Thursday, July 1, 2021

Boston: Rabbi Stabbed

Hat tip Daily Caller and Jihad Watch

Today, a Boston rabbi was accosted on the street by a man with a gun who tried to order him into a car. When the rabbi resisted, the attacker stabbed the rabbi multiple times. Fortunately, the injuries are not life-threatening.

Of course, just like in Europe, our media is loathe to identify the suspect, who if you go to conservative sites, you will learn that he was described as Arab or Middle Eastern. A suspect has been arrested, but as yet, the name has not been released. Since, unlike Europe, this is public record, we expect that the name will be released shortly.

Naturally, nobody as yet "knows the motive".  I'll take that one, Boys. It was Jew-hatred. Whether there was a jihadist element involved, I will await more facts.

*Update: Suspect is reportedly identified as Khaled Awad (24).

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