Monday, January 30, 2023

One Wednesday in Spain and Germany

This article first appeared in New English Review. 

Wednesday, January 25th, was a really dark day in Europe, specifically in Spain and Germany. In Spain, the secretary general of the conservative VOX party (which opposes unrestricted migration into the country), Ignacio Garriga, was speaking in the Catalonian legislature, of which he is a member. He was repeatedly interrupted by the lady presiding over the session for reportedly correlating immigration with crime. She repeatedly demanded that he retract his words.

Another example of free speech in "democratic" Europe!

The lady may well want to retract her own words. That same evening, in the southern Spanish town of Algeciras, a 25-year-Moroccan man, armed with a machete, attacked 2 churches, killing a sexton in one and gravely injuring a priest in another before being arrested by police. As you can well imagine, the attacker, who was verbally admonishing bystanders to convert to Islam, was in the country illegally and was under a deportation order Why was this man even in the country to begin with? 

The same day, a stateless Palestinian "refugee" attacked passengers on a train between Kiel and Hamburg, killing two, a 17-year-old girl and a 19-year-old male, and injuring seven others. The man was arrested when the train stopped at a small community along the route. The man had been in Germany since 2014, living on government assistance since 2016, and had an extensive record of assaults and sexual offenses. In fact, he had just been released from custody days before the attack. Why was this man still in Germany? The official explanation is that there was no country to send him to.

And don't think that these were the only two violent incidents in Europe committed by these so-called "refugees" and "asylum-seekers", overwhelmingly young men who arrived unaccompanied from the Middle East, North Africa, Somalia, and Afghanistan. The nations of France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands have all been hit hard by this wave of migrant crime. For years, mostly Pakistani grooming and rape gangs have been operating in the UK for years, protected by police who were too afraid to arrest them lest they be accused of racism and Islamophobia. In the Netherlands, it's the Moroccan Maffia (with two f's) who control the drug trade and carry out assassinations. In Sweden, rival immigrant gangs shoot and bomb each other on a daily basis. The country is the virtual European capital when it comes to shootings, bombings, and rapes. Jews are emigrating in droves due to the anti-Semitic violence committed against them not by native Swedes, but by Muslim immigrants. Jews in France are also emigrating for the same reason as that country also deals with some type of murderous attack almost on a weekly basis. That includes attacks on churches and killings of priests and parishioners, much like what occurred this week in Algeciras. Tiny Belgium is the home of the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek, a nest of radicals and terrorists who not only carried out the deadly Brussels attacks on March 22, 2016, but the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015, at multiple sites that left 130 dead. 

I could go on and on, but what stands out about January 25, is the irony, not just the deadly attacks in two different countries, but coupled with the admonition in the Catalonian legislature the same day not to link immigration in Europe with crime.

As an American married to an immigrant, I should add that we have our own problems with an immigration system that has gone off the rails, a problem our current government-like Western European governments- refuses to confront. While our southwestern border is a dangerous mess, now controlled by cartels instead of our Border Patrol, thousands more keep pouring into Europe every day from the above-mentioned regions. People are dying at the hands of too many of these young men. Make no mistake: It is the European political leadership, including the EU, that has blood on its hands. The fact of the matter is that in Western Europe, there is a definite correlation between immigration (which is actually an invasion) and crime. I know from my own experience of having lived in Europe (Italy and Germany) that there are many decent immigrants in Europe. They have to pay the price for those who have arrived more recently, refused to assimilate, and have nothing but contempt for the societies that have taken them in. Europe could have had its workforce and its diversity had they simply chosen wisely and controlled who they would admit and who would assimilate and contribute. Instead, they chose this.

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