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Pro-Palestinian Protests: Insulting, Annoying

Hat tip PJ Media 

-Yahoo News

For years, our college campuses have been subjected to pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protests that all-too-often cross the line into pure anti-Semitism. One would have thought that after the October 7 atrocities visited upon Israeli civilians-even children and infants-by the monsters of Hamas these protests would go away in shame. Not so. They have become more insulting and more annoying. Just in the past week or so, we have seen access roads to major airports in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles shut down by these mopes with their black and white keffiyehs and Palestinian flags. Christmas shoppers have had to put up with these reprobates. And in what is the most outrageous display of all, they shut down the World Trade Center site in New York, site of the 9-11 attacks. Some were even shouting, "Allahu akhbar".

Meanwhile, in Europe, police have had to drastically increase security at those Christmas markets that are at risk every December because they are so offensive to certain immigrants.

This is not how you win friends and influence people. Quite the contrary.

Here is what needs to be done:

Protests that block traffic and shut down public access should be met with arrests. Stiff fines and 30 days in jail would also be appropriate assuming no other violence or destruction was involved. Attacks on Jews should be charged as hate crimes and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

If the offenders are not US citizens, they should be deported when the justice system is done with them. After all, they are what we used to refer to as "undesirable aliens". 

This also applies to campus protests that go beyond the point of being lawful and peaceful. Offenders should be promptly expelled. If they are foreign students, their student visas should be canceled and they should be deported.

Of course, given the state of cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and others as "sanctuary cities" and given the state of our universities, I recognize I am engaging in wishful thinking. 

But as the quality of life is rapidly disappearing from large cities and universities are now starting to see donors turning away in disgust, there is hope for some sort of gradual change. A handful of universities have acted to suspend the odious Students for Justice in Palestine from their campuses. Hopefully, one day all universities will follow suit. The forced resignation of the president of the University of Pennsylvania is a hopeful sign. The pressure on Harvard and M.I.T. to follow suit should be kept on. Finally, the nation's attention is focused on campus anti-Semitism, albeit about 20 years too late but better late than never.

Ultimately, however, it is up to us the citizens, the voters to bring about change. As long as we keep electing politicians who allow this rot to continue-beginning at our borders- who turn their cities into sanctuary cities and who keep funding universities that teach their students to engage in these asinine activities, nothing will change.

On September 11, 2001, 19 hijackers screamed "Allahu akhbar" as they flew planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the ground in Pennsylvania. These are hollowed sites, and it is intolerable that people would repeat that phrase at the site of the Twin Towers. It is an insult to the memories of the 3,000 people who died that day.

Faculty Lunacy at UC Berkeley: The Latest Manifesto

This article first appeared in New English Review.

The Daily Californian, the campus paper of UC Berkeley, for years, has been full of nonsense. Today is no exception. I am cross-posting an op-ed from something called, "Faculty for Justice in Palestine". In this piece (in which organizations are signees, no individual names are published), we see the standard talking points supporting the Palestinian cause and condemning Israel with the tired old accusations of genocide.

I am cross-posting the article not to help spread their propaganda, rather to show the readers just how silly it is. The language used suggests to me that it was actually written by a group of students, perhaps even graduate students, while their professors/indoctrinators are busy doing research, you know.

I am cross-posting this not to help spread their propaganda but rather to show the readers what nonsense is being peddled here by "Faculty". I have chosen several passages (in italics) with my responses.

"The purpose of this letter, and our coalition, is to break the silence that has fallen over the UC Berkeley campus since the start of Israel’s war on the Palestinian people — interrupted only by student teach-ins, actions and vigils."

Silence??!! Ever since Israel responded to the horrific attacks of October 7 (only mentioned twice in passing above), the UC Berkeley campuses and campuses have seen and heard little else but pro-Palestinian protests. What are they talking about? The only silence has been their silence as to what Hamas did to over 1,200 innocent Israeli civilians on October 7. 

"Together we are calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and an end to this genocide. We stand in solidarity with the campaign for campus divestment from the financial structures that support the current war machine. And we seek to defend our common rights to free speech and academic freedom while resisting the criminalization of public protest against these crimes on U.S. college campuses and around the world." 

Ceasefire? Did they call for Hamas to cease their atrocities of October 7? Did the US call for a cease-fire against Japan on December 8, 1941? What did they expect Israel to do after October 7- ask for the UN to approve a resolution condemning Hamas and demanding the release of over 200 hostages? Good luck with that.

Free speech and academic freedom? It's all we have seen on campus after campus including UCB since Israel responded against Hamas. Criminalization? Has anybody actually been arrested on campus for screaming, "from the river to the sea"? If anyone is being arrested, it is for illegal acts committed while protesting, like blocking access to major airports in New York and Los Angeles. You can scream "from the river to the sea" all you want, and others like myself will criticize it and point out what it is calling for-which is our right. 

"Israel’s attack on Gaza constitutes a deliberate and acknowledged act of genocide — a second Nakba — committed against the Palestinian people by the Zionist state. The heavy bombardment and use of banned chemical weapons, paired with ground assaults in Gaza and the West Bank, have killed more than 15,000 Palestinian civilians as of Dec. 2."

