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Does Vienna Have Chechen Islamic Morals Guards?

Translation by Fousesquawk.

-Photo: Heute

This week, a group of Russian-speaking youths attacked a young Viennese man in Vienna's inner city. One of the attackers beat the victim while others videotaped and cheered him on. It is believed that the youths responsible are Chechens who call themselves Sittenwaechter (Morals Guards). They have appointed themselves as the enforcers of appropriate behavior on the part of Chechen females in Vienna. This is not the first instance of young, non-Muslim men being attacked by this group for flirting with Chechen girls. 

The below article from Heute (Austria) has a video of the beating (viewer discretion advised) as well as two links to previous articles (not translated) giving the background on this Islamic gang.

February 28, 2021 13:34

Morals Guards Brutal Beating in  Vienna  

In Vienna Inner City a few days ago, brutal scenes played out. A young man beat a Viennese-others filmed the attack.

They are scenes that bring back memories of the Morals Guardian attack from the past years. A video played on Heute shows how a young, dark-skinned Viennese is surrounded in a small side street in the inner city by several teenagers. Shortly after that, one of the group punches the defenseless victim. Several times, the attacker strikes him in the face with his fist. The brutal attack was also filmed by an unknown person. This person encourages the attacker in Russian to continue and cheers him on. 

As Heute has learned, the young Viennese was beaten up by the Kaentner passageway in the inner city. Exactly when the video was taken and why the young man was attacked, is as yet unclear. The Vienna Police have begun the investigation into the incident.

Morals Guard-boss arrested in Vienna

As early as November the police were able to investigate and arrest the leader of the self-proclaimed Morals Guards-more on that here. The 20-year-old suspect is known to the police and (has) multiple arrests.

After the last Moral-Guard attack, the interior minister, Karl Nehammer, reacted with hard criticism. "Every form of parallel society is intolerable in our country.  The self-image of the Morals Guards alone is opposed to our peaceful coexistence. We do not allow our fundamental democratic principles to be infiltrated by such perfidious and self-appointed ideologues. Those who do not accept that place themselves on the extreme edge of our society."

Jennifer Granholm Confirmed as Energy Secretary

"I have chosen Jennifer Granholm to be energy secretary."

                                                                                                        Low energy

Former Michigan governor and UC Berkeley professor Jennifer Granholm has been confirmed as energy secretary in the Biden administration. Get ready because green energy is her schtick. Here is the announcement in the Daily Californian (UC Berkeley).

Synagogue Bomb Plotter Gets 20 Years

Temple Emanuel Synagogue


Richard Holzer of Colorado, a white supremacist, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to plotting to blow up a synagogue in Pueblo, Colorado.

Hopefully, this will send a message to others with such thoughts in their minds. With anti-Semitism growing world-wide, the penalties for those who try to put their hate into action must be harsh.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Sweden: Majority of Convicted Rapists Are First-Second Generation Immigrants

Hat tip Samtiden (Translation by Fousesquawk).

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have released a study that is drawing attention. In 2019-2020, a total of 8,820 rapes or attempted rapes were reported to police, Of those men convicted, 60% had immigrant backgrounds (first or second generation).

Behind the majority of all rapes-immigrant men

26 February 2021

Caption in photo: 60 percent of convicted rapists (men) were either first or second-generation immigrants

A new research study concerning over 3,000 convicted men shows that 60% are first or second-generation immigrants, and that almost half were previously convicted for violent crimes.

8,820 rapes and attempted rapes were reported in 2019 to police. Since 2010 the number has increased 44%, according to the Crime Prevention Council (Brå).

The research group at Lund University identified and charted different characteristics and background factors of all convicted rapists between 2000-2015. No similar study has ever been done.

Majority with an immigrant background

Half of the rapes were committed by men born abroad. Another 10% had an immigrant background. In all, 60% of perpetrators were either first or second-generation immigrants.

Among those with immigrant background, the most common were those born in the Middle East/North Africa (34.5%), followed by Africa (19.1%), then East Europe (15%)

"The immigrant background was nothing we investigated specifically; it was just one of all variables. But the proportions here were something that surprised us," says Kristina Sundquist, professor of general medicine and clinical epidemiology at Lund University to Kvällsposten.

Half of all convicted rapists (men) had earlier been convicted for violent crime, and one-third were on some form of social assistance.  More often than not, they reside in a socially vulnerable area and have a lower IQ than average (this includes, however, the 2/3rds of those in the data.)

Large percentage without previous crime

Researchers have been able, through studies, to identify two different types of rapists.  One is the expected: those with criminal careers and those who have abuse or psychiatric problems. They live in society's shadow with welfare dependency, low school grades, low IQ, and low-stress tolerance.

"It is a little surprising that we have persons who don't have a criminal career behind them but who can commit such serious violent crimes," says criminologist and asst professor in acute care, Ardavan Khoshnood.

That the larger group of convicted rapists have no previous crime or known social problems in their baggage should reasonably affect the work of the police perpetrator profile group, he believes.

"They usually go from statistics as to which crime this type of perpetrator previously committed. But here we suddenly have a class that has hardly committed any crime before and who is not particularly socially vulnerable. That is the biggest group of rapists, and these are people that society misses. That is worrisome." 


Fousesquawk comment: In my view, this study underlines the failure of Sweden's immigration system. They are clearly bringing in immigrants (overwhelmingly young men) from the wrong parts of the world-that is places where respect for women is low. Rape is on the rise throughout Western Europe, but Sweden has been known as the rape capital of Europe for some years now.  What surprises me is that the number is only 60%.

I don't know what the figures are for the US, but I would be shocked if the majority of rapes committed in this country were by immigrants-including those from the same parts of the world. I would dare say that our problem is home-grown.

But will this study spur Sweden's leaders to change course? Hardly. On the contrary, it's full-speed ahead for the leftists who rule that country.

Netherlands: Jewish Restaurant Targeted Again

HaCarmel, a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam, has repeatedly been the target of attacks and vandalism. Now it has been hit again. This is what Europe's Jews have to put up with. The below article from Dagelijkse Standaard is translated from Dutch by Fousesquawk.

