Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Professor "No Longer Working at the University of Memphis" After Hate-Filled Tweets

As of today, Asst Professor Zandria Robinson is no longer employed at the University of Memphis according to the university. This is after she came under fire for a series of anti-white tweets she put out in connection with the Confederate flag controversy.

This is very sad and adds more fuel to the fire as American race relations continue to spiral downward. It is also unfortunate that the Confederate flag controversy is generating so much anger. I personally favor removing the flag from Southern state houses. If only it could be done quietly and without fanfare.

But Robinson's tweets-protected speech to be sure- make it clear that she cannot treat all her students fairly in a comfortable environment. What she doesn't understand is that that kind of language directed towards whites is just as bad as that directed toward blacks.

LA Times Defends Freedom of Speech in the University of California

Hat tip Campus Reform

Hold the presses! The uber-liberal LA Times is speaking out against Janet Napolitano's speech codes at the University of California.

Yes, it's true. If you want to insist that America is the land of opportunity, the LA Times is going to defend to the death your right to do so-no matter how much they may disagree.

However, it just may be that the Times is swimming against the tide. Already at the prestigious University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point (That's in Wisconsin for all you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies and History of Consciousness majors), they have also adapted a speech code against those micro-aggressions that Napolitano is so concerned about.

Image result for daffy duck meets space alien
"Aah, where ya from, Doc?"


Here is more on the Wisconsin situation from the College Fix.

And from an undisclosed classroom deep in the bowels of the UC Irvine Extension, an adjunct teacher (me) stands in open rebellion to the powers that be in the University of California.

Mark LeVine Explains BDS Love for Israel and Why ISIS Does Such Naughty Things

Mark LeVine-PhD, guest researcher

Good old Al Gore gave us Al Jazeera America when he sold his interest in Current TV to the Qatar-based propaganda news outlet. He also opened the way for us to read enlightened op-eds from my good friend Mark LeVine, professor at UCI, part-time rocker, and a guest researcher at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University in Sweden. (The below links describe him as a distinguished visiting professor, which I assume is a typo. I am going by the CMES website in both English and Swedish).  I have also recently learned that Mark has some French background as reported by a former classmate of his at Hunter College who commented in a reader thread in response to Mark's own comments in last week's LA Jewish Journal in which Mark once again expressed his well-known love for Israel. (Mark is angry at me because I called him "anti-Israel" in front of his students at UCI.)

Below are two recent op-ed's by Mark in Al Jazeera America. In the first, Mark explains why ISIS resorts to such barbaric practices such as beheading people, burning them alive and such. Apparently, it's just a perfectly natural response to a history of Arab dictatorships, Western support for those dictators, and general interference from the West. As David Cameron would insist, it has nothing to do with Islam.  According to Mark, it's just a new model of resistance.Now I understand why Mark got so mad at me a few months ago at UC Irvine when I called him "anti-Israel", thus unleashing a profanity-filled tirade from Mark in front of own own students. You see, Mark shares a love of Israel with that noted Israel-lover Omar Barghouti, who co-founded the BDS movement. Why couldn't I have seen the perfectly formed logic from this modern day Voltaire. (Mark is French I recently learned from a former classmate at Hunter College.)

"The Arab uprisings and the Occupy movement were responses to the incurable authoritarianism of corrupt regimes and the global neoliberal system that sustains them."

Comment: What the Hell does Occupy have to do with it?

And check out the reader thread where one reader sarcastically tells Mark he might as well blame global warming. Mark's response (@ Culture Jamming)? Yes, indeed, That is one cause especially in Syria. Al Gore would be proud.

But it is the second op-ed that Mark exhibits his French traits and Voltairean  talents. Here he argues that the BDS movement against Israel is in reality pro-Israel.

I wonder if Mark has ever had the pleasure of meeting Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the BDS movement. I have and would be happy to introduce them. Barghouti is also a man of mysterious background. I have tried to ask Omar about his origins but he is very sensitive about it.

But I digress. Suffice to say, the ultimate goal of the BDS crowd is the disappearance of Israel-and that includes Jewish Voice for Peace, of which LeVine is apparently a member.

