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Swedish Media and the A$AP Rocky Case

Hat tip Pettersson Blogg.Se Gates of Vienna, and Kronans Martell

President Trump got involved in the case of A$AP Rocky, an American rap star who is in jail in Stockholm on assault charges. Trump contacted the Swedish president and asked if Rocky could be granted bail. The answer is apparently no.

We earlier posted video of Rocky and his entourage being followed and threatened/harassed by 2 young thugs (not Swedish). The video clearly shows one of his entourage repeatedly asking the thugs to leave them alone. Finally, as the group continues to harass the Americans, Rocky is shown throwing one of them to the ground.

In this below blog posting from Petterssons Blogg.SE, the Swedish media is accused of trying to cover up the past criminal history of the main plaintiff, an Afghan refugee. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Afghan in Asap Rocky case - media obscures criminal background

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CRIME. The Afghan, Mustafa Jafari,  the plaintiff in the case of Asap Rock is convicted (at least) four times. One verdict applies to beatings, he was charged with aggravated beatings.

Mustafa Jafari
Mustafa Jafari, citizen of Afghanistan, has had ID number 20000274-1230 which appears to be a coordination number and now has 20000214-2636.
It is (reported) that he came to Sweden as a single person in 150108. He moved as a 6-year-old with his family from Afghanistan to Iran. He claimed to have had to flee because of threats to his person. Mustafa stated that he wanted to become a police officer and was enrolled in high school in Tyresö.
SVEA COURT 2016-07-05 Case no: B 4587-16
Quote:  Mustafa Jafari and Mortez * Ashar *
armed themselves with knives and in agreement with others to harm the plaintiff. They then sought out the
plaintiff and executed the following violence against him:
- Mustafa Jafari (cut) the plaintiff in the face.
- Mustafa Jafari tried to chop or stab the plaintiff on the body with a
knife. There was a danger of the crime's completion or such danger was prevented only because of casual circumstances.
- Mustafa Jafari stuck or stabbed the plaintiff in the arm with a knife.
- Mustafa Jafari hit the plaintiff in the face.
-Mustafa Jafari  hit or kicked the plaintiff on the leg.
-Mortez * Ashar * kicked the plaintiff on his back.
-Another (person) kicked the plaintiff on the body. 

The plaintiff was hurt and cut.
The crime is classified as serious because Mustafa Jafari showed special
ruthlessness by using a knife.
Mustafa Jafari committed the act with intent.
It happened on December 22, 2015 at the Vårbergstoppen in Skärholmen, Stockholm.
  • 2018-05-25 -  drug offenses - Solna TR B 3666-18
  • 2017-11-23  drug offenses - Stockholm TR B 14680-17
  • 2016-05-09 Prosecuted for gross abuse, convicted of assault - Södertörn's TR B 16838-15. (Court of Appeal held)
  • 2016-02-18 Prosecuted for theft, convicted of petty theft - Stockholm TR B 2805-16
  • 2016-07-05 Svea Court B 4587-16, see above. Sentenced for abuse. Penalty: Youth Service 30 hours.
The other Afghan involved, Dawod Hosseini, is also a criminal. He is listed under 7 sections in the (police registration ) register and lives on monthly benefits.
-Pettersson wonders why our skilled and highly paid journalists do not report that the one who got a little  hit in Asap Rocky is a gross criminal Afghan and probably deserved more than he got ...

The below video by Svensk Webbtelevision  is an interview discussing the case and the Swedish justice system. Thre are English sub-titles. Note at the 10-minute mark, you see the prosecutor, a rather flamboyant-looking character, stating at a press conference that "the so-called artist will remain in custody". Bizarre.

And there is more on the "victim" from Gates of Vienna:

Is this how Swedish justice works-that if you defend yourself against Muslim migrant thugs, it is you who will be prosecuted?

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