Friday, May 30, 2014

The Videotape Issue at UC Irvine: More Letters

Below is the text of an e-mail I sent on May 27 to the offices of Students Affairs and 
Event Services in regards to the issue of videotaping public events on campus. The contents 
are self-explanatory.
Dear Dean Dormitorio/Director Murren, 
I am writing to you on the advice of UCIPD Lt. Joseph Reiss and in regards to an 
an incident which occurred on campus May 1, in which I and another person were 
prevented from videotaping a public event by campus police upon the request of 
the UCI Muslim Student Union. The details are contained in the below letter, 
which I wrote to Dean of Students Rameen Talesh.
Subsequent to the receipt of the referenced letter, Dean Talesh passed the issue 
on to the UCIPD. On May 12, I met with Lt Reiss, who advised me that UCI policy 
on videotaping was unchanged since it was announced in 2007 that such 
videotaping at public events was permitted. He apologized to me for the 
erroneous action of the officers involved. Lt Reiss also advised me that a 
training bulletin would be sent out department wide to that effect, a copy of 
which I have requested. I also suggested at that time and am suggesting to you 
now that in the future any and all campus organizations be made aware that 
videotaping of public events is permitted and that a sign be posted at these 
events to that effect  in order to prevent any misunderstandings or increased 
tension at these events, many of which have enough tension as it is. 
Ultimately, this should not even be an issue of any particular university's 
policy. I see it as a matter of law involving the First Amendment. These are 
public events on public university campuses involving political speech on 
matters of public interest. The right to videotape a speaker should apply on any 
public campus venue. 
Thank you for your attention. 
Gary Fouse 
Adj teacher 
English Certificate Programs for Internationals 
As yet, I have not received a response. 

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