LeVine's logic is obviously too complicated for this simple guy who can't grasp why Arabs beheading people is the fault of the West when the practice started a couple of centuries ago and is mentioned in the Koran ("Smite their necks"). Like Mark told me, I am not qualified to teach at UC Irvine.  As for BDS, much as I have observed and listened, I have failed to see the love for Israel behind the movement.

But I am no Voltaire.

Just for the record: Mark is a guest researcher at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (at Lund University). At least that's what their website says in both English and Swedish.Now I understand why Mark got so mad at me a few months ago at UC Irvine when I called him "anti-Israel", thus unleashing a profanity-filled tirade from Mark in front of own own students. You see, Mark shares a love of Israel with that noted Israel-lover Omar Barghouti, who co-founded the BDS movement. Why couldn't I have seen the perfectly formed logic from this modern day Voltaire. (Mark is French I recently learned from a former classmate at Hunter College.) 

Just for the record: Mark is a guest researcher at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (at Lund University). At least that's what their website says in both English and Swedish.

A Tiny Ray of Light in Malmo

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

-Gates of Vienna

On June 27, PEGIDA held a demonstration in Malmo, Sweden against the growing Islamization of Europe. Swedish cartoonist Dan Park, wearing a Jewish Star of David, spoke for about 3 minutes. Afterward, he was interrogated by police who even questioned him as to why he was wearing the Star of David.

Gates of Vienna has the report and the video.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Is the Administration Ignoring Persecution of Christians by Muslims?

Hat tip Jihad Watch

John L Allen, author of a 2013 book on the plight of Christians worldwide, is taking our State Department to task based on their 2014 human rights abuse report which appears to downgrade the importance of religious persecution.

If true, this would confirm my long-held suspicion that this administration and its State Department are all but ignoring the on-going persecution of Christians who live in Muslim-majority countries.

Today, I also received an update about the on-going plight of a Pakistani Christian woman named Asia Bibi, currently imprisoned and facing a death sentence on what appears to be trumped up charges of blasphemy (as if any charge of blaspheming a religion merits imprisonment and death).

Of course, we never know what kind of diplomacy is on-going behind the scenes, but if you look at results, they appear to be few and far between. (One notable exception was the release of a Sudanese Christian woman last year whose husband was an American citizen.)

What we see is a constant stream of Somalis and now Syrians being brought to the US. How many are Christians from Syria or Iraq? We don't know. Suffice to say, while I support giving Arab Christians asylum, I consider bringing tens of thousands of Muslims to the US as a danger given the fact that we are regularly reading of arrests of US-based Muslims assisting ISIS and also given the fact that ISIS is regularly calling on their followers in the US to strike us. Does that mean that many deserving Muslims would be denied entry? Of course, but damn it! We are talking about the safety of of our own people. We can never forget the example of the accursed Tsarnaev family, supposed refugees from Daghestan. We don't need any more bombs going off on our streets. We don't need any more people going off to join ISIS  and return bent on massacring our own people on our own soil.

What this country and the rest of the Western countries desperately need is sensible leaders who understand the threat and are prepared to offer refuge to those most in need-which in this case are the Christian minorities who are being persecuted and killed by Muslims. Those who pose a risk of harming us should be excluded.

In Malmo, All Is Normal

That means cars set on fire and explosives - all by unknown "youths"

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Just a normal 24-hour period in Malmo, Sweden's third largest city. Cars were set on fire, and a suspected explosive was discovered in a grocery store. As usual, the local news reports do not name who the mysterious perpetrators were.

Surprisingly, there were no reports of Jews being beaten up. I guess the exodus is now complete.

Who can they be? Who can they be?

Yet Another Would Be ISIS Jihadist Charged in US

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

Somebody send a bulletin to Hussam Ayloush, CAIR's Southern California director, who some months ago claimed that only a dozen or so American Muslims had joined ISIS (as compared to the thousands of American Jews who had joined the Israeli Defense Forces "killing the people of Gaza")

Unfortunately for Ayloush, yet another US-based jihadist has been charged with aiding and abetting ISIS-this time in New Jersey. Here is the federal complaint.

Those numbers just keep rising, don't they Mr Ayloush?

George Galloway Invited to Address Anti-Semitic Rally

George Galloway (l) with Saddam Hussein

Some British observer once referred to British comedian George Galloway as a "street corner Cromwell". George, as always, is back in the news on Fleet Street. This time he has received an invitation to address some anti-Semitic group on some street corner.