This talk of genocide is absurd. Over the course of the last several decades, the Palestinian population has exploded. Where is the genocide? As for the civilian deaths in Gaza, I take no pleasure in seeing civilians killed in war. I have been to Hiroshima, and it was a sobering experience. Visiting Pearl Harbor was also a sobering experience. What is not mentioned in the op-ed, is the long-documented fact that Hamas deliberately fights from behind its own civilians. They actually prefer to see their civilians killed so they can show the international press how "evil" Israel is. Hamas even sets up its fighters and rocket launchers in schools, hospitals, and mosques. Israel, on the other hand, makes great effort to limit civilian casualties, even warning them to evacuate certain buildings that are about to be hit. Did the Allies do that with Germany and Japan in World War 2? No. We were fighting for our survival, just as Israel is fighting for its survival, and attempting to force our enemies to surrender. As for the 15,000 Palestinian civilians killed (as of December 2), that number no doubt includes the Hamas fighters (terrorists), who are the true targets.

"The Israeli government has deliberately and knowingly committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza. Before Oct. 7, Gaza had been under military siege since 2007, during which it had been bombed repeatedly by Israel. This siege has now escalated radically, with Israel cutting off all water, food, power and fuel to the Gaza strip. This blockade has been followed by the systematic targeting of Palestinian civilian infrastructure, including the bombing of hospitals, ambulances, mosques, churches, schools, community centers, bakeries, orphanages, refugee camps and the Islamic University of Gaza."  

Above is the first of two passing mentions of October 7! War crimes? Apparently, fighting back is a war crime according to the learned "faculty". Repeated bombings by Israel? That has occurred after  Hamas has launched rockets into Israel, usually from the very schools, hospitals, refugee camps, etc that the op-ed lists.

"This genocide is being carried out with nearly the full support of the United States government, including President Joe Biden and his collaborators in Congress. The U.S. government offers diplomatic and public backing for this genocide while using U.S. tax dollars to deliver weapons, military intelligence and direct military support to Israel. UC Berkeley is also complicit in this genocide through itsextensive investments in both Israeli companies and select defense contractors who are profiting off of war: Boeing, BlackRock, Lockheed Martin, RTX (formerly known as Raytheon), Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics. The blood of Palestinian people is on the hands of the U.S. government and leaders, and especially on those in the UC system who remain silent." 

This is typical hysterical language of the academic left. Yes, the US is Israel's ally, and we need make no apologies for that. It is right that we should supply them with military aid. That has been our policy over decades ever since 1948. Then the language really gets hysterical with mention of investments with Israel (Can you say '"BDS"?). The UC system, for all its faults, does not have the blood of Palestinians on its hands. That blood is on the hands of Hamas.

"University campuses across the nation have failed to defend free speech and academic freedom by criminalizing protests against this genocide, firing academics who publicly oppose this war and banning Arab, Muslim, Palestinian and Jewish student groups who speak up and organize for peace. Leadership at UC Berkeley has created a hostile environment for free speech by uncritically signing on to an irresponsible and inaccurate statement that legitimates the Zionist resort to violence by ignoring the historical context of the ongoing Israeli colonization of Palestine. The UC Berkeley administration has furthermore failed to protect Arab, Muslim and Palestinian students who are being harassed, doxxed and attacked on campus"

Yes, they have failed to protect free speech for decades, but it is supporters of Israel, conservatives, etc who have had their free speech rights taken away. How many pro-Israel speakers/events have been disrupted by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), etc? The disrupters are the very people who are crying foul now. Their words have not been criminalized, only when they resort to vandalism, denial of free speech rights for others, and/or assaults does anybody ever get charged-and all too rarely.  

"As faculty, students, academic workers and staff at UC Berkeley in solidarity with Palestine, we are committed to centering the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice on campus. We will strive to expand the syllabi we use to teach to include coverage and representation of Palestinian history, arts and culture within the context of settler colonialism, anti-colonial struggles and decolonization. We will continue to organize teach-ins on a regular basis from a Palestinian viewpoint. We are committed to supporting the call for boycott, divestment and sanctions — in particular from the UC’s investments in Israeli-affiliated corporations and the military industrial complex. We will fight fear and silencing by supporting each other across campus in our different roles as faculty, students and staff."

I cringe every time I see that phrase about "standing in solidarity with....". It is instructive that here they admit proudly that they will use their classrooms to indoctrinate students to their point of view. They support BDS against Israel. (I wonder with what other countries they support BDS-Iran? North Korea? Sudan? Russia?) Hardly.

And here come the demands:

"We demand the campus take no action to suppress any student groups who exercise their freedom of speech and assembly to raise public awareness of an ongoing genocide;"

Such expressions have never been suppressed on campus. Much worse, when the voices of pro-Israel speakers are disrupted by people like SJP/Muslim Student Association etc, disciplinary action of any consequence is hardly ever taken. 

"We insist that the university’s leadership ensures UC Berkeley is a place where all Arab, Muslim and Palestinian students, faculty and staff can thrive;"

How about Jewish students, College Republicans, etc?

"We urge the UC Berkeley administration to expand access to sufficient, noncarceral, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed counseling and mental health support for students facing anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, and Islamophobic racism;" 

What, are the poor snowflakes upset that people criticize them for supporting Hamas, for their disruptions, and tactics of intimidation against others? Pass the handkerchiefs.

