Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Covid: Is There Anything to That 2015 Italian News Regarding Chinese Labs?

Hat tip RAIR Foundation

                                                                                                      "Whatever we do, he must never escape this lab!"

Last year, in coordination with the RAIR Foundation, Gates of Vienna, and Vlad Tepes, I was asked to translate an Italian news video relative to the Covid pandemic. It concerned a 2015 Italian TV news report on experiments earlier done with the Sars virus by Chinese researchers. The tone of the 2015 video was that Chinese scientists were exposing people to serious risk of exposure to viruses that could escape the confines of the lab. Here is the Fousesquawk posting from March 2020. It includes a written translation from an article by Il Giornale.

Recently, more credibility has been given to the possibility that the Covid crisis was the result of something that originated in a Chinese lab, either deliberately or accidentally. Personally, I have no strong opinion on that question, but it is important that we know the truth. As to the Covid issue in general, I have simply gone along with the program. I have been vaccinated, and I wear a mask when required.

At any rate, in Italy, former Interior Minister and Lega party leader, Matteo Salvini, is now publicly questioning the issue of whether the Covid virus originated in a Chinese lab or not. For that, he is being excoriated by his enemies as he normally is by the left.

Front and center in this issue, however, is the video we translated last year of the 2015 Italian documentary. Thus, I am cross-posting an update from the RAIR Foundation.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Austria: Two Afghans Charged With Murder of 13-Year-Old Girl

Hat tip Unzensuriert (Austria). Translation by Fousesquawk.

The body count just keeps piling up in Western Europe. In the past few days, we have reported on stabbings in Germany and Italy. Now we report that on Saturday, in a Vienna suburb, the body of a 13-year-old girl, identified only as Leonie, was found, choked to death, with numerous bruises. Two Afghan males, ages 16 and 18, have been arrested and charged with the killing. The below article from the conservative Austrian news outlet, Uncensuriert, is translated by Fousesquawk.

Caption below photo: In the Viktor-Kaplan-Street in Vienna-Donaustadt, on Saturday, passersby found the 13-year-old Leonie-dead, allegedly murdered by two foreigners. 

28 June 2021/21:45

Bang: Two Afghan youths arrested for murder of Leonie

On Saturday, in Vienna-Donaustadt, a girl was found dead. On a green strip between the roadways on the Viktor-Kaplan-Street, leaning against a tree, was Leonie, 13 years young, found with numerous bruises among others in the neck area.

Press spokesman Markus Dittrich announced that the location of the discovery of the body was not the scene of the crime, rather it is assumed that the child was killed in a building- thus, it is not a crime in public space.

Lost fight for life

The autopsy revealed that Leonie was choked to death. This is also indicated by several bruises, including in the neck area.

The girl from Tulln in Lower Austria was likely killed violently because on Monday evening, the police arrested two suspects: Two Afghan youths, ages 16 and 18 (!) are believed to have murdered Leonie. 

Multi-culti kills

The foreigners will be investigated through witness statements, as the Vienna State police directorate reported. There is as yet no known information from an interrogation of the detainees. It is also still unclear if Leonie had known both her alleged murderers. It is also not known if the murder was preceded by a sexual offense.

It is certainly clear that Leonie would probably still be alive if the Afghans were there, where they came from.


Fousesquawk comment: It must be forcefully stated that Western European leaders, as well as the EU, have a lot of blood on their hands. It seems every day, someone in Europe is the victim of a murder carried out by migrants/refugees from the Middle East or Africa. Yet, the flood of new arrivals continues unabated. Meanwhile, the Merkels and the Ruttes condemn Eastern European countries like Hungary for not opening their borders so their own citizens can be slaughtered on the streets. Some day, these politicians should all be prosecuted.

Geert Wilders Opines on New Hungarian Law on Homosexuality

 Hat tip Budapest Times and Ongehoord Nederland. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Hungary has recently passed legislation that increases penalties for pedophilia and bans the promotion of homosexuality in schools. The stated purpose is to protect children under 18. 

The new law, as well as Hungary's president, Viktor Orban, are under sharp criticism from media, gay rights organizations, and the EU. Hungary defends itself by saying that homosexual rights are protected in Hungary, but that discussions of homosexuality should take place within the home and family when it comes to children under 18.

The below article is from the English-language Budapest Times.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is one of several leaders who have criticized Hungary's legislation. In response,  conservative Dutch politician Geert Wilders was interviewed by the conservative Dutch outlet, Ongehoord Nederland. Wilders defends Hungary's actions and states that, in his opinion, gays are safer in a Hungarian city than they are in a city like Amsterdam. Wilders attributes the lack of safety for gays in the Netherlands to the massive immigration of Muslims who tend to be hostile to homosexuals due to Islamic teachings about homosexuality.

The below video is translated by Fousesquawk.

Fousesquawk comment: I don't pretend to know all the details on this legislation by Hungary, but if their explanation is true, I would agree with Wilders. He knows that gays are not safe in places like Amsterdam when they are subject to abuse from people on the street. And it is mostly the abuse from Muslim immigrants (not all but many) that represents the problem. In Budapest, for example, gays don't have to worry about Muslim immigrants attacking them because Hungary has not opened its borders to Muslims as have Western European nations. As to the extent gays in Hungary may be harassed by Hungarians themselves, I don't know.

I am glad that Wilders is concerned about the safety of gays in the Netherlands. Gays should not be discriminated against, harassed, or assaulted-period. Having said that, it is the gay activists who, in many cases and many places, have aroused opposition. For example, while gays and transgenders should be accepted and treated with compassion and fairness, it is the "celebration" of this particular lifestyle that is concerning many parents. Most decent people are perfectly ready to accept gays and ensure they are not discriminated against or even worse, harmed. What many object to, however, is the idea that schools would bring in transgendered people in extreme garb to present themselves to children. It is the promotion and celebration of homosexuality and transgenderism that parents do not want their children exposed to.

As far as I understand it, that seems to be what Hungary is addressing.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Germany: Wurzburg Attacker (Jibril A.) Had ISIS Material

Hat tip Focus Online and Politically Incorrect.

