Saturday, April 30, 2022

Sweden: Rasmus Paludan Returns

Hat tip Fria Tider (Sweden). Translation by Fousesquawk.

Earlier riot by Muslims, April 2022

Danish politician and activist Rasmus Paludan is apparently returning to Sweden this weekend and will likely engage in several more Koran-burning events as he did a couple of weeks ago with resultant rioting and injuries to police. The below report from Fria Tider is translated from Swedish by Fousesquawk.

Tonight Paludan is coming to Örebro: Will burn several Korans 

Posted 30 April 2022 at 17:17

Domestic: Politician and opinion-maker Rasmus Paludan says that he will come to Örebro tonight. He says that he will burn several Korans during his visit to Sweden, among others at Norra Bantorget (Square) in Stockholm.

Rasmus Paludan already announced that he is coming to Sweden over the weekend to burn a large number of Korans at various places.

When Fria Tider called Paludan shortly after one o'clock today, he was still in Denmark, but stated that is will come to Sweden later today. He is planning to burn Korans in several locations during Saturday but won't say where.

Paludan says that he will be in Sveaparken in Örebro around 23:30 tonight. He states that he has not decided if he will burn a Koran at that particular location.

" I don't know. It might happen, of course, but for the most part, I'll be there to drink beer and celebrate Valpurgis and talk to Swedes about what's happening," Paludan tells Fria Tider.

Tomorrow, on May 1, Paludan plans to burn a Koran in Stockholm.

"I will go a little after the Social Democrats May 1 procession then when we get to Norra Bantorget, I had thought about burning Koran there as well."

Paludan emphasizes that he is not coming to organize any public gatherings, either in Örebro or Stockholm. He plans to burn the Koran on his own without holding any open gatherings or other gatherings.

"Even if I can't organize a public gathering, I can at least burn my own book," he says.

Paludan reports that he has asked for personal protection from the Swedish police since he judges that there is a risk he will be exposed to violence during his visit to Sweden. According to him, the police have not approved his request.

Update 20:31: Rasmus Paludan has posted a film on Facebook which shows how he burns a Koran in Värnamo.The Koran-burning takes place in front of a villa where, according to information online, there is a Muslim association. Paludan says in the film that there should be a mosque at the address, but he doesn't think the house is (a mosque).


Fousesquawk comment: As I have earlier stated, I am not a fan of burning Korans, and I am sure the Swedish police don't appreciate being put in a situation where they are likely to be injured as happened earlier this month when some dozen or so cops had to be hospitalized. That said, rioting cannot be tolerated, and whoever engages in rioting needs to be arrested, prosecuted, incarcerated, and if appropriate, subsequently deported. 

Friday, April 29, 2022

DHS's Disinformation Governance Board (DGB)

This is beyond scary.

We can now add a new alphabet soup agency to our ranks. The DHS is announcing the creation of a Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) to combat what they term disinformation about Covid and elections online and elsewhere. No, it's not the KGB, but close.


Somewhere in Hell, Josef Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, must be laughing. His ministry was actually called the Reich Ministry of Propaganda! 

One immediate question I have is not just who is going to decide what is true and what is disinformation, but who are going to be the enforcers? DHS and other federal law enforcement agencies employ criminal investigators. Their job description is under the heading 1811. For example, when I was a Customs agent and later DEA agent, I was an "1811" (Special Agent/Criminal investigator). FBI agents, Secret Service agents, ATF agents, etc are all 1811s (criminal investigators) They carry badges and guns and have arrest powers. Are we going to have DGB agents now with badges and guns? What law would they be enforcing? In fact, do we actually have a disinformation law on our books-either state, local, or federal? Of course, there are certain limits of free speech, I can't yell fire in a crowded theater-unless there is a fire. I can't threaten the life of the president of the US. I cannot directly incite violence with my speech.

I note, however, that DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas is talking about disinformation about the border, Covid, Russia, and elections. At what point-just taking these issues as examples- does opinion cross over into "disinformation"? 

Let us also not forget that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the largest member nation bloc in the UN, is working to try and have nations worldwide criminalize "Islamophobia" and any speech critical of Islam. Would that also be on the DGB agenda? Setting aside true hate speech against Muslims as people, would this new agency consider it disinformation for someone to suggest there was a direct link between Islamic teaching and international terrorism? Would it be "disinformation" to point out the hateful verses in the Koran-verses that are quoted by ISIS, Hamas, and al Qaeda themselves? Would DGB consider it "disinformation" to mention that sharia law calls for the death penalty for apostates? Would it be "disinformation" to say that CAIR is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood?

And what law says I cannot question government regulations on Covid? What law says I cannot talk about crooked elections-even if it's just my opinion that a particular election was rigged? What law says I can't talk about scandals involving Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump for that matter. What law says I cannot complain about open borders or lenient prosecutors? Is it "disinformation" to say that President Biden is sliding into senility?

