Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Anti-Jewish Harassment at Tufts University

 Hat tip JNS and Louis Brandeis Center

"Alyza Lewin, president of the Brandeis Center that is representing Price, told JNS that 'this is the worst case of incessant, continuous, non-stop harassment of a Jewish student that I have seen on campus.”

Once again, a Jewish student who supports Israel has been targeted for harassment by the goons at Students for Justice in Palestine. It is an all-too-familiar problem on our campuses. This case is from Tufts University in Massachusetts, where the pro-Palestinian movement has resorted to its usual tactics of bullying and intimidation.

The student's name is Max Price, and below is his story.

"The harassment included Price having to sit through meetings by Tufts student-government leadership questioning his personal beliefs and identity as a pro-Israel Jew, according to the lawyers. Even after the TCUJ determined that there was no evidence of bias and no need for Price to recuse himself, he was placed on “mute” for the entire final Zoom meeting when TCUJ members considered the referendum."

This is hardly surprising. Last year, we reported on Tufts actually giving an award to the SJP.

I have a novel idea that I think many universities should seriously consider. Why not do away with this student government nonsense altogether? What good does it serve other than teaching our next generation of politicians how to engage in ugly debates over issues that do not affect students on campus? The reality is that activist groups are taking over student governments in order to push their political agendas. In no case is this more aptly illustrated than the pro-Palestinian movement.

In too many universities, student governments have gone way past kids playing house. Every year, dozens, if not hundreds of campuses have to go through the ordeal of BDS resolutions aimed at Israel and companies that do business with the Jewish state. Emotional debates go on late into the night before these meaningless resolutions are voted up or down. (The university administrations ignore those that are passed.) And how many Jewish students have had to endure insults from these SJP brown shirts and their supporters? It has become intolerable.

Also intolerable is the fact that in many cases efforts are made to keep Jews out of student government or marginalize them if there is any suspicion that they support Israel due to their Jewish identity. This is what Mr Price was subjected to. Over recent years, we have noted similar cases of Jews at UCLA and UC Santa Cruz being subjected to similar pressure by pro-Palestinian activists in student government.

So I ask-if this is what student governments have come to, what is the point of devoting precious resources and funding to what has become a volatile institution?

If I were running Tufts, I would shut down the entire student govenment if this is the way it is being conducted.

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