Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Takeout of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the Washington Post, and Nancy Pelosi

This is a time when all Americans and decent people around the world should be coming together in celebration today as we learned that American forces had killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in a raid in Syria. As with the tracking down and killing of Usama bin Laden, kudos go to the troops who carried out the mission and their leadership for the planning-including the commander-in-chief.

Instead, what we get is harping from Nancy Pelosi that she (of all people) wasn't informed prior to the operation. President Trump was blunt: He didn't inform Pelosi and other Democrats because he was afraid of leaks-which could have compromised the operation and cost American lives.

In addition, Trump's enemies are complaining that he informed the Russians that an operation was about to begin. My God! Time to rustle up those old collusion conspiracies. The fact of the matter is that it was necessary to alert the Russians that there would be an operation so as to avoid their troops and ours somehow becoming involved in a clash. They didn't have to know the details and according to Trump, were not informed of the exact nature of the mission.

And we have our disgusting media, in particular the Washington Post, describing al Baghdadi in terms that might lead you to believe we had assassinated some liberal university professor.

According to The Hill, the Post changed their headline at least twice after describing the terrorist leader as "an austere religious scholar"!

Below-via The Hill- is how the Post informed its readers of the death of al Baghdadi.

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-The Hill

Al Baghdadi was an Islamic scholar-yes-but more importantly, he brought a barbaric savagery to Syria and Iraq that featured beheadings, people being burned alive, as well as countless murders of Christians and Yazidis-not to mention the rapes and sexual slavery, which were commonplace. He sent his terrorists in some cases back to Europe where terrorist attacks were carried out and more innocent people died. (As we speak, feckless European leaders are debating how to accept defeated or captured ISIS fighters and their families back into their countries.)

In short, al Baghdadi was a monster. In the end, he blew himself up taking three of his children with him.

"Dies at 48"!

If that isn't enough, the Post is running an op-ed by Jennifer Rubin entitled,"Three ways the Baghdadi raid undermines Trump's chaotic policy". 

No doubt the coming week in Washington will feature more calls for more investigations into this latest "scandal" on the part of President Trump. Let this day be yet another lesson as to the intellectual dishonesty of the left and our media.

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