Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The British Press and the "Beloved" Al Sharpton

"Donald Trump has launched an unprovoked attack on beloved black civil rights leader Al Sharpton after days of repeated racist insults directed at Baltimore and its congressman of colour."

Here's another reason we had the American Revolution three centuries ago.

The Independent,a UK newspaper, is running a story on the latest round of insults between President Trump on one side,  and Al Sharpton and Elijah Cummings on the other. To show just how out of touch the British press is with America, the writer refers to Sharpton as the "beloved black civil rights leader".

"In the new post, the president said he had known Mr Sharpton for 25 years and had been friends with him, before labelling him a “troublemaker” and saying he “hates whites and cops”, while providing evidence for neither claim."

Has the writer, Andrew  Griffin, ever spent a day in the US? He has absolutely no knowledge of Sharpton's history of inflammatory statements about police and Jews, statements that have on at least one occasion, resulted in riots. He may be "beloved" by some, but to many more, he is controversial to say the least. Does Mr Griffin have any inkling of the inflammatory statements that Sharpton, Cummings, and "the Squad" make about Trump every single day?

Maybe Mr Griffin should worry about his own crime infested communities, like London, Birmingham and Manchester. 

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