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Germany: Two Dead in Stabbing Attack on German Train

"Wir schaffen dass" (We can do this)

Once again, it has happened somewhere in Europe. Today, on a train between the German cities of Kiel and Hamburg, a stateless Palestinian man went on a stabbing rampage. As a result, two people are dead and seven others injured. The man has reportedly been in Germany since 2014 and living on government assistance. He has a record of sexual and violent assaults and had been in police custody up until a week ago. This is another example of how former Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German government have the blood of innocents on their hands.

In the interest of time, we have translated the first four paragraphs of today's article from WELT. This will be updated.

*Update: (Jan 26) The two deceased victims are identified only as a 17-year-old girl and a 19-year-old male. Two young lives cut short. Two victims sacrificed on the altar of Angela Merkel's insane asylum policy, which is being continued by her successor as chancellor, Olaf Scholz, with the assistance of all the liberals in the German government. And make no mistake, more will die, not just in Germany, but all the other Western European nations whose governments pursue the same policies.


Two dead in knife attack- Suspect had been in custody week before

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A man has attacked passengers on a train with a knife. Two people have been killed and there are several injured. The suspect was arrested. According to WELT's information, he had just been released from custody a week ago.

In a knife attack on a regional train from Kiel to Hamburg Wednesday, two people have been killed and seven others injured. The alleged perpetrator was arrested. He was taken to a hospital with medium-level injuries, a spokesperson of the Federal Police told WELT. Three people were seriously injured, four others lightly injured.

According to Schleswig-Holstein's Interior Minister, Sabine Suetterlin-Waack (CDU), he is a stateless Palestinian man. According to WELT's information, the man is 33 years old. Ibrahim A. reportedly came to Germany in 2014, living first in North Rhine-Westphalia, then in Schleswig-Holstein, and received subsidiary protection in 2016. The man reportedly has come into contact with police on several occasions due to sexual and violent crimes, and until a week ago was in police custody.

After an initial assessment by security officials, there appears to be no (further) threat. He reportedly appeared very confused when arrested.


*Update: Here is the remainder of our translation of the WELT article.

What is known about the course of events

The suspect reportedly attacked travelers with a knife shortly before 3 pm before the arrival at the Brokstedt train station (Steinburg district). It is also reported that the police received several calls from passengers. Upon notification, the train was stopped.

The incident then shifted to the platform, the Federal Police reported to WELT. The State Police, with the assistance of courageous first responders, arrested (the suspect).

A woman from Bad Bramstedt was waiting for her daughter a few meters from the train station. The 18-year-old student was on the train returning from the university in Kiel. "She saw a man four rows in front of her stabbing someone," said the mother to the news agency DPA. At the time, she still could not speak to her daughter, only (text), the woman said. She was still waiting to give a statement to the police. The young woman was not injured. "But I believe, she is doing badly. What kind of people do this?" said the mother.

The train station was closed for police measures. Brokstedt is a small community on the train line between Elmshorn and Neumeunster.

Schleswig-Holstein's interior minister: "Appalling act"

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Fraser (SPD) called the knife attack "shocking news". "All of our thoughts are with the victims of this terrible act and their families," she wrote on Twitter. "The background of the crime is now being (investigated at the highest priority)".

"We are completely shocked and appalled that this happened," said Schleswig-Holstein's interior minister, Suetterlin-Waack. The minister got the news in the state parliament and consulted with State President Daniel Guenther (also CDU). "For me, it is clear that this appalling act is directed against all humanity," she added.

Her thoughts "are with the families and relatives of the victims," explained Suetterlin-Waack. She wishes the injured a speedy recovery. She thanked the police, who arrested the perpetrator, and all the rescue personnel.

State President Guenther spoke of a terrible and senseless act. "Schleswig-Holstein mourns- this is a terrible day," said Guenther. He is thinking of everyone who mourns and fears for the injured. "With deep sadness and shock, I myself received this news this afternoon." His thoughts and prayers are for the people and the relatives. Guenther thanked the operational personnel for their work and also those who cared for the passengers and witnesses on the train, as well as the injured.

According to the transportation minister, Claus Ruhe Madsen (no party affiliation), there has never been a similar serious, crime of violence on a train in Schleswig-Holstein. Madsen and the managing director of the transportation association, Nah. SH, Arne Beck, stated that their thoughts are with those impacted and their relatives. They wished the injured a speedy recovery. "Now we hope for a quick resolution by the police," Beck said according to the announcement.

As the German Railways announced, there are cancellations between Flensburg and Hamburg, as well as Kiel and Hamburg. The route between Wrist and Brokstedt is currently closed. The German Railways announced this evening, "To the relatives of the victims, our deepest condolences. To the injured, we wish a quick and complete recovery".

Knife attacks  on trains and in train stations

Already on some occasions, armed and violent perpetrators have attacked people on trains or in German train stations. In a knife attack near Herzogenrath (North Rhein-Westfalen) in May 2022, on a regional train, four passengers suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Several passengers overpowered the perpetrator from Iraq. There were no indications of terrorism or radicalization. In January 2023, the State Court in Aachen ordered the 35-year-old to be placed in a psychiatric hospital.

On an ICE train between Regensburg and Nuremberg, in November 2021, a 27-year-old injured 4 men with a knife, some seriously. In December 2022 the Syrian-raised, Palestinian perpetrator was sentenced to 14 years in prison. The court found a radical-Islamist background. The defense lodged an appeal.

On an ICE train near Aschaffenburg, a 43-year-old injured a fellow passenger with a knife to the throat. Police and army soldiers overpowered the heavily drunk attacker. In November 2017, the State Court in Aschaffenburg sentenced the Dutch citizen to 8 years in prison. There were no indications of a terrorist background.

On a regional train near Wurzburg in 2016, a 17-year-old attacked passengers with an ax and a knife and injured four of them. While fleeing, he further attacked a passerby. Police shot the Afghan refugee, who in a video, had described himself as a fighter for the Islamic State terror militia.

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