination and violence."

The mayor would like that the mosque leadership, as much as possible, sign this statement to show that the mosques are a positive force in  Amsterdam society. According to the Blue Mosque, "with this, the Islamic community, for the umpteenth time, has been found guilty by the government of a lack of trust, until they themselves prove otherwise."

Also asked of Jewish and Christian organizations

A spokesperson for Halsema announced that Jewish and Christian organizations are also being asked to sign a similar type of statement. According to the municipality, religious organizations play an important role in fighting against discrimination and violence against LGBTQ people due to direct contact with believers whom they represent. "We are not asking too much of them," says the spokesperson. 

The Blue Mosque says that it is possible that the call was made to other religions as well, "but what we know is only what is in the letter," says a spokesperson. The organization is not coming to the meeting on Monday. 

The Blue Mosque is one of the larger mosques in the country. The organization often speaks out on Muslim positions and other societal subjects. How many people the mosque represents, the spokesperson cannot say precisely, but according to him, about a thousand people come to Friday sermons.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

France: 12-Year-Old Girl Murdered-Possible Organ Traffic Motive

Lola- The victim

Today, Paris is shocked by the discovery of a 12-year-old schoolgirl whose body was found in a trunk, her head almost torn off and indications of possible organ trafficking. A total of 5 people are currently in custody including a 24-year-old woman described further as only North African (Maghrebian). The so-called Maghreb includes the nations of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, all of whom as former French colonies, have large diaspora populations residing in France.

I want to be cautious in how I describe this horrific crime. The conservative news organ, Le Figaro, seems to be the only news source in France (that I could find) that mentions the origin of the woman suspect, who surveillance video indicates, lured the young girl as she was returning home from school.

I don't want to leave the impression that North Africans, Muslims, or any other group are predominantly involved in a wave of organ trafficking. This is a canard that is once again being hurled at Jews and Israelis in particular, without credible evidence. I am not well enough informed on organ trafficking to know if this crime is particular to any one specific group.

The below article from today's Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk. (Note: This article in Le Figaro has been updated, so the reader will note certain discrepancies from what had earlier been translated.)

Paris: The body of an adolescent less than 12 years of age discovered in a trunk, several persons arrested

By Le Figaro with AFP (Agence  France Presse)

A case has been opened for murder of a minor less than 15 years of age. The hypothesis of organ traffic is advanced.

She was 12 years old and was returning from (middle) school. Her body was found Friday evening in a trunk (wrapped) in plastic near her home in the 19th district of Paris, and 5 persons have been taken into custody in the course of this macabre incident, according to the Prosecutor's Office of Paris (information to) Le Figaro. At this stage, the investigations have established that the victim died of asphyxiation, the same source noted.

It was 11 pm when a homeless person reported to the police the discovery of an opaque box containing the body of an adolescent, in the inner courtyard of an apartment building in this east Paris district. The body of the schoolgirl was concealed by fabric, according to sources close to the case. Two suitcases were placed at the side of the box.

In a video posted on Twitter by independent journalist Clement Lanot, who disclosed the discovery of the body, white tarps are hanging over one well, and police in white coveralls are working through the night. The Paris Prosecutor's Office has opened a case for murder of a minor under the age of 15, which has been assigned to the Criminal Brigade.

Twitter insert:

The body of an adolescent born in 2010 has been discovered toning in the 19th District of Paris.

It was in a suitcase

She had disappeared yesterday afternoon as she was returning from school.

The Criminal Brigade has taken over the case.

Autopsy during the day

The trunk was found at the base of the apartment building where the young girl lived, the Prosecutor's Office noted. Her disappearance had been previously reported to the police, a source close to the case stated. According to another source close to the case, her father, the caretaker of the building where the family resides, concerned about not seeing her return from school at 3 pm, had notified his wife, who went to the police station to report her disappearance.  