Photo: PI News

Yesterday, we reported on a vicious terror attack in the German city of Wurzburg, where a Somali man stabbed 3  people to death and wounded several others. The motive is clear, even if some German leaders are media types don't want to admit it. The man was yelling, "Allahu Akhbar" during the commission and told police afterward he was on a mission of jihad. In addition, police have reportedly found ISIS materials in the space he was occupying in a homeless shelter.

The below article is written by Manfred Rouhs for the conservative German site, Politically Incorrect. There is also a link to Focus, which (in German) gives further information as to the ISIS materials found where the suspect was staying (a homeless shelter.)

Jibril A., the murderer of Wurzburg, belongs to Islamic State

26 June 2021

Caption below photo: Jibril A., shortly after his arrest stated, that the act was "his jihad", that is, his contribution to "holy war" against the unbelievers.

From MANFRED ROUHS- In the accommodations of the 24-year-old Somali, who on June 25 in Wurzburg, stabbed 3 people to death and seriously injured 6 others, advertising material of the Islamic State (IS) was reportedly found. This was first reported by "Focus", but shortly afterward, the information was put into perspective. "Whether the discovered hate messages are IS material can at this point not be confirmed, as well as the relationship between the material and the crime."

Jibril A. had, shortly after his arrest, declared, the crime was "his jihad", that is, his personal contribution to the "holy war" against the unbelievers. The hopes of many politicians and media types that the crime could be written off as a rampage by some madman, are crushed under the weight of these facts.

Yes, Jibril A. was in psychiatric treatment and surely not all there in the head, when he pounced upon women and children with an FFP2-mask and a randomly grabbed knife. Those who are normal in spirit do not fit into the environment of radical, political Islam. And yet, the sleepers in our large cities are not the classic rampagers (who run amok). They see themselves as part of the Umma, the worldwide community of Islam, in which not everyone clearly distances themselves from ISIS, not only in words, but also in deeds.

That strengthens the belief of the fanatics, the Muslims who scorn humanity. They rise in the idea of being carried by millions of secret supporters and sympathizers.  In front of this background, the next comparable crime is not a question of if, rather a question of where and when.

The murders by Jibril A. are so far, the second-worst attack by ISIS in Germany after the attack by Anis Amri upon the Christmas Market in Berlin's Breitscheidplatz in December 2016. The terror of this organization will not end with them, but possibly, the resistance of the Germans will become stronger.

Does Islam belong to Germany? Must we now and then accept a handful of deaths as the price of multi-culturalism?

No, certainly not! Terror lives, but the resistance also grows! May Wurzburg help open the eyes of the German people!

Italy: Crazed Man with Knife Threatens People on Street


It's been a busy week in Europe. While a Somali man was stabbing three people to death while on a self-described jihad in the German town of Wurzburg, an Egyptian was stabbing people on a bus in the Italian city of Florence. And while all that was going on, a North African man of French nationality, was waving a knife at passersby in Rome, near the Vatican, threatening to kill everyone in sight.

We have already posted reports of the first two attacks. The third is reported below by the Italian newspaper, Il Tempo. Translation by Fousesquawk.

"I'll kill you all," with knife sows panic at St Peter's (Square)

Elena Ricci, 25 June 2021

He had 8 knives with him well hidden in a backpack, but that with which he decided to sow panic this afternoon near St Peter's Square, he had stolen from a restaurant on via del Falco. First, he threatened the waitress who was clearing tables outside, pointing the knife to her face, then he began to go crazy in front of terrorized passersby. "I'll kill you, I'll kill all of you," he reportedly shouted in a state of delirium. Initially stopped by local police from Group 1 Prati, a patrol from the Borgo police station intervened next. The man, disarmed and stopped, was then taken to the offices of police where he was searched. In his backpack, 8 more knives. (The suspect) is a 46-year-old Maghrebian (North African) of French nationality, Mahmoudi Khirddine, already known to police and without fixed abode. The man, according to what is known, reportedly suffers from a psychiatric disorder.  It is being evaluated whether to subject him to forced hospitalization.


Fousesquawk comment: Had enough, Europe?

Italy: Egyptian Goes on Rampage. Cuts Two on Florence Bus

Thursday evening, an Egyptian man became enraged when a bus driver in the city of Florence asked him to don a mask. After first verbally abusing the driver, the Egyptian pulled a blade and cut two passengers who tried to calm him down.

Meanwhile, more and more of these characters are washing up on Italy's shores, courtesy of NGO ships cruising the Mediterranean and picking them up. Therefore, these murderous attacks will continue in Italy and throughout Western Europe.

The below article from Il Giornale is translated by Fousesquawk.

Terror on bus, Egyptian wounds 2 persons with knife

25 June, 2021-20:52

Attacker is an Egyptian, 31 years old, charged with aggravated injury to two persons who were on the bus

Rosa Scognamiglio

Moments of high tension and great fear on a bus in Florence. A 31-year-old Egyptian man attacked two passengers with a blade: One  63-year-old woman and a 52-year-old man, wounding both seriously. The foreigner was captured by a police patrol as he attempted to flee through the city center. Now he will have to answer for aggravated injuries, resisting a public official, interrupting public service, and unjustified possession of offensive objects.

The fury of the Egyptian

The events (occurred) the late evening of Thursday, 24 June, on the line 30 bus of Florence. According to what is learned from the (web) site of La Nazione, the attack occurred right in the middle of the route to the height of via Pratese, near the historic center of the Tuscan capital. What unleashed the uncontrolled fury of the Egyptian was reportedly the request on the part of the driver to put on a mask, as is called for in the anti-contagion rules currently in force.

Infuriated by the reprimand, the foreigner first hurled verbal abuse at the driver of the bus, then, immediately afterward, against a 52-year-old Eritrean man and a 63-year-old Florentine woman who intervened in the discussion to calm the (emotions). In no time at all, the 31-year-old unleashed pandemonium.

Attack with blade

Blinded by anger, the Egyptian pulled the blade- plausibly a box cutter- from his pants pocket to lash out against the 52-year-old Eritrean who had watched him for the mask. Not content, after having wounded him with the knife, he literally assaulted him with kicks and punches. At that point, a 63-year-old Florentine woman who was on board the vehicle, attempted in vain to bring him to reason. The foreigner also struck her, causing her a deep wound to her hand.