And just who is this Nina Jankowicz, who is going to run DGB? Supposedly, she is an expert on the subject of disinformation, and recently described the Hunter Biden laptop issue as "disinformation".

Let's be clear: If Trump or some recent Republican president had created this monster, I would be just as opposed. This is a country where all are free to express their opinions. Even so-called hate speech is protected as long as it does not incite violence or make threats. As mentioned above, there are exceptions, but we enjoy more free speech rights than any country on the planet, and that includes our democratic allies in Europe. Bad speech or outright lies or misleading statements can be countered with good speech and truth-or opposing opinions.

Whatever form this new agency takes, even in the best-case scenario that it is a political arm to spread White House talking points and defend against criticism, this should be proof positive that the left has a problem with the open and free exchange of ideas. The worst-case scenario is that DGB will work to actually criminalize opposing viewpoints.

The very idea of such an agency being created is something that should be challenged in the courts.

Germany: Berlin Police Ban Pro-Palestinian Demonstration

Cite anti-Semitic hate speech and calls for violence.

-EuraCity- Pro-Palestinian protest in Berlin 2014- Note ISIS flag alongside Palestinian flags

A planned pro-Palestinian protest march in the Berlin neighborhood of Kreuzberg has been banned by Berlin police due to fears of anti-Semitic hate speech and calls for violence based on recent demonstrations of a similar nature.

Normally, I defend the right of free speech and protest based on my American values and our own Constitution. At the same time, Germany has different laws as does the rest of Europe. Of course, the Germans, given their history, must be especially sensitive to anti-Jewish rhetoric. They have learned through experience that pro-Palestinian events in Germany and elswhere are full of anti-Jewish rhetoric, and they are correct in trying to protect their Jewish citizens from this resurgence of anti-Semitism-imported anti-Semitism- in their country.

The below article from Berliner Morgenpost is translated by Fousesquawk.

After emergency application: Pro-Palestinian demonstration remains banned

Caption beneath photo: A pro-Palestinian demonstration in Kreuzberg has been banned. The administrative court is now examining an emergency application

The administrative court has rejected an emergency application from the organizer. Nevertheless, the Berlin police are in large scale deployment

Posted 4-29-22, 17:07/ Reading time: 5 minutes

-Julian Wuerzer

Berlin. The pro-Palestinian demonstration announced for Friday in Kreuzberg remains banned for the time being. The Administrative Court of Berlin rejected an emergency application against the police ban on Friday, according to a court spokesperson. Initially, it was not clear if the organizer would appeal to the Higher Administrative Court. "I welcome (the fact that) the position of the Assembly Authority has been confirmed. Anti-Semitism has no place in our city," stated interior senator Iris Spranger (SPD).

After anti-Semitic outbursts at a pro-Palestinian demonstration last weekend, the Berlin police banned an announced demonstration for this Friday with a similar orientation. There is the danger that hateful and anti-Semitic speech, calls for violence, intimidation, and violence may occur, it is said. On Thursday evening, the police stated that the examination by the Assembly Authority, "is based on experiences in the recent past."

In addition, substitute events are banned up to and including May 1.

The organizer of the demonstration complained about the police ban. The administrative court in Berlin received an equivalent emergency request, said a court spokeswoman on Friday. The court ruled the same day. The demonstration was reported as a "protest demonstration against the Israeli aggression in Jerusalem". The march would begin on Orianienplatz and proceed along Oranienstrasse (street) and Kotbusserdam to Hermannplatz. 

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Exploring Two States


My regular readers, whoever you are, probably noticed there were no new postings last week. That's because the Missus and I took a week to visit Washington State and Northern Idaho. The Pacific Northwest is a region I had visited very little in my lifetime. Aside from a few visits to Seattle, I had never seen any other part of Washington State, and I had always had a desire to visit Northern Idaho, particularly Coeur D'Alene.


First, we flew to Spokane, whose downtown looks like it hasn't changed since the 1930s. After one night, we drove down to the  Cascade Mountains to spend three days in Leavenworth, a tiny village which had once been a logging town. When that business went away, the town recreated itself as a Bavarian-themed town somewhat reminiscent of Garmisch in the Bavarian Alps. We didn't see any real Germans, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Our biggest decision of the day was which German restaurant to have dinner in. They say this town is unbelievably charming in the Christmas season, and I can see why.


Then it was off to Coeur D'Alene a few miles across the Idaho state line. Coeur D'Alene is a picturesque town located at the northern tip of the lake of the same name. On our final day, we drove down to Moscow, Idaho to visit the campus of the University of Idaho, followed by a 9-mile drive back across the state line to Pullman to visit Washington State University. I had never been aware that these two universities were just 9 miles apart.