* Translator's note: The Dutch article uses the word, bekladding" to describe what happened to the window of the restaurant. The most common English translation is "daub". Other dictionary possibilities are "bespatter", "stain", "blotch", "blot", or "defame". I have chosen to use the word "scribbling". 

Photo-Algemeen Dagblad

Jewish restaurant, HaCarmel again the victim of intimidation terror, this time in the form of anti-Semitic scribbling

-Kenneth Steffers, 27 February 2021

It will not stop, not by itself. Once again, the Jewish restaurant, HaCarmel, is the victim of pure intimidation. This time, no attack, confused men in front of the door, or rocks through the window, but scribbling on the window, which, certainly with all the incidents in the recent past, can be described as very intimidating. 

Normally, police don't get out of bed for scribbling on a building, but in the context of earlier, serious anti-Semitic incidents at the Jewish restaurant, HaCarmel, detectives are currently busy with a technical investigation to secure traces of the perpetrator(s). That is, therefore, a sign that this is an extremely serious matter.

In the recent past, several confused asylum-seekers have been arrested due to several incidents at the Jewish restaurant. The list of incidents is endlessly long, but to refresh the memory: There have been attacks committed, windows smashed, screaming, confused crazy people in front of the door, and now a scribbling with the obvious meaning, "Find Jew!".

-Police Amsterdam:

Tonight there was scribbling on the window of a Jewish restaurant on Amstelveensweg. Forensic investigation is on the scene, and a trace investigation has begun. Have you seen or heard anything? Contact police at 0900-8844.

The Jewish foundation, CIDI, reacts indignantly and angrily on Twitter to the latest incident at the restaurant.

"Shocking: For the umpteenth time, the Jewish restaurant HaCarmel is targetted for an attack. Catering entrepreneurs are having a hard time, and now, for this restaurant, comes Jew-hatred as well. Anti-Semitism must be tackled harder."

And with that, CIDI clearly has a point., for it would be too crazy for words if this restaurant, which is even recommended by Trip Advisor (Tip!) finally buckles before the terror is done. Till now, they have fortunately had a long breath because the incidents have been going on for years.

According to the owner of HaCarmel, the perpetrator of the scribbling is on video. The owner has informed Algemeen Dagblad that he will file a report. The Amsterdam mayor, Femke Halsema, has in the meantime, sent a message of support. That is naturally all well and good, but we still have not solved the problem of anti-Semitism in the city of Anne Frank.


Of course, the perpetrator(s) have not yet been caught, but let's be clear. Because of the history of how this restaurant has been singled out for attack, you can bet the farm that the perps are not Dutch. Dageljkse Standaard implied as much using the term, "asylum-seekers" crossed out. The implication is clear. This restaurant has long been targeted by Palestinians and immigrants from the Middle East. It is shameful.


Friday, February 26, 2021

Good News From Tufts

 Hat tip Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law

Jumbo news

Today, I received the below email from the Louis D Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law. It is a follow-up to previous reports reading Tufts University student Max Price. As has occurred on other campuses across the country, Price, a Jewish student who supports Israel, was under fire from the Tufts Chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) for proclaiming his Jewish identity and support for Israel. Thus, SJP and other campus leftists wanted to drive Price out of student government.

It has now been announced that SJP has dropped its complaint against Price. There has been a public outcry over this blatant case of campus anti-Semitism, and it seems to have ended well for now. It remains unseen if Price will continue to face harassment. SJP is a disgraceful excuse of a student organization that uses tactics of bullying, intimidation, and disruption all over the country. They should be banned from every university. Kudos go to Max Price, the Brandeis Center, and everyone else who came to Price's support. This is no isolated incident.

The below text has been cut and pasted from the Brandeis email.

SJP Withdraws Impeachment Complaint Against Jewish Tufts Student Government Member


Washington, D.C., February 26: After legal advocates from The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law (LDB) intervened on behalf of a Tufts University student threatened with impeachment for expressing Jewish identity, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), who filed the complaint, today withdrew it. 


Max Price, the Jewish Community Union Judiciary (TCUJ) member, was informed today that the complaint filed by SJP that sought to have him removed from office for expressing Jewish identity, was withdrawn and the hearing cancelled.  The hearing represented a continuation of a months-long campaign of intimidationharassment and discrimination targeting Price on the basis of his Jewish ethnic identity. After Price attempted to point out baseless lies in SJP’s proposed Deadly Exchange referendum, he was harassed, targeted and marginalized, slandered in the student newspaper, interrogated as to whether he is fit to hold office, muted for an entire student government zoom meeting that he was elected to participate in, and attacked with age-old anti-Semitic tropes about money and power.


Earlier this month, the Brandeis Center demanded Tufts President Monaco halt the disciplinary hearing and end the harassment and discrimination that has infringed on Price’s freedom of speech, denied him due process and deprived him of equal opportunity and equal access to university programs in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Tufts University’s stated institutional policies.


The following are statements from Price and the Brandeis Center on SJP’s withdrawal of the complaint.


Max Price


“I was notified today that after facing public outcry and criticism of their discriminatory actions, SJP has withdrawn their complaint and cancelled my hearing. They tried to intimidate the Jewish community into silence, to force Jews to renounce their shared heritage, to exclude Jews from leadership. They got caught. While I am relieved that my Judaism is no longer on trial, this change in course does not absolve SJP of their behavior. I am disappointed that university administrators failed to intervene, and have not yet reached out to me to address my concerns. Unless Tufts introduces sweeping reforms to combat anti-Semitism, this will happen to somebody else. Now that my position in student government is secure, I look forward to devoting my energy to beating back the rising tides of bigotry and injustice on campus. I encourage all Jewish students who have faced anti-Semitism to make their voices heard. As Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis once said, ‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant’.”


