Monday, April 30, 2018

Day One 2018 Hate Week at UC Irvine

Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine kicked off their annual hate Israel week of events today, and a lot is shrouded in mystery. At this point, only one speaker has been announced for Wednesday night, a non-entity named Anis Zubi from Al Awda, (Right of Return) Orange County.

Today I stopped by the dopey apartheid wall to see what what going on. Two members of the Israeli Reservists on Duty were present making themselves available to the public for questions.

Apparently not making themselves available for questions were the SJP/MSU representatives were were all dressed ominously with Palestinian keffiyas, their faces covered, and holding Palestinian flags. In fact, when I walked up to their table and asked politely a couple of them if they had any events scheduled for this evening, I got no answer. One young man actually shrunk away from me as if I were going to bite him.

"C'mon, I won't bite you," I said repeating my question. Still no answer to my question from the guy or the gal. So I left.

Supposedly, there is some event scheduled for tonight, but it seems the speaker is shrouded in silence-just like the SJP/MSU representatives.

By the way, I did take a picture of a couple of them just to show the reader how they look. In my view, they are not advancing a very positive image of themselves lurking about  with their faces covered. What in the world are students and members of the public to think? I wonder who their faculty adviser is.


John said...

I lived and worked in Israel for a while, long enough to learn the language and make friends
I can understand how Palestinians who were dispossessed feel, but you have to read the history!
There were serious offers of their own State made over the years. Three, maybe four. All rejected. In fact the Hamas Charter makes it clear their goal is to destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea! That's ther goal and they ain't going to settle for anything less no matter how many (other) people have to die, and however long it takes. You can read it in their Charter.
The problem is that Palestine was never a State, Never a kingdom, Never a Republic.
It was a poor run down corner of the Ottoman Empire and the population were mainly peasant farmers and journeymen.
Only when the Jews began buying land clearing, draining and improving it did anyone take notice. Then of course the floods of refugees from Holocaust Europe made it a bigger problem.
Now though Jordan and Egypt have signed an "Absence of War" kind of peace treaty and even Saudi Arabia is making noises of cosying up to Israel.. People are getting sick of the endless violence and rhetoric coming from militant Islam. Many Muslims are questioning their beliefs and even turning to other faiths, principally Christianity.
These guys you have in the US have nothing to offer America. They want to export the same terror and chaos they escaped from and set it all up again in your great country; Shari'a Law included. They make life tough for the Muslims who came to the US and Europe with no other agenda than to get a better life with better opportunities for themselves and their children.
These militants will stir things up so that eventually America will resemble Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan and your people will lose all freedom, culture and progress.
That's what these guys want and your POTUS very sensibly wants to stop them.

Gary Fouse said...

Exactly right, John. Please comment on the UK problem, which seems to be centered around Pakistani Muslims.

Squid said...

I have to agree with you John, just as Gary did. The goal of the so called Palestinians is to create chaos and Sharia. Their tactics will fail them in America. I also agree with the statement that the majority of Muslims just want to exist in peace, in America. Irvine has a relatively large population of peaceful Muslims wanting to make a peaceful and prosperous living in our land of opportunity. They live in my neighborhood and are friends. The UCI, MSU are not like these folks and want to stir up hatred and spew falsehoods about Israel.


John said...

Sorry Gary, didn't see your request 'til today.
First thing to point out is that most Muslims in Britain are law abiding citizens, many of whom have non Muslim friends and might be described as either nominal in their faith (like many who would call themselves Christians but have no regular affiliation with a church)

As numbers have grown so have the numbers of inciters and plotters bent on causing maximum disruption and intimidation through terror attacks.
Then there are the cultural differences which I think you're referring to..
NOT ALL Muslims approve of this behaviour, but you have to remember that loyalty to the faith and the community is very powerful.

I guess the problem is that the Qu'ran and other books do condone the subjugation and rape of non Muslim women and girls as part of Jihad; so it is difficult for the majority to condemn it outright (although a few do).. Anyway there are sources which make it clear that the purpose of this horrific gang raping of young girls is not just the sex; it's also to instil fear and intimidation leading to eventual subjugation. This is happening all over Europe to a greater or lesser degree. I think here in the UK the tide will/is beginning to turn and people will demand our government take more drastic steps to deal with the problem. Currently however it is hamstrung by multiculturalism, political correctness (which I think had its birth in your country!), and three main principles brought into law by Tony Blair's government: "Equality/ Inclusion /Diversity."
(You have to remember that up to the 1950s our country was a homogeneous society of ethnic white Britons (England/Ireland/Scotland and Wales. Multiculturalism is still a very new thing to people of my generation.)
You Americans aren't as far down the road as we are, but the reports I read from US sources tell a similar strategy. Once key people start getting into local councils, local and State government you will be facing similar dilemmas. I hope your President comes up with a workable strategy before it's too late. His private life may be a mess but he's done more for your nation than anyone since Ronald Reagan..

Gary Fouse said...


One thing I always try to do is not condemn all Muslims. That would be wrong. At the same time, we have to recognize the threat. My feeling is that pure Islamic doctrine is dangerous. That many Muslims remain secular and ignore the calls to violence and hate is commendable, but I think too few are really ready to speak out and question these doctrines rather than say that Islam is misunderstood or misinterpreted by the bad guys. The Koran and the hadith are pretty clear once you align them with the life of Mohammad himself. The West needs a safe distance from Islam. That requires a change in our immigration policies. Yes, many innocent Muslims would be penalized but the safety of our citizens is paramount.