Friday, January 24, 2020

Blow Up Graf??

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by Miss Piggy

Like me, anyone who has served in the Army in Germany is no doubt familiar with Grafenwöhr ("Graf"), the huge training base for the US Military in Bavaria near the Czech border. As an MP, I had to go there a couple of times a year to support the 4th Armored Division when they went on field manoeuvres. I hated the place with a passion.

Grafenwöhr (the name of the adjacent village) was originally a training ground for the old Kingdom of Bavaria army. Later, during World War II, it was where Rommel's Panzer Korps was trained. The US Army took it over after WW II.

So now it is reported that an unknown Jordanian guy is walking around Germany plotting to blow up Graf and other US Army sites. Of course, that would be no easy task since Graf is huge, wide-spread. It has its basic base facilities, but the rest consists of tank trails, artillery ranges, and other wide-open spaces.

Of course, trying to find one Jordanian guy in Germany among the millions of Angela's kids roaming around the country is no easy task. I suggest they assign Angela Merkel the job of finding the guy.

Maybe that's him.

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