Alyza D. Lewin, president of the Brandeis Center


“We’re gratified that Max will no longer be subjected to a discriminatory impeachment hearing on Sunday.  SJP got caught, their harassment of Jewish students was exposed, and they backpedaled. But this goes beyond Max.  Now is when the real work begins. It is time for the Tufts administration to take concrete steps to end the ongoing marginalization, harassment and discrimination  of Jewish students on campus.  President Monaco should issue a statement condemning anti-Semitism in all its forms and publicly acknowledge that, for many Tufts students, Zionism is integral to their identity as Jews. The University should (1) officially adopt and utilize the IHRA Working Definition of Anti-Semitism and its contemporary examples when investigating and responding to incidents of harassment and discrimination  to determine whether such conduct is motivated by anti-Semitic animus or bias; (2) revise its non-discrimination policy to include a prohibition on discrimination based on shared ancestry and ethnic characteristics, including anti-Semitism; and (3) conduct training for the entire University community concerning the many manifestations of anti-Semitism. We are eager to work with Tufts President Monaco and his administration to improve the climate at Tufts for Jewish students. The time is now.”



About The Louis D. Brandeis Center: The Louis D. Brandeis Center, Inc., or LDB, is an independent, nonprofit organization established to advance the civil and human rights of the Jewish people and promote justice for all. The Brandeis Center conducts research, education, and advocacy to combat the resurgence of anti-Semitism on college and university campuses. It is not affiliated with the Massachusetts university, the Kentucky law school, or any of the other institutions that share the name and honor the memory of the late U.S. Supreme Court justice. 

More on "Dr. Jill Biden"

 Is it true Department:

                                                                                              "Hey, Fousesquawk...."

 I was talking to a little birdie today (no pun intended) whose brother belongs to the Fieldstone Country Club in Greenville, Delaware, which just happened to be the club Old Joe Biden used to belong to. Sometime after becoming vice president, Old Joe switched to the Wilmington Country Club. However, according to my friend's brother, after Old Joe became vice president, a message was sent out to all members of the Fieldstone Country Club that from that point on, Jill Biden was to be addressed as "Dr Biden".

Now I hasten to add that I am getting this second-hand, so take it for what it's worth.

I do, however, seem to recall a recent controversy over Jill Biden's use of the title "Doctor".

Must be a coincidence.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Rachel Levine's Confirmation Hearing

Hat tip Vlad Tepes


Rachel Levine, Joe Biden's asst. secretary for Health nominee, being asked by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) about genital mutilation and sex change for children. 

 God help us.

"I am nominating Rachel Levine for asst. secretary of Health."

-Why, Joe?

"I am nominating Rachel Levine for asst. secretary of Health."

LA DA's Office: Meet Tiffiny Blacknell

Hat tip Law Officer

Los Angeles' new district attorney, George Gascon, who was formerly DA in San Francisco, is a far leftie, anti-cop, pro-criminal activist who is not fit to be a DA anywhere. Since taking office, a revolt has been taking place among prosecutors in his own office over his criminal-friendly policies. Now he has hired a woman named Tiffiny Blacknell as a grade 4 prosecutor. She was hired at the 2nd highest grade for assistant DAs in Los Angeles, a position for which she lacks the necessary prosecutorial experience. 

Blacknell has a long history of inflammatory statements against police, whom she has called "barbarians". By her admission, she was a looter during the Rodney King riots that hit Los Angeles in 1992.

The website, Law Officer, has the details.

Unbelievable what Los Angeles has become over the past decades. And it has just gotton a lot worse. Thank God I don't live their anymore.

Germany: Anti-Islamist Raids in Berlin and Brandenburg

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Today, German police in Berlin and Brandenburg conducted several raids directed against an Islamist organization, Jama'atu Berlin. The below article and above video from Tageschau are translated by Fousesquawk.

Radical-Islamist milieu

Raids in Berlin and Brandenburg

2-25-21 08:30

Police in Berlin and Brandenburg in the early morning searched several targets- it concerns a radical-Islamist association that is banned as of today. Hundreds of police are in deployment.

by Michael Götschenberg, ARD-Capital City Studio

Since the early morning hours, police in Berlin and Brandenburg have been searching more than 25 targets. According to information from ARD-Capital City Studio, the raids are directed against the radical-Islamist association, Jama'atu Berlin, or Tauhid Berlin. As of today, it is banned and will be dissolved. About 20 people are connected, most of whom have been firmly rooted in the radical-Islamist milieu for years.

The association operates several social-media channels, in which they glorify the so-called "Islamic State", advocate the killing of believers of other religions, and express strong anti-Semitism.  In addition, it rejects the state order and advocates the establishment of an Islamic state of God.

Hundreds of agents deployed

The police deployed 850 agents, including special forces. The target of the searches is, above all,    to secure evidentiary material for the ban of the association. There is no imminent danger-as for possible attack plans of the group, (that) is not known.

Thus far, the members of the association met mostly in private quarters. Some members of the group used to frequent the notorious Fussilet Mosque, which was a magnet for the jihadist milieu of Berlin. The attacker of Breitscheidplatz, Anis Amri, also went in and out of there.

No arrests planned

The Fussilet Mosque was banned in February 2017. Members of the Jama'atu Berlin were also active in the framework of the so-called "Read!-Campaign of the radical-Islamist association, "The True Religion", in which korans were distributed. This association was banned by the Federal Interior Ministry in 2016.

Arrests in conjunction with the searches today are not planned. However, investigative proceedings against individual members of the group, who, in the past, have been extremely aggressive against  police, are ongoing. In the morning, Interior Senator Andreas Geisel will give details in a press conference.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Anti-Jewish Harassment at Tufts University

 Hat tip JNS and Louis Brandeis Center

"Alyza Lewin, president of the Brandeis Center that is representing Price, told JNS that 'this is the worst case of incessant, continuous, non-stop harassment of a Jewish student that I have seen on campus.”

Once again, a Jewish student who supports Israel has been targeted for harassment by the goons at Students for Justice in Palestine. It is an all-too-familiar problem on our campuses. This case is from Tufts University in Massachusetts, where the pro-Palestinian movement has resorted to its usual tactics of bullying and intimidation.

