Thursday, May 13, 2021

Pro-Israel Rally in Irvine

 On May 12, 2021, there was a pro-Israel rally held in Irvine promoted by Stand With Us. Yours  Truly was there and took some pictures and video which are seen below. There were 200-300 people there by my estimation with plenty of American and US flags. Many motorists who passed by honked their horns in support.

After about an hour, no doubt the word spread throughout the area, and the pro-Palestinian hotheads began passing by giving us the finger and shouting obscenities. A handful of young pro-Palestinians walked through the crowd with their keyyifas. For the most part, they were left alone, and a few people engaged them in civil conversation. There were no incidents though one young man who appeared to be in his 20s appeared by the look in his eyes like he was ready to explode any second. He also attracted the attention of security, and they kept a close eye on him.  Fortunately, there were no incidents.

(Above) Lonely pro-Palestinian supporter in his keffiya.

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