As the above photo suggests, George is quickly running out of friends. What remains to be seen is if he accepts the invitation. Stay tuned.

Celebrity Endorsements-Hillary Clinton For Viagra

Guys! Are you frustrated with those elections? Sure you are-especially when they only come along every four years. That's why you need Viagra-when there is only the two of us (in this case me and Bernie Sanders).

Having an election is no easy business especially when I'm involved. It's called electoral dysfunction. Symptoms include mudslinging, lying. missing documents, inability to answer questions, and a general inability to maintain a true election.

That's why you should talk to your doctor about Viagra. Pop one of these bad boys and you'll be able to hold an election under the worst of conditions.


That's Bill with me in the above picture. He always takes along a supply of Viagra when he's off flying around the country in his private plane campaigning for me.

                                                                                             "I love elections."

With Viagra all you have to do is wait until the moment is right to "pull that lever". Below you see Anthony Weiner, husband of my chief  election aide, Huma Abedin, pulling the lever for me.

* Side effects may include depression, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of not having an election, and thoughts of moving to Iran, where nobody ever has an election.

As for an erection, if this ad is giving you one, you need to talk to a doctor.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Christian Church Gives Louis Farrakhan a Pulpit For His Hate-Filled Rhetoric

Hat tip Eagle Rising

It is hardly surprising that once again, Louis Farrakhan has spouted out his hateful bile. What is shocking is that a Christian church in Washington DC gave him a platform and a pulpit to do so. Below is a report on what he said this past Wednesday.

What can I add other than shame on the Metropolitan AME Church in Washington for bringing this vile man into their church and allowing him, to spew this hate? This kind of rhetoric is more fitting to Farrakhan's Nation of Islam mosque in Chicago or whatever house of hate he uses.

The AME Methodist Church in Charleston welcomes white people whether to worship or to mourn the lives of the 9 souls who were murdered. Can we say the same for the AME Church in Washington? I doubt it.

The Carnage of Last Friday

Viewer Warning: Graphic images

This past Friday, 66 people were killed in three separate Islamic terror attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France.


In the below video (Hat tip Tundra Tabloids) you see photos and a video of the lone gunman at a Tunisian resort beach.

Here is ITV video of the gunman running along the shoreline before turning toward a hotel, where he intended to kill more tourists. Only Westerners on the beach were singled out for murder.


Aftermath: Mourners climb through the rubble and dust in the search for bodies after a suicide bomber killed 25 in Kuwait
-Daily Mail

In the below report from Daily Mail (UK), there are videos of a suicide bomber walking into a Shi'ite mosque. There are also photos of the bomber walking into the prayer room before he detonates his bomb.


And below, we see the severed head of a French businessman murdered and beheaded by his attacker who then set it on a fence of a plant he was trying to enter.

Herve Cornara's severed head
-Bare Naked Islam

This can now happen at any time at any place.

An Example of Juan Cole's "Informed" Scholarship

Image result for juan cole
Juan Cole-PhD

University of Michigan Professor  Juan Cole is consider one of academia's leading apologists for Islamic extremism. This is the guy who last October spoke at Cal State Long Beach and blasted British Prime Minister David Cameron for alerting the British public that some 400 Brits were fighting on behalf of ISIS, "a minuscule" number according to Cole. Since then that number has climbed, and we can only imagine what hundreds of ISIS fighters can accomplish if they return to Britain from the killing fields of Iraq and Syria.

Now Cole posts on his website, "Informed Comment" a study by some progressive outfit called the New America Foundation. This bunch has just concluded a study that tells us that (American/non-Muslim) homegrown terrorists have killed 48 people in the US since 9-11 compared to only 26 victims killed by Muslim terrorists (again, in the US).

Nice try.

To the careless reader, you might buy into this silly argument. Of course, as liberals like to point out America is just another county in that vast global village. Since 9-11 there have been over 25,000 Islamic terrorist attacks world-wide, many of which have claimed American lives overseas.

But more to the point, here is a statistic that wipes the above argument out. This past Friday, in Kuwait, France, and Tunisia, Islamic terrorist attacks claimed 66 lives. That was in just one day, Mr Cole.