The other bus passengers, shocked by the attack, immediately alerted the police and medical aid. The 31-year-old was arrested immediately after the events, as he attempted to flee. Stopped by officers, he was charged with aggravated injuries, resisting a public official, interruption of public service, and unjustified possession of offensive objects.

The two wounded persons, transported to a nearby hospital, sustained various wounds and injuries with a prognosis of 7 days for one and 10 for the other.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Germany: Somali Man Stabs 3 to Death in Wurzburg


In the inner city of Wurzburg, a man attacked several passersby with a knife. The police speak of three dead and several injured. The alleged 24-year-old perpetrator is from Somalia. He was shot and wounded by police during the arrest.

The French blog, FDesouche has a partial video of the attack, which can be accessed here.

*Update: The Stuttgarter Nachrichten reports that according to witnesses, the suspect was shouting, "Allahu akhbar" during the attack.

Ein Zeuge gab Herrmann zufolge an, der Verdächtige habe bei der Tat „Allahu Akbar“ (deutsch: Gott ist groß) gerufen.

Translation: According to Hermann, a witness, the suspect shouted, "Allahu Akhbar" (God is Great) during the act.

The below article from Deutsche Welle is translated by Fousesquawk. (Note: The tweets are not translated.)

Attacker stabs passersby in Wurzburg

Caption: Heavily armed police secure Wurzburg inner city

In Wurzburg, a man has apparently randomly attacked passersby and killed several people.  As for the alleged perpetrator, he is, according to police information, a 24-year-old man from Somalia. He was living in Wurzburg, a spokesperson added. 

The police confirmed three dead victims in a short press release on Twitter.

According to reports, the attacker was stopped by a shot in the leg. According to media reports, the attack was triggered by a fight between the alleged perpetrator and a woman. She is among the five injured, it is further reported.

Attacker was in psychiatric care

In the meantime, Bavarian's Interior Minister, Joachim Hermann has arrived in the Lower Franconian city, which, with its 130,000 residents, lies between Munich and Frankfurt am Main. He confirmed reports, according to which, the alleged perpetrator, who was arrested, had been in psychiatric care. The inner city of Wurzburg has been widely cordoned off.

Caption below photo: Ambulances near scene of crime

"We have no indication of other perpetrators," says a police spokesperson.  At the same time, the police are calling for restraint in social media. On Twitter, they appealed to the population:

On social media, the first videos were seen shortly after the act, which apparently showed the incident in Wurzburg.

Minister-President Markus Söder spoke of an appalling and shocking news. "We grieve with the victims and their families," the Bavarian government head wrote on Twitter. 


Sweden: Gangland Execution in Stockholm

 Two days ago, one man (with known gang ties) was shot to death execution-style in a Stockholm suburb by two masked men while he was sitting in an outdoor dining area of a restaurant. Another man was apparently wounded by a stray bullet.

The incident was captured by a restaurant surveillance camera and published by the Swedish news outlet, Expressen. The video is translated by Fousesquawk.


 This is the new reality in Sweden. Shootings, bombings, rapes, riots, and terrorism. One wonders when the Swedish people will say, "Enough!"

Thursday, June 24, 2021

UCLA's Obsession With the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

I am cross-posting an op-ed in the UCLA Daily Bruin newspaper written by a student and DB cartoon director named Firyal Bawab. The title is: UCLA Must Stop Repressing Pro-Palestinian Narratives.

The fact is that UCLA does not repress pro-Palestinian narratives. The thesis is absurd on its face. The fact of the matter is that it is the pro-Palestinian lobby that rules the roost in academia across the country, and that includes UCLA in a place of prominence. Throughout the year, as in other universities, UCLA is treated with numerous anti-Israel speakers who come and say their piece without interference. That includes the odious San Francisco State University professor Rabab Abdulhadi, who is mentioned in the article. Abdulhadi is only repressed when she attempts to give a platform to a convicted Palestinian terrorist and skyjacker (Leila Khaled), which ZOOM recently decided properly that they did not want to be associated with. 

It is not pro-Palestinian events and speakers who are routinely disrupted on college campuses; it is pro-Israel speakers and events, as I can personally testify from my years teaching at UC Irvine. It is not pro-Palestinian students who are bullied and intimidated on college campuses. It is pro-Israel Jewish students.

UCLA is the home of the Center for Near Eastern Studies, a rabidly anti-Israel department full of activists devoted to demonizing Israel and calling it scholarship. I have written several postings about them. If UCLA were repressing pro-Palestinian narratives, the CNES would not exist at UCLA.

This is a campus where Jewish students aspiring to work in student government have been given the third degree as to whether their Jewishness might cause them to be biased against the poor Palestinians. As if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had anything to do with student government or student life in general on any US university campuses.

One thing the pro-Palestinian movement has done masterfully is in PR, painting themselves as victims and Israel as oppressors. They have succeeded in making the complex Israeli-Palestinian conflict a hot-button issue on American college campuses with all this nonsense about "intersectionality" which blames Israel for all problems here in the US.

The student-journalist makes reference to an op-ed by UCLA Chancellor Gene Block in the LA Times, in which he takes issue with the demand of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) for a boycott of Israel. Block was too kind vis-a-vis SJP. This bunch uses tactics of disruption and intimidation against Jewish, pro-Israel students and their invited speakers, something I repeatedly witnessed when I was teaching at UC Irvine. If anything, Block has been unable or unwilling to provide a safe atmosphere for Jewish students.

I have no wish to be hard on this student-journalist, who, after all, is a young student. Bawab is entitled to her point of view and the right to have it published in the Daily Bruin. But to paint pro-Palestinian activists as being repressed at UCLA or any other campus is an absurdity that must be responded to.

Sweden Prepares to "Welcome" Returning ISIS Women

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a delegation to Syria to prepare for the repatriation of approximately 12 female ISIS terrorists with Swedish citizenship and their 22 children.

