Thursday, November 24, 2022

Despicable Al Jazeera

 I am cross-posting an article by the blog, Elder of Ziyon, which calls attention to a disgusting article by the Qatar-based Al Jazeera written in praise of a Palestinian terrorist who went on a stabbing and car-ramming attack that killed three Israelis in the West Bank on November 15.

Qatar is drawing a lot of deserved scrutiny these days as it hosts the World Cup. People are rightly pointing out the country's lousy human rights record, its support for terror organizations, how it bribed the corrupt FIFA in order to host the World Cup, and its treatment of foreign workers who labored in 100-degree + heat to construct 9 huge stadiums to prepare for the Cup. Overbearing restrictions and harassment of Israeli journalists by Palestinian-supporting fans have only contributed to the toxic atmosphere surrounding these games. 

And then there is Al Jazeera, Qatar's government-supported news organ, Al Jazeera, has labored hard over the past few years to sell itself as a legitimate news organ, not only in the Arab world but the non-Arabic speaking world as well. In that regard, they employ an army of Western academics and writers who share Qatar's worldview and hatred of Israel.

Such writers and academics should look themselves in the mirror after seeing what Al Jazeera has published about this terror strike in Israel. They know who they are.

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