"We demand that the academic freedom that faculty and all academic workers have in their classrooms be respected;"

Yes, the freedom of professors and their teaching assistants to indoctrinate our youth in the classroom.


And here comes the Intersectionality

"How many Americans in the 1890s opposed the war on the Sioux or Lakota? How many more might have anticipated future federal orders to return Native American remains to their ancestors, let alone the campus’ reliance upon “Land Acknowledgement” to address the history of indigenous genocide and settler colonialism? Who besides the free speech activists themselves in the early 1960s would have anticipated that a movement the administration attempted to crush with police violence would become the primary brand recognition of UC Berkeley? How many in the 1980s who saw a growing shanty town constructed on Sproul Plaza as unsightly and unscholarly would have imagined the UC’s eventual divestment from South Africa and the impending fall of Apartheid?" 

South Africa? Apartheid? The Sioux and Lakota? Police violence in the 1960s? Who would have imagined?

And finally.....

"As so today, in which there is a growing global movement that stands against these ongoing atrocities in Palestine which are only an episode in the longer colonization of Palestine. Students and the youth across the globe already understand this horror to be the singular moral crisis of our time. This is why you have seen, and will continue to see, unprecedented protests in support of Palestine and Palestinians on our campus and across the world. We ask our friends and colleagues to look honestly and think carefully about what is happening in Gaza right now, not just on Oct. 7. When the history of this genocide, and the wider war it threatens to ignite, is finally written, where will you have stood?"

Here we have the second-and final reference to October 7. Yet as the writers speak of the "atrocities" in Palestine (committed allegedly by Israelis), there is no listing of the Hamas atrocities of October 7. Not one word about the 200+ plus young people attacked at a music festival and slaughtered, raped, and/or kidnapped back to Gaza. Not one word about families slaughtered in their homes. Not one word about babies beheaded and/ or placed in ovens to burn. Not one word about the 200+ hostages taken to Gaza, many of whom have died in captivity. Not one word about the 1,200+ Israelis murdered on October 7. Did the feminist signers of this letter have one word to say about all the Israeli women and girls who were tortured, raped, and murdered? Not one frickin word.

And when the final history is written, where will I have stood? With Israel-not with the murderous butchers of Hamas and its ignorant supporters on US campuses like UC Berkeley.

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Taher Herzallah's Latest Outburst

 Hat tip MEMRI TV


Taher Herzallah disrupting a Senate confirmation hearing in 2017

I am cross-posting a video posted by MEMRI TV showing American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) official Taher Herzallah speaking on December 23 at the Islamic Center of San Diego. As usual, his words are full of hate. In this talk, he says that they need to make Zionists feel very uncomfortable on campus along with a host of other vile statements including an implication that Muslims must "enforce the rules of Allah here on earth".

(Not in this country, Pal.)

The first time I saw this guy in action was in 2010 when he and other members of the Muslim Student Union disrupted a speech by the Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, at UC Irvine. That's me in the black shirt looking on in disgust. Herzallah and 10 others were subsequently convicted for the disruption.

Herzallah and friends getting the bad news in a Santa Ana courtroom.

In October, in the wake of the horrific Hamas attack upon Israeli civilians on October 7, Herzallah popped up again at the nation's Capitol. This time, he had to be dragged away screaming at Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Here is more on that incident by Asra Q. Nomani in the Jewish Journal.

It seems every time this guy pops his head out of a  hole he has become more and more radical. His primary skill is disrupting events he doesn't agree with. It appears that after all these years, he is still a student (pursuing a PhD at the University of Minnesota). He represents a despicable organization (AMP). I have a feeling we are going to be reading a lot more about this character in the years ahead.

Who Is Emmaia Gelman?

Emmaia Gelman

Recently,  I posted an article on the efforts of academic activists in California to impose critical race studies course material on California secondary students as a requirement for admission to the University of California. This would include teaching points on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which follow the pro-Palestinian narrative. One of the principal members of the California Ethnic Studies Board is Christine Hong, a professor at UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University). Another person mentioned in the article is Emmaia Gelman, a professor at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. Both are founding members of the recently-founded Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism.  

Perusing the list of members of this outfit, I found names that I am familiar with in the "academic field" of Israel-bashing; Rabab Abdulhadi (SFSU), David Lloyd (UC Riverside) Robin Kelley (UCLA), and Judith Butler (UC Berkeley). 

In addition, more recently, I posted an article on the on-going problems of anti-Semitism at New York University (NYU). In making the point that anti-Semitism at NYU has been going on for several years, I cross-posted a number of past news articles and postings surrounding the issue at NYU. Lo and behold, I had in my own archives a 2014 posting describing an anti-Israel event held at NYU that year. On the announcement was the name of one of the scheduled presenters, Emmaia Gelman of NYU. (I don't know if she was a graduate student or professor at that time.)

Gelman, safe to say, is an anti-Israel activist and critic of the Anti-Defamation League (as am I but for different reasons.) All of that is her right. 

But here is my point: How can the University of California and the State of California, for that matter, in good conscience impose course material on our secondary school students literally drawn up and approved by activists like Gelman-or any of these people? We are talking about teaching points that paint Jews as oppressors of Palestinians. It is this very issue, which is open to debate, that has resulted in so much anti-Semitism in the last several years, largely centered on our university campuses.