The below article from Nya Dagbladet is translated by Fousesquawk.

Female ISIS terrorists soon back in Sweden

Published yesterday at 14:33

Caption: Genre photo: Woman in burka

According to information, the Foreign Department (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is hoping that all female IS-terrorists with some sort of connection to Sweden who are still in camps in Syria and their children will be brought to Sweden by this summer.

The UD told the newspaper Bonnier Expressen that they are sending a delegation to the special prison camps for ISIS terrorists in NE Syria, and that they are meeting with the women and children with Swedish citizenship who are being held prisoner there.

"The families are extremely happy about this," says one of the women who traveled down there to fight for the Islamist caliphate to the newspaper.

According to information, the UD has held talks with the Kurdish authorities who are ruling over the area but have also taken DNA samples from the women and their children to confirm their identity. In addition to UD, a representative of the Center Against Violent Extremism and a pediatrician participated.

"The main purpose of the consular visit was to move farther in the process of establishing the identity of the foreign-born Swedish children and get a better picture of the children's health," they write in a statement.

This should be about 12 ISIS-women and 22 children who are said to have a "connection to Sweden" and will be picked up. Whether some of these actually have Sweden as their country of origin or come from non-European countries and received Swedish citizenship is not clear from the context.

One of the female terrorists that Expressen spoke with confirms that UD said that the families can be "back in Sweden" as early as the summer. Several of the children have never been in Sweden at all, rather only in the Islamic State or camps in Syria.

Already, several families have managed to "escape from the camps" and make it to Sweden. Till now, nobody has been convicted for their involvement in terrorist activity or the Islamic State's systematic murder of dissidents and religious minorities.

The Red Cross and Human Rights Watch claim that the environment in the prison camps is "harmful for children" and have, therefore, long demanded that Sweden and other countries should come and pick up women and their children.

UD does not want to answer whether it is clear that ISIS terrorists will actually soon be brought to Sweden, but are "awaiting information" from the Kurdish authorities in the region. They confirm, however, that they are preparing for such a solution.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Sweden: Did Media Cover up 2015 Sex Molestation Facts?

Hat tip Nyheter Idag. Translation by Fousesquawk.


We have often pointed out that in Western Europe, police and media generally try to obscure the fact that arrested criminals are often people of foreign background. That is because migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers etc. are generally Muslims from the Middle East, Africa, or places like Afghanistan. It is basically political correctness run amok, to the extreme that the public theoretically would not be aware of the threat that exists in their countries. This is not to suggest that all immigrants and especially those from Muslim-majority countries are dangerous, but the facts do speak for themselves when it comes to terrorism and crime, including sexual assaults.

In 2015, a festival was held in Stockholm and many young Swedish girls were subjected to sexual molestation. Most, if not all, of the perpetrators and arrestees were Afghans. Yet this fact was concealed from the public by either the police, the media, or both. 

The below article describing an investigation by the conservative Swedish outlet, Nyheter Idag, is translated by Fousesquawk.

*Translator's note: The events in this article, most of which go back to 2015-16, are routinely reported by Nyheter Idag in the present tense. For the sake of clarity, we have substituted the past tense to describe these events. Also note in the opening paragraph, NI appears to refer to the festival of 2016. This is likely a misprint as the festival in question was 2015.

How TV4 stopped the reporting on sex offenders' ethnicity


Caption below photo:  Extensive sexual abuse occurred at the We Are Sthlm Festival. Photo: Nyheter Idag.


Stockholm: Now Nyheter Idag (News Today) can reveal that TV4 stopped a comprehensive report about sex crimes during the We Are Sthlm Festival 2016. Email correspondence between police and a TV4 reporter shows that young men with a foreign background were behind sex harassment against young girls. The TV4-boss who stopped the reportage refused to comment on the decision.-"I'm not interested," he said to Nyheter Idag and closed himself off in the basement of his residence.

In January 2016, Nyheter Idag revealed that the Dagens Nyheter newspaper covered up sexual abuse against young girls at the "We Are Sthlm" Festival, which took place a half year earlier, in 2015. DN received verified, first-hand information that young girls were subjected to sex attacks in the audience, but chose not to publish the information.

The disclosure from Nyheter Idag on the coverup of sex abuse was sensitive and awakened an extensive debate, not the least of which that some of the girls were as young as 12. DN's decision not to report the sex abuse could be a consequence that many of the perpetrators were unaccompanied Afghans.  That explanation was received by Nyheter Idag from the informant who first was in contact with DN.


In August 2016, national economist Tino Sanandaji published an internal police report on his blog with information about the perpetrators' background. Police authorities said that a "large problem group" was a youth gang of about 50 persons.


"These are so-called refugee youths, mostly from Afghanistan. Many of the gang were arrested for sexual molestation," police authorities wrote.


TV4 reporter maps the ethnicity of the suspected sex offenders


After Sanandaji published the police report, TV4 began a survey of the 2016 festival, in which young girls continued to be subjected to the same type of sex abuse. TV4 reporter Helena Gissen asked for information from police on the suspected perpetrators' ethnicity. At first, it was slow. In an email dated 1 September 2016, she requested a reconsideration of a decision where police blacked out information.


"We have received partially-blacked out copies of all crime reports connected to the 2016 We Are Sthlm Festival. We request a reconsideration of the decision to black out information regarding suspects of sexual molestation in connection with the festival," wrote Gissen to Carl-Gustav Wrangel of the police authorities.


"We particularly wish to get information as to interpreter need (and language), citizenship, and nation of birth," continued Gissen.


In an email to police authorities on 23 September, the same year, Gissen also inquired about the birthdates of the suspects. She further requested, from the police investigation into the We Are Sthlm (Festival) the previous year, the same document that Tino Sanandaji published on his blog.


When Nyheter Idag spoke with the now-retired policeman, Carl-Gustav Wrangel, he said that Gissen, "was quite anxious," to get access to the ethnicity of the suspected perpetrators. He was then operating under (confidentiality rules) in the police and remembered the correspondence. 


