Saturday, December 19, 2015

Obscene Misuse of the Yellow Star

Hat tip JJ and Washington Free Beacon

At the University of San Diego, Muslim students and their stooges have hijacked the yellow star Jews were forced to wear under Nazi rule to make their own point about Islamophobia.

This is obscene. The horrors that were visited on the Jews in Europe are not being inflicted upon Muslims. In fact, thanks to Muslims in Europe, Jews are getting out before they have to don stars again.

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Squid said...

This obscene misuse of the Yellow Star will get no other coverage by the MSM, because critical analysis of Islamist acts are not to be taken, due to political correctness. Ask the question: What if the Armenians would create a yellow crescent moon armband that had a cross inside the crescent, to signify the genocide commented by the Ottomans, on the Armenians. No doubt that Loretta Lynch would call this a hate crime against Muslims and prosecute the protesters.