Monday, October 21, 2019

Angela Merkel Admits "Multiculturalism" Was a Big Mistake: Brings in More Somalis and Ethiopians

Hat tip Zero Hedge and Vlad Tepes

"We have Lebensraum"

You have to hand it to Angela Merkel. She knows how to talk out of both sides of her mouth. This week, she has admitted that her policies of bringing in millions of refugees, migrants, asylum-seekers, fortune seekers and fortune tellers from the Middle East and Africa hasn't worked out so well. On the other hand, she welcomes in another 300+ from Somalia and Ethiopia.

This is possibly the most confusing thing to come out of Germany since the 1939 German-Soviet Pact. Somewhere, Hitler has to be scratching his head. Back in the day, he talked about Lebensraum for Germans. Now it's Lebensraum for everybody else in Germany! Of course, to be honest, we all know that Hitler was not exactly a big fan of multiculturalism, but that's another story.

At the same time  that Merkel admits what everybody else knows, she is teaming up with France's Macron to bully the Italians into pulling a bait and switch to force Matteo Salvini out of government and reopen Italian ports-all in the name of multiculturalism. This woman makes old Adolf look like a "man of his word".

 "I have here in my hand a signed agreement from the German chancellor that multiculturalism is a big mistake."

Depending on their religious views, I will withhold judgment on the Ethiopians, but the world has learned the hard way that many Somalis, who are Muslims, are wreaking havoc pretty much everywhere they have gone. The most notable exception is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who, at great risk to her life, has figured out that Islam was not for her. Too bad Merkel hasn't figured all that out yet.

The sad part is that multiculturalism, if put into the right perspective, can be a great thing. I know first hand because it has enriched my life. Put into the wrong context, it can be a disaster, little more than an exercise in twisted ideas of nobility, ethno-centrism, cultural appropriation, and anti-white, anti-West hatred. Europe could have had their multiculturalism and assimilation too had they brought people in who had the same values and belief systems. Instead they have concentrated on young, twenty-something Muslim males who have acted like conquerors with no sense of gratitude.

And it is Merkel who has led the way not only in Germany, but she has used her influence to drag the rest of Western Europe down with her. What a disaster Merkel has been for Germany-and Europe.

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