Wednesday, November 30, 2016

OSU: How Many i's Do you Have to Dot? How many t's Do You Have to Cross?

Hat tip The Lantern, Jihad Watch and Creeping Sharia

It appears the FBI is not ready to conclude (officially) that the Ohio State University attack was terrorism, but this latest revelation from the Facebook page of Abdul Razaq Ali Artan is a clincher as far as I am concerned. I mean when you say you are ready to kill one billion infidels and then go out and do what Artan did, those of us who are not police can pretty much draw our conclusions.

And thanks also go out to Catholic Charities for bringing the attacker to our shores. All it took was two years and a community college degree for this guy to show his gratitude to his adopted country.

And once again it takes the blogosphere (in this case Jihad Watch) to inform the public of what the media will not do.

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