"That leaves a little bit in the air since people want to know if it was a foreigner or migrant, or if it was an asylum-seeker who was the perpetrator. Or if it was an ordinary Swede. That is what everywhere wants to know. There I was quite clear in saying that I do not give out that type of information."


Instead, Wrangel pointed out that that the journalist could (wait) until an investigative protocol became public. In the protocol, it tells whether a suspected perpetrator has a background in another country, or whether, for example, needs an interpreter.


"I added a little cautiously that one doesn't have to be a big genius to figure out that most are not named Johansson in any case, " said Wrangel to Nyheter Idag.


The reportage was stopped by the responsible publisher Anders Oxelström of TV4


In the email correspondence with police, it is clear that Gissen, after repeated pressure, succeeded in finding out just over half of the suspected perpetrators' ethnicity from the perpetrators she was investigating. In many cases, information was lacking on ethnicity, but in the cases where there was information, none of the perpetrators had Swedish origin.


The work with the reporting doesn't end there. According to a source to Nyheter Idag, Gissen contacted  former policeman Mustafa Panshiri as well as debater Anosh Ghasri.


Panshiri, who himself, has a background from Afghanistan, works with lecturing unaccompanied children about Sweden and which laws and regulations apply here. Ghasri is a regular writer for Nya Wermlandstidningen as well as Dagens Samhälle, and is active in debates on immigration issues.


In an article published in Timbro, Ghasri said in September 2016, he was contacted "by a reporter from a big media company". Ghasri said that he agreed to participate in a debate in connection with a feature on unaccompanied (minors). He didn't say that it was TV4 and Helena Gisson who contacted him.


On the other hand, the information was confirmed by Gissen when Nyheter Idag contacted her. She said that the decision to stop the report was made by the managers.


"They had slightly different thoughts and wanted us to go further in journalistic work. But I think you should speak with..... So, it is really (the case) that it is a manager who has now quit," says Gissen to Nyheter Idag and refers to TV4-News' former responsible publisher,  Anders  Oxelström.


"But this was a normal publication procedure, it happens," adds Gissen, without further explaining how she would be able to go further with this journalistic work.


But according to Ghasri, TV4 acted as if the entire report was done and ready to be broadcast. Ghasri himself said in the Timbro article that "the company", that is TV4, booked train tickets and hotels as well as other transport and costs for participation in the subsequent debate in connection with the report.


Some day before he was to travel to TV4, he received an SMS from the reporter.  "Call as soon as you see this please," stated the message.


"When I called, the reporter announced, also frustrated and apologetic, that some of the managers  had backed out of the feature and wanted to set up the debate (in a way) that they  had time to recheck the material," wrote Ghasri. It has now been over a half year since Ghasri was contacted by TV4, and he states that the debate "still hasn't ended and the feature has not been broadcast."


Responsible manager refuses to answer questions; "I'm not interested."


The manager to whom Gissen referred is named Anders  Oxelström. He previously worked as responsible publisher at TV4-News, but quit the TV channel in May 2017. He has previously worked 11 years for Dagens Nyheter, which belongs to the same media concern as TV4.


When Nyheter Idag called to the switchboard at TV4, they had no telephone number for  Oxelström to refer to. Neither did Helena Gissen have such a telephone number. Nyheter Idag wanted to ask the question to Oxelström if the decision to stop the publication could be self-censorship.


That is a question he himself has commented on previously when he, in the role of responsible publisher at TV4, chose to publish images from the newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, after the terror attack in Paris. After the publication, he himself was interviewed on TV4, and he noted that journalists should engage in self-censorship in issues that can be sensitive.


He then warned of, "a risk of a form of self-censorship among journalists," and that, "there are many who talk of the last 24 hours here," he said in the news feature.


To a follow-up question, Oxelström said that the risk of self-censorship can depend on fear.


"As a publicist and journalist, it is important, I think that we never let go of the idea of being relevant, alert, and reporting on what is happening,"  continued Oxelström.


Nyheter Idag never obtained Anders Oxelström's phone number. Instead, we drove to his residence. We found him in the basement of the residence.


"I am not interested," he said to Nyheter Idag through the open basement door.


Not just a single question"




Not at all?


"No, unfortunately," said and closed the basement door.


Nyheter Idag sought out both Panshiri and Ghasri for comment, without results. Do you want to sponsor more media-watch reports? Become a PLUS-member here!


Inset: Fact: How to (conceal) sex crime


After Nyheter Idag revealed that Dagens Nyheter concealed the extensive sexual assaults during the We Are Sthlm Festival, DN published their own article on the festival. In the article, DN asserted that instead, it was the police who concealed the assaults. They quoted policeman Peter Ågren, who, according to DN explained that, "We sometimes don't dare say what it is because we believe that plays into the hands of the Sweden Democrats."


When Nyheter Idag contacted Ågren to reveal DN's concealment, he said that DN misquoted him. Similarly, in the police's own investigation, it comes out that there is no support for DN's position that it was the police who concealed.


The entire revelation from Nyheter Idag was examined by the Norwegian Journalist Association's newspaper, They found that the revelation that DN concealed the assaults was correct. You can read the article here.


No Swedish media contacted Nyheter Idag about the revelation on DN's cover-up. On the contrary, in practice, all major media uncritically spread DN's version that it was the police, and not DN, who obscured the sex assaults.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Netherlands: Returning ISIS Women and a Brave Turkish Girl Who Speaks out

Lale Gül is a young Turkish-Dutch woman reported whom we have recently reported on. Recently, she published a book that was highly critical of Islam and the severe restrictions it placed on her life. It has caused a sensation in the Netherlands and upset many in the Turkish community including her own family.

Now Lale has published an op-ed in the Dutch newspaper, Elsevier in which she compares the suffering and circumstance of Yazidi and Kurdish women after living through the ISIS Caliphate with that of ISIS women who left the Netherlands with their children to join their men in Iraq and Syria, who are now being repatriated back to the Netherlands. In addition, Lale gives us an update on Ilham B., who was just repatriated back to the Netherlands with her children and who, we learn, says she has no regrets about joining ISIS.

The below article from Elsevier is translated by Fousesquawk.