On her Facebook page, checked by AFP, the mother of the little girl had sent out an appeal for witnesses describing her daughter and the clothes she was wearing. Two photos accompanied this posting, one showing a smiling adolescent with long blond hair. In the second, apparently from surveillance camera images, we see her enter an apartment building. The surveillance cameras of the building clearly show the adolescent return, but she then disappears, according to a source close to the case. Le Parisien reports the remarks of a neighbor who reportedly saw the surveillance video with the father. We see the little girl accompanied by a woman in her twenties. "The woman makes a gesture to her as if she is telling her to come," this neighbor describes: "Lola didn't seem to be reassured at all. One can understand that what is happening is not normal."

The hypothesis of organ traffic?

Also according to Le Parisien, a local resident told police that a young woman, possibly the same on the surveillance video, reportedly asked him in the afternoon to help her carry a large trunk to a Dacia Lodgy (car). According to JDD (Journal du Dimanche), the woman, North African and aged about 30, reportedly promised money in connection to "organ traffic", but the man reportedly refused upon seeing bloody laundry in the car. An Uber driver reportedly finally helped the woman. Who, nevertheless, would have left the trunk near the residence of the young girl.

In retracing the subsequent route of the car, the investigators of the Criminal Brigade located the suspect at Bois-Colombes (Haut-de-Seine). In the evening they then arrested three persons near the location, the woman in the early morning. All were placed in custody as well as another person, according to the Prosecutor's Office, who stated that their roles remained to be determined. The accused will reportedly be examined by medical personnel, also according to JDD, and had not yet been questioned by investigators in the afternoon.

An autopsy of the body should be performed during the day to determine the cause of death. According to sources close to the case, the initial findings show the head was almost torn off and writings on the body of the schoolgirl. Saturday morning, Manin Street, where she lived, is calm except for the presence of a technical and scientific police car in front of the apartment building of the child.

*Update, October 16, 2002

According to Le Parisien, four people are in custody as of Sunday, all born in Algeria. They are two men and two women. The women are reportedly sisters, aged 24 and 43.

Friday, October 14, 2022

France: Radicalization of Muslim Prisoners

Hat tip Avenir de la Culture and Valeurs Actuelles. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The French weekly, Valuers Actuelles, has published an article regarding Islamist radicalization of Muslim prisoners in French prisons. Since the article has a subscriber block on the above site, we are translating an article on the topic from the French site, Avenir de la Culture.

Caption: The radicalization of prisoners. 

14 October 2022

Prison: Breeding Ground of Islamists

by Guillaume Gattermann

The weekly, Valeurs Actuelles, has devoted a long article to a very current problem: The radicalization of prisoners. While the latter is more and more frequent, authorities are confronted by a threat difficult to quantify and detect.

Because, according to a supervisor, "The most dangerous prisoners are less talked about," practicing dissimulation techniques for months, even years.  

"There are dozens who escape vigilance despite their dangerousness," warns an administration official.

However, the commands of rigorous Islam are becoming the daily rule of a growing number of prisoners in certain prisons, explains the editorial staff of the weekly.

Proselytizing and calls to prayer have begun at the Bois-d'Arcy (Yvelines) prison, for example. These rules are spreading in those prisons where Muslims are in the majority, either practicing or cultural, notes a chaplain. Numerous prisoners declare themselves to be without religion or convert to Islam, "either out of conformity or due to inferiority complex".

In another example, at the famous Baumettes prison at Marseille, it is estimated that 90% of the prisoners are Muslims. According to a staff member, Eric Diard, "Islam is omnipresent and rules". But with different profiles. "There are those who are not very intellectual, who believe themselves worthless, and who are told that they count for Allah," he explains.

And then, there are the prisoners with psychiatric profiles. "The Islamists are recruiting more and more among the 'unbalanced', (those) capable of taking action much more easily," notes one psychologist.  The professionals estimate the number of prisoners with psychiatric problems at 30%, as specialized hospitals lack spaces.