Sweden: Three Syrians Charged in Gang Rape of Underage Girl

Scene of the crime from 1970 photo

Three Syrians, ages 17 and 18, are on trial in  Linköping, Sweden charged with gang raping an underage girl in a public toilet in 2022. One of the suspects is also charged with filming the attack and posting it on social media. The charge is child pornography.

The below article from the conservative Swedish site, Nyheter Idag, is translated by Fousesquawk.

Underage gitl raped and filmed-Syrian trio charged

Three Syrian citizens, two aged 17 and one aged 18, are charged as suspects for aggravated rape and child pornography offense in  Linköping's criminal court.

According to the indictment, the Syrian suspects raped an underage girl in a public toilet in the Garden Association (public park)  in central  Linköping on September 18 last year.

The suspects allegedly locked the door and prevented the girl from getting out. After that, the girl was allegedly raped vaginally by three of the suspects and orally by one of them.

One of the suspects filmed parts of the rape with a cell phone and sent the film to a Snapchat contact. He is also charged with child pornography offenses. Aside from the cell phone footage, DNA trace evidence from two of the suspects was found at the scene.

The suspects were all under 18 at the time of the crime. They all require Arabic interpreters and deny the crime.

Sweden: What the Cops Have to Put up With

Hat tip Samnytt, Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

Josef Gameel Hussen

It's not easy being a cop in Sweden these days. That is especially true for policewomen. There is a video going viral in Sweden of what happened just recently when a police patrol stopped a vehicle for a routine driver's license and sobriety check. Two young Arab guys were in the car. As the policewoman attempted to do her job, the Arabs turned on the cell phone camera and videotaped her, all the while directing vile insults in her direction, calling her a "whore etc". One of the punks, named Josef Gameel Hussen (19), a local drug dealer with a criminal record, posted the video on the internet.

What is not clear in the below Samnytt article is whether these two mopes were arrested. Hussen was recently tried and acquitted of being involved in a vicious gang assault of a man outside a pub. His friends were convicted, but Hussem was acquitted because he "only" filmed the attack and urged his friends on.

The below article from the conservative Swedish site, Samnytt, is translated by Fousesquawk. The article has a video of the exchange with the policewoman and a video interview that Samnytt had with Hussem after the fact. The first one is pretty much self-explanatory. The content of the interview is laid out in the written article. (Note: the inserts in the article are not translated.)

Here is the drug dealer who humiliated policewoman

Posted 12-27-2023

On Tuesday, Samnytt showed a video clip that went viral during the Christmas holidays where two immigrants humiliated a police patrol carrying out a vehicle check in Stockholm. The patrol was filmed and a policewoman was told that she was a "F----ing dog" and should be hanged. Samnytt can say who the person was behind the camera.

In the past few years, Samnytt has several times drawn attention to the new phenomenon with gangs who mock, humiliate, and even threaten police on the streets. Sweden Democrat Member of Parliament Adam Mattinen earlier commented on this development in the fall and stated that such cases, as a rule, should be met with force.

In a new video that has gone viral, police attempted to conduct a driver's license and sobriety check on two men who were operating a car. The men, who felt themselves offended by the police work, began countering the patrol and ignored a policewoman who was trying to communicate (with them). She was called several times, "a little dog" and a "f----ing dog".

" I will embarrass you. You will swear by Allah"

"Your little dog!"

"I will lay you out on all the platforms. F---ing dog, I swear on my mother."

Below are images from the police stop that show the men in the car. It is the men themselves who film themselves in connection with humiliating the patrol.

In the images from the passenger's side is shown 19-year-old Josef Gameel Hussen (blue hoodie) and his friend, "Jonas", who is driving the car. Josef Gameel Hussen has made himself known on social media where he has thousands of followers. This video with the police patrol has also been uploaded on social media.

Connected to gang environment

Samnytt can report that 19-year-old Josef Gameel Hussen is registered as living in Vällingby and is a Swedish citizen. He has an immigrant background from Iraq and Kuwait.

He has a prior criminal record for several drug offenses and illegal driving. Police write in the preliminary investigation report that Josef is "involved in drugs" in West Stockholm.

Caption: Telephone previously seized from Josef.

It also appears from the police preliminary investigation report that Josef's previous drug possessions are suspected to be drug sales. This is confirmed by mass mailings with price lists of drugs. But according to the Arab himself, it only involves drugs for friends. 

Earlier in the fall, Josef Gameel Hussen was charged with aggravated assault. This after a man who had visited a pub in Hässelby, was brutally assaulted with a snow shovel by an immigrant gang in the middle of the square.

The victim told police that the immigrant gang had asked if he wanted to buy narcotics, to which he refused and asked that they leave him alone. There followed an argument and a fight broke out on the spot. The victim did not want to flee from the gang without defending himself, but it ended with his face being destroyed. 

According to police and prosecution authorities, Josef Gameel Hussen allegedly participated in the act of violence  by "promoting the act and encouraging the intent of the perpetrators."

Caption: Victim's face after assault.

Furthermore, the preliminary investigation reads that,"Josef films from closeup and runs around laughing. Josef is judged to be a participant in the assaults in his actions."

But on 10 November this year, the Solna court announced that Josef Gameel Hussen was acquitted of aggravated assault. The court found  that Josef did not participate since he only filmed while his friends beat the man on the square. Josef's friends, on the other hand, were convicted of assault.

