Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Oh, the Humanity!!

Felip Dewinter, leader of the conservative Vlaams Belang party, which opposes mass Islamic migration to Belgium, has posted a short video on his Twitter page of "refugees" arriving at Almeria, Spain from North Africa. Instead of the bedraggled women and children, what we see is what we almost always see: Young men in their 20s. In this case, they appear to be healthy, well-dressed, with the latest fashion, and cell phones in their hands.

Translation from Dutch by Fousesquawk:

"Look at the profile of these "refugees" from North Africa who arrived in the past days in Almeria, Spain. All trendily-dressed young guys, sneakers, mod haircuts, mobile phones at the women or children. Do we have to be in solidarity with that?"

May 10, 2021

-Felip Dewinter, Vlaams Belang Party, Belgium

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