Tuesday, September 3, 2019

SFSU Continues to Shield Rabab Abdulhadi

Hat tip Amcha Initiative

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As always, it's nothing but fun and hijinks coming out of San Francisco, especially from what passes as its university, San Francisco State. For the past several years, that institution has been dragged through the mud thanks to a professor named Rabab Abdulhadi, who washed up on our shores some years back from the West Bank. Together with her proteges, the General Union of Palestinian Students, a motley crew that sits around all day fantasizing about killing Israeli soldiers, Abdulhadi has used her position as a professor and her department to promote the Palestinian cause. She, of course, is entitled to her opinions, but when she uses the letterhead and seal of her employer, she has crossed the line. In other words, it should be not be the business of SFSU-a state institution- to be promoting a particular point of view. Of course, that is lost on SFSU. In the latest round of letters going back and forth between SFSU and those who point out the impropriety of Abdulhadi using SFSU's name and letterheads to promote her cause, the university takes the position that the Facebook page of Abdulhadi's department, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diaspora Studies (AMED), has nothing to do with the university!!!

If AMED's Facebook page is unaffiliated with the university, then why do they allow it to use their name (SFSU) in the first place?

If you need another example of what a dissembler Abdulhadi is, check out her guest column in the Bay Area Reporter. Here is a piece she wrote with three other characters on the topic of homophobia within the Palestinian community. (It's all due to Zionists and Israel's "brutal repression", you know.) I got this off AMED's Facebook page, which further underlines the problem as pointed out by the Amcha Initiative. Note the logo and SFSU's name at the top.

Of course, Abdulhadi knows exactly what she is doing, but if SFSU really thinks that there is no connection between AMED and SFSU, they must be picking up that substance that has made San Francisco's sidewalks famous and smoking it. They might as well claim that Market Street has no connection to San Francisco, and the Giants are still playing baseball in New York's Polo Grounds.

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" San Francisco? Never heard of it."

I would also point out that in my 18 years of part-time teaching at UC Irvine, I never used their name or logo to promote my ideas-which are usually not in line with theirs.

"One man's hate speech is another man's education."

Well, almost never.

Here from Cinnamon Stillwell of Campus Watch is a current article on Abdulhadi complaining about getting hate mail from someone (emphasis mine).

SFSU, either willingly or unwittingly, is putting its imprimatur on the thinking of Abdulhadi that Israel is a.....fill in the blank. Even if Abdulhadi were pro-Israel, it would not be proper. It detracts from the reputation of SFSU, a reputation that has already been very low for several decades.

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