The Arab to Samnytt: "Whores"

Samnytt has been in contact with Josef Gameel Hussen to hear how he could humiliate police who were doing their job. Josef justified his behavior by claiming that the police were not carrying out a normal check.

-Why did you behave like that with the police at a check?

-"If you check the entire video clip, you can see that it wasn't a normal check."

-I saw your whole video. What is it that isn't normal about police conducting a driver's license and sobriety check? Then the police ask that you put away your cell phone so you can be checked, but then you put on a  show, the police officer is a "dog" and should be hanged. Can't the police carry out a check? 

-"If you saw the video, you see clearly that it was she who began to jerk the cell phone. Why do you skip over that part? The police have received criticism many times from the Justice ombudsman for preventing people from filming."

The Arab goes on to say that Samnytt's journalist is both a "whore" and a "little dog that sucks dog dick".

On Wednesday, the Arab also posts a video clip on social media with his explanation of the incident. He maintains that Samnytt "distorts" and  twists" the incident when he himself films where he humiliates the policewoman and then puts the film on the internet.

"Then the Swedes will hate. This here Samnytt and whores- f---ing bums, wallah (Swear by God-Editor). You are little farm workers. This is sick, wallah."

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Butler University DEI Investigating College Republicans

 Hat tip The College Fix and The Daily Signal

-The Daily Signal

Indiana's Butler University is also experiencing the fallout from the Israel-Hamas war. Just days after the horrific attacks by Hamas on October 7, Students for Justice in Palestine's (SJP) Butler chapter, along with their pro-Palestinian allies, held demonstrations against Israel. The College Republicans spoke out against this support quoting chants that appeared to support the Hamas attacks of October 7. In the above photo, pro-Palestinian protesters, reportedly from Butler's Students for Justice in Palestine chapter, climbed on top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis on October 12.

Free speech vs free speech, right?

Not according to the thought police of the campus office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), which notified the College Republicans that they were under investigation for hate speech. The DailySignal, newspaper of the conservative Heritage Foundation, has a report.

This is just another indication of just how dangerous this DEI institution has become. Here we have SJP taking over an American monument to our soldiers and sailors, climbing on top of the statues with their asinine Palestinian flags, chanting calls for the destruction of the Jewish state, and condoning one of the most horrific terrorist attacks we have seen in recent decades, and DEI apparently thinks that they should be immune from criticism. The College Republicans rightfully criticize them, and now find themselves under investigation by the DEI campus komissars. They could face having their chapter shut down by the university.

But when have we seen a College Republican chapter anywhere engage in disruption of events or bullying of other students? SJP does it all day long. If any student organization deserves to be banned from any and all campuses, it is SJP. And while they are at it, our universities need to dismantle DEI and re-think how they want to "promote" harmony on campus rather than promote more division.

France: Pakistanis and Turks Celebrate Christmas in Limoges-One Dead

Limoges at Christmas time

Not everybody celebrates Christmas in France, as we all know, but this Christmas Day, a group of young Pakistanis and Turks decided to exchange Christmas gifts in their own way. It appears that 6-7 Pakistani teenagers attacked a group of Turkish teenagers in downtown Limoges on December 25.  One 16-year-old from the latter group was stabbed to death in the melee. Now French police have 5 Pakistani teenagers in custody charged with voluntary homicide.

The below article from France Bleu is translated by Fousesquawk.

Limoges: A young adolescent Turk (16) stabbed to death in the middle of town on Christmas Eve.

A tragedy on Monday at the end of the day in Limoges. A 16-year-old adolescent, of Turkish nationality, was stabbed to death in the middle of  Limoges. An investigation for voluntary homicide has been opened. Five persons, Pakistani minors, have been placed in custody.

Caption: An investigation has been opened and the Judicial Police assigned.

A young man of 16, nationality Turk, and living in an educational and social support home for minors in Isle, was stabbed to death Monday, 25 December in the late afternoon in downtown Limoges, on rue (street) Amphitheater, between Winston Churchill Square and Orsay Garden. According to a source close to the investigation, a group of 4 persons, Turkish minors, including the victim, were attacked by a gang of 6-7 persons at Winston Churchill Square.

According to the same source, the 16-year-old youth, struck by two knife blows in the back, collapsed a few meters further on along rue Amphitheater, where passersby saw him and called emergency personnel. He was treated (at the scene) around 5 pm Monday evening and then transported to CHU (Central University Hospital) of Limoges where he died an hour later from his wounds.

Several people in custody

The use of video surveillance cameras confirmed that there was a fight between two groups before they separated and fled in two opposite directions. The Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) subsequently arrested 5 Pakistani minors, of no fixed abode, in the same sector, who corresponded to the individuals from the videosurveillance images. They were taken into custody Monday evening. No knife was found in their possession.

An investigation has been opened by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Limoges for voluntary homicide, and the Interdepartmental Directorate of the National Police (DIPN), formerly the Judicial Police, has been assigned.  

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Rashida Tlaib is 2023 Jerk of the Year


Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has used her position in Congress to agitate against Israel on behalf of her Palestinian brethren. (She is of Palestinian descent). Along the way, she has often been accused of anti-Semitism.

After the horrors of October 7 and the Israeli response against Hamas in Gaza, Tlaib, rather than express horror at what Hamas had done, did what she has always done. She attacked Israel and joined the chorus of chants, "From the river to the sea...." which is a call to eradicate the Jewish state of Israel. How depressing to realize that all the reprobates in our universities calling for the destruction of the Jewish state have their champion in Congress.