So you can come up with as many sensational murders in the US as you want, carried out by deranged gunmen with no real spiritual conviction driving them other than their own personal, sick demons. Throw in the Virginia Tech massacre if you want. The inescapable fact remains that somewhere in the world, in one day, Islamic killers will surpass whatever total you wish to come up with.

Submission in France

Hat tip Gallia Watch

Another horrific terrorist attack has occurred in France in which a Frenchman was beheaded by yet another "soldier of Allah".  In response, the French blog, Gallia Watch, has cross-posted the words of a communique issued by the editors of two French-language blogs, Reposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine calling for the resignation of two government ministers.

How in the world can government officials call for their countrymen to "adapt" to this savagery? What place does this have in any civilized society? Yet, incredibly enough, Western nations keep admitting Muslims into their midst seemingly in the belief that periodic attacks and massacres are just part of the cost of being part of a Global Village.

Madness at Marquette

Hat tip Marquette Warrior

Milwaukee's Marquette University has been in the news a lot lately and for all the wrong reasons. From a controversy over its seal to the firing of a conservative professor (John McAdams) to a wall mural depicting a cop-killer now living as an escaped prisoner and fugitive in Cuba, Marquette has been going out of its way to embarrass itself.

Now the little rascals (bored students) at Marquette are presenting a list of "demands" to the university. The aforementioned John McAdams has a report on all the shenanigans.

Obama's Disgraceful Race Comments

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Last week, we were once again treated to an example of President Obama's negative contribution to race relations in this country. During an interview with Marc Maron, Obama used the n-word and said that racism was part of our DNA.

It is not the use of the n-word that I object to though I maintain that the word should have disappeared from our lexicon by now except for its embrace by rap artists and other blacks who have incorporated it into their street language. Obama, for his part, used it in the proper context.

I do object, however, to his saying that racism is part of our DNA.  He should have saved those words for Jeremiah Wright, in whose church he sat for 20 years. The President's words are a slap in the face of a nation whose people have worked hard for 60 years or so to transform a nation whose institutions were, in fact, racist so dramatically. They were a slap in the face of the good citizens of Charleston, who came together so positively after the horrific slayings of last week.

Even those who voted against Obama in 2008 had hoped that his election might turn a page in our sad racial history. Instead, this man and his minions-people like Eric Holder- have taken us back decades to a place we thought we would never see again. Now too many of us, black and white, are looking at each other with suspicion and blaming each other for Ferguson, Baltimore, and other places that have seen tragic events unfold.

This is a man who has invited race hustler Al Sharpton into the White House over 80 times! What does that tell you about his own agenda?  This is a man who described his own grandmother-the woman who raised him- as "a typical (read racist) white woman". This is a man who has allowed his followers to paint his political opponents as "racists" knowing full well that is a lie. His own wife, the first lady recently told a Tuskegee University audience that "others" (white people) still don't view them as equals.

So now, in 2015, we have an America where young people on our college campuses talk about such nonsense as "white privilege", a term used when one cannot prove white racism. We have an America where cops, white, black, brown or yellow, are open targets for murder thanks to their demonization by our own president and his followers.

No, Mr President: Racism is not in our DNA. You, however, should examine your own DNA.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Campus Watch "Honors" Mark LeVine (Again)

This is getting to be monotonous.

Mark LeVine- UC Irvine professor, part-time rocker, guest researcher at Lund University, and op-ed writer for Al Jazeera

UC Irvine professor Mark LeVine holds a hallowed place in the pages of Campus Watch. By my count, Mark has won  CW's prestigious Howler of the Month award about a dozen times. Just in the past few days, CW posted an old rant reportedly penned by Mark on Facebook against Cary Nelson, a professor who had the temerity to criticize the boycott, divest and sanctions movement against Israel.

Now CW is posting Mark's latest diatribe against Israel, which he sent in to the LA Jewish Journal a few days ago.

"Online anger management counselors are standing by. "

I wonder where those online anger management counselors were when Mark cussed me out in front of his own students for calling him "anti-Israel".

Hitler Learns That His E-Mails Have Been Discovered

Fousesquawk's Mystery of the Day

I wonder if any of my readers know what this refers to.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Gay Marriage is Legal. Now What?

