Friday, January 24, 2020

George Stephanopoulos Caught on Camera Trying to "Kill" Sekulow Interview

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos was cut on camera making a throat-slash gesture on Thursday.

Whatever the left might think of Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow, they recognize that he is a very smart and very well-spoken man. Sekulov, who is defending Trump in the impeachment hearings, is the chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, which has been enormously successful in getting Obama-era documents ordered released by the courts. Sekulow has argued many times before the Supreme Court and is a Constitutional expert.

So after he came out of the impeachment hearings yesterday to talk to reporters, he, in his typical fashion, explained the President's case to  reporters very effectively. So effectively that ABC's political hack-turned talking head, George Stephanopoulos, decided they needed to cut away from the interview. Thus, George was caught on camera giving the classic "kill it" sign.

It may be funny in a  sense, but in another sense, it isn't so funny. It points to the basic dishonesty of our liberal news media. No doubt, George and ABC will come up with an explanation for this-that he really needed the time to get to his panel of experts etc, etc. But do you really think George would have cut it off had the speaker been some inarticulate clown stumbling around trying to defend Trump, someone saying something the media could claim was full of lies? I don't think so.

This should be seen as a classic example of how the media tries to mould public opinion-not only by what they say and what they show and report, but by what they try to shield from the public view.

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