Lale Gül: The Netherlands Gives Yazidi women a kick

Women who left to the ISIS-Caliphate are welcomed back to the Netherlands together with their children. While the victims of the ISIS atrocities, such as the Yazidis and Kurds, look on with sorrowful eyes. Imagine that, argues writer Lale Gül, in an article for EW Podium.

Just imagine: You are not Dutch, but a Yazidi woman, a member of a small religious minority in the Sinjar region in NW Iraq. Five years ago, your habitat was overrun by the Islamic State, your community is enslaved, gagged, subjected, and humiliated. Fathers, brothers snd sons are beheaded in cold blood before your eyes and those of other women. Their bodies rot away in 73 mass graves in the area. Daughters, sisters, and mothers, such as yourself are either raped, or turned into slaves, or both.

Raped women get children from ISIS-terrorists

As a result, you, the raped women together, after years-long mistreatment, get children from the ISIS terrorists that you have not since seen. Pretty gruesome, isn't it?

The trauma is not yet over: Then you have to leave your children behind en masse in a camp that you will never visit again because, at the same time, they are also children of the enemy and who the clergy of your community will not accept.  If you don't leave them behind in one or another miserable orphanage, you are no, longer welcome. It is believed in your village that a child by birth automatically has the religion of the father and who is in this case (rather extreme) Muslim: That is not allowed. After leaving the child, see how your conscience is soothed.

Moreover, half of the women from your community can no longer be found.

Or imagine that you are not a Yazidi woman, but a Kurd. One with one deceased brother, father or son, murdered by an ISIS terrorist.

According to Yazidi women, ISIS women worse than their men

Now imagine that the women from the Netherlands who, as spouses of this beastly system, eagerly and willingly facilitated these inhumane conditions, were themselves worse than the male terrorists, to which many Yazidi women have testified to Dutch journalists. Imagine that you read and hear that these same women want to return to Europe, now that they have lost the war and are calling on the Netherlands to at least give their children a future.

Imagine that they automatically get a Dutch lawyer who fights in their interest and invokes their rights. Imagine that after the above-mentioned beatings, you had to give up your children in a camp and that their children were awaiting a safe and healthy future in the Netherlands. Imagine that you read in the media that is quite difficult to prove which punishable acts they have committed because nothing is documented, all the evidential material is destroyed, and they will probably get a light punishment, and after a short while, will be able to resume a safe life in NW Europe, as if nothing had happened, until a new caliphate is established. And if not, then they can always earn Paradise with an attack or by inciting an attack. More roads to Mecca.

Ilham B. has no remorse

Now imagine that the Netherlands has taken back one Ilham B. and her children, who publicly and shamelessly screams for the rooftops that she has no remorse for her deeds and that the trip to the  Caliphate "has formed her in a positive manner".

Just imagine that.

Fousesquawk comment: Kudos to Lale Gül for her bravery in speaking out. The Netherlands and other Western European countries will pay the price of bringing these terrorists back home in blood. Most of these children will grow up to be radicalized just as their parents. If it were a case of these people being prosecuted and spending decades behind bars, that would be one thing. Unfortunately, these women will likely spend a couple of years in detention and then be released back into society. 

And more innocent people will die.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Islamic Society of Orange Country Holds Anti-Jewish Event

 Hat tip MEMRI-TV and Deb

The Islamic Society of Orange Country in Garden Grove is headed by Muzammil Siddiqi, who has "graced" the pages of this site for many years. Siddiqi poses as a moderate "bridge-builder" who has sold his act to many Jewish and Christian leaders in Southern California. He is, indeed, a favorite at all the local inter-faith events, where he assures his listeners that Islam "is a religion of peace and tolerance". How many times I have heard him say that.

I recall vividly back in January 2017, as Donald Trump was moving into the White House, how Siddiqi was a featured speaker at an inter-faith event at Newport Beach's Bat Yahm Synagogue, where Trump's alleged "racism" and that of his followers was deplored. Since Trump had been elected, the speakers argued, racism, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism had increased dramatically.

A few months later, there was a follow-up event at UC Irvine, and Siddiqi was also there. During the q and a, I was able to ask him, if he was such a friend to the Jewish community, why had he allowed his mosque to be used for the UCI Muslim Student Union to assemble their notorious "Apartheid Wall", which appeared on the UCI campus every May to help mark a week of anti-Israel events? (This was something I had personally observed at the mosque as well as viewed the MSU's online appeal for Muslim students to come and help assemble the wall at the mosque. He couldn't deny it. So he stumbled through the non-answer but refused to acknowledge the facts.

That brings us to a few days ago on June 11, when one Shaheen Nassar, an official of CAIR in Los Angeles, appeared at the Islamic Society of  Orange Country along with Estee Chandler, a Los Angeles official of the radical left-wing, anti-Israel organization, Jewish Voice for Peace. In his presentation, Nassar  turned history on its head trying to argue that Jews had no historical claim to Israel (which he, of course, called "Palestine"-a country that has never existed.) He also had a bizarre definition of European anti-Semitism as being, "way of persecuting a group of people for the false historical accusation that they are the descendants of the people of historic Palestine". At least he acknowledges that anti-Semitism is real, but then blames it all on white racists while neglecting Islamic anti-Semitism, all the while as Ms. Chandler nods in agreement. Nassar's comments on this video certify that in addition to everything else he represents, he is a crackpot.

MEMRI-TV has a clip of Nassar's boffo comments. You can access their report and video here.


 The lady in the keffiyeh to his left is the aforementioned Estee Chandler, formerly a B-movie actress. As you can tell, the above photograph of her on the flyer is, well, seriously dated. In the video, she more resembles Yasir Arafat's widow-still in mourning. I have seen her speak at UC Irvine and UCLA, and she can only be described as a pathetic joke who links arms with the very forces who would wipe Israel off the map-if they could. Jewish Voice for Peace is a despicable organization, as is CAIR. The participation of Jewish Voice for Peace in no way diminishes the anti-Semitic nature of the words spoken.

