Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Hurricane Juan (Cole) Hits Florida

Hat tip Breitbart and Campus Watch  (and Mark Dice)

“Gee, human beings are putting 37.1 billion tons of a heat-trapping gas into the atmosphere every year by driving our cars, cooling and heating our homes, making cement, and industrializing our agriculture,” Cole wrote. “A passenger car weighs two tons, so this is like shooting 20 billion exploding automobiles into the sky with catapults every year.”

University of Michigan comedian Juan Cole is a professor of Middle East Studies who loves everything about the Middle East except Israel. He is also a man who fancies himself as an expert in everything. So now that Florida is bracing for another hurricane (Dorian,) from which it has suffered since Ponce de Leon was searching for the Fountain of Youth, Cole pins the blame right squarely on Republican governor Ron DeSantis, and, of course, President Trump. And Scientist Cole has all the scientific data at hs fingertips to prove that if DeSantis and Trump continue their fossil fuel policies, Florida will sink*.

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* Please don't confuse Cole with Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson. He was the guy who expressed real concern that if we stationed any more US troops in Guam, that island might just tip over. Of course, Cole just might come forward with scientific proof that Johnson was right!!!

What human beings have done is to magnify hurricanes by causing billions of tons of heat-trapping gases to enter the atmosphere,” Cole wrote. “We have sort of acted on the climate the way radioactivity works on Dr. Bruce Banner (nowadays played by Mark Ruffalo), turning him into a large, green, angry incredible Hulk.”

There's not much to add to the Breitbart article. Frankly, I don't know which is scarier; Hurricane Dorian, Cole's predictions about Florida, or the fact that Cole is teaching this nonsense to our kids at the University of Michigan. 

On second thought, think of it this way: What else is there to do for yuks in Ann Arbor?

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