The student's name is Max Price, and below is his story.

"The harassment included Price having to sit through meetings by Tufts student-government leadership questioning his personal beliefs and identity as a pro-Israel Jew, according to the lawyers. Even after the TCUJ determined that there was no evidence of bias and no need for Price to recuse himself, he was placed on “mute” for the entire final Zoom meeting when TCUJ members considered the referendum."

This is hardly surprising. Last year, we reported on Tufts actually giving an award to the SJP.

I have a novel idea that I think many universities should seriously consider. Why not do away with this student government nonsense altogether? What good does it serve other than teaching our next generation of politicians how to engage in ugly debates over issues that do not affect students on campus? The reality is that activist groups are taking over student governments in order to push their political agendas. In no case is this more aptly illustrated than the pro-Palestinian movement.

In too many universities, student governments have gone way past kids playing house. Every year, dozens, if not hundreds of campuses have to go through the ordeal of BDS resolutions aimed at Israel and companies that do business with the Jewish state. Emotional debates go on late into the night before these meaningless resolutions are voted up or down. (The university administrations ignore those that are passed.) And how many Jewish students have had to endure insults from these SJP brown shirts and their supporters? It has become intolerable.

Also intolerable is the fact that in many cases efforts are made to keep Jews out of student government or marginalize them if there is any suspicion that they support Israel due to their Jewish identity. This is what Mr Price was subjected to. Over recent years, we have noted similar cases of Jews at UCLA and UC Santa Cruz being subjected to similar pressure by pro-Palestinian activists in student government.

So I ask-if this is what student governments have come to, what is the point of devoting precious resources and funding to what has become a volatile institution?

If I were running Tufts, I would shut down the entire student govenment if this is the way it is being conducted.

Fjordman Interview (Part 6)


Hat tip and Gates of Vienna 

 This is part 6 of an interview of Peder Jensen aka Fjordman in Norway. As previously mentioned in cross-posting the first 5 segments of this interview, Fjordman is an outspoken critic of Islam. He was mentioned by mass murderer Anders Breivik as someone whose writings he (Breivik) read. This segment is centered around a discussion of Breivik.


Sweden: Anti-Semitism in Malmo Schools

Hat tip Nyheter Idag. Translation by Fousesquawk.


Malmo (Malmö) is Sweden's third-largest city. During the German occupation of Denmark in World War 2, it was the principal port of entry for Danish Jews being smuggled out of Denmark, and a Jewish community grew. Today, that Jewish community is dwindling due to the explosion in anti-Semitism, thanks to the large Muslim immigrant community in Malmo.

Now a Swedish researcher has conducted a study concerning anti-Semitism directed at Jewish students in Malmo's schools. It is highly disturbing. The original report in Swedish is linked in the text below but not translated from Swedish.

Also note the reference to Ilmar Reepalu. He is a former mayor of Malmo who was openly dismissive of Jewish complaints of anti-Semitism due to his antagonism toward Israel. Reepalu stated that if Malmo's Jewish citizens supported Israel, they were welcome to leave.

Report reveals anti-Semitism in Malmo schools: "It was Arab pupils who had a craze for Hitler"

Malmo- A recent report shows that hate against Jewish pupils comes mainly from peers from the Middle East. The Jewish pupils are held responsible for Israel's policy in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Linking the Israel-Palestinian conflict with Malmo's Jews is something that top Social Democrat politicians have earlier done.

"It would (help) if the Jewish community distanced itself from Israel's actions in Gaza. That would help a whole lot, I think."

The word of Jamal El-Hajs, a current member of Parliament for the Social Democrats, at a demonstration in 2010, in an interview with Skånske Dagbladet. At the same demonstration, he called for a boycott of Israeli products and praised party colleague Ilamr Reepalu's "courage". Reepalu has on several occasions been in trouble for statements about Jews and Israel, including when he questioned whether a tennis match between Sweden and Israel should be played in Malmo.

Now a new report shows that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is central to anti-Semitism in Malmo's schools. The report also shows that it is not only pupils-especially Arab pupils with a background in the Middle East and especially with connections to the Palestinian territories- but also school personnel who are anti-Semitic.

"From a couple of (sources) also come specific reports of anti-Semitic jargon among personnel groups," writes report author Mirjam Katzin, researcher at Lund University. Katzin is also an elected representative of the Left Party in Malmo.

Katzin's report consists partly of an interview section where she interviewed school personnel, Jewish children, and young people in the age range 10-20 years and partly of a survey that was sent out. The goal was that all school personnel in primary and secondary schools participate in the survey.

Katzin states that she met with unexpected resistance. Only 27 out of 63 primary school principals forwarded her survey to their personnel.

"Jews stay away from certain schools because they don't feel safe to go to certain schools. There is a list of schools that are OK for Jews and not. Actually, all high schools are black-listed with the exception of a few, that's just the way it is. But you know that with this Israel/Palestine- you are going to get shit for that in the other schools; it is so sad that it is like this," says one pupil.

The report contains several quotes from those interviewed who point out how Arab pupils openly use anti-Semitic jargon.

"Many, when you talk to them and discuss it, can be reached. But some are deeply involved. Thus, a Jew in Malmo is the enemy. All Jews are the big enemy," says another school employee.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Hunter Biden Is in the News in Sweden

Hat tip Fria Tider. Translation by Fousesquawk.

House of Sweden in Washington DC

It has previously been reported that Hunter Biden had requested an extra key for his rented office space at the House of Sweden in Washington for a Chinese businessman being investigated for corruption. Scandinavian sources, particularly Dagens Nyheter of Sweden, are now reporting that Biden was smuggling strippers into the building (which houses the Swedish Embassy) through a back way without passing through a metal detector. Biden reportedly accused the Swedish National Property Board, which administers the building, of racism after they complained because one of his guests was reportedly a homeless woman who happened to be black.

The below article from Fria Tider in Sweden is translated by Fousesquawk.