In the most significant (and horrifying) event of 2023, Tlaib has doubled down on her support for Hamas, a terrorist organization, despite one of the worst atrocities (October 7) since the end of World War 2. 

At the risk of trivializing the above, since the term "jerk" is much too mild for Tlaib and what she represents, I have chosen Rashida Tlaib as the Fousesquawk, "Jerk of the Year" for 2023. 


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A Salute to Campus Reform

For years, I have been cross-posting articles from the Campus Reform site. They have been a leader in exposing the crazy, left-wing hijinks in academia. On a couple of occasions over the years, I have contributed news tips to this site.

Since October 7, Campus Reform has taken the lead in reporting on campus anti-Semitism and pro-Hamas incidents on campuses around the nation. I am cross-posting an article they have running today with a recap of campus incidents of Jew hatred. Finally, at last, the public is becoming aware of the outrages that Jewish students are exposed to when attending college. I salute Campus Reform for the work they are doing.

Australia: Pro-Hamas Protesters Disrupt Christmas Event for Blind Children

How low can they go?

-EPA, Daily Mail

Like the US, Canada, and Europe, the Australians have their own problems with a certain percentage of the population who are riding the Hamas bandwagon-even after the horrors of October 7, and the fact that Hamas still holds over 100 people hostage in Gaza.

Recently, a pro-Hamas march in Sydney, featuring chants to "gas the Jews",  led to warnings from the authorities for Jews to avoid the opera house. Now, in Melbourne, a Christmas event for blind children was disrupted by pro-Hamas reprobates as children were on stage and had to be removed for their own safety.

Here is more from the Daily Mail.

It should hardly be surprising that people who are supporting the bestial Hamas would resort to these types of disruptions. It's what they have been doing for years around the world. How many times have you seen pro-Israel supporters disrupt pro-Palestinian events?


Saturday, December 23, 2023

Is a Christmas Attack Coming to Europe?

Cologne Cathedral under heavy security

Cologne Cathedral

In Germany, the famed Cologne Cathedral is under heavy security based on indications it may be the target of an Islamic terror attack. Cathedrals and houses of worship are also receiving extra security in Austria and Spain due to fears of attacks by Muslim terrorists over the Christmas-New Year holidays.

The below article from Nuernberg Nachricten is translated by Fousesquawk.

Clues received

Terror danger during Christmas at Cologne Cathedral? Heightened vigilance and sniffer dogs

By dpa (Deutsche Presse-Agentur) and Isabel Pogner    December 23, 2023 at 21:35

Cologne- The police have received indications of danger at the Cologne Cathedral and other Christian objects. For this reason, over the holidays, there are heightened security measures there.

Visitors to religious services at the Cologne Cathedral and tourists will have to deal with heightened security rules in the coming days, dpa reports. Due to an indication of danger, the police will take special protective measures, the Cologne police reported on Saturday evening. State Security, which is involved in politically motivated crimes, has begun an investigation.

"Even if the (information) concerns New Year's Eve, we will take everything into account this evening for the security of cathedral visitors on Christmas Eve. In coordination with the security official of the Cathedral chapter, after the evening mass, the cathedral will be searched by sniffer dogs and then closed," said the chief of Cologne Police, Michael Esser. On Christmas Eve, all visitors will be subject to search upon entry to the house of worship.

"Bild" reports: Austria, Germany, and Spain have received indications that an Islamist terror cell possibly intends to carry out several attacks in Europe on New Year's Eve or Christmas. Der Spiegel also talks of, "indications of possible attack plans by Islamists in Europe, and further writes, "In this connection, there were also reports from security circles over the weekend of a house search in Germany." 

Vienna police have also issued a press release and explain: "Based on a current danger assessment by the Office of Protection of the Constitution (security police), as well as continuing increased terror warnings, there is generally a heightened threat in Austria during the Christmas holidays. "There are calls for attacks upon Christian events around Christmas. For this reason, there will be heightened security measures in Austria, such as entrance controls to the churches and more security personnel at the Christmas markets".

*Update (12-25-23). Police in Austria have arrested two men and one woman (not further identified) as part of this investigation.

Miko Peled Embarrasses Himself (Again)




Miko Peled in uniform

Of all the anti-Israel activists in the US, Miko Peled has to rank among the most disagreeable. Born in Israel, the son of an Israeli general, Peled currently resides in Southern California and has hitched his wagon to the forces that wish to destroy Israel, which Peled describes as an apartheid state. Like many other anti-Israel activists, Peled is on the lecture tour, mostly speaking at universities on behalf of this or that radical group. Easily rattled, in the style of his compatriot, Norman Finklestein, Peled doesn't do well when confronted by opposing opinions. An ornery individual, indeed.

In May 2013, Peled came to speak at UC Irvine. I dropped in and videotaped his presentation, much to his displeasure, but he couldn't stop me. You can watch the videotape here

Quite by accident, I happened to catch one of his latest appearances last night on YouTube where he debated a pro-Israel activist named Joseph Cohen about the current Israeli-Hamas war. The debate was moderated by Eli Hassell, who has a podcast entitled, Insightful Conversations". It only lasted about 25 minutes because at that point, Peled, who was taking a licking from Cohen, abruptly stormed away from the interview presumably to find refuge in some tunnel underneath Gaza. 