Coeur D'Alene

University of Idaho

Washington State University

In terms of geography, the region we visited was quite similar, and it was good to get out into the country and visit small towns as opposed to what has become the craziness of Seattle. People were very friendly in both states, but there is a big difference between Idaho and Washington in terms of political culture. Washington is a state run by Democrats, with high taxes, higher gas prices (about 40 cents a gallon higher in Washington than Idaho), and a more liberal mindset in Washington. Idaho is conservative, quite the opposite of Washington. If I were to flee California, I would easily choose Idaho over Washington. I had previously visited Boise and driven through Idaho Falls and Pocatello. There is something about Idaho I find appealing and fascinating, but I don't think I would want to spend my winters there.

If you are looking for something different in the US, I would definitely recommend this region.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Diplomatic Protests Pour Into Sweden


Not only has Sweden had to deal with riots in several cities these past few days in response to the Koran-burning events organized by Rasmus Paludan, they also have to field diplomatic protests coming from places like Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

The below article from Samnytt is translated by Fousesquawk.

After Koran burnings: Iraq demands that Sweden show "special" respect for Islam

Foreign: April 19, 2022, 19:00

On Sunday, Iraq's foreign ministry summoned Swedish embassy counselor Hakan Rooth to lodge a formal protest.

The background is that Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan, during the Easter weekend, burned copies of the Koran in Sweden. The Koran-burnings have led to violent Muslim riots in several Swedish cities.

According to a press release from the Iraqi government, the Koran-burnings in Sweden are something that "are considered to be provocative to Muslims' feelings," and "seriously violate Muslims' sanctity".

Demand special respect

Iraq's government calls on the Swedish government to "stop all actions which stir up feelings of a religious character, especially those that affect Muslims' sanctity."

According to Swedish Radio, the Foreign Ministry confirms that an embassy representative was summoned to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry. The (Swedish) Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, is not commenting on what was said during the meeting.

"We are greatly aware that Muslims have reacted badly to these demonstrations. The government in no way stands behind the anti-Islam expressions that individuals have expressed during the demonstrations," writes the Foreign Ministry Press Office in a statement.

Several Muslim countries

Iraq is not the only country that is protesting against the Swedish Koran burnings. Saudi Arabia, through its embassy in Sweden, has publicly condemned (them) and called them "deliberate violations against the Holy Koran," as well as "provocations and incitement against Muslims".

Iran's ambassador is also upset.

"Setting fire to the Holy Koran during Ramadan and mocking Muslims in this manner is a very clear example of anti-Muslim racism," he writes on Twitter.

Multi-millions in aid

Last year, Iraq received 362 million kronors in aid from Sweden through the governmental SIDA (Sweden Aid Authority). Iraq is also one of the most common countries among foreign-born in Sweden.

Last year, there were almost 150,000 people living in Sweden who were born in Iraq. That makes Iraqis the next-largest immigrant group in Sweden. Syrians are the largest immigrant group; almost 200,000 Syrian-born people live in Sweden according to SCB (Swedish Statistical Authority).

Sports: It's All About the $$$$

News item (Sportico):

First, it was the constantly changing of names of stadiums. Now it looks like when we watch our favorite teams play, we will have to put up with corporate ads on the uniforms. What's next?

One would think now that professional sports teams have opened up a new source of income, they might consider dropping prices to attend a game?

Monday, April 18, 2022

Riots in Sweden....and America

This article first appeared in New English Review

This week, I have been following the events in Sweden very closely. Since Thursday, various towns in the country have been wracked by Muslim rioting. This is a reaction to scheduled appearances by Rasmus Paludan, a Danish (he also has Swedish nationality) politician, head of the Stram Kurs party in Denmark, and a noted anti-Islam activist. Paludan's MO is to publicly burn Korans or otherwise desecrate them, thus provoking the Muslim population.

On Thursday, Paludan had scheduled appearances in the southern Swedish towns of Linköping and Norrköping. On both occasions, he was met by violent riots in which police were attacked by hundreds of young Muslim men with rocks. In addition, police cars were burned. On Friday, similar scenes played out in Rinkeby, an immigrant-heavy neighborhood in Stockholm, as well as the town of Örebro. Several police officers were injured in the latter town, and once again, police cars were set on fire while police were attacked with rocks. On Saturday, it was the turn for Landskrona and Malmö, while on Sunday, rioting returned to Linköping and Norrköping. It seems only a handful of people have been arrested as police have been simply overwhelmed.

I should say at this point that I do not agree with Paludan's provocative acts. I agree with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, who is someone I regard as one of the leading experts on Islam. People should read the Koran, not burn it. For those of us opposed to political Islam, reading and understanding the Koran is the best weapon we have. Burning it not only inflames the extremists, but it also angers all Muslims. I do support Paludan's right of free expression, however the laws of Sweden and Denmark may apply, and I do not justify the rioting. As I write, over a dozen Swedish police have had to be hospitalized.