Hunter Biden smuggled strippers into Swedish House premises

Posted 23 February 2021 at 12:41

Caption below photo: Stripper Lundin Roberts was one of the guests that Biden smuggled into the premises without permission

Domestic: The scandal-ridden son of the American president, Hunter Biden, accused the National Property Board of racism. This after the Swedish Board threatened to evict him after he smuggled a stripper and a black homeless woman into the House of Sweden in Washington.

Dagens Nyheter (newspaper) has published an email from the National Property Board. The Board administrates the exclusive office building, House of Sweden, in Washington DC, where among others, the Swedish embassy is located.

Hunter Biden, son of the current  USA president, rented suite 507 in the House of Sweden in 2017, but quickly found himself in conflict with the National Property Board.

The crack-smoking son of the president had specifically smuggled people into the building through a back way despite (the fact) all visitors must go through the main entrance and pass through a  metal detector.  

Among these guests, there was a stripper, with whom Hunter Biden one year later had a child, who the stripper forced (Biden) to acknowledge as his. He also invited in a homeless black woman.

When the House of Sweden contacted Biden about this and asked him to stop the behavior, he came back with an accusation of racism.

"If NN has a problem with my guests' race or clothing, I think we should all sit down and talk about it with a lawyer present," wrote Hunter Biden in an email according to DN.

Biden announced a few weeks later that he wanted to terminate the lease in advance. But after that, he stopped answering emails from the National Property Board, which eventually threatened him with eviction. 

In the end, the rent was paid through the outstanding security deposit, and Biden moved out.

Hunter Biden, who is under investigation for his business contacts with China, had also asked House of Sweden for an extra key to his suite for a Chinese businessman accused of corruption.

Oberlin College Has More Questions to Answer

Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

It seems that when it comes to anti-Semitism, tiny Oberlin College in Ohio is a major university. We have reported on problems at Oberlin for several years, largely thanks to Jew-hating professor Joy Karega. 

But Karega is not the only problem for Jewish students at Oberlin. The pro-Palestinian movement is alive and well on campus with their usual despicable methods of operation.

Now we have another professor at Oberlin who is under scrutiny for remarks he made as Iran's ambassador to the UN back in the 1980s when he called for Israel's destruction and defended abuses by the Iranian regime including the persecution of the Baha'i religious minority.

His name is Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, and critics are asking for him to explain his past remarks. Here is his official Oberlin bio page. It includes a 4-1/2 minute video of him talking about friendship and peace. It tells me nothing other than he makes a brief and vague reference to the evolution of his thinking. 

Let's be fair here. These are remarks he made 30 years ago. The questions I have are whether he has, in effect, defected from Iran. I mean how does their former ambassador to the UN become a professor in a US college unless he has broken from the regime? Has he become an American citizen? Also important is whether he still believes what he said 30 years ago and whether he is propagating that today on campus. 

That is not to question his freedom of speech or demand that he be terminated. I have jumped to the defense of many conservative/pro-Israel professors who are under fire for their beliefs. I'm just saying, I have questions about this man, and I would like to hear his explanation if any. Does he still stand by the present Islamic regime, and/or stand by his previous calls for the destruction of Israel? If so, we must make a record of that and question the values of Oberlin College, which is already in the spotlight when it comes to a hostile atmosphere for Jewish students. Perhaps, most importantly, what are his present ties to Iran's government, and is he still a supporter of what is a terrorist regime?

Monday, February 22, 2021

France: Immigration Officer Murdered by Asylum-Seeker

Hat tip Gates of Vienna


Another day-another innocent murder victim at the hands of an asylum-seeker in Europe. Today, it is France. An immigration officer at an asylum-seeker facility in the southwestern town of Pau (Atlantic Pyrenees) was stabbed to death by a Sudanese man who was pending deportation. The below article from France TV Info is translated by Fousesquawk.

Murder in asylum center at Pau. Aggressor charged and imprisoned

Caption below photo: Flowers on the (fence) of the reception center for asylum-seekers (Cada) Isard-COS of Pau on 20 February 2021

The Sudanese, 38, alleged perpetrator of a deadly attack on Friday, has been placed in provisional detention at the remand center at Pau, the State prosecutor of the town said Sunday.

Posted 2-21-2021 at 14:23. Updated 2-21-2021 at 17:41

The prosecutor's office at Pau announced on Sunday, 21 February that a 38-year-old Sudanese had been placed in custody for murder and imprisoned. He is suspected of being the alleged perpetrator of a deadly attack of an official of the asylum center of Pau (Atlantic Pyrenees), which occurred Friday.

At the end of his custody, which had been prolonged Saturday, the man appeared Sunday before a judge. (The judge) charged him and placed him in provisional detention at the Pau remand center, stated the State prosecutor of Pau, Cecile Gensac.

The man is being prosecuted for having attacked with knife blows (13 wounds have been identified) the head of the reception center of asylum-seekers (Cada) Isard-COS at Pau, where he had been placed a few years ago. The victim, a 46-year-old father and social worker with experience in asylum cases, died of his wounds shortly after the attack.

Destined for imminent expulsion due to convictions for violent (crimes)

In France since 2015, and beneficiary of an international protection subsidiary status up to last November, the respondent was destined for an imminent expulsion due to convictions for violent crimes that earned him prison time between January 2017 and August 2018.  At the end of 2020, he had not responded to two summons to notify him of the end of his residence permit. 

During his (interrogation), the man explained to the investigators that he "harbored resentments" against the Cada-Isard-COS of Pau and felt "that his situation had not been correctly handled," the prosecutor stated Saturday. Fearful of being sent back to Sudan at war, he had come Friday to obtain from this agency, "a paper addressed to the attention of Ofpra (French Office for Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons) to allow him to remain in (France)", according to the magistrate.

She stressed that the suspect was, "neither reported nor on file  in the context of violent radicalization, and the (information) gathered makes it possible to rule out any terrorist intention."

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Norway: Fjordman Interview (Cont)

 Hat tip, Gates of Vienna and RAIR Foundation.

