Monday, May 9, 2011

Day One at UC-Irvine Anti-Israel Hate Fest-Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

UC Irvine's anti-Israel hate fest kicked off today with a talk by Neturei Karta rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, a crackpot who believes that under the Jewish religion, there should be no Jewish state called Israel. This guy is a real piece of work. To make matters worse, he is a friend of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Islamic regime in Iran, which he claims is not anti-Semitic and protects its Jewish population.

First of all, this clown arrived 30 minutes late. That posed a problem since the Muslim Student Union only had the speaking area and microphone reserved for one hour. Then the guy coudn't stop talking about whatever he was talking about. He talked about how the Muslim friends and protectors of the Jews had showed them such great hospitality all those past centuries. He blasted the Zionists. He said something about Zionism causing Hitler to launch the Holocaust. He talked and talked until they practically dragged him away from the podium.


The guy is a flake.

As usual, I got the first question. In fact, his answers are so long that only I and a young Jewish lad were able to ask our questions. I want to mention that the Jewish student asked him why he (the questioner) would not be able to go to Heaven because he didn't follow the rabbi's vision of Judaism. What he got was a long diatribe.

To be honest, my question was not really a question. (I hope to get the video to post later.) I reminded him that he had attended the 2001 Durban conference on racism, which, in reality,. was a one-sided lynching of Israel. I reminded him that he had attended the so-called Holocaust Inquiry in Iran in 2006-adding that I was fully aware he had insisted the Holocaust had actually happened. I also reminded him that he had spoken in defrense of Iran and the regime on May 1st in New York, and that he had claimed Ahmadinejad was a nice guy, a liberal reformer, not anti-Semitic and was protecting Jews in  Iran. I Added that Baha'i and gays were not receiving such protection-that gays were being hanged and Baha'i were subjkect to persecution, specifically, arrests, rape, murder and hanging. I told him that he sounded like a modern-day Kapo* and that at least the Kapos were trying to save their own lives. I also told him that in siding with the Iranian regime, he was, in my mind, a traitor to his own country (the USA).

So Weiss went off on another long speech about how everyone who came to South Africa in 2001 had the chance to lodge their complaints about racism,  that I wasn't there, and was wrong to call it a "farce". As for Iran, he defended the regime because they stood up to condemn Israel and that the statements of Ahmadinejad promising to wipe Israel off the face of the map were "misinterpreted." He talked about how the Zionists were vilifying Iran, at which point I said "forget about the Zionists, I was vilifying Iran". He droned on about Israel and Zionism until the MSU student moderator mercifully called for the next question. In closing I noted that Weiss had not responded to my comments about the Baha'i and homosexuals in Iran

How could he?

As I write, this quack is speaking again at UCI in the evening. I am taking a pass. Who can listen to this yahoo speak twice in one day? I doubt if even the MSU kids can take another round with Rabbi Weiss.

By the way; after Weiss, a local orthodox rabbi by the name of Lee Weissman was supposed to speak in response to Weiss. He couldn't even get anybody to come and listen to him. This guy is another flake who is palsy-walsy with the MSU.

Day One in the books.

* Kapo- At Auschwitz and other death camps, Germans used Jewish prisoners to do the dirty work of helping lead Jews into the gas chambers and dispose of their bodies. Usually, after a month of this labor, they themselves were gassed.


Donald Douglas said...

I'll post video at my place, so let me know when you have it ...

fullerton taxpayer said...

Gary says "I reminded him that he had attended the 2001 Durban conference on racism, which, in reality,. was a one-sided lynching of Israel.s " Let me remind Gary and anyone who reads this blog that not only did flaky Weiss attend this hate Israel fest, but Orange county's very own tax funded Orange county Human Relations executive director Rusty Kennedy proudly attended this same hate fest held a week before the 9/11 attacks. and who did Kennedy honor for humanitarian good works? why imam siddiqi who can be heard on youtube promising allah's retribution nfor US foreign policies that support Israel. When Kennedy composes his annual hate crime stats, he may use his own hate crime acts a part of his stats

Gary Fouse said...

10-4 Don.

Gary Fouse said...


You are absolutely correct. Kennedy needs all the stats he can muster up in OC.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

The man is a sincere ultra-Orthodox Jew. He just takes his rigid fundamentalism to a length that most Jews wouldn't, and probably shouldn't, follow. He is ethereally above the political questions into which he intrudes. It is sort of like asking which side God is on in any given war. No, he doesn't make sense, but he doesn't even fit a frame of reference where it makes sense to critique him.

Gary Fouse said...


He is an apologist for Ahmadinejad and the regime in Iran that shoots its protesters, persecutes it's Baha'i and hangs it Homosexuals. Where does he get that from? The guy is a crackpot.

Anonymous said...

Dopes like this guy are brought in so the MSU can claim they are not anti-semitic.

The MSU will now claim real Jews do not think Israel should exist. I wonder if they sincerely believe this is what many Jews in the US believe or they know they are just playing a silly propoganda game that no one really cares about.

I don't see how bringing in a nut like him to speak on the campus helps Palestinians, not do I see how it educates anyone. Nor do I see how it leads anyone to see that the two state solution is the best solution to end the conflict.

Thanks for the update for the week. So far it sounds like a waste of time.

Gary Fouse said...


Yes in a sense it is a waste of time. For me it isn't because I want to report to the public what is happening and being said on our university campus. Public awareness is the key. Our universities are in great need of reform so that students can truly be exposed to different sides of the argument.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you reporting what is going on at the campus.

I meant it is a waste of time for everyone when the MSU brings guys like this on the campus.

He represents a tiny percentage of Jews and has nothing to offer. He has no new or interesting ideas to discuss.

Findalis said...

Next time you could ask him why his wife declared that he abandoned her and their children so she can receive welfare payments.

Remind him that both the Torah and Talmud frown upon Dead Beat Dads.

That should get his juices flowing!

Miggie said...

Weiss gives the false impression with his costumes and bible references that he is "Orthodox" or extremely religious. Actually he is leader of an unhinged fringe group that widely reviled in mainstream Judaism.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Findalis, what about the dependence of the Hassidic community in New York on public assistance funds, due to the large size of their families and the limited family income? The Torah may frown on it, but plenty of Orthodox Jewish families rely on public assistance, especially since daddy is supposed to spend all day at home studying the Torah.

Now, having mentioned that stereotype, which like most stereotypes has its case in point examples, in all fairness I should note that I know a very learned Talmudic scholar who holds down a full time job AND devotes the rest of his time to Talmudic studies, AND his family.

All generalizations are wrong, including this one.

Weiss is naturally welcomed by enemies of Israel, for the same reason that anti-evolutionists love to flaunt their dubious Ph.D adherents, and Darwinians love to flaunt the Doctors of Divinity who are on their side.

Cf. Republicans for Obama, Democrats for McCain-Palin, Democrats for Nixon, Republicans for Johnson-Humphrey...

Findalis said...

The Hassidic Community is living off of welfare in strict disregard of Jewish Law.

One of Judaism's greatest teachers worked as a doctor of medicine by day, a Torah scholar by night. His name: Maimonides

Mention that about him and Hassidim have a fit.

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention that the MSU actually announced beforehand that they recognized that the NK represented an extremee minority view and did not represent Judaism or Jews as a whole. An introduction that Rabbi Weiss didn't like but they persisted with it in the second talk as well because it was the right thing to do. Give credit where credit is due.

Gary Fouse said...

I recall something like that being said. I did not attend the second event. There is only so much one can stand from that clown.

Frankly, I don't see the relevance.