Monday, June 18, 2007

Barack Obama for president? Slow down!

I am still trying to figure out what makes Barack Obama such a serious candidate for president. Granted, he has charisma. So does Angelina Jolie. He is good looking. So is Tom Cruise. Of course, Obama combines both features and is also a very good public speaker. He appeals across racial lines (which any candidate must do). But let us not forget that Obama, who was an insignificant Illinois state legislator prior to becoming a US Senator, is still serving his first term in that position. He burst on the national scene at the Democratic Convention in 2004 with an impressive speech (in terms of presentation- I don't remember what he said). So now he is running for president. While it would tickle me pink to see him steal the nomination away from Hillary "Mirror, mirror on the wall........" Clinton, I just don't see what is there on his resume to recommend him for the top job.Aside from his lack of presidential credentials, is there anyone out there outside of Chicago that knows that he has been implicated in a questionable financial relationship with indicted organized crime figure, Tony Rezko? This has been long reported by the Chicago Sun Times, but seems to be ignored by other mainstream news outlets. It seems that Obama received a sweetheart deal on the purchase of a Chicago home next door to property owned by Rezko. I don't know enough details to even imply that Obama did anything illegal, but it would be nice to see the national news media devote some attention to the question. Maybe if his poll numbers rise, the Clinton camp will start harping on it. That's their style, you know.A large part of Obama's appeal is that he is seen as non-threatening to white voters, as opposed to say, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, something that may explain the coolness that Sharpton has shown to Obama's candidacy-just in case Al decides to jump into the race again. Many are predicting that when the inevitable happens and Hillary wins the nomination, she will pick Obama as her running mate creating a ticket that some say would be unbeatable.No question that we are fast approaching the day when we will have a woman or minority in the White House, and as long as it is the right person, I think America is ready for that day. I just think that there has to be more than just charisma involved before we rush to elect someone like Obama that we really know so little about.

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