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Sweden: Majority of Convicted Rapists Are First-Second Generation Immigrants

Hat tip Samtiden (Translation by Fousesquawk).

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have released a study that is drawing attention. In 2019-2020, a total of 8,820 rapes or attempted rapes were reported to police, Of those men convicted, 60% had immigrant backgrounds (first or second generation).

Behind the majority of all rapes-immigrant men

26 February 2021

Caption in photo: 60 percent of convicted rapists (men) were either first or second-generation immigrants

A new research study concerning over 3,000 convicted men shows that 60% are first or second-generation immigrants, and that almost half were previously convicted for violent crimes.

8,820 rapes and attempted rapes were reported in 2019 to police. Since 2010 the number has increased 44%, according to the Crime Prevention Council (Brå).

The research group at Lund University identified and charted different characteristics and background factors of all convicted rapists between 2000-2015. No similar study has ever been done.

Majority with an immigrant background

Half of the rapes were committed by men born abroad. Another 10% had an immigrant background. In all, 60% of perpetrators were either first or second-generation immigrants.

Among those with immigrant background, the most common were those born in the Middle East/North Africa (34.5%), followed by Africa (19.1%), then East Europe (15%)

"The immigrant background was nothing we investigated specifically; it was just one of all variables. But the proportions here were something that surprised us," says Kristina Sundquist, professor of general medicine and clinical epidemiology at Lund University to Kvällsposten.

Half of all convicted rapists (men) had earlier been convicted for violent crime, and one-third were on some form of social assistance.  More often than not, they reside in a socially vulnerable area and have a lower IQ than average (this includes, however, the 2/3rds of those in the data.)

Large percentage without previous crime

Researchers have been able, through studies, to identify two different types of rapists.  One is the expected: those with criminal careers and those who have abuse or psychiatric problems. They live in society's shadow with welfare dependency, low school grades, low IQ, and low-stress tolerance.

"It is a little surprising that we have persons who don't have a criminal career behind them but who can commit such serious violent crimes," says criminologist and asst professor in acute care, Ardavan Khoshnood.

That the larger group of convicted rapists have no previous crime or known social problems in their baggage should reasonably affect the work of the police perpetrator profile group, he believes.

"They usually go from statistics as to which crime this type of perpetrator previously committed. But here we suddenly have a class that has hardly committed any crime before and who is not particularly socially vulnerable. That is the biggest group of rapists, and these are people that society misses. That is worrisome." 


Fousesquawk comment: In my view, this study underlines the failure of Sweden's immigration system. They are clearly bringing in immigrants (overwhelmingly young men) from the wrong parts of the world-that is places where respect for women is low. Rape is on the rise throughout Western Europe, but Sweden has been known as the rape capital of Europe for some years now.  What surprises me is that the number is only 60%.

I don't know what the figures are for the US, but I would be shocked if the majority of rapes committed in this country were by immigrants-including those from the same parts of the world. I would dare say that our problem is home-grown.

But will this study spur Sweden's leaders to change course? Hardly. On the contrary, it's full-speed ahead for the leftists who rule that country.

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