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Netherlands:26 Years and 8 Months in Prison for Afghan Knife Attacker

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Last year, two American tourists were attacked and stabbed at Amsterdam's Central Station by an Afghan man who was an asylum-seeker in Germany. The suspect, identified only as Jawed S.,  has now been convicted in a Dutch court and sentenced to 26 years and 8 months in prison. One of his victims is paralyzed and confined for the rest of his life to a wheelchair. The defendant, who had been denied asylum in Germany, took a train to Amsterdam where he planned to kill people in revenge for a "Draw Mohammad" contest organized by Geert Wilders.

The article linked below has two videos. In the first, one of the judges is shown pronouncing the amount of the monetary fine, while the second is in English and consists of a statement by the wife of one of the victims. The written Dutch has been translated to English by Fousesquawk.

More than 26 years for the attacker at Amsterdam Central Station, almost three million in compensation

The man who stabbed two American tourists at the Amsterdam Central Station last year has been sentenced  to 26 years and 8 months in prison. The court convicted Jawed S. on two counts of attempted murder with terrorist motive and threats against three police officers. The sentence is higher than that requested by the public prosecutor-25 years.

In addition, S. must pay compensation of more than 2.8 million euros to one of the victims. The man has suffered paralysis and will probably spend the rest of his life in a  wheelchair. He must pay more thgan 38,000 euros to the other American.
Watch in the first video what the judge says about the compensation.-in the second video, the sentence  is announced

On the question of whether S. can pay the almost three million euros, the victims don't have to worry. The State pays compensation to the victims of violent crime and sexual offenses, explains NOS justice editor Remco Andringa. "The government then attempts to recover the amount from the perpetrator. But because Jawed S., being an asylum seeker and a detainee, would not have much money, in practice, it will be the government who pays the victims."
The Afghanistan-born Jawed S. (20), born in Afghanistan, is an asylum seeker who has exhausted all legal remedies in Germany. A year ago, he took the train from Germany to Amsterdam to take revenge for comments by Geert Wilders. With the announcement of a cartoon competition about the prophet Mohammed, Wilders insulted his faith, according to S.
S. was accused of two counts of attempted murder with a terrorist motive. All alleged facts have been proven according to the court. According to (the judge), S. acted with a preconceived plan. "He came to the Netherlands to kill as many people as possible," she said. "The repeat risk is very high. The court must protect society." Therefore, according to her, only the highest possible penalty is appropriate.
S. himself was not present for the verdict.
Fully accountable
According to the prosecutor, the Afghan was guilty of a terrorist crime. A mental disorder could not be diagnosed. This means that he is fully accountable for what he has done. S. said at a hearing that his plan was to kill "unfair and cruel" people.
The victims were random passers-by. They survived the attack, but were seriously injured.

The wife of one of the victims made this statement. She was 11 weeks pregnant when the attack was carried out. (See video)

Below video

Wife of victim (of) Jawed S. "I was witness to the brutal attack on my husband."

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