Friday, July 23, 2021

Netherlands: Who Are the Real Gay-Bashers in Amsterdam?

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard. Translation by Fousesquawk.

A new study has just been released. Commissioned by an Amsterdam politician from the Green-Left party, it concludes that much of the gay-bashing occurring today in Amsterdam is coming from immigrants, particularly Moroccans. This flies in the face of the Green-Left Amsterdam mayor, Femke Halsema's claim last year that the problem was coming from a wide variety of groups.

The below article from the conservative news outlet, Dagelijkse Standaard is translated by Fousesquawk. Note that the penultimate paragraph, for some reason, is an unrelated appeal for donations to DS, so it is not translated.

Green-Left alderman Groot Wassink has an investigation done into homo-hate: "The Amsterdam homo-hater is often an immigrant."

by Bart Reijmerink 20 July 2021

Victims of homo-discrimination in Amsterdam state that the perpetrators often have a non-Dutch background. Those are the findings contained in the report, "Action Investigation Anti-Discrimination LHBTIQ+", which was created by Green-Left alderman Groot Wassink. Of all people, a Green-Left member now has to reluctantly recognize that homo-hate in Amsterdam often comes from a "non-Dutch background" quarter.
The party that always would rather sweep the defective and problematic integration of certain population groups under the rug now has to recognize that most homo-hate in Amsterdam comes from immigrants. A striking fact: The publication date of this report is February 1, according to De Telegraaf, but the report is only now made public. Perhaps, Green-Left had to process the result of the investigation.
The Amsterdam JA21 (party) member, Annabel Nanninga, could only sneer at Green-Left and other parties who have ignored this problem for years: "From this report, it emerges crystal-clear what Green-Left and the other council parties have stubbornly looked away from for decades: Homo-hate commonly comes from Moroccan boys."
Amsterdam has finally become a victim of its own political correctness, an overwhelming majority of the Amsterdam city council for years was completely left and ruled the city for decades. Meanwhile, the violence against the  LHBTI community only grew, and for years, you could not state the facts without being made into a racist. But with the findings of this report, even the Green-Left has to recognize that the violence in large part comes from certain groups.

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