I don't want to rehash the arguments I have made about gay marriage in the past. (I am opposed.) Suffice to say that I don't agree with the Supreme Court decision that was announced today. I think this was an action that should have been taken by the legislative branch, but the Supreme Court says it is an equal protection issue.

I sincerely hope that this will not result in a spate of lawsuits against churches, pastors, bakeries and wedding photographers whose beliefs would preclude them from contributing their services to something they do not agree with.

Having said that, I think that we must now turn to more pressing issues. We are facing an existential threat from Islamic terrorism, and we need to unite around that issue. Gay marriage? It's a done deal.

It's time to move on.

Great Britain's Befuddled Prime Minister

Hat tip Gallia Watch and Jihad Watch

Image result for david cameron

Poor David Cameron. No sooner has he bestowed his blessings on British Muslims to mark the start of Ramadan (which the rest of us don't care about), but now he has to once again declare that today's massacres in France, Tunisia, Kuwait and Somalia have nothing to do with Islam.

The French blog Gallia Watch remarks that Cameron is speaking to his Muslim subjects as if they were children.

No sooner are those words out of his mouth than he has to make a public statement about the body counts that also are marking the start of Ramadan.

I don't know about you, but I think I will take ISIS at their word.

EPA Chief Says Climate Deniers Are Not Normal Human Beings

Image result for charlie mccarthy
"I am a normal human being."

So says EPA head honcho Charlie Gina McCarthy.

The Start of Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan has started for Muslims. From dawn to sunset there is no eating, no drinking, no smoking, and no sex. But murder? That's OK according to ISIS, which has called for new horrors to be visited upon the non-Muslim world. And the call is being heeded, most notably in France.

Maybe President Obaba should rethink those Iftar dinners he hosts at the White House to mark Ramadan.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

State Department Can't Find Blumenthal Emails

Hillary Clinton told reporters in March that she had turned over to the State Department some 55,000 pages of emails from her private server including all that were of a sensitive nature. That included all her correspondence from Sid Blumenthal.

Except that the State Department cannot account for at least 15 of them.

But Blumenthal turned over his copies of his emails to Clinton when he testified before Trey Gowdy's select committee investigating Benghazi. Those emails concerned the revolt in Libya against Muammar Ghadafi and were passed through Blumenthal to Clinton by one of Sid's pals who was trying to drum up business in Libya. If Gowdy already has copies, why are there no copies on file in DOS-as supposedly turned in by Hillary?

Conclusion? Hillary didn't tell the truth.

Should the University of California Adopt the State Department Definition of Anti-Semitism?

Ken Stern has written an op-ed in the LA Jewish Journal in which he argues against the idea of the University of California adopting the State Department's definition of anti-Semitism.

Below the link is what I have sent (or tried to send) to the reader thread. You will note UCI Professor Mark LeVine also has a comment in the reader thread.

As a Gentile who has taught part-time at the UC Irvine Extension since 1998, I co-authored with Tammi Rossman-Benjamin the recent letter to President Janet Napolitano which was signed by 104 UC faculty asking her to take steps to combat anti-Semitism on UC campuses. The letter also included a request that UC adopt the State Department definition of anti-Semitism.

While Mr Stern raises some good points, if you read between the lines, you detect that he himself has some reservations about Israel. I ask myself, however, if the State Department definition is not suitable for university campuses, why is it good enough for the State Department or anyone else? His own work says it is anti-Semitic to hold Israel to standards not applied to her enemies-or any other country. His own work says it is anti-Semitic to compare Israel to Nazis and to deny Jews the right to self-determination. Yet Mr Stern says this is not suitable for a college campus because  it would shut down free speech. I don't want to shut down free speech, but I will call out anti-Semitism when I see it. And I have seen it and heard it.

Since 2007, I have been active in fighting anti-Semitism on our campus and others as well. I can tell you from my own experiences that the anti-Israel and BDS movement on campus has indeed crossed the line into anti-Jewish expressions. I will concede that not all criticism of Israel is or has been anti-Semitic. However, much of it has been. The BDS movement as a whole, co-founded by activist Omar Barghouti, has as its ultimate goal the dissolution of Israel as a Jewish state. This is not about boycotting Israeli wine or  companies that do business with Israel. This is about destroying Israel. In my view, this entire conflict is more about religion than it is about land.