But Islamism and radicalization threaten all of the prisoners. According to a Parliamentary report in January 2022, 81% of the prisoners who convert are French, all faiths combined.

The radicalized still represent a tiny part of the prisoners in France. But until when? To identify them, informants are being mobilized in detention centers and prisons. They are being asked to report changes in appearance and behavior: A full beard, radical remarks, refusing to greet women, and regular prayers.

When radicalized prisoners are detected, they are sent to special sections.

As hundreds of those radicalized are reaching the end of their sentences, dozens are leaving prison every month. "Some are more dangerous upon release than upon entering," warns Eric Diard. "They hate the country," adds Cyril Huet-Lambing, regional head of the prison union, SPS.

The task promises to be especially complicated for the intelligence services. "It takes 25 agents to monitor one target, how many will it take to monitor the 500 radicalized (prisoners) who will leave here by 2024?" asks the former deputy of Bouches-du-Rhone. The worry grows at the end of the sentence.

"It only takes a handful to cause a catastrophe in the country," worries a member of the staff who recalls that one attack a day is currently being prevented," according to the leadership of the intelligence services. Alarming.

Giorgia Meloni in Spain, October 2021

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the conservative Italian political party, Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy) and the incoming prime minister of her country. She is a firebrand who promises to bring sweeping changes to her country in terms of illegal migration and Italy's relationship to the EU. For that, her detractors falsely accuse her of being a fascist.

This week, I came across her speech in Madrid last October at the Viva 2021 event hosted by the conservative Spanish party, Vox, headed by Santi Abascal. Meloni spoke for almost 20 minutes in fluent Spanish and wowed the crowd.

I am posting this speech via YouTube which comes with English subtitles. It can be accessed here.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Wellesley College Campus Paper Stands Proudly in Solidarity with Campus Brown Shirts

Wellesley College

While following a lot of stories about campus anti-Semitism, I make it a practice to check the campus newspaper online to see what they are saying about the latest controversy, if anything at all.

It is hardly pleasant reading. Campus newspapers are uniformly politically-correct to the point of being laughable. Never do they take a conservative position on anything, and rarely do they allow a conservative voice to write an op-ed. Even then, the editorial board in question will generally try to rebut it. I try to keep in mind that these are young students learning the craft of writing, but I cringe to think that these might be the New York Times editorialists of the future.

I must say, however, the Wellesley News (Wellesley College in Massachusetts) has taken the cake this week with their editorial defending the BDS movement against Israel and even the dastardly Boston Mapping Project, which points out people and organizations (with their addresses) who support Israel. They even give a shout-out to Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), that national student organization of Brown Shirts that uses intimidation and disruption as tactics for getting their message across.

The editorial shows just how ignorant the writers are about Israel. It merely repeats the SJP talking points about the "liberation" of Palestine, ad nauseum.

The usual disclaimer condemning anti-Semitism is only a cover for the fact that they are encouraging more anti-Semitism by siding with the forces of BDS on campus. Meanwhile, they ignore the acts of terrorism committed by Palestinians against Israelis such as this week's shooting death of a young Israeli female soldier. They also ignore what is happening to Jewish students all over the US in our universities in the name of the pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel cause.

I am cross-posting an article from the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) on the controversy here. In addition, I have sent in my own comment to the Wellesley News op-ed.

France:Two Years After Samuel Paty, the Threat Still Exists

Samuel Paty

On October 16, 2020, France was shocked over the beheading of a teacher named Samuel Paty, after he was accused of showing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad to his pupils in class. Two years later, another schoolteacher has been anonymously threatened with beheading in a letter sent to his school. The letter also attacks the teacher for being a Jew.

The below article from today's Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

"We're going to make him a Samuel Paty": A history-geography teacher threatened with death in Essonne

By Guillaume Poingt

Posted 10 hours ago, updated 10 hours ago

Caption: A history-geography professor of the Georges-Brassens High School d'Evry-Courcouronnes (Essone) has been targeted by death threats in an anonymous letter. A police car. 