It is easy for me to say, as an American, that Sweden needs to back its police, send in reinforcements, and pack the rioters off to jail and subsequent deportation if the arrestees are not citizens. But what about my own country? In our cities, police have been overwhelmed by murder and rioting in the last couple of years as Antifa and Black Lives Matter have taken over our urban landscapes. To add to the problem, cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are not only led by feckless Democrat politicians but have George Soros-funded, liberal DAs in charge who don't believe in putting anyone in jail. On our southern border, our Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed by illegal migrants and getting no support from Washington.

Who am I to lecture Sweden or any other country in Western Europe?

I find it ironic that in Western Europe, the police-under orders from the politicians- tightly enforce Covid restrictions and arrest protesters, yet when Muslims riot, the police merely try to contain the violence, even retreating at times as their police cars burn and their officers are hit by rocks.

I also find it ironic that in the US, Antifa and BLM have free rein in our cities while the January 6 protesters are tracked down and locked up without bail. I say that as one who does not defend those January 6 rioters who broke into the Capitol and wreaked havoc. They were wrong, but I would like to see the same zeal applied to those who have been rioting in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and numerous other cities. 

Returning to Sweden, whatever one thinks of Rasmus Paludan and his Koran-burning, there is no justification for rioting, attacking police, and setting fire to cars. Sweden is not their country, however much they may think it is. By their actions, they are demonstrating, once again, that Islamic society is not compatible with Western society. Sorry, it just isn't. If you throw in the rampant crime, Islamic extremism, Jew-hatred, attacks on Christian churches, and societal upheaval, it should be obvious to all that this great social experiment in Europe has utterly failed- just as liberalism has failed in America.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

France: The Testimony of a Terrorist Concludes

Salah Abdeslam

On Friday, the testimony of Salah Abdeslam, the main surviving defendant in the November 13, 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, concluded after three days. After initially refusing to speak, Abdeslam finally broke down on the stand Friday and apologized to the victims and their families. He insisted that he backed out of blowing himself up on that night in 2015. Earlier, he had told his co-conspirators that the suicide belt had malfunctioned.

The below article from the Belgian French-language daily, La Libre is translated by Fousesquawk.

Salah Abdeslam cracks at the trial of the Paris attacks. "I want to present my condolences and my apologies to all the victims".

The last interrogation of Salah Abdeslam continued Friday in front of the criminal court of Paris in the November 13 attacks trial.

AFP and editorial staff

Posted 4-15-2022 at 16:13. Updated 4-15-2022 at 23:09

After having recounted his evening of November 13 on Wednesday and Thursday and responding to the questions of the Court and the (interested) parties, the principal suspect of the attacks addressed himself one last time to the victims on Friday. In tears, Salah Abdeslam presented his condolences and apologies to the victims of the attacks.

"I want to present my condolences and my apologies to all the victims, the 32-year-old Frenchman declared from the dock, tears on his cheeks. "I know that the hate remains (...) I ask you today to detest me with moderation."

"I ask you to forgive me," he stated. 

The final interrogation of Salah Abdeslam had begun early Wednesday evening before the special criminal court of Paris and continued Thursday. It concluded Friday afternoon with questions from the defense. The principal defendant maintained throughout the three days that he was supposed to blow himself up in a bar in the 18th arrondissement, but that he had "backed out" at the location after seeing the young people who looked like him and were having a good time.

Questioned by his lawyer, Olivia Ronen, Salah Abdeslam also stated that he did not "regret" finally backing out of blowing himself up on the evening of November 13. "Do you regret not having the courage to go all the way?" Attorney Olivia Ronen, one of his lawyers, asked him. "I do not regret it, I didn't kill these people, and I am not dead," he replies. "I tell myself....if they only knew what they just missed." 

It was in invoking the suffering of his mother that he began to cry. "I would like to say today that this story of November 13 is written with the blood of the victims. It is their story, and I played a part. They are connected to me, and I am connected to them," Salah Abdeslam continues, his voice trembling, before presenting his apologies.

He also asks the three defendants on trial for aiding in his escape after the attacks to "forgive" him. "I didn't want to drag them into this," One of them, who is not in custody, then leaves the courtroom, his eyes filled with tears.

"I know this will not heal you," Salah Abdeslam concludes, black beard and dressed in a grey sweatshirt. "But if this can do you any good, if I have been able to do good to just one victim, then for me, that is a victory."

"That is all I have to say," then addressing his attorney. The chief judge (president), Jean-Louis Peries, suspends the hearing. In the courtroom, no reaction on the sparse benches.

Mixed (reactions ) from victims

"It's a surprise," reacts George Salines outside, whose daughter was killed in the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris, and who seems shaken. Forgiveness, "it's important that he asks for it...we will think about it."

