Friday, November 25, 2016

Alms For Juan Cole

Juan Cole
Deep thinker

Juan Cole is a professor at the University of Michigan. His claim to fame is that he is one of this country's biggest apologists for all things Islam including acts of terrorism. I caught his act at California State University at Long Beach on October 16, 2014.. Most memorably, he blasted  then-British Prime Minister David Cameron and his government for alerting the British public to the fact that some 400 British Muslims had left the country to join ISIS. Cole termed that a "minuscule number" and said that Cameron was "racist" and "Islamophobic" for the release of information.

Cole runs a blog curiously named, "Informed Comment". I have occasionally jumped into the reader thread with critical comments-which Cole chooses not to publish. Nevertheless, my comments have apparently placed me on Informed Comment's mailing list because I have received the below missive, which is his annual plea for money. It is long and  torturous, but reveals much about Cole, such as delusions of grandeur and paranoia.

From Islamophobia to corporate media to climate change "denialism", Cole pretty much covers it all. Of course, I would never compare Mr Cole to Adolf Hitler, but his writing does bring back memories of Mein Kampf and the Fuehrer's last will and testament. In short, it is laughable. It reveals Cole to be just another left-wing, loopy professor.

At this point, I would add that, like Cole, I run a one-man blog. Having scoured his blog, I think my humble blog compares pretty well.

Yet, I have never asked anyone to send me money. This guy even asks for funds to cover his travels to the regions he writes about.

Nice scam.

So, at the risk that some of my readers might be "inspired" to send this guy some cash, I have chosen to cross-post his plea for money because I think it reveals clues as to his thinking.

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