Thursday, June 11, 2020

Cornell Campaign Against Law Professor

Earlier today, I posted a report on how a conservative law professor at Cornell University named William Jacobson is under fire for his statements on the riots of recent days.

In these highly charged days, conservative professors who don't follow the politically correct talking points are not under only fire from Maoist students and leftist colleagues, in some cases, their lives are being threatened.

Professor Jacobson did not make racist statements; he criticized the rioting. And for that he is in contradiction to Cornell's values?

I urge you to write to the president of the university and the dean of the law school to voice your concerns for what is happening to Professor Jacobson. Please keep it civil.

Martha E. Pollack
President, Cornell University

Eduardo M. Peñalver
Dean, Cornell School of Law

* Professor Jacobson will appear on the Laura Ingraham Show on Fox tonight at 10:45 Eastern time.

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