Of course, folks like Muzammil Siddiqi, CAIR, and many others (at least in the US) are careful to state that they are not anti-Jewish, just anti-Zionist. Yet, the words of Nassar at this event, hosted by Siddiqi's mosque (Siddiqi also hosted Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the so-called "Blind Sheikh", at this mosque back in the 1990s) are an insult to Jews in general as well as their heritage. I harken back to 2017 and those two inter-faith events I linked above. I would like to ask the Jewish Federation of Orange Country, the ADL, and the rabbis who hosted those two events what they think of their inter-faith partner (Siddiqi) now. I thought back then they had learned their lesson when they heard about the assembly of that "Apartheid Wall" at the Islamic Society of Orange Country. Maybe the message didn't sink through.

Sweden: Another Welcome Home Story

Hat tip Samtiden. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Here comes another heartwarming story out of Sweden, a country that welcomes their departed ISIS fighters home without any meaningful charges. On the contrary, the usual procedure is job re-training, a new identity, and relocation. It's kind of like our Witness Protection Program except they call it the ISIS Protection Program. All that's missing is the ticker-tape parade.

There are occasional bureaucratic glitches, however, to deal with those returning heroes who suffer from PTSD or some other ailment due to dealing with too many severed heads. Like this woman who was an ISIS recruiter and herself went to Syria with her husband and children. Upon her return, the nice folks at child protective services took her children into protective custody, which made the woman very angry. So angry that she threatened to kill the entire family of one health care worker. So now the draconian court has sentenced the female terrorist to undergo psychiatric care at a hospital.

The Swedish blog, Samtiden, has the story. Translation by Fousesquawk.

ISIS-Terrorist Sentenced for  Death Threat Against  Health Care Worker

Editorial Staff- 17 June, 2021

Caption: One of the female ISIS-terrorists who recruited women to the terror sect is sentenced to psychiatric care after death threat against health care personnel. Photo archive.

When the returning ISIS-terrorist had her children forcibly taken into child protective custody, she threatened a health care worker with death. Now the woman is sentenced to court-mandated psychiatric care.

The woman, who returned from ISIS in Syria and threatened a healthcare worker with death in April, is sentenced to the psychiatric section of the Södra Älvsborg Hospital. The health care worker allegedly would have seen her family killed.

The ISIS terrorist said that she would "find them" and slit the throat of the health care worker's father.

"It was very uncomfortable. I became afraid. I took it most seriously. It felt real," the health care worker told the hearing, which GT (news) reported.

District court sentences to psychiatric care

The ISIS-terrorist was charged with a threat against a healthcare worker. The District Court of Borås found the woman guilty and sentenced her to court-mandated psychiatric care.

"From the court-mandated psychiatric investigation that the (ISIS-terrorist) afterward went through, it has now emerged that (she) committed the charged act under the influence of a serious psychiatric disorder....," the court writes in its ruling.

The woman traveled from Sweden to Syria in 2014 to join the ISIS terror organization. She traveled together with her husband and their children.

According to information from the police National Operative Section (NOA), the woman was engaged in recruiting other women into Islamist terror activity.

Forced custody upon return

The woman returned to Sweden in March and had her children taken into (protective) custody according to LVU and she herself has been taken into mandated care. According to a police report reproduced by the administrative court, dated 18 March this year, it emerges that the woman, "suffers from severe psychiatric illness caused by her involvement in terror activity and that since her return to Sweden, has been in such a bad condition that she has been taken into  (protective) care, according to LPT" (Compulsory Mental Care Law)

In a personal investigation from Probation Services, the woman herself reported having problems with psychosis since her return from Syria.

Stanford Daily Article on Campus Anti-Semitism

We have been reporting lately on the latest episode of anti-Semitism at Stanford University. Two Jewish counselors have lodged a complaint against the campus Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

In addition, I have been following the latest editions of the campus newspaper, Stanford Daily, to see how they are reporting this matter. Up till today, I had not seen any mention. Today, however, there is this article running in the SD. I am cross-posting it.

I view this as a positive that the SD is now reporting it, especially since the Louis D Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law has filed a lawsuit.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Covid: Delta Variant Arrives in Sicily

Hat tip Gates of Vienna


Italy is still dealing with the Covid crisis, and still the migrants keep pouring into the southern island of Lampedusa. But it gets worse. The new Delta variant of the virus has showed up with 10 Bangladeshi migrants who have recently arrived. The below article from Giornale di Sicilia is translated by Fousesquawk.

Delta variant also in Sicily: 10 migrants arrived at Lampedusa infected

June 16, 2021

The first cases of the Delta variant in Sicily. A cross between the Indian and the English. Infected are 10 migrants, arrived at Lampedusa but coming from Bangladesh following the  Libyan route. As writes Fabio Geraci in Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands, all of them are asymptomatic and now in isolation in a quarantine ship along the coast of the island. 

The cases were identified at the end of May and communicated to the Health Ministry at the Superior Institute of Health and to the region.

The sequencing, which made it possible to establish what type of variant they were infected with, was done by Dr. Fabio Tramuto of the regional reference laboratory of the Palermo Polyclinic, directed by Professor Francesco Vitale, but the investigation began thanks to the activity of the Diagnostic Department of asp (local health clinic) of Palermo, led by Dr Teresa Barone, who performed the swabs in Lampedusa sending those that were suspect to the capital.

The alert is growing, therefore, among the disembarkations that are increasing in these hours. Yesterday, 150 migrants staying at the hotspot of Lampedusa were boarded on the quarantine ship, Azzurra, to be transported to Pozzallo to be transferred to reception centers in other regions, where they will be placed under anti-Covid health observation

In the evening, another 80 migrants left to Porto Empedoche on the Cossyra ferry line, who will be moved to Lazio. Also in the evening-at the disposal of the Prefect of Agrigento- 40 migrants were transferred by Coast Guard patrol boat, who will then go to Molise. An effort is being made to lighten the hotspot where, prior to the arrival of the departure of the 150 migrants on the quarantine boat, there were 1,382 guests.

France: 91-Year-Old Woman Raped and Murdered in Her Own Home

Pakistani with no known address, known to police, in custody

France can chalk up another victim sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and an insane immigration policy. A Pakistani man, previously known to police and with no fixed residence, has been arrested and charged with breaking into the home of a 91-year-old woman, raping, and murdering her.