Incredibly, Peled, when confronted by the sheer inhumanity and butchery of Hamas's attack on October 7, implied that many of the Jewish dead were, in fact, killed by Israeli Defense Forces responding to the attacks! When Cohen listed the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7, Peled replied that he saw no evidence of that and that Cohen was a liar. He even defended the hostage-taking by Hamas saying that it was the whole purpose of the attack-to take hostages that Hamas could exchange for Palestinians "kidnapped" and "tortured" and "languishing in Israeli prisons.

Watch for yourself.

Friday, December 22, 2023

Anti-Semitism at NYU

Hat tip The Campus Fix

On November 14, three Jewish students filed a lawsuit against New York University charging that the university has acted with indifference to spreading campus anti-Semitism and failed to enforce its own anti-discrimination and conduct policies to protect students when it comes to Jews. (One student has apparently withdrawn his suit. The other two are pending.) Not surprisingly, the NYU chapter for Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) features prominently. 

Of particular concern in this case is the allegation in the complaint that the below chants were reported at a pro-Palestinian rally 

"Gas the Jews"

"Hitler was right"

"Kill the kikes"

Here is how the NYU campus newspaper, the Washington Square News, reported the story on November 15. It featured a denial by a university spokesman.

“The assertions in this suit do not accurately describe conditions on our campus or the many steps NYU has been taking to fight antisemitism and keep the campus safe,” university spokesperson John Beckman told the New York Daily News. “NYU looks forward to setting the record straight, to challenging this lawsuit’s one-sided narrative, to making clear the many efforts NYU has made to combat antisemitism and provide a safe environment for Jewish students and non-Jewish students, and to prevailing in court.”

Here is a statement by one of the above three Jewish students, Bella Ingber, when she appeared on Capitol Hill to tell her story to a House Committee on Education (hat tip

On December 9, 4 days after the shameful testimony of the presidents of Harvard, M.I.T., and the University of Pennsylvania before Congress, New York Governor Kathy Hochul wrote this letter to all NY State university and college heads. It appeared in the Washington Square News on December 11.

The question begs: What action has been taken by NYU to identify and take action against those who reportedly uttered the above chants?

Moreover, can you imagine the reaction had those chants been uttered against certain other groups?

"Gas the blacks" or "Gas the n-word (s)"

"Death to Mexicans/blacks/fags"

"The KKK was right"

I think it is clear that heaven and earth would have been moved to identify those students, and they would be promptly expelled-rightfully so. Any faculty member or employee guilty of that kind of language would be fired-rightfully so. Yet, time and time again, it seems those protections do not apply when the victims are Jews-or for that matter whites, and perhaps, Asians as well. To be accurate, disciplinary measures against students are covered by privacy protections. Thus, the university cannot divulge any such information publicly.

As alluded to in the above-linked November 15 article in Washington Square News, this is hardly the first time charges of campus anti-Semitism have been leveled at NYU in recent years.

In 2014, Jewish students living in university dorms found "eviction notices" posted on their doors by Students for Justice in Palestine.

That same year, the American Studies Program held a conference at NYU, which was one of those standard academic get-togethers, this one featuring a who's who of academic warriors against the Jewish state.

In May 2018, 63 organizations wrote a letter to NYU protesting efforts to boycott NYU's pro-Israel clubs on campus.

In 2019, SJP, in spite of its track record of brown shirt tactics of bullying and disruption, received a President's Service Award from NYU, one of the university's highest awards. That upset many of NYU's Jewish students who were well aware of SJP's tactics.

In November 2019, the Washington Square News reported that the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, had launched an investigation into accusations of campus Semitism by a Jewish student at NYU. The suit was settled in 2020.

"Under the terms of the resolution agreement between NYU and the feds — in which the school admitted no fault, the university agreed to revise their non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy to create a more expansive definition for anti-Semitism.

“The University will take appropriate action to address and ameliorate discrimination and harassment based on shared ancestry and ethnic characteristics, including anti-Semitism that involves student clubs,” the agreement reads.

The school also promised to curb acts of anti-Semitism going forward."

-NY Post

In addition, here is what the database of the Amcha Initiative, an organization dedicated to fighting campus anti-Semitism, has in its files on NYU.

I think it is obvious that problems exist at NYU-as they do on countless campuses across the nation. As long as the problems persist, these universities deserve all the negative publicity they get. That certainly includes NYU.

Terror Roundup in Spain and Morocco

Hat tip Rair Foundation USA, Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

This week, Spanish and Moroccan police collaborated in the arrests of 10 people on suspicion of carrying out Jihadist operations. All but one of the suspects were arrested in the Spanish enclave of Melilla, which is located on the North African coast. The other was arrested in the nearby town of Farjana (Morocco).

The below news report is translated by Fousesquawk.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden (16)

Hat tip Fria Tider

A researcher named Sameh Egyptson has submitted a thesis that was approved earlier this year by Lund University that describes how the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated Swedish Society. As a result, the State-run Ethics Review Appeal Board has moved to file charges against the researcher. This board, which is reportedly made up of left-wing activists, has itself come under fire from defenders of researchers. A complaint has been filed against the board with the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

The below article from the conservative Swedish news site, Fria Tider, is translated by Fousesquawk. The article also mentions the case of Lund University researcher Kristina Sundquist, who was targeted for criminal prosecution by the Ethics Review Appeals Board because she was reaching immigrant rapes in Sweden (which happens to be a big problem.)