Earlier this month, we cross-posted an interview from Norway with Peder Jensen, aka Fjordman. Jensen, who wrote about Islam under the pen name, Fjordman, has been unable to live in his native Norway due to his writings, and the fact that he was singled out by Anders Breivik, who massacred 77 people in Norway in 2011 in retaliation for the county's lax immigration policies. Jensen has always condemned Breivik's actions. The first part we cross-posted was in parts 1-3. Here we are cross-posting parts 4-5 from Gates of Vienna. The interview was conducted last month by Hans Rustad of, a Norwegian site.


Italian Judge Nailed Dining in Restaurant During Covid Lockdown

 Hat tip RAIR Foundation. Editing by Gates of Vienna, sub-titles by Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Italian judge Nunzio Sarpietro is the judge presidng over the trial of ex-Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, in Sicily for his action in now allowing illegal migrants to disembark at Lampedusa. A few days ago in Rome, the judge was caught by Italian news media dining at an expensive sea food restaurant-which should have been closed due to Covid regulations in effect in Rome. The full story can be read at RAIR Foundation. Below is the video when the judge was confronted by the reporter.

Sweden and Ethiopia Foil Terror Plot Against UAE Embassy in Addis Ababa

Hat tip Samtiden. Translation from Swedish by Fousesquawk.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

International police cooperation has paid off as Sweden and Ethiopia collaborated to shut down a terror cell before they could strike the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Fifteen were arrested in Ethiopia and two in Sweden. It appears the arrests were carried out at the end of 2020. (Note: In the first paragraph, the article says three were arrested in Sweden. That is apparently an error.)

Two arrested in Sweden for terror plans

21 February 2021

A 44-year-old with Eritrean citizenship residing in Gothenburg has been singled out as the "brain" behind a planned terror attack against the embassy in Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa. 15 have been arrested in Ethiopia and 3 (sic) in Sweden. 

The 44-year-old is alleged to be the leader of an Iranian terrorist sleeper cell that Iran activated to find a target for a terror attack in Africa. They are alleged to have studied the embassies of the USA and Israel in Addis Ababa but chose the United Arab Emirates. Ethiopia's security service was able to stop the attack by arresting 15 persons.

Over time, several details about the terror plans leaked out in various countries including the arrests in Sweden at the end of last year.

"Ethiopia and Sweden cooperated and interrupted the conspiracy," an American intelligence chief, Rear Admiral Heidi K. Berg, told the New York Times recently.

She also pointed out one of the two men arrested in Sweden and called him the "brain" behind the planned terror attack in Ethiopia. The United Arab Emirates embassy was allegedly chosen based on the countries rapprochement with Israel.

Arrested for conspiracy to commit a terrorist crime

Swedish authorities are silent. It will be some time before the preliminary investigation is completed, stated the prosecutor to Kvällsposten

The 44-year-old is suspected on probable cause for conspiracy to commit a terrorist crime. He denied the crime during arrest proceedings.

Shortly before the 44-year-old was arrested, Security Police had struck an apartment in Trelleborg, where another 44-year-old man resides. He was also arrested on probable cause, suspected of conspiracy to commit a terrorist crime during November 2020 in Sweden and abroad.

The (man) arrested in Trelleborg has earlier worked as a bodyguard, he stated in a report. He has worked as a personal assistant in Sweden. He also denies having planned a terror attack.

*Update: The below video is from Kvällsposten. Translation of sub-titles by Fousesquawk. According to the news in the video, the attack was supposed to be carried out in retaliation for the US taking out of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

One Fine Day on a Roman Tram

 It's now a familiar story. A quiet day in Rome. Then, suddenly, a Somali guy gets on a tram yelling, "Allah Akhbar" and threatening passengers with an iron bar. Police are called and the Somali is taken into custody and found to be in possession of stolen documents. The below article from Il Messaggero is translated by Fousesquawk.

Rome: Threatens passengers on tram with bar. Witnesses: "He was shouting Allah Akhbar"

-Friday, 19 February 2021

Shouting, "Allah Akhbar" and threatening passengers on the tram. It happened this morning at Piazza Vittorio, a few steps from the Terminal Station. With his face covered, a 23-year-old of Somalian origin terrorized those present with an extinguisher and an iron bar, which he had in his hand.

Stolen documents recovered

The call to 112 came in the morning. Police from the Esquilino and Viminale police stations intervened immediately. In the tram, they discovered the man and told him to uncover his face. But he refused. When the police managed to block him, they seized everything. The extinguisher, iron bar, and the garment used to cover his face. Then they searched him and found more. Stolen documents belonging to other persons.

The Somali was already known to police

It was not the first time that the young man has come into contact with the police, given that he had already been stopped in the past. Now, on the other hand,  he will have to answer for various crimes. He has been arrested for aggravated threats, receiving stolen property, interrupting public service and carrying an illegal weapon. 


Meanwhile, off the coast of Sicily, new arrivals, crowbars and all, are being brought in by NGO "rescue ships".


Friday, February 19, 2021

Netherlands: No More "Jewish Cookies"

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Say hello to the Cookie Person

Last year in the US, we bid farewell to the Washington Redskins. While scrapping the old name, the team owners had no clue what to name the team, so this past season, they went by the name, "Washington Football Team", which drew a lot of hoots.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, which for the past few years has had to wrestle with the Black Piet controversy, an old cookie company, Davelaar, has changed the name of one of its products from Jodekoeken (Jewish cookies) to Odekoeken. The reason? To be more "inclusive".

The conservative Dutch site, Dagelijkse Standaard, has the following take on the move.

Woke cookie baker renames Jewish Cookies to Ode Cookies because "equality and inclusivity are important!"

by Wout Willemsen, 19 February 2021

Once more, a delicacy is offered upon the altar of Inclusion and Diversity. The Jewish cookie of the centuries-old Davelaar manufacturer is now an Ode Cookie because the old name "can really no longer be". Nobody here was really asked, and even the Central Jewish Consultation never objected to the old name.

Another victim has fallen: After we were earlier forced to "kiss" (a reference to "Negro Kisses" candy), and certain lollypops had to be banned due to racism. And now the Jewish cookie is also disappearing due to alleged anti-Semitism. From now on, only Dad's cookies are to be had in the shops. Yes Yes!