"I think he was sincere," says Cedric, for his part, a survivor of the attacks, who stresses, however, the "paradoxical" character of Salah Abdeslam, an "unfinished" jihadist, who seems to regret what he did while being unable to condemn the actions of the other commandos or of the Islamic State group.

"Each has their own view of this testimony and their analysis of these tears. Neither my clients nor I were moved by this exercise of style," (reacted) Attorney Gerard Chemla, the lawyer for some 100 victims. 

In this "constructed and polished speech", he "cried for himself and his friends, not for the victims," he added.

At the beginning of the day, a lawyer for the civil parties had reminded Salah Abdeslam that he had complained about the "erroneous image" given to him. So, "how would you like to be remembered?"

"I don't want to be remembered," Salah Abdeslam had responded. "I want to be forgotten forever. I did not choose to be who I am today."

Sweden Riots :Police Spokesman Speaks Out

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk. 

"This is completely reprehensible"

As the riots in Sweden continue for a third straight day, Swedish State TV (SVT) has published an interview with Mats Öhman,  police press spokesman in Örebro, which was hit with Muslim riots yesterday in response to Rasmus Paludan's series of Koran-burning events, one of which was scheduled in that city on Friday. The below video is translated by Fousesquawk.

Sweden: Muslim Riots Continue (Landskrona)


Today, Muslim riots in Sweden continued for the third day in reaction to Danish activist Rasmus Paludan's announced Koran-burning events. Today-even though Paludan was scheduled to appear in Malmo, a riot broke out in the southwestern town of Landskrona (Scania), where police were pelted with rocks by Muslims.

The below article from the conservative Swedish outlet, Samnytt, is translated by Fousesquawk.

New Koran riots in Scania

April 16, 2022


Easter holiday's Muslim rioting continued on Saturday, this time in Landskrona, where Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan's next authorized demonstration with a Koran-burning was to be held. Police on the scene were met with a rain of stones,  and while Paludan set fire to a Koran with bacon, the outraged Muslim perpetrators set fire to a number of cars. 

It was decided earlier on Saturday that the Koran-burning would be moved from Landskrona to Malmo. However, that did not appease the immigrant Muslim extremists in Landskrona, who still took to the streets in large numbers.

Besides entire vehicles, tires have also been set on fire causing massive smoke. In addition, trash containers have been dragged out onto the streets and set on fire.

Groups of perpetrators have been seen running back and forth from the original location of the Koran-burning and carrying out coordinated rock-throwing attacks against the deployed riot police and their vehicles.

The rioters have also taken parts of the police riot barriers, which they set out on the road to stop traffic at the location. As yet, there are no reports of personal injuries. With the earlier riots on Thursday and Friday, about 10 police officers were injured. 

"Many participants in the riot have concentrated on attacking and seriously injuring police and police property. There has been a lack of concern for the lives of my colleagues and other lives," says a police spokesperson in a statement to the media.

Grilled Koran with bacon

At the newly-designated location in Malmo, Rasmus Paludan was able to grill a copy of the Koran he brought with him together with some slices of bacon before Muslim perpetrators came to the location. Police were also at the scene and had set up barricades around the location. See the Koran-burning below.

Friday, April 15, 2022

France: The November 13 Trial Continues-Testimony of Last Surviving Terrorist

-Salah Abdeslam

On Wednesday of this week, the testimony of the principal defendant in the November 13, 2015 terror attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis resumed. This time, Salah Abdeslam claimed that he backed out of the plan to blow himself up with a suicide belt out of humanitarian concerns and only lied to his co-conspirators that the belt was defective. Abdeslam's testimony continued through Friday and ended with him asking the victims for forgiveness. 

The below article from Wednesday's France 24 is translated by Fousesquawk and recounts Wednesday's testimony.

At the November 13 trial, Salah Abdeslam, for the first time, recounts his night of wandering

Publ. April 13, 2022 22:40

Caption beneath photo:  Courtroom sketch of co-defendant Salah Abdeslam made on April 13, 2022 during the trial of the November 13, 2015 attacks at Paris and Saint. Denis-AFP Benoit Peyrouq

The only survivor of the November 13 commandos, Salah Abdeslam, for the first time, Wednesday, at his trial, has told of his evening in detail. The accused, who had claimed on several occasions, that his belt had not functioned, now maintains that he "renounced" blowing himself up out of "humanity".

"I am going to explain myself because it's the last time I would have the chance to do so." During his final interrogation at the November 13 attacks trial, Salah Abdeslam, for the first time, on Wednesday, April 13, has recounted in detail his version of the events.

The last time, the only surviving member of the commandos had refused to answer questions, invoking his right to do so. "It's because I didn't feel I was listened to," he told the president of the special criminal court in Paris, Jean-Louis Peries.

