Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jewish Organizations to UCI Chancellor: You Are Not Implementing Regents' Statement of Principles Against Intolerance

I am cross-posting a letter from 50 Jewish organizations to the chancellor of UC Irvine, Howard Gillman in light of the May 10 disruption of a pro-Israel event on campus, which I attended and videotaped (the disruption). In this letter, Gillman is charged with not implementing the 2016 UC Regent Statement of Principles Against Intolerance, which specifically mentioned the problem of campus anti-semitism.

As yet, UCI has not announced its findings on the investigation of  May 10 event. It should not be difficult. Not only was a university official witness to the incident, but I videotaped it and provided that official with the tape the following day. Of course because of state privacy laws, we will not know of any individual punishments against students involved, but we should know of any action taken against Students for Justice in Palestine. How many events do they have to disrupt before the university comes to its senses and kicks them off campus?

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