Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Tri-Partite Pigs and Hatem Bazian

"The conditions in today's America and the world resemble what MLK described in "The Three Evils of Society" speech in 1967."
-Hatem Bazian

There was a time not long ago when America was blessed with the arrival of immigrants, people coming here to seek a better life and longing to be part of America-to be Americans. They were grateful for the opportunity and freedom that America afforded them, and we in turn have benefited from their presence. They were overwhelmingly hard-working people who adopted our values and gradually assimilated into our culture.

Over the past several years, however, while millions more have continued to fit into that mold, we have unfortunately seen something go awry in our immigration patterns. Millions have come here illegally, mostly out of desperate economic circumstances in Mexico and Central America, but even most of them have found jobs and otherwise stayed out of trouble. To be sure, there is a percentage who have come for the wrong reasons because America can also be the Land of Opportunity for criminals, gangs and drug traffickers.

But imagine another category of immigrants. These are people who came here to enjoy a better life, but who, at the same time, have no respect for our country or our values and consider us to be a racist and imperialistic entity that has caused most of the problems of the world. It certainly leads one to wonder why they come to live here.

Consider University of California professor Hatem Bazian, who came to the US from the West Bank to study in college. He got his advanced degrees here and today is a professor at UC Berkeley, from which he launches his campaigns against Israel and something he calls Islamophobia. Bazian apparently thinks the world is out to get Muslims and that includes right there in the US. Several years ago, while speaking in front of a college audience, he said he was "angry" and called for an intifada-not in Israel-rather right here in America.

No, thank you.

He also seems to think that  Americans (at least white Americans) are a bunch of redneck racists. At least that's the flavor you get from his latest screed for something called The Daily Sabah.  Here Bazian tries to show off his knowledge of the days of Martin Luther King, something he must have learned from the history books because he sure wasn't around to see it here when it was happening. Here he writes a silly and nonsensical article about "Tri-Partite problems", America's "three evils", or what have you.

"The time is right to ask the question whether the current wars ravaging the world, obscene militarism, racism and Islamophobia are reflective of the highest human values? If the answer is no, then why the silence!"

How about the obscene wars and actions of Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hizbollah, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, and ISIS? How about the obscene beheadings? How about the obscene persecution of non-Muslim minorities in practically every Muslim-majority nation of Earth including murder, church burnings, rapes, and forced conversions to Islam? How about the obscene calls for hate and murder coming out of mosques around the world-including in Europe and the US? How about the obscene acts of violence and murder against Jews in Europe? How about the obscene terror attacks against innocent Israeli civilians? Remember the massacre of the Fogel family in Israel a few years back which included a months-old infant in its crib having its neck slashed? That was obscene. It was also obscene to watch Palestinians dancing in the streets to celebrate the foul deed, just as they danced in the streets on 9-11. That was also obscene. How about the obscene predictions of Islam dominating the world and subjugating all other religions?

You know what is also obscene? Obscene is pseudo-intellectual ingrates like Bazian coming to this country, calling it his own, and insulting it and its people. Bazian apparently also has little use for capitalism notwithstanding the fact that it is precisely our economic system that made America the greatest economic power in the world and lifted millions upon millions out of poverty. 

This character has no clue about how this country has changed from the time of MLK to now. His fixation on "White Supremacy" is based on something that no longer exists in America aside from a small fringe element that counts for nothing.  I assume Bazian comes from a society that cannot appreciate a people recognizing injustice and working to correct it. Bazian may think this is the same America in which Dr King lived and died, but I can assure him it is not because I have lived through these times. Where was he? Not even old enough to pick up a history book. Yet he has the audacity to write jibberish about "tri-partite" problems because we support Israel and refuse to buckle under to the Islamo-Nazis who plague the world. 

So a belated welcome to the US, Mr Bazian. Just remember: We do have running toilets here. Our living room is not your toilet.

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