He "promises nothing" but this time will say much about his "mission", "the objective" which was assigned to him on November 13, 2015, the night that would produce 130 deaths in Paris and Saint-Denis.

"I go into this cafe (in the 18th arrondissement of Paris), I order a drink, I look at the people around me, and I tell myself, 'No, I'm not going to do it," Salah Abdeslam relates over a few minutes, (dressed in) a blue and white-striped polo shirt and a dark vest.  

Return to Belgium or blow himself up

I saw the people laughing, dancing, (and) I understand that I wasn't going to do it," the 32-year-old Frenchman adds. After having "backed out", he got back into the car with which he had transported the three kamikazes to the Stadium of France. "I drive, I drive, I drive," but then the car "breaks down".

"With an explosive belt, I am burning up," Salah Abdeslam continues, very verbose in the dock. "Two solutions offered themselves to me: Either I return to Belgium, or I go all the way and blow myself up."

He says he wandered around in Paris, called "everybody" to come and get him, but, "it's totally unexpected," the "shock". He then takes a taxi to the south of the capital. He gets rid of the belt at Montrouge and walks to Chatillon, where he will be picked up early in the morning of November 14 by two Belgian "friends", today his co-defendants.

Salah Abdeslam maintained that he didn't join the attack plan in Paris until the "last moment", on November 11, 2015, and that he did not know the details, just that he was to "blow himself up."

"It's a shock for me. "I was supposed to leave for Syria, the principal defendant states, behind his black beard. "I would finally agree."

The (chief judge) Jean-Louis Peries tries to learn more. "I know what I  myself was supposed to do," the accused maintains. "My brother, (Brahim, future attacker of cafes, Ed.), had a belt, a Kalashnikov, I knew that he was going to shoot, I know that he was going to blow himself up, but I didn't know the targets."

"Did you know there were cafes, a concert hall?" the president asks. "No, no," replies Salah Abdeslam (dismissively).

"I backed out out of humanity, not out of fear"

The court recalls that he told several of his friends he had failed in his mission because the belt had not functioned. 

"That was a lie that I couldn't rid myself of all during my flight. Then I just accepted it as a reality," he claims.

To the other members of the jihadist cell, he (was) ashamed to tell the truth. But " I backed out out of humanity, not out of fear, Salah Abdeslam would later claim.

He "didn't dare to do it, that's all," his boyhood friend, Mohamed Abrini, who believes that the defective belt is "a Hollywood version" of the story, had (testified) before him.

Shortly before 20:00,  Chief Judge Peries turns to the court. "We should perhaps stop here for the evening...". A big smile from the witness box of Salah Abdeslam: "With me, you never know what to expect. Sometimes, I talk, sometimes I don't talk..."

The chief judge would suspend the hearing one hour later. The interrogation of Salah Abdeslam will resume Thursday, in the latter part of the afternoon. 

With Agence France Presse

Sweden: More Unrest Over Koran Burning

Photo: Aftonbladet

Photo: Expressen

It appears that the unrest in the Swedish town of  Örebro in response to a planned anti-Islam rally by Danish activist and politician, Rasmus Paludan, is on-going as I write. This follows similar unrest over the past 24 hours in three other Swedish towns. The below article by SVT (Swedish State TV) is translated by Fousesquawk. It contains two videos.

-Photo: Aftonbladet

Caption beneath photo: Police in Örebro subjected to rock-throwing before a demonstration that right-wing extremist Stram Kurs was to hold. Photo:SVT

Unrest before a demonstration in Örebro

Updated today 10:09. Posted today 08:27

It is messy right now in central Örebro leading into the Danish right-wing extremist Rasmus Paludan's demonstration in the Svea Park-where rocks and fireworks have been thrown at police at the scene. Four police officers and a civilian are reportedly injured during the evening's unrest, according to police.

Even before the Danish politician arrived, unrest began at the scene. Tiles were thrown at police and fireworks were fired at the entrance to the park. People also tried to get through the barricades that were set up. Police are now working to try and turn back the counter-demonstrators.

Four police officers have been injured at the scene-one of them took a rock to the head, another three reportedly have light injuries. A civilian has also been hit in the head with a rock, police press spokesperson Diana Qudhaib says.

At 6:30, it is really messy, according to SVT's reporter at the scene-a a picture shared by Örebro police.

"The situation is troubling right now. The general rally has not been able to start since the situation is not calm enough for that," says Diana Qudhaib.

The demonstration was supposed to be held at 17:00. According to police, there are an estimated 200 people at the scene just before 18:00- but exactly how many is hard to say.

Messy at earlier demonstration

Rasmus Paludan leads the Danish Stram Kurs party. He has made himself known by provoking, through the burning of Korans and showing images of the Prophet Muhammad. On Friday afternoon, police announced that they had changed the location of the party's demonstration, which instead now is being held in central Örebro

Several demonstrations were planned in Sweden during the week. One of them was held in Stockholm Friday-which also became messy after a Koran was burned.

