Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pete Buttigieg Is No Leader

If there were really any folks out there who thought that Mayor Pete (Buttigieg) could actually run this country, they learned a hard lesson this weekend when he demonstrated that he can't even run his own city-or a town hall for that matter.

Mayor Pete had to interrupt his presidential campaign to fly back to South Bend in the wake of a fatal police shooting of a black man by a white cop. On Sunday, he and his police chief held a town hall, supposedly moderated by a NAACP official. It turned into chaos, broadcast live by CNN.

As for the shooting, it is still under investigation, and we just don't know the facts yet. However, the local prosecutor has issued a statement to the effect that police responded to a call reporting that a man was breaking into cars. Arriving at the scene, an officer observed the suspect either getting it into or out of a car. The man then allegedly came at the officer a with a raised knife when the officer fired. If that account is accurate, the shooting seems justified to to me. The officer's dash cam was not activated and there is no video of the incident

Yet, by his remarks, Buttigieg implied that the officer was guilty and/or had racist attitudes. Can you say, "Ferguson, Missouri"?

Forget the fact that a mayor can hardly be expected to run his city while running around the country running for president. Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles learned that lesson the hard way. While he was running off to Iowa, his city's homeless population was exploding leading to trash pileups and even outbreaks of typhus. And he thought he should be president.

I watched Buttigieg's pitiful sack cloth and ashes performance as he admitted his failure to (allegedly) keep racism out of his police force and preside over a city of racial harmony. I cannot imagine this guy leading our country. He cannot even run South Bend, Indiana.

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