The Davelaar producer imposes this change willingly on itself, and, in its explanation, checks all the boxes on the woke bingo card.

"We live in a time in which equality and inclusivity are important values. This concept, inclusivity, does not stress the difference between people as does diversity. Inclusivity is about mutual interconnectedness. An inclusive organization is a coherent whole of people who relate to each other and identify with each other. Because we at Davelaar open our doors to anyone who is motivated to work, the name 'Jewish cookies' does not fit."

The Jewish cookie comes from a traditional Jewish recipe, and the name ensures that a bit of history remains illuminated, namely, that of the Iberian-Sephardic culinary tradition in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. With that, the name also refers also to a bit of tolerance and inclusivity because the only reason that we have Jewish cookies here is that the Jews from Spain and Portugal centuries ago had to convert or they were persecuted. Their only place of refuge at that time were the Netherlands or Scandinavia.

But Davelaar doesn't seem to care about that aspect of history. They are just afraid that the name, "Jewish cookie" will, sooner or later, come under the cross-hairs of the Woke-inquisition, and therefore, impact sales numbers, therefore better safe than unsafe. Thus comes Ode's cookies.

The company bases this decision completely on their own survey they conducted "where it was revealed that the majority of the respondents, especially "the younger generation" found that the name "Jewish cookie" was no longer possible," states Nieuwnieuws. Even the Central Jewish Consultation never reported objections to the old term.

If the "younger generation" had the slightest grasp of the rich history behind the name, they would probably (hopefully) see it quite differently. But this type of idiots thinks no further than "that must be racist, so get rid of it." So companies willingly help bit by bit to make this society "offense-free". And the average citizen gets no farther than, "Ah, what's the difference? It is only a cake/tradition/piece of history/our culture," and so we gradually become a meaningless uniform sausage, cut off from our roots. It is so sad what is happening here. Who is going to stop this cookie jar phobia?


Fousesquawk comment: I may be off base here since I am not in the Netherlands and am myself, a stranger to this brand. Is this a perceived case of mocking Jews, as was perceived by some to be the case with the Washington Redskins? I don't know. As pointed out by the writer, there were no complaints from the Jewish community. One aspect the writer did not point out was the possibility that the company had done a study and determined that a particular segment of its clientele wasn't buying the product precisely because it had a Jewish connotation. In other words, it would be akin to football fans refusing to support the Redskins because they didn't like Native Americans. Of course, that is not why the team dumped the name, and I don't know if that really was a reason behind the cookie name change in the Netherlands.

France: Another Teacher Under Islamist Threat

Hat tip Gates of Vienna. Translation by Oz-Rita.

After the beheading last year of Samuel Paty, a teacher in France who had shown a video in class that was critical of Islam, the focus in France has shifted to another teacher who is under a similar threat. Didier Lemaire is a teacher in the city of Trappes. After the murder of Paty, he wrote a memo to his colleagues complaining about the Islamization of his school. He now receives death threats and has to go around under armed guard.

Courtesy of Gates of Vienna, we have a translation of an interview of Lemaire on Sud Radio.

The Cancer at UC Irvine

This article first appeared in Times of Israel Blogs.

Recently, we reported on the latest BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) resolution that was passed by the student senate at UC Irvine, where I taught part-time 1998-2016. The resolution against Israel passed, and the university quickly issued a statement that they would not abide by it. The damage is that these resolutions, which go on all over the nation in our universities, only direct more negative attention to Jewish students and increase anti-Semitism. Jews are perceived as universally supporting the Jewish state of Israel, which in reality, is not true. Most American Jews support Israel, but some do not. Some even join forces with those who want to destroy the Jewish state. That is the true aim of BDS.

Richard Cravatts, former president of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, has also taken note of the latest out of UCI and has written about it in Frontpage Magazine. I am cross-posting it below.

Sadly, UCI has acquired a reputation as a hotbed of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic agitation, largely due to the annual anti-Israel week of events every May. Over the last two decades, I have attended many of those events in order to document them, videotape them, and directly question the speakers. I can tell you, I have seen and heard a lot of vicious people speak at these events. 

As I have always said, 99% of the students at UCI are not involved in this ugliness, but those who are have all but destroyed the reputation of what should otherwise be considered a great university. I blame the administrators at UCI (and the entire UC system) for their weakness in allowing this problem to fester and grow.

In 2015-16, I was active with the Amcha Initiative and others in lobbying the UC Regents to draw up a suitable statement of principles against intolerance that specifically addressed anti-Semitism, as opposed to simply condemning all forms of hate. After all, it was anti-Semitism on campus that was the reason a revised statement of principles was under consideration. In 2016, the UC Regents finalized a statement that included such language.

Unfortunately, it has proved to be nothing more than a scrap of paper that UCI can stick in the files of their Office of Inclusive Excellence and show the public that everything is just fine. But since that paper was finalized, UCI has continued to see anti-Zionist weeks every May (at least until the Covid crisis hit), and speakers like Hussam Ayloush (CEO of CAIR in S. California), Rabab Abdulhadi, (professor at San Francisco State University) and Zahra Billoo (CEO of CAIR in No. California) come to campus to spread their poison. Some progress.

Now we have another dangerous ingredient being added to the poisonous cocktail. Thanks to the latest academic creation-intersectionality- all ills of the world can be linked to Israel including the grievances of BLM. If George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis cops, it was partially Israel's fault because they trained that department and taught them the tactic of kneeling on a black suspect's neck-or something like that. And don't think the connection hasn't been made by those who ingest this propaganda. Last May, BLM rioters rampaged through the Fairfax district of Los Angeles, attacking synagogues and yelling curses at Jews from their car windows. It was a pogrom though nobody would admit it. One would think that after such an event, activists might realize that stoking hatred against Jews was a dangerous idea. Not the pro-Palestinian crowd, however. It's full steam ahead, and if they can convince American blacks that the Jewish state of Israel is their enemy too, so what if a few American Jews get beat up?