An anonymous letter was delivered to the Georges-Brassens High School in Evry-Courcouronnes on Monday, October 10. The teacher was also the object of anti-Semitic remarks in the letter. An investigation is in progress.

A professor of history-geography at the Georges-Brassens High School in Evry-Courcouronnes in Essone has been targeted with death threats and anti-Semitic insults in an anonymous letter delivered to the (school) on Monday, October 10, Le Figaro learned from the public prosecutor's office of Evry, confirming a report by CNews. The prosecutor's office informs us that an investigation has been opened for "death threats directed at a public service employee," with aggravating circumstances pertaining to religion.

"The dirty Jew should stop being sly," "We will make a Samuel Paty out of him and his father, the old Zionist rabbi," and further, "We don't want the Jews in the high schools, stay in your synagogues," we can read in the letter, revealed by CNews. 

The teacher, who filed a complaint, was placed under police surveillance. "This is very violent, it touches me personally in my private identity, it touches me as a professor because there is the name of my colleague (Paty), it causes me anxiety.... I am determined to return to teaching, but there will be a before and after," he confided to our (news) colleagues.

These threats come as teachers and students prepare to honor the memory of Samuel Paty within the context of the revival of attacks against school secularism. On October 16, 2020, Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old professor of history-geography, was beheaded near his school, Bois-d'Aulne Middle School in Conflans-Saint-Honorine (Yvelines). His killer, Abdoulakh Anzorov, an 18-year-old  Russian refugee of Chechen origin, accused him of having shown caricatures of (Prophet) Mohammad) to his pupils. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Luxembourg: The Unthinkable in the Grand Duchy-a Beheading

Hat tip The Religion of Peace, Allah's Willing Excutioners, and Francois deSouche

Diekirch, Luxembourg

Amidst all the horror going on in Western Europe with mass Muslim migration, one would think that the  Grand Duchy of Luxembourg would be a quiet haven. All that has gone up in smoke this week with news that a Moroccan man is accused of beheading a woman, with whom his nephew reportedly entered into an arranged marriage in order to gain Portuguese citizenship. The body was discovered dismembered on September 19 in Mont-Saint-Martin in France not far from the border with Luxembourg

The below article from the French-language l'Essential (Luxembourg) is translated by Fousesquawk.

Note: Other news sources state that the woman was also beheaded.

Murder of Diana: The trail of the arranged marriage becomes clear

Diekirch- A 48-year-old man, arrested Thursday, is accused of having murdered Diana, whose body had been discovered dismembered at Mont-Saint-Martin.

by Nicolas Martin

Caption: The investigation has advanced after the discovery of the body.

For those close to Diana, in Athus, where she lived for three years, the news has been received, "with a certain relief," even if it doesn't allow for relief from the pain.

Luxembourg justice authorities announced Friday the arrest Thursday of a 48-year-old man as part of the investigation connected to the discovery of the dismembered body of a 40-year-old woman on 19 September 2022 at Mont-Saint-Martin. Thanks to her tattoos, the victim, originally from Portugal, residing in Diekirch, and with the first name of Diana, could be identified.

Charged with murder

On Friday, the suspect was brought before the investigating judge of Diekirch, who issued a committal order. He is charged "primarily with murder", which means murder with premeditation, and "alternatively with murder", in other words, voluntary homicide. Crimes punishable with life in prison, according to the Luxembourg Penal Code. The man is in pre-trial detention at Scrassig.

According to our information, confirming that of Contacto, the suspect is reportedly Moroccan. He is reportedly the uncle of a man who Diana married last summer. A marriage that the Portuguese press, citing those close to the victim, characterizes as "arranged" in order to allow the husband to obtain Portuguese nationality in exchange for money. The investigation continues and numerous inquiries are in progress, the judge notes.