The below article from Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

In Paris, a 91-year-old woman dies after being raped during a burglary

An elderly woman reportedly suffered extreme violence including rape, according to a police source before succumbing to her wounds, A suspect was arrested Tuesday 

15 June

by Le Figaro

Posted 9 hours ago, updated 5 hours ago

Caption beneath photo: The attack is believed to have occurred between 4-7 in the morning, without any neighbors hearing.

In his odious crime, the executioner spared nothing to his victim, however fragile. Friday, June 11, a woman of 91 years of age died following a sordid break-in, Le Parisien reports. A suspect has been arrested, and the investigation is still in progress.

On June 10, one of her acquaintances, coming to pay her a visit, discovered the victim in her apartment near Place d'Italie (Italy Square) (13th arrondissement-district), the body showing signs of the attacks, but still alive. Transported to Pitié-Salpêtrière (hospital) and placed on an artificial respirator, she succumbed to her injuries the next day. Observed was a cranial trauma, several fractures, and hematomas, and also signs of rape, according to a police source. An investigation has been opened by the prosecutor's office and assigned to the 3rd district of the Judicial Police (3e DPJ) for rape leading to the death and burglary, "At this stage of the investigation, the exact nature of the violence committed cannot be determined," the prosecutor cautioned.

At the domicile, the police established some facts and gathered some clues: The attack is believed to have occurred between 4-7 in the morning, without anyone hearing. On Tuesday 15 June, a (homeless) man of about 20 years of age was arrested at Sarcelles (Val-d'Oise). According to a police source, close to Figaro, it is reportedly an individual of Pakistani origin. His fingerprints match those discovered in the victim's apartment. The man is known to the police under several aliases, "changes his date of birth often". The analyses are in progress for involvement in a possible rape, and it is not yet known how the burglar got into the apartment.

The apartment on the ground floor was far from being isolated, and Berthe herself led a calm life still rich in interactions: Between the home aids and nurses, she received up to 5 people each day. "She was a small lady who could only move about with her walker. In the evening, one of the persons came to her to help her out of her wheelchair. Physically, it wasn't that. But she had all her head," reports a witness quoted by Le Parisien, while a neighbor adds that she was known for her generosity: "She had her heart in her hand, willingly gave a small room to people who needed it. It is disgusting what happened to her." This woman had a daughter.

Campus Anti-Semitism: More on the Stanford Lawsuit

 This week, the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under the Law announced a lawsuit against Stanford University on behalf of two Jewish counselors who complain of anti-Semitic bias at the Stanford Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This was reported yesterday on Fousesquawk.

Here is a more detailed report from the Brandeis Center. In this link, you can further link to the entire Stanford case file, as well as the full statement by the two plaintiffs.

The problems alleged at Stanford seem to be part of a nationwide trend. Academia in general is embracing the principles of Critical Race Theory, which charges that America was founded on a basis of racism and that whites are inherently privileged and racist. Non-whites are basically placed on a pedestal (I believe the word for that is patronizing), and Jews are dismissed as extra-privileged whites not deserving of protection. To buttress that, the Israel-Palestinian conflict is part of the CRT teaching, as if that conflict had anything to do with our issues here at home or in college. Naturally, Israel is painted as the oppressor. This not only will-but already has led to an explosion of anti-Semitism in our universities, which has now metastasized into society as a whole. 

If you needed any confirmation of the danger and divisiveness of CRT, look no further than Stanford. There is nothing constructive about putting a target on the backs of white and Jewish students (who are not all white, by the way). Instead, we should be finding ways of coming together as Americans.

There is nothing wrong about teaching our children about the dark chapters of our history (slavery, segregation, discrimination), just as Germany teaches its children about Hitler and the Holocaust. However, it should be taught within the context of the Civil Rights Movement and the dramatic (if incomplete) changes in our country during the past 50 years. Yes, there are still white racists out there, but they are a small fringe who do not represent anybody but themselves. In addition, they are powerless to stop minorities from getting educated, advancing in their professions, and becoming all they can be In today's America, whites and Jews are not the enemies of minorities.

State-by-state, this CRT teaching must be defeated.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Netherlands: New Justice Study on Asylum-Seekers From Safe Countries

Geert Wilders

A recently-released study from the Netherlands shows that asylum-seekers from 4 North African countries, which are classified as "safe countries" (not at war), are causing the most problems in the asylum centers. The report is not exactly causing shock waves.

The below article from Dagelijkse Standaard is translated by Fousesquawk.

Justice confirms: Safe country asylum-seekers can hardly be controlled after their asocial and criminal outbursts

by Wout Willemsen

15 June 2021

The Justice and Security Inspectorate has come out with a new report following a new investigation into trouble-making asylum-seekers. And what is the result? Asocial and criminal asylum-seekers can hardly be reformed unless real action can be taken.

Moroccans, Algerians, Libyans, and Tunisians, better known as asylum-seekers from "safe countries", are the biggest cause of the problem. In the normal asylum-seeker centers, they continue to show asocial and criminal behavior, probably also due to the fact that "boas" (investigating officers) and other security personnel are hardly allowed to intervene, according to Het Parool

There is, however, a special center for adult asylum-seekers in Hoogeveen. Employees there have the possibility to impose sanctions and physically intervene themselves. The result? Significantly less trouble

The Inspectorate thus confirms what the rest of the Netherlands has long known: Doing nothing doesn't help while doing something does. State Secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol, herself the queen of doing nothing, is now getting advice from the Inspectorate to give COA-workers more authority and to train them so that they really can (and are allowed to) intervene.

That should be a big improvement, but naturally, it is still plaster on a festering wound. The Dutch government still can't send this type of asylum-seekers back, purely because the country of origin doesn't cooperate and actually tells the Netherlands, "Last touched !".

Thus, the situation remains just as pitiful, but in any case, slowly but surely, the problem is becoming known to the government itself. Now only remains a cabinet that will actually turn the harsh campaign rhetoric of the VVD (party) into policy in which (asylum-seekers) from safe countries can actually go and enjoy the summer sun in their own, safe country.....