Shame on the pro-Palestinian movement for stirring up this kind of hate toward American Jews with their lies. And shame on our universities for allowing this treatment of its Jewish students. When I first got involved in this issue at UCI back around 2007, I learned that our university campuses were the focal point for the resurgence in anti-Semitism in the US. Rather than seeing it nipped in the bud, it has metastasized to society as a whole. The only positive aspect is that the issue of anti-Semitism can no longer be denied or swept under the rug. It is there for all to see. And UCI has played a role.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Bears in Jordan?

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

The (new) flag of Jordan

Did you know they have bears in Jordan? Golden Bears, no less.

Not really. But up there at UC Berkeley (home of the Golden Bears) they have a Facebook page for "Bears for Palestine". Except that the page is managed from Jordan. Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers has the story.

Meanwhile, back in California.....

"Hey! Who stole our bear?"

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden (6)

Hat tip Samtiden. Translation by Fousesquawk.

I am cross-posting an article written in Samtiden by Nima Gholan Ali Pour, political secretary of the Sweden Democrat party in Malmö , Sweden's third-largest city. Malmö is also arguably the Swedish city most impacted by Muslim crime and anti-Semitism. In this article, the writer reveals that a known Islamist is receiving tax money from the Malmö  city government.

You will also note a reference to the Ibn Rushd Study Association. This organization has been mentioned in several previously-translated articles from Sweden on the presence and the activity of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Sweden. Thus, this translation is our 6th such translation on the MB in Sweden. We have also translated similar articles on other Western European countries that have MB presence.

Stop giving tax money to Islamists

Despite well-documented connections to extreme Islamists, Malmö continues to grant city contributions. Stop blaming ignorance and stop the contributions, demands Nima Gholam Ali Pour in a debate article.

Last fall, Malmö imam Salahuddin Barakat attacked France's president Emmanuel Macron after he had given a talk with certain criticism against political Islam and suggested certain measures. This caused Baraka, in a long Facebook post, to describe France as "an extremely secular and increasingly Islamophobia rogue state, which for a long time has lived and still lives by sucking out the blood of the weak in the world".

Salahuddin Barakat is the founder and chairman of Islam Academy, an educational institution that has the ambition to become "Sweden's foremost Muslim  educational institution, which in a qualitative way, will meet Muslims' knowledge needs and contribute to a deeper understanding of Islam and its teaching in society." 

The Islam Academy issues derogatory assessments 

The Sweden Democrats of Malmö criticized the Islam Academy in 2017 after the culture magazine, Opulens, revealed certain homophobic statements that were posted on Islam Academy's home page. Among other things, homosexual persons were compared to mentally sick (people). The Sweden Democrats in Malmö wrote in a debate article in Kvallsposten that this was not appropriate that an organization with views like Islam Academy be given legitimacy through cooperation with the city of Malmö.

In a report in Fokus by Lars Åberg, it was mentioned that Salahuddin Barakat advocates that women and men be separated and not have physical contact. According to Åberg, Barakat describes daily life in Sweden in the following way: "Moral corruption, irresponsible behavior, non-Islamic values regarding interaction between the sexes, and exaggerated sexualization are something that is widespread in our society. At the same time, we suffer from a lack of religious knowledge and insufficient practice of Islam."

Prize for human rights from Malmö

In spite of (the fact) that since 2017, there has been information that Salahuddin Barakat has extreme values that are not rooted in Swedish society, in 2019, Barakat received the city of  Malmö's prize for human rights for his work with the inter-religious project, Amanah. It is important to mention in this connection that the Ibn Rushd Study Association has two representatives on Amanah's board of directors.

It is possible to call into question such an inter-religious project when the Muslim side is represented by persons like Salahuddin Barakat and Islamist organizations like Ibn Rushd, whose contribution is called into question in municipality after municipality.

One million grant by Malmö

Although this information about Barakat has been available, the municipal working board in the city of Malmö, consisting of Social Democrats, moderates, and liberals, decided unanimously, on June 17, 2019 to grant Amanah 1.5 million kronors in tax funds for the period 2019-2022.

Support for Amanah is motivated by (the idea) that anti-Semitism in Malmö must be fought. But one of those who sits on Amanah's board is Omar Mustafa, who was allowed to leave the Social Democrats party board in 2013 after it came out that Mustafa had invited anti-Semites and homophobes into Sweden in his role as chairman for the Islamist association.

It is this Mustafa, whose participation on the Social Democrats' party board was not appropriate, who now sits on Amanah's board and will fight anti-Semitism in Malmö.

Nothing has changed- Tax money for Islamists doesn't stop

To sum it up, Malmö's flagship against anti-Semitism, which costs millions, has a board consisting of, among others, Islamists and a representative with extreme Islamist views. Nothing has changed in Malmö The  Sweden Democrats are still the only party that stands against the Islamists while bourgeois and red-green parties together make sure that Islamists receive tax funds.

When it comes to Islamism, there are no compromises. If you are not against Islamism, you are for Islamism. There is no neutral stance where politicians can be passive against an ideology like Islamism. If you are against Islamism, you refuse to grant tax money to Islamists. It's no harder than that.

That Salahuddin Barakat, in spite of his statements, can get a share of tax funds is nothing other than a scandal. This shows that there is a difference between word and action. There are other parties than the Sweden Democrats who, in word, condemn extremism and Islamism. But there is still only one party that consistently acts to prevent Islamists from getting access to tax funds.

It is common knowledge that there are Islamists in Sweden who have acted like wolves in sheep's clothing. They have shared in tax funds by using the right words and ideas in their applications and in writings directed to the public.

How is it that parties that say they are against Islamism don't stop contributions to Islamists? How is it that such persons as Barakat continue to get access to tax funds? That is a question that should be put to the politicians who continue to give out money to these Islamists.

It is not always possible to blame ignorance and naivete. Now you know! Stop giving tax funds to Salahuddin Barakat!

Nima Gholam Ali Pour

Political secretary for Social Democrats, Malmö