Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Support Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Talk at SF Commonwealth Club

On February 11, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Bari Weiss are scheduled to speak at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Predictably, CAIR has written to the Commonwealth Club asking them to cancel the event. 

I am cross-posting the text of an email I received from my friends and colleagues at the Counter Jihad Coalition asking that we write to the Commonwealth Club and urge them not to bend to the pressure. The text goes as follows:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is scheduled to speak at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco Thursday, February 11th.  Once again CAIR is pushing to have this event canceled.  We need to send a short email message to the Club commending them on hosting Ayaan to hear her story.  Ayaan was born in Somalia and fled to the Netherlands.  She now resides in the US.  Here is a short summary of Ayaan put out by the club:

Somali-born Dutch-American politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali has long been an advocate for Islamic reform. As a former Muslim herself, she has publicly denounced forced marriage, honor violence, and female genital mutilation. In her newest book, Prey, Hirsi Ali is asking a new tough question: Is the rise of sexual assault cases in Europe correlated with the mass arrival of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries?

As a refugee herself, Hirsi Ali knows first-hand the struggles of integration and assimilation that are necessary in immigrating to a new nation. Rather than restricting immigration, Hirsi Ali is calling for Europeans to reform their broken system that allows young men to bring sexual violence and marginalization of women from the Muslim world into Europe. This violence isn’t a figment of alt-right propaganda, Hirsi Ali insists, even if neo-Nazis exaggerate it. She says it’s a real problem that Europe—and the world—cannot continue to ignore.

Join us as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and journalist Bari Weiss describe her research in Prey and imagines a new future that protects and advances the rights of women around the world.

And here is a link to the letter CAIR sent to the club asking them to cancel the presentation:


Here are a couple of names of people at the Commonwealth Club we need to send in our favorable and complimentary comments to:


Dr. Gloria C. Duffy, President & Chief Executive Officer


Adam Hirschfelder, Programs Manager


Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s event will be live-streamed.  Go to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco to sign up if you want to see it.


I have already written to the above two persons, and I urge you to do so as well. Please be respectful.


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