Monday, April 9, 2018

The Last Two Car Attacks in Germany

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

In the past several days, the  German cities of Wurzburg and Muenster have suffered driver attacks by men described as mentally ill. In the Muenster attack, two people were killed when a van drove into an outdoor patio restaurant. The driver shot himself dead. Fortunately there were no deaths in Wurzburg, only four injured.

The German driver in Muenster was identified only as Jens R. a middle-aged man with mental problems. Previous reports giving his name as Handeln appear to be a result of mistranslations by foreign news sources mistaking the word, "handeln" after Jens R. as being his family name.

In both cases, no motive has been ascribed and police state there is no Islamic terrorist connection.

As of yesterday, I have been unable to find additional information as to the driver in Wurzburg only that he is supposedly a mentally ill German citizen.

For some strange reason, it seems Germany has a lot of mentally ill people given how attackers are almost immediately described as such. Of course, anybody who deliberately drives a vehicle into a crowd is probably mentally ill.

But just as we were about to close the books on these two incidents as not being Islamic, Hungarian and Rumanian news outlets have claimed that the Muenster driver is a Muslim Kurd.

Stay tuned The Muenster attack is still open to question as to the identity of the driver.

Update:  German authorities have now identified the man as Jens Ruther, 48, a furniture designer who reportedly left a suicide note.

In addition, Ruther was a heavy metal fan who reportedly had attended a concert at the Bataclan in Paris prior to the terrorist attack and was deeply affected.

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