But to be specific, I would like to ask a few questions of Mr Stern as well as Professor Mark LeVine of  UCI, who has already weighed in in the reader thread.

1 Where were either of you two gentlemen in 2008 when the UCI Muslim Student Union put up a caricature of Ariel Sharon on their mock "Apartheid Wall"-a caricature that could have been straight out of the pages of Julius Streicher's Der Stuermer, hooked nose, leering mouth, and labeled as a cannibal? I was there. I saw it and photographed it. (It was subsequently removed.)

2 Where were you all these years that Amir Abdel Malik Ali was appearing on our campus and calling everybody "Zionist Jews" literally spitting out the words as did the Nazis? I was there every year confronting him with his vile language, his factual errors, and telling him to his face that he was an anti-Semite who hated his own country. I was also there during his last appearance when he told the Jews in the audience that they were "the new Nazis". (I think that fits into the State Dept. definition.)

3 Where were you when the MSU disrupted Ambassador Michael Oren's speech at UCI in 2010? I was there.

4 I won't ask where you were in 2010 when a UC Berkeley professor heckled and gave the finger to a group of Jewish students who were peacefully protesting the appearances of swastikas on campus a few days before. I wasn't there either, but I have viewed the photos and the videotape.

5 Do you know that in 2001, Mohamed al Asi, a Washington-based imam and supporter of the mullahs in Iran, appeared at UCI on behalf of the MSU and told his audience, "You can take the Jew out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the Jew"? No, I wasn't there, but I have the videotape.

The fact of the matter is that we do have a problem of anti-Semitism on our campuses. And here is some news for you: It is not at the hands of neo-Nazis or skin heads. It comes from the pro-Palestinian crowd. The Israel-Palestinian conflict is at the heart of the issue. To deny the linkage with Israel is to deny the obvious. To be fair, not all critics of Israel are anti-Jewish per se. Many are Jewish themselves for whatever their motives might be. Professor LeVine himself launched an angry tirade at me at UCI recently in front of his own students because I had the effrontery to call him "anti-Israel".  Why would anybody think that an advisory board member for Jewish Voice for Peace be anti-Israel? I think LeVine's comment in the reader thread speaks for itself.

Another side issue of this is the complete failure of most of the major Jewish organizations to stand up for Jewish students on campus. They would prefer to deny the problem and come down hard on any Jewish student at UCI who speaks the truth. I am talking specifically about the Jewish Federation of Orange County and OC Hillel. The ADL has been missing in action altogether. Nobody wants bad news to get out about the university lest Jewish students opt to go elsewhere, so the order of the day is to stand down when the ugly events occur. The last two years, the UCI I-Fest, sponsored by Anteaters for Israel, has been disrupted by pro-Palestinian students. I have been there on both occasions. The message from Hillel and the Jewish Federation? Stand down. Put away those Israeli and US flags lest you provoke them further.

Now comes Mr Stern with the latest stand down order supplemented by vague proposals for more programs, classes on anti-Semitism, discussion and debate. I would like to invite Mr Stern to join me in a discussion debate with Amir Abdel Malik Ali the next time he comes to speak at UC Irvine. It would be an education for him.

The Farhud (Cont)

Recently, I posted a piece from Jerry Gordon of the New English Review on  the experiences of Reut Cohen's family during the 1941 pogrom in Baghdad. Here is a followup to that by Mr Gordon.