The party was also supposed to hold a demonstration in Linköping on Holy Thursday, but it didn't happen. Instead, a violent riot broke out, and three police officers were taken to the hospital. Also in Norrköping, there was unrest though no demonstration was held because the police withdrew permission.

"Obviously, we have dialogue with other regions as to earlier experiences. Our goal is that it will be carried out in a safe manner, considering that there is a constitutionally-protected right to manifest their views," said Christina Hallin, police press officer in the Bergslagen region, earlier during the day.


 Update: Here is a video from Samnytt. The sound cuts off after about 40 seconds, but the cries of "Allahu akbar" can be clearly heard.

Sweden: More Unrest Follows Paludan's Koran-Burning


Rinkeby (SVT)

On Thursday, Danish anti-Islam activist Rasmus Paludan of the Danish Stram Kurs party appeared in the Swedish towns of Linköping and Nörrköping to hold rallies in which he would burn copies of the Koran. The result was severe rioting by Muslims in both locations.

On Friday, similar rallies were planned for the Stockholm "no-go zone" of Rinkeby and the "no-go zone" of Vivalla in Örebro. The result was more rock-throwing against Paludan and police.

The below article by Samnytt regarding the Rinkeby incident is translated by Fousesquawk.

Paludan in Rinkeby- Man with knife arrested

Domestic- 15 April 2022 15:11

On Good Friday, Rasmus Paludan held another Islam-critic public gathering in Sweden, and this time, in immigrant-dense Rinkeby. The demonstration was interrupted several times due to rock-throwing, and police have arrested a man who was armed with a kitchen knife.

It was shortly after 11 o'clock in the morning when Stram Kurs Party leader Rasmus Paludan began his public gathering with both a speech and Koran-burning in Rinkeby.

Paludan told the spectators present that Islam is not compatible with Western society.

"Islam cannot be in harmony with a developed, democratic society. In all of world history, there has been no example of Islam being in harmony with a developed, democratic society, and it will never happen because it is impossible," said Paludan.

Demonstration broken off

Police broke off the public gathering when there was still one hour of time remaining. In connection with the demonstration, both rocks and bottles were thrown at Paludan.

A policeman was injured and 7 people were arrested on suspicion of, among other things, violent rioting. Police also arrested a man suspected of violation of the knife law after he carried a knife at the demonstration. This was reported by TV4 News.

The Stram Kurs live stream is below.

Paludan will hold another demonstration in Örebro's problem area Vivalla at 5 pm on Good Friday.


We will follow up with more on the later incident in Örebro, which seems to have been worse than that of Rinkeby.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Riots Breaking out in Sweden Over Koran Burning

Hat tip Nya for videos.

Muslim riots have broken out in two Swedish cities Thursday over a planned Koran burning by Rasmus Paludan, a Danish anti-Islam activist. The first riot occurred in the Linköping area, and another has broken out in Norrköping, both located south of Stockholm and close to each other. Several police cars have been burned, and at least three police officers have been injured.

The below video is from Linköping. We are gathering more information for translation.


*Update: The below news article from Nyheter Idag is translated by Fousesquawk.

Koran riots spread to Norrköping-Tram attacxked 

Thursday's Koran riots, which began in Linköping, spread in the evening to the neighboring town of Norrköping, where Ramus (sic) Paludan had received permission for a general gathering. In Norrköping, cars were set on fire and some 100 masked persons were at the scene.

On Thursday afternoon, Linköping was shaken by a violent riot that broke out in the city district of Skäggetorp, when Ramsus (sic) Paludan was going to burn a  Koran at a general gathering. A police car was set on fire, police uniforms were stolen by the rioters, and police withdrew from the scene.

On Thursday evening, the violence spread to the neighboring city of Norrköping, where Paludan had received permission for a similar gathering. Police report that a number of cars were set on fire in the neighborhoods of Hageby and Navestad.

Rescue services have been subjected to rock-throwing, and fireworks have been shot at cars in the area. One person has been arrested.

We have received information that some 100 masked people are at the location, says police press spokesperson Johnny Gustafsson to Aftonbladet.

In connection with the riot, a number of people have broken into a business in Guldringen and stolen computer equipment.

Swedish State Television reports that Östgötatrafiken closed several tram stops in Norrköping, due to the violent riot.

Östgötatrafiken reports that a tram has been attacked on the way to Kvarnberget, and a car was set on fire when the tram tried to pass.

"We have chosen not to send in replacement busses due to the risk of rock-throwing," says Christer Ringman at Östgötatrafiken's traffic management to SVT.