This is the latest in our continuing series of translations of European articles pertaining to the presence and activities of the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood in various European countries. It is the 16th such translation for Sweden.

Charges filed against thesis that Sweden is infiltrated by Muslims 

Posted 20 December 2023 at 13;51

Domestic. The thesis, "Global political Islam? Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Federation in Sweden" at Lund University is the subject of charges by the controversial Ethics Review Appeals Board (Önep).

In the thesis, which was approved earlier this year by Lund University, Sameh Egyptson writes how Islamists tied to the Muslim Brotherhood are infiltrating Swedish society.

He himself describes the 744-page-long study as the result of 20 years of work.

The Ethics Review Appeals Board (Önep), a controversial state board of leftwing activists, has now filed charges against the study. According to Önep, the thesis handles sensitive personal information connected with political and religious beliefs, as well as information as to criminal court judgments without the necessary ethics review permission.

"I have not used a single interview or secret document, everything comes from open sources," says Sameh Egyptson himself to Sydsvenkan (news).

Önep's attempt to stop politically incorrect studies has drawn attention recently. Earlier this year, over 2,000 researchers signed an open letter to members of Parliament that demanded a change to the Swedish system of so-called ethics review.

Fria Tider has previously written how left-wing activists in Önep attempted to have Professor Kristina Sundquist of Lund University convicted of a crime because she researched immigrant rapes. The case ended with the prosecutor dropping the preliminary investigation this summer.

Prior to this, Önep was reported to JO (Parliamentary Ombudsman) by Academic Rights Watch, which explained the members' leftwing activist commitment and comical fight against "racism". 

Chairperson Ann-Christine Lindeblad, herself, as a member of the judiciary, among other things, made a controversial decision in 2019 that made it significantly more difficult to deport convicted immigrant rapists. In the meantime, the 69-year-old had to leave her post after she was caught shoplifting.

Insert Fria Tider on X

2,000 researchers in revolt against politically correct ethics review.

Described as "acute threat" against Swedish science.

Professor threatened with prison after having researched immigrant rapes.

May 11, 2023

Yale Professor Under Fire

Hat tip Algemeiner

Yale's seal

“Prayers for Palestinians. Israeli [sic] is a murderous, genocidal settler state and Palestinians have every right to resist through armed struggle, solidarity #FreePalestine,” Grewal tweeted on Oct. 7, when Palestinian terrorists led by Hamas murdered 1,200 people in southern Israel and abducted 240 others to Gaza as hostages."

"The professor seemed to justify the onslaught, arguing that “settlers are not civilians” and later posting, “No government on earth is as genocidal as this settler colonial state,” referring to Israel."

"Grewal continued to defend and seemingly delight in Hamas’ violence, saying at one point: “It’s been such an extraordinary day!” In the ensuing days, she compared Israel’s military response to the Hamas atrocities to the Holocaust."


Like so many other universities across the nation, Yale University, one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools, is experiencing a wave of anti-Semitism on campus. Like other schools, it is not just students who are causing the problems, but professors as well., In the case of Yale professor Zareena Grewal, there are rising demands that she be fired for comments she made on social media (X) celebrating the horrific Hamas attack upon Israeli civilians on October 7.  

As is my custom when looking into controversial events on campuses, I have referred myself to the Yale Daily News, the campus newspaper of Yale. There are two articles I have found of particular note.

On October 12, the Yale Daily News reported that a petition to fire Grewal had reached 25,000 signatures.

Subsequent to the disastrous congressional testimony of the presidents of Harvard, M.I.T., and the University of Pennsylvania on December 5, the Yale Daily News posed similar questions to Yale President Peter Salovey on December 6.  He was specifically asked if calling for the mass murder of Jews at Yale would be met with disciplinary measures. Unlike the three aforementioned presidents, Salovey's answer was a direct and unequivocal condemnation of such speech. (He had previously condemned the attack itself). In the same article, a university spokesperson was reported as having defended Grewal's freedom of speech. 

Mixed messages?

Of course, it can be argued that Grewal's despicable comments were outside the scope of her position at Yale and that they were protected speech. I get all that. I would also add that during the time I was teaching part-time at UC Irvine, I was also operating this blog, which some Muslims, like the folks at CAIR,  consider Islamophobic, according to however they choose to define the term. I must say that even though I was openly critical of the Muslim Student Union, Students for Justice in Palestine, the UC Irvine administration, and the entire UC system when it came to anti-Semitism, the administrators of the university always respected my freedom of speech. Of course, I never called for the mass killing of any group of people. Even now, I am not celebrating the reports of thousands of Palestinians being killed in the Israeli-Hamas war in Gaza. Will I celebrate the destruction of Hamas after what they did on October 7? Absolutely, but considering the horrific atrocities they carried out that day against innocent people, including infants, beheaded and burned alive, my feelings are understandable, quite in contrast to Grewal, who celebrated October 7.

The open celebrations of October 7 by Hamas supporters on university campuses should cause all university presidents, including Yale, to ask themselves what kind of students-and professors- they have representing them.