Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The OC Register Runs Away From the Muzammil Siddiqi Story

As previously reported, we have been waiting for several days for OC Register reporter Frank Mickadeit to get imam Muzammil Siddiqi to answer some questions about his past statements and associations. In those past days, we have sent Mickadeit lots of information as we anticipated him asking these questions to Siddiqi.

Well folks, here it is.

I have just posted my own comment on this article in the comments thread. I am not sure they are publishing it, however.

"Frank, you gotta be kidding! This is journalism? What kind of communication did you have with him, face-to-face or email or phone? Why did you not ask him about the time in Dec 1992 when he hosted Omar Abdul Rahman, the convicted terrorist and translated his sermon on violent jihad in real time? What about the time on Sept 9, 2001 when he attended a benefit dinner at UCI for cop-killer H rap Brown and Alim Musa called the US, "the most corrupt government on earth"? Why did he appear on a stage with Musa in Oct 2000 in Washington? Why did ISNA support Marzook when he was locked up?

You were given all the info you needed, but let Siddiqi stroke you. This is a
classic example of why American journalism is dead. The fact is that you ran
from this story.

Gary Fouse

We do not know how these questions were posed. Were they by phone, e-mail or face-to-face? At any rate, it is clear that Siddiqi did a complete tap dance and Mickadeit accepted it. He apparently did not ask about that December 1992 incident when Siddiqi hosted the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdul Rahman at his mosque and translated in real time a fiery sermon by Rahman on violent Jihad.

He apparently was not asked about at least two joint appearances with radical imam Abdul Alim Musa. On one occasion at UC-Irvine, at a benefit for convicted cop-killer H. Rap Brown, Musa called the US the "most criminal government on earth".  In addition, Mickadeit apparently did not ask Siddiqi why the Islamic Society of North America under Siddiqi's leadership supported Mousa al Marzook when he was in a US jail.

What about his own statements at that Washington DC protest in October 2000?

The inescapable fact is that Frank Mickadeit and the OC Register were provided all this information on Siddiqi, yet  ran away from this story when it became too hot to handle.

What kind of journalism is this?

(Don't answer that.)

Update: It appears the Register, after first posting my comment, removed it. Re-submitted at 9:55pm.


Squid said...

Of course, Frank Mickadiet, the writer for the OC Register will run away from this story. He has to answer to the Editorial staff of the Register. Rocking boat is not part of the OCHRC "Rusty" award. Mickadiet gets no nomination for the Pulizer, nor a cigar for his watered down story, that lets Siddiiqi off the hook. There is more than enough background information to show that Siddiqi is an Islamist and an individual that will advance the spread of Islam. But Frank will follow the lead from our President who said from Audacity of Hope:

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in 
an ugly direction."
Frank could have asked qusetions regarding the Koran that calls us:
Diseased (2:10), Evil (2:99), Deaf dumb and blind (2:171), Can't be our friends (3:28), Are our enemies (4:101), Losers (5:53), Pigs and apes (5:60), Evil (5:59), Worst beasts (8:55), Filthy (9:28), Perverts (9:30), And the vilest of creatures (98:51). The Koran is read and followed in the Mosques across the U.S. and the world. If Siddiqi is this man of peace, then he should gather followers and condemn those Sira in the Koran that promote hate and violence.
But, Frank missed the opportunity and will remain the lack luster reporter he his. And, the "Rusty" award will be bestowed.


Gary Fouse said...

And Mickadeit can get back to doing what he does best-writing columns about fist-fights in Costa Mesa.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Maybe it isn't a story at all.