Arizona State University Students Told that "Jews Control the Media"

Mohammed el-Kurd

Recently, we posted an article about the speaking appearance of some guy named Muhammed el-Kurd at Duke University. El-Kurd, a Palestinian with a history of anti-Semitic comments, apparently is on the university lecture circuit.

So now, El-Kurd has followed up on his Duke appearance with a speaking appearance at Arizona State University on April 10, where, among other things, he told the audience that "Jews control the media".

The blog, Israelly Cool, has posted snippets of El-Kurd's poisonous talk which can be accessed here and here.

It appears that Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) has been prohibiting-or attempting to prohibit- audience members from recording El-Kurd's talks. That is par for the course. It is what they try to do in California as well, as I know from personal experience (and that includes the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine). This comes down to state law pertaining to recording events. Under California law, it is entirely legal to record public events at public universities as long as you don't obstruct or disrupt the event.

I think it is fair to ask just who it is that is sponsoring El-Kurd's talks around the nation. Who is paying his travel expenses? Where does SJP get the money to pay speakers like El-Kurd? We know that American Muslims for Palestine-AMP- is a major supporter of SJP. Both organizations were co-founded by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazain, himself a Palestinian. 

In addition, are universities using funds from student fees to pay for these events? (Student organizations like SJP routinely get university funding from student fees.) It all may be perfectly legal under the First Amendment, but it would be nice to know.


Spain: Holy Week Procession Disrupted by 5 North Africans

Hat tip Vlad Tepes.

El Caso (Spain)

On Sunday, in the Spanish municipality of El Vendrell (Tarragona, Catalonia), a Palm Sunday procession was violently disrupted by five young men described as Moroccans. Police responded and were attacked by the youths. Two were arrested and three escaped. The two detainees are described as being of Moroccan nationality.

The below article from El Caso (Catalonia) is translated by Fousesquwk. The article also contains a video taken by cell phone which has been going around the internet. Much of the audio is of the bystanders making exclamations, like, "disgrace","unbelievable" etc, but much of it is unintelligible. It speaks for itself.

Barcelona April 11, 2022

Five young men try to break up the Palm Sunday procession in El Vendrell: Video

Serious incidents during the Palm Sunday procession this Sunday in El Vendrell, in Baix Penedes (Tarragona). According to what police sources explained, as they were passing a few minutes past 7:30 in the evening, an officer who was doing guard duties for the procession, which was crossing through the center of the city, observed how a group of 5 Maghrebians (N. Africans) were creating insecurity in the area, bothering the people who were awaiting the passing of the procession and also provoking disturbances. The young men were on Angel Guimera Street and heading toward Nova Square, right in the path of the religious affair.

The local police officer alerted the station and several officers headed to the location to try and remove the youths from the situation. Far from listening to the police, the young men confronted the police, pushing and attacking the officers, who had to use their personal defenses to try and repel the attack, as can be seen in the images of this video, which El Caso received.

Two arrested for attacking police

Three of the youths were able to escape the scene, and two were arrested by El Vendrell police officers. According to police sources in the capital of Baix Penedes, the two detainees are 24 years old and of Moroccan nationality. They are accused of an alleged crime of attacking police officers. An investigation has been opened to try and identify the other three young men who participated with the group with the intention of breaking up the El Vendrell Palm Sunday procession. The officers were applauded when they were able to take the two violent young men away. 

Neighbors in the municipality have explained that it is not the first time that these young men have created insecurity in the center of the municipality. Though they cannot be connected formally, sources of the Catalan police, the Mossos d'Esquadra, have explained that the two detainees are related to the young men arrested a few weeks ago for participating in violent fights in El Vendrell. In these confrontations, which occur during the evenings, one of them lost his sight and an eye as a result of the attacks with machetes and rocks.

Holy Week in El Vendrell

The religious events of Holy Week in El Vendrell began this Sunday at 12 noon in Francesc Macia Square, where the blessing of the palms and mass was conducted. In the afternoon, around 4:30, the Procession of Brotherhood began, which brought together the participation of some 300 people and two musical bands. In spite of the disturbances, the event was able to conclude at the church around 9:30.


Fousesquawk comment: Without trying to blame every single North African, Moroccan, or Muslim immigrant in Europe for this outrage, it is a fact that in virtually every Western European country that has admitted massive numbers of young, male Muslim migrants, these attacks against Christianity are becoming commonplace. Churches are being desecrated, services are being disrupted, and now Easter processions are disrupted. Why does this happen and happen with regularity? It happens for the same reason that in Muslim-majority countries, Christians and other religious minorities are routinely persecuted. It is because Islam does not respect other religions. This hatred of Christianity, Judaism, and virtually any other religion that is not Islam is preached not only in mosques in Muslim countries but in Western mosques as well.

I would never advocate that a Muslim religious event be disrupted, but we need to keep these things in mind when we hear questionable Muslim "leaders" like CAIR, for example, complain about "Islamophobia".