"Reut Cohen chronicled her family’s horrifying experience during The Farhud, Nazi-inspired pogrom in Baghdad on the 1st day of Shavuot, June 1, 1941 in an Iconoclast post about her heritage, “The Farhud and my Family’s Sephardic/Mizrahi Israeli Heritage.” In our introduction to her post we referenced a 2014 post we did on the 73rd commemoration of the Farhud and referenced an effort to obtain Holocaust benefits for the victims of the Farhud. 
We wrote:
On the occasion of the 73rd commemoration of the Farhud Ha’aretz published an article raising the question of whether it should be considered a Holocaust event, “Lawyers make case for giving Iraqi Jews Holocaust benefits”. There is ample evidence of Nazi involvement in the coup by Iraqi strongman Ali Rashid al-Gaylani, the Nazi Foreign ministry, and the German Ambassador to Iraq. Then there was the role of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al Husseini who was living in Baghdad after he was forced by British Palestinian Mandatory authorities to leave given his role in the Arab riots from 1936 to 1939. prior to the occurrence of the Farhud, for sanctuary in Berlin as Hitler’s house guest during WWII. Edwin Black chronicled the 1941 Baghdad pogrom and both Nazi and Hussein’s involvement in his 2010 book, The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust.
Edwin Black
Black published an op ed in today’s edition of The Algemeiner about a special ceremony at the UN Headquarters commemorating the inauguration of International Farhud Day, Remembering Farhud Day and the Arab Pogroms. The opening stanza of his piece we thought would not be lost of Reut Cohen, Bat Ye’or and other victims of Arab pogroms in Israel and like Cohen and her family in the West:
While I was speaking to the packed room, a woman I did not know, sitting in the front row, slowly shook her tear-stained head in disbelief and muttered softly … barely audible … “I never thought I would hear these words in this building.”
The woman, it turns out, was of Iraqi Jewish ancestry. The building was the iconic United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan, astride the East River. The event was in a hall routinely used by the UN Security Council. The day was June 1, 2015. The occasion was the proclamation of “International Farhud Day” at the UN as a live global event broadcast by UN TV.
Farhud in an Arabic dialect means violent dispossession. The words I spoke that gripped the woman listening described in detail how the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, leader of the Arab community in Mandate Palestine, organized a blood-curdling massacre by Nazi-allied Arabs against Baghdad’s peaceful Jewish community on June 1-2, 1941.The ensuing mass rape, beheading, murder, burning, and looting spree was the first step in a process that throughout the Arab world effectively ended 2,600 years of Jewish existence in those lands. Ultimately, some 850,000 to 900,000 Jews were systemically pauperized and made stateless in a coordinated forced exodus from the Arab world. Many Sephardic Jews consider the 1941 Farhud, which murdered and maimed hundreds, to be their Kristallnacht.
For the past 74 years was this constellation of tragedies commonly known and/or spoken of within the Jewish community. In fact, it took years of highly acrimonious, sometimes public, debate with and pressure on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) ‑‑ only recently successful ‑‑ to even induce the USHMM to recognize either the atrocity that occurred, or the Mufti’s role in the killing, as a Holocaust-era persecution."



We hear a lot about the so-called Nakhba, the "Catastrophe" that befell Palestinian refugees as a result of the 1948 war. Those who complain about that Nakhba don't want to talk about the Farhud and the fact that some 700,000 Jews were driven out of Arab lands during that time.

The IRS E-Mails-Destroyed

Nixon would be proud.

Subpoenas. Preservation orders. None of it made any difference. The IRS destroyed Lois Lerner's emails, backups and all anyway.

"It's called, 'the perfect  crime."

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Saudi Cable Links Al Jazeera to Muslim Brotherhood

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

This is hardly a shocker, but a Saudi government cable released by Wikileaks indicates that the Qatari news outlet, Al Jazeera, is loaded with Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers and members.

Juan Cole's Pathetic Attempt to Link Dylann Roof to Jews and Counter-Jihadists

Hat tip The College Fix

Image result for juan cole
Juan Cole, PhD

Just as the race baiters in academia are trying to use the acts of Dylann Roof to drive a wedge between white and black Americans, other academics, those with an anti-Israel agenda, are trying to make a connection between Roof and those who speak out against Islamic extremism-including those "right-wing Jews".  The University of Michigan's Juan Cole is exploiting the Charleston tragedy to make his own political point.

This is why I have added Cole's blog, Informed Comment, to my Fiction Section.  For him to link Jews-any Jews- to this tragedy is despicable. What difference does it make that Pam Geller is Jewish? None. Roof''s "manifesto" makes no mention of  Muslims, Geller or any other counter-Jihadists. And this man calls himself a scholar and historian?

I saw this boob speak at Cal State Long Beach last October, and to say the least, I was not impressed. On that occasion, he blasted David Cameron as a racist because he informed the British public that 400 Brits had joined ISIS. He said that number was minuscule compared to the 4 million Muslims in Britain. Perhaps, but imagine what those 400 could do if they returned to the UK. Not only that, but that 400 number is now closer to 1,000.

Juan Cole should issue a public apology for even mentioning Jews in the same breath as Dylann Roof.