Tuesday, June 19, 2007

John McCain for President?

I feel a touch a sadness about John McCain-and a touch of anger. Sadness because I have so much respect for his military experience. Here is a man who served as a combat pilot in the Viet Nam War and spent several years as a POW undergoing torture during his captivity. I also respect his stand on the Iraq War and the War on Terror in general. In the 2000 primaries, I voted for him believing he was far superior to George W. Bush. I even took the (unique for me) step of going to see one of his appearances in California- he didn't show. Unfortunately, where John McCain has lost me is his partnership with Ted Kennedy in trying to gain amnesty for illegal aliens.

I don't know exactly what is motivating McCain on this issue. Being from Arizona, he must know of the chaos that reigns along that state's border with Mexico, where most illegal aliens make their crossing. I still believe he is motivated by principle and his personal beliefs. It may well be that McCain (like Bush) feels genuine sympathy for the plight of the illegals (so do I). However, the good of the United States comes first. It is Mexico's duty to conduct reforms, not ours.

Another thing that strikes me about McCain is the nagging feeling that his time has passed, both politically and chronologically. When I look at him on TV, I see a tired old man-and he is reaching that age, you know. He just doesn't seem to have the energy that will be required of any president from now on. This is a job that can age any man (OK, or woman). Does he really have it in him to go through an exhausting campaign that has more than a year to go-then run the country in this crazy day and age? I just don't think so.

But more than anything, McCain has alienated what was once his base (just as many Republicans are doing). There is genuine anger and frustration out there being directed by conservatives toward Republican incumbants. McCain is one of the leading targets of their wrath, and I have to admit that he has earned it. When it comes to illegal immigration and border security, he, along with so many of his cohorts in Congress, are really screwing us.

If McCain, by some miracle gets the nomination, he will get my vote in the general election. However, I personally feel that his campaign for nomination is dead-and he just doesn't know it yet.

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