Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Israel and the Palestinians- The killing in Gaza

Gaza-Nation-building in Action

I have written recently on the periodic anti-Israel festivals conducted by the Muslim Student Union (MSU) at the University of California at Irvine (UCI) where I teach part-time. These events focus on how the Israelis are mistreating the Palestinian people and call for the overthrow and destruction of Israel. They are also characterized by oratorical attacks against Jews and America by radical Islamic spokespersons who preach a message of hate (specifically, Amir Abdel Malik Ali and Abdel Alim Musa).

Recent events in Gaza have raised interesting questions. Now that we have the spectacle of Palestinians allied with Hamas and Palestinians allied with Fatah killing each other, what does this say about the ability of Palestinians to run a nation? Next question: Why should the American taxpayer continue top pour money down a rat hole by sending millions to the Palestinian authority? I guess that our government has decided that Fatah represent "the good guys", while Hamas, which continues to call for the destruction of Israel, are the "bad guys". Some observers say there is little difference between the two.

Never to be irrelevant, our former president, Jimmy Carter has now called the refusal of the Bush adminstration to treat Hamas equally as Fatah as "criminal". Carter (the eternal peacemaker) referred to Hamas' victory over Fatah in the streets of Gaza (where they reportedly executed their victims in the street) as showing that they were "superior in terms of organization." I'll say!

But isn't it ironic that as I write this piece, hundreds of Palestinians are attempting to cross into Israel from Gaza in a desperate attempt to escape the killing? Maybe this suggests that Palestinians are victims, not of Israel, but of their own leaders going back to the corrupt terrorist (and that is what he was), Yassir Arafat. Maybe the Palestinians should ask themselves what the terrorists, like Arafat, Hamas and Hizbollah have done to improve their lives. What have the neighboring Arab countries done to improve their lives?

As long as Palestinians put their eggs into the basket of terrorists, their lives will continue to be miserable, and they will be used as pawns by those who profess to be their champions.

The American government under several administrations has tried to achieve some sort of even-handed approach to this problem and find a solution that would be good both for Israel and the Palestinians. But to me, it seems hard to accept that there very many Palestinian elements that are friendly to us and really want a peaceful solution. By the way, weren't Palestinians dancing in the streets on 9-11?

Final thought, which is directed to messrs. Malik Ali and Alim Musa: What do you think of all those Palestinians begging